Kenya Moore Rudolp Moise Promo

They Say: Kenya Moore Once Sued A Married Man For Ending Their Relationship…

Mar 22nd 2013 | Written by ATLien

Kenya Moore Rudolp Moise Promo
If you’re a Kenya Moore pre-RHOA fan, you may recall the wedding photo above which circulated online a few years back.

Kenya Moore Never A BridePhotos from Moore’s onscreen wedding sparked rumors that she had finally gotten married, but unfortunately they were only promo shots for an independent film called Trapped: Haitian Nights that Kenya was working on in Miami back in 2009.

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Coincidentally, I wrote the post about Walter Jackson‘s housewarming date the other day (click HERE if you missed it) and loyal reader ‘MrsBeareat’ submitted the following comment inquiring about Kenya’s relationship status (or lack thereof):

Why has Kenya not held onto a man in 20 plus years. The people in Hollywood must know something that we don’t. What man would want Kenya knowing that she would turn on him like a rabit dog if he stop dating her.

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While Miss BiPolar Roller 2013 Miss USA 1993 made a ‘spash’ on RHOA after unabashedly flirting with Phaedra Parks‘ adorable hubby Apollo Nida, Moore has gone on record to say that she never crosses the boundaries of matrimony.

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Well apparently the streets are talking and they all say that is NOT the case. In fact, word on the curb is that Miss Easy Greasy Beautiful Cover Girl Moore is not above filing a lawsuit or two to make a married man stop and pay attention.

Details below…

Rudolph Moise Kenya MOore Black Film Festival
The man in the wedding photo (and also the photo above) is Rudolph “Rudy” Moise.  In the film “Trapped: Hatian Nights,” Moise played alongside Kenya as Richard Lazard, and it was reportedly his role (and financial ties to the film) that sparked Kenya’s interest.

Here’s the gag… Moise was (and still is) a very married man!

Moise is a well-known community leader in Miami, Florida, where the film was made, and added modeling and acting to his list of career achievements a few years back. Moise has apparently accumulated multitude of careers, he’s also a practicing physician, an attorney, AND a U.S. Airforce Reserve Flight Surgeon.

This Renaissance man turned actor, fluent in French, Creole, English and Spanish; has also co-hosted the TV weekly program: Haitian Mosaic, co-hosted a weekly television show, was the on-call physician during Miami Vice and is the President and CEO of the Haitian Broadcasting Network (Radio Carnaval), the first Haitian-owned radio station in the country.

Rudolph MoiseConsidering such a varied past, it did not take anyone by surprise when the acting bug hit Moise. After several commercials and acting jobs, which included being The featured actor in the Sandals Resorts advertising campaign, as well as for Miami International Airport, Moise landed the leading role in Wind of Desire.

That being said, Moise (who happens to resemble Walter Jackson quite a bit dontcha think?) was once a prime target on Kenya Moore’s relationship radar and the two are rumored to have been involved in a hot & steamy affair which lasted for quite a few years.

In case you missed it above, Moore is a married man and he now has 2 young children.  I’ve also been told that at the time of his “affair” with Kenya, Moise’s Haitian Broadcasting Network was a major financial contributor to Kenya’s independent film project.

Kenya Moore Rudolph Moise on SetThe beauty queen’s stint in Miami is RUMORED to also have been totally financed by Moise, who reportedly bought her silence about their extra-marital affair by ensuring Kenya’s every need was met.

Fast forward a year into the relationship and Moise’s wife becomes pregnant with their 2nd child. He then decides it’s time to call it quits with Kenya… but Kenya had other plans.

I’ve been told that Moore threatened to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Moise and/or his company when he decided to break off their mutually beneficial sexual relationship. While it’s unknown if she actually followed through with her threats, it’s rumored Moise agreed to finance Moore for at least another year prior to cutting things off completely to work on his marriage and growing family.

[Sidebar: Clearly this is all hearsay. But one thing I know for sure is that “Hollywood” is talking and those Krazy rumors about Kenya didn’t come out of thin air.]

Could these rumors be the reason Kenya has such a hard time getting/keeping a man?



    • Bad Bytch says:

      Ok im now fully convinced that Michelle is OBSESSED with Kenya Moore..She love her soooo much that she HATE her, its strange for us readers..But the gag is that Kenya Moore has actually had a decent career and is gorgeous..and Atlien has neither. Blogger? gtfoh..Pressed insecure broad hiding behind a keyboard. Girl bye

  1. Dana Rann via Facebook says:

    I’m sure that’s not the only reason why she can’t find a man!! LOL

  2. tio love says:

    I'm starting to believe Walter more & more. This chick needs to be committed to Georgia Regional. Poe thang. She all kinda coo coo.

  3. Jacob Isreal via Facebook says:

    she mite have but aint no telln til uask the guy

  4. Celeste Dent via Facebook says:

    I need Kenya to get herself a pretty white “I LOVE ME” jacket to twirl in!! SMH!

  5. teejay says:

    oh what! some real tea on kenya thats fair and unbiased, wow….

  6. cns says:

    Almost 5 years ago and she still looks the same.She has good genes.

  7. Trell says:

    Say what you want, think what you want. She is a bad *itch. This is merely gossip without merit. Call her fake, ugly, manly or whatever else. I love her hustle. Nobody is perfect. However, what makes my day is reading the foolery and all the bias people that comment and/or post up here. We do read this site daily and drink a glass of wine while laughing. You could honestly tell someone from the country is writing this blog. Thanks for the entertainment. It's fun!

    • "You could honestly tell someone from the country is writing this blog." May be factual, considering the blog is based in a SOUTHERN region. Please take a sip of wine, laugh at your horrible display of ignorance, and let that marinate. Stop hating on the south, shawty.

      • Rawhunee says:

        When she said country I thought she was talking about Haiti, LOL, I'm just a California girl with my mind on vacationing in the islands.

        @Trell, why bother and come to a Southerners blog if her writing is a problem? I see no problem with it.
        I dunno why people do what they do. Raised by southerners over here, and love em!!

        • rb18 says:

          You got that right! Also Southern transplant in Southern California. Articulate well written Blog. Kenya is portraying herself in a desperate deranged fashion so of course they are going to investigate her background. She went after Phadera's husband on nationwide T.V. with no apologies. So not only Bloggers but Entertainment T.V. Journalist are also going to dig into her background to see if she has been involved with such behavior before. Kenya is not as smart as everyone thinks she is. She had a platform for years yet she is not financially secure. So she's putting herself out there is such a ratchet way to ensure a top spot on the show. That's not smart it's desperate!

      • kajay says:


    • TheRealDeal says:

      Well said! You can tell that this blog is not on the level as some of the others…it's fun to read but VERY biased.

  8. jeloi says:

    wow, a woman was hurt after being dumped by a married man? This is shameful! Slow news day, ATLien?

    • versatile says:

      Bares incredible resemblance to dude! Hmmmm…that means BOTH dudes are gay. No matter, I still am liking Kenya. Can't WAIT for reunion.

  9. legaleagle says:

    I'm from Miami & also Haitian & I remember this being a hot topic among the Haitian elite. His wife was not letting go that easy. People think Kenya's crazy but she's lucky she didn't find herself working in some field in Haiti. One wrong move & that man's wife would've put that zombie spell on that a$$.

  10. tori says:

    This post was long and unnecessary. That Moise guy doesn't look like Waalter, I thought he was the ORIGINAL Love Sosa (Sammy) *shrugs*!

  11. lockstress says:

    I cannot STAND when phucking Haitians try to DILUTE their heritag talkin bout they're "creole" like that shyt ain't BLACK!
    I'm a fair skinned Haitian woman and that incenses me to no end. Why throw in the damn CREOLE?? Its our language not heritage!
    *rant over.. Had to get that shyt off my damn chest!lol*

    Otherwise…the story itself..ain't surprising and she's a looney toon! Carry one folks. Have a wonderful weekend all!

  12. Nkay says:

    OMG…I remember this with her and the Haitian dude and back then I thought they were really married until later I found out it was for a movie… #smh men. Well Kenya didn't do it by herself…If she was flirting with Apollo & if something were to go down. Is everyone going to scream a DMX plea.

    side note: Michelle, how did Moore's wife become pregnant?…then again in other countries if Moise was married to Moore too then she would indeed be their wife also! :) LOL

    …Fast forward a year into the relationship and MOORE’s wife becomes pregnant with their 2nd child. He then decides it’s time to call it quits with Kenya… but Kenya had other plans.

  13. Chunte27 says:

    Kenya definitely has a type. Him and Walter look like they could be related. I think Kenya is too wrapped up into herself to ever unselfishly work at marriage to ever stay married for an extended period of time. She is just looking for someone to make some pretty babies with….

  14. Kalli Cluless via Facebook says:

    You think! …. Looks and sounds as if she has some mental issues also, the girl is touched. She needs GOD first to rid her of her demons.

  15. NaNa says:

    Ok so she can add Undercover Stank Ho to her resume. Great job Miss USA! Great morals. Way to represent! Finally, a true role model for young ladies…NOT!!!

  16. katbunny says:

    btw; Kenya is aggressive, but she does not look manly. Kenya is beautiful and one of the most sexiest women on RHOA. Cynthia is beautifull too, put she has no personality & brains. Kenya, is the total package of beauty and brains! Kenya is 42 and fabulous!

    I remember when this movie this writter is lying about. Your story has twisted more than one lie. This guy was crazy about Kenya, so lets get the story straight because it was Kenya who ended the deal. If you need to print stories about beautiful Kenya Moore, tell the truth. She has always made it public that she does not date married men and she will not have any children out of wedlock! Kenya is a brillant woman and bloggers can write interesting stories just by telling the truth !

    • JoansHeart says:

      Kenya you are delusional and if you are NOT Kenya you care too much. I live in Miami and the TRUTH is that everyone knew Rudy was married. Kenya knew too and didnt care. Just like she didnt care when she was rubbing up on Peter, Apollo on the show. If you are going to tell the TRUE story Kenya, lets start there.

    • TheRealDeal says:

      Well said! The funny thing is even people on other blogs who read this one has called out this blogger and said she was delusional, just like Tamara Tattles. I've seen it myself…LOL

    • MissLady says:

      Kenya get yo behind off here tryna be incognegro. You aint slick LMAO

    • A.N.D. says:

      How ever smart she may have been….She cooned herself out for BRAVO smh.

      • gg says:

        Your statement says it in a NUTSHELL! I thought she was better than that being Miss Usa & all. I used to hold her in high regards way back when.

    • Me says:

      I was so proud of Kenya before she got on television. To those people saying she's shown hustle, no. She's shown she has no concern or empathy in her heart for the people who open their arms to her. She's shown she's got desperation and selfishness. If she had used her brain and wits to honor the deals she made, spell them out clearly and run from conflict instead of try to weave it together behind the scenes, that would be a hustle I could respect. She chases after Nene cause she thinks she's in charge and like a flunky doing dirty work, she'll likely stab anyone else in the back that her leader seems to dislike. She's not acting from a powerful place, if she was she'd have tried to be good to the one person who'd shown her the most kindness on the show instead of trying to drive a wedge in her marriage. If she were about her talent and her passion, she'd be doing those things and having the cameras follow her. She's gone to the lowest common denominator and any hope of sisterhood is going out the window as soon as she enters a scene.

  17. TheRealDeal says:

    I think you got too much time on your hands and spend too much time making up stuff on your blog…other bloggers seem to be more factual than yours…you seem to only blog about people YOU DON'T like. Not one thing in this story makes sense. I really like Kenya and I admire her hustle and determination. Despite what chicks who look like Precious think, I think she has a very bright future ahead of her…will she be on Beyoncé's level? I highly doubted…but I think she will be getting gigs from here on out…for some reason I think Kenya would enjoy children more so than a husband. She's got some great genes so why not multiply while you still can? LOL.

    • TS says:

      I have some time on my hands so I'm about to entertain you for a few. Do you honestly believe that Kenya is going to get gigs after this? I mean really????? Or are you being funny? Chile being on this show has made her look crazy as hell and I DOUBT she'll go any further than RHOA. She has disgraced that Miss USA title,even though it was sooooo long ago. HA! She's no Nene & once those ratings slip Bravo is gonna cut her fake ass real quick. Just look at Sheree. PLEASE!

      • TheRealDeal says:

        People say a LOT of things and guess a lot of things but ONLY time will tell…since you have so much time, let me tell YOU something. Some of Nene's fans are getting tired of her "above it all and everybody" behavior! Oh and The New Normal is sagging in ratings so then what? Obviously Kenya hasn't disgraced her title that much because people still use it to refer to her and also she was smart enough NOT to get her CROWN taken away like Vanessa Williams did! Ijs…when did Nene become god? New York aka Tiffany Pollard was the IT reality TV chick before New York…do you honestly think Nene will FOREVER get gigs? She's hilarious, yes, but she's going to have to change that attitude of hers…oh and Sheree is relevant enough to be on ANOTHER show, unlike the other ex housewives so she must be doing something right!

    • Chunte27 says:

      Gtfoh! If you are not Kray Kray you work for her! How dare you insult anyone saying they look like Precious? Kray Kray is the one that decided to go on a reality show so when you signed that paycheck you get everything that comes with it…Her whole premise for the show was to get nothing but a check, even a blind man could see the relationship with Walter was designed for tv. I disagree with Michelle on some post but the insults are disrespectful and catty. Go write your own damn blog once your reality career. The reason Kray can't get married is because she spent years attempting and scheming to breaking up someone's else's marriage. Karma is real, God don't like ugly and is never fond of skanks!

      • TheRealDeal says:

        Oh dear, I assume you do look like Precious cause that comment your black ass all shook up! Why are you so worked up about a comment I made to SOMEONE ELSE about SOMEONE ELSE??? LMBO…you need to direct your ass about her insults to Michelle, NOT me. This is a blog full of opinions and that is MINE. No I don't work for Kenya, but I wish I did. She is a hustler. I admire her. I don't base someone off of partly scripted reality TV show and I'd be lying if I said Kenya was ugly. She is NOT. Say what you want, but it is what it is and I don't have to agree with the ones who think she is bipolar just because that stupid, car theft bitch Phaedra said it…Nene has been calling that tramp out since SEASON THREE!

        • versatile says:

          @the realdeal..Dear Precious, you need to go steal another bucket of chicken and run yo' azz through an alley so non relevant dudes cn trip your pathetic azz an let dogs lick yo' face before comin' in here with your idiotic insults. Did you take the time to look in the mirror or check other bloggers before comin' in here? No you did not.

        • MissK says:

          Why bring Precious aka Gabourey into this? Apparently Gabby has no problem with her self esteem, and also seems to be a genuine and nice person UNLIKE your point is what? And no you weren't talking to me but I'm damn sure talking to your azz now!

      • STLChick says:

        Go 'head Versatile. So sick of people insulting this blogger when the other blogs run her ass through the ringer, too. Michelle is the new Sheree…got stalkers and shit lol

  18. TheRealDeal says:

    Oh and another thing, is Atlanta as ghetto and ratchet as what is displayed on these reality shows and rap videos??? I've visited Atlanta ONCE and it is very BLACK. I even asked Kandi from RHOA once on Twitter and she said she's used to it cause she's lived there all her life.

    • MissLady says:

      Beesh STFU. You aint neva gota come back. Talkin bout Atlanta is very BLACK. Clearly the words of an IGNORANT, black ass, wanna-be-white-ass, Nicca.

      Now watch how fast u log back into the "site you dont like," written by the "blogger you dont like," from the "city you dont like," to make a damn comment. Clown

      • Rawhunee says:

        @MissLady, LMAO!!!

      • TheRealDeal says:

        Wow, and you are calling me ignorant when you sound like one of those ugly, fat, sloppy uneducated weave wearing hoes living in section 8 and clearly never had a father figure around! LMBO! Your ignorant ass comment kills me…you come off like you think I'm downing Atlanta and what's funny is you're probably not even an ATLien yourself. Bitch you know good and godamn well you was waiting for my ass to come back up here so you can display more of your NIGGER ass ignorance on this blog. You don't know a damn thing about me and I sure the fuck don't care to learn a damn thing about you either, retarded bitch. LOL!

        If this is what most of Atlanta niggers about, I see why unemployment is so high down there! SMH…I guess the NY blacks right all along…

        • versatile says:

          Is this Mia Long from Utah? Did your fam f*ck your azz and throw you the hell out of the party? Are you trollin' and scrollin' for a reprieve?

        • MISS LADY says:

          Girl BYE with alll that bullsh*t you just typed. Thanks for proving MY POINT to the BLAWG that you are ignorant ass hell and boy do you show it. I dont even have to get into the specifics of you little rant bc it says way more abt YOU than it could ever say abt me HUNTY. You really carry yourself like a pathetic ass COON. I feel sorry fo yo mama. Peace beesh

        • britney says:

          Seriously? What is wrong with you. Look up cascade heights, there is a lot of rich, affluent black people in Atlanta. Also buckhead(which is right next to Atlanta) is nothing but rich white people. Don't get it twisted, there is lot of rich white people who live in and around atlanta.

      • STLChick says:

        Dayum!! Misslady put it down. These chicks can surely come back repeatedly for something they allegedly 'don't like.' Can't imagine the wreck their love life must be.

    • Mz.Cali says:

      Yes its like 55% black…where as Cali is 8% but we have more of a mixture of races when Atl is just black & white. I also like Kenya, she is a city girl in a slow city…they just don't "get it" but call themselves "black hollywood" YEAH RIGHT!!

      • TheRealDeal says:

        @Cali, thank you for answering my question is respectable manner! Unlike that Section 8 hoe bitch, LOL, yes, Kenya is fabulous and that is why this blogger continues to hate on her every day…what's funny is that black bloggers (especially the ones that are not as popular as Necole Bitchie, Mediatakeout, Concrete Loop)go harder on black stars than the white bloggers do and that's the damn truth!

        • versatile says:

          YOU ARE STOOPID!!! You put Mediafuckup against THIS?? Others are insignificant and hardly known but Mediafuckup???? Which says a whole lot about YOUR ignorant azz.And THAT'S the damn truth.

      • britney says:

        Um no you sound really stupid. Atlanta and the areas have black, white, hispanic, asian, indian people everywhere. Atlanta and the surrounding areas is very multicultural, you can go in certain cities, and it be areas of lots of asian people or hispanic people. Some building a literally only in hispanic or chinese. We have a lot of H markets or Asian markets. And a whole bunch of hispanic markets. Don't talk about Atlanta and the areas unless you have really really explored it.

    • 2bme says:

      VERY BLACK?? it's the SOUTH you dumb ass..omg! The negras iz comin..shut your simple minded ass up..get off the blog..your ENTIRE comment was ignorant

      • TheRealDeal says:

        And you can STFU as well cause I wasn't even talking to you…I know the South is mostly black you stupid ass bitch…my question was about the ratchetness displayed in the media about ATLANTA when it comes to BLACKS. Didn't know everybody in the South was BLACK either…smh…

        • versatile says:

          PLEASE you caucazoidian bitch, go back to…well hell probably won't take you…how bout' under Limbaugh's desk, I'm surprised he gave your mouth a break.

        • STLChick says:

          Real deal, you come across real ignorant. You actually appear worse than the women you are slamming. Can you articulate yourself without all the vulgarity?

        • 2bme says:

          You don't have to talk to me..but bitch i'm talking to you! The entire statement was ignorant don't get mad at me because you were called out on dumb shit…i'm a stupid ass bitch but YOU said "I’ve visited Atlanta ONCE and it is very BLACK"

          Silly ho, you don't know if you're coming and going..all over the damn place attempting to sound intelligent when you're failing can't even argue a point because you're running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail..Get a clue, stop playing yourself and TRY to at least FAKE that you have some sense..because it's beyond obvious that you are a TRUE idiot

    • Loving This Site says:

      This city is what you make it. I live here for 6 months at a time. There are many educated people who are not shaking the table n acting out of sorts in public. But there are plenty who are. Spend a couple hours watching people at a popular mall of your choice and you will see more than a mouthful. This is the most label obssessed place I have ever seen. It doesn't matter if your well put together and everyone loves your outfit, as soon as they find out its not a major label you went from a 10 to a 6. GA is full of New Yorkers and others from the tri state area, so come on down and get you a big house for next to nothing.

      • Chunte27 says:

        I concur, every city is what you make it. Every city in America has its share of ratched mess and hood life it's just that ATL has like 10 reality shows being filmed, produced and SCRIPTED there at the same damn time. What many people need to understand is that's a small group of people getting there 15 minutes of fame and there reality does not have to be yours…

        Ps….Kenya is all sorts of Crazy and has killed her reputation signing up for this show. Whatever the amount of the check was not worth it. When her reality career ends she should look at becoming a Publicist, she's been all over this thread shutting people down since its posting….NOT!

    • rb18 says:

      The Real Deal, Your Ass is Real STUPID!,If you are an African American you are dealing with Black Self Hatred. If you are Black in California you are delusional. California have allowed illegal Mexicans to replace Blacks in the job market all over the State. Now the Mexicans are practicing racism by hiring their own and not African Americans at all. Smart, African Americans are filing EEOC's and winning. So you criticize, Atlanta who has the largest number of African American professionals in the Country. Really! GTFOH and shut your dumb mouth. If your A** is a Minority of any race you owe African Americans for the rights you have in this country today. So don't bring your ignorant A** on this blog if you don't like it. Keep it moving with that stupidity. Hopefully to some place of Higher Education. IDIOT!

  19. ALM says:

    If she filed paperwork, there should be proof of that filing somewhere. Until then, this is just a messy rumor.

  20. TS says:

    Trell sounds like a certain comedian/vlogger that's been dick riding Kenya looking for her 5 minutes of fame. LMAO…this same comedian/vlogger posted on Facebook about Kenya putting Apollo on blast at the reunion show. He's supposedly been texting her. I don't know Kenya personlly and frankly I don't want to. If she's anything in person like she is on the show, I feel sorry for her. She's a washed up, lying, passed around hag. Some people will do some strange things for piece of change. There ain't enough Loubo's, Chanel, Prada, Gucci in the world. What happened to dignity and self respect? Po tink tink!!! P.S ain't a damn thing wrong with being country! Proud Country Girl

  21. anotherNote says:

    Why all the interest in Kenya's kooter, is she after Bob? And why would Walter give his new boo the all the girly girl lowdown on his ex, sounds real suspect, like girlfriends talking..

  22. Tucao says:

    Snowflake again . . . When black men get a successful career and $$$ they turn to snowflake and these women after them $$$! Poor Kenya too beautiful and intelligent to be played . . . He just wasn't the one! Be thankful she had good sense to take his Black A** to court for them $$$
    You Go Girl!!! Kenya looks 100% better than that poor lookin' thang he wed . . .

    • MissLady says:

      Chile you have no idea what this man's wife's race is or what his is for that matter.

      As far as the rest of your comment, you have got to be Kenya bc you cannot be that dillusional. SMH

      • TheRealDeal says:

        At the end of the day Kenya is a beautiful black woman living her dream and getting paid while you are some ugly ass broke hoe probably working at McDonalds for a living…this is why brothas is leaving black women in droves…they can't NEVER be happy for and appreciate another sista's hustle…oh and I comment on whatever the fuck I feel you stupid bitch…what you going to do about it, cry? Go on back to the ATL SLUMS and continue to collect your food stamps tramp, cause you will need it!

        • versatile says:

          Kenya IS a beautiful and intelligent woman, but then WHY is SHE there? You WISH you could live in ATL. LOSER.

        • MISS LADY says:

          Oh so u playin two characters on this board GULL?? Damn this beesh is STEAM PRESSED to know info abt MISSLADY. I mean, sheesh, if you wanted to be the president of my fan club, all you had to do is ask. Yeen have to get all hostile and such. It aint a good look, so tighten up trollop. I like my admirers to carry themselves as nice, southern belles. Your welcome :)))

    • Jackie says:

      You poor thiing….a mind is a terrible thing to waste..

    • 2bme says:

      So what if she's white or looks white..were you planning on being with him…i'll wait..the answer is no..let people love who they don't know him or his background so why comment on it..just yapping to be yapping

    • Beth says:

      You sound dumb!Not only do you sound DUMB,you sound like one of these lonely,bitter black women who always tryna blame white women for "stealing another one". Its not as if some celebrity was gonna marry your ass anyway.Happy women with good men,dont sit around and talk about the good black men "snowflake" is gettin,cause she got one at home.Im guessing you probably wouldnt know what to do with a "good black man" if you had one but complain,nag and try to emasculate him snyway.The bad ones yall let drive your car,lay up on ya couch,play Playstation,and have a "skeet fest" inside your vagina while not bringing one penny home all AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. "Check YOSELF before you wreck yoself, cause you might FIND yoself by YOSELF"

  23. Cassandra says:

    Wow Ms. Kenyangets a lot of press on this site…Either she made someone really mad or she made someone really made which one

    • TheRealDeal says:

      She's definitely giving the women on this site major orgasms or something…I mean I like Kenya and all but it seems her haters think about her even when taking shits!

  24. JoansHeart says:

    Kenya is entertaining because she is crazy. I hope she continues to miss her mess so that I can laugh at her next season.

    Bravo Andy definitely knows how to pick 'em.

    • TheRealDeal says:

      Very true, the RHOA viewers just don't want to accept it…that is why she continues to loose the polls on WWHL…people actually think Nene is such a much better actress than Kenya…LOL…please!

      • versatile says:

        Nene IS!! That's why Kenya is following Nene and staying tight with Nene's friend Cynthia. Kenya's a smart girl. One day, she intends to walk in Nene's shoes even if she has to stuff them with some of your shit to make them fit.

        • Hunter27 says:

          Too funny!

        • TheRealDeal says:

          They only reason Nene and Cynthia are so "tight" is because Cynthia is trying to secure her spot with the show and Nene doesn't want anything she has told to Cynthia to come out that's why she those two are so tight. Nene has probably told Cynthia all her business and vice versa so yeah…anywho, I hear The New Normal is on the verge of being cancelled and I've read boards where folks have been saying Nene's acting skills sucks and that's she's ONLY PLAYING HERSELF ON RHOA…I'm not hating on Nene, but she does a lot of bragging and boasting and it's getting on folks nerves…

  25. Tally says:

    I can understand posting something about Kenya, but to include photos of this man's young children is just too damn much….I see a lawsuit in 5..4..3..2…..

  26. ATL319 says:

    Does anyone else remember when Miss Moore dated Mike Tyson? The two dated for awhile. I wonder if Mike was one of the 6 or 7 wedding proposals she has received?

    • TheRealDeal says:

      Good question, I wonder if he was the one she was with when she mentioned how she had a guy kicking her ass.

    • articulate says:

      When Kenya won the Miss USA title, all of Hollywood was after her –
      she went the easy route and got with Mike Tyson. She was spoiled by him, well
      taken care of by him, he even purchased her a home. But their s?x sessions where
      so bad, she soon stopped seeing Tyson entirely. Mike didn’t care because I heard
      he video taped their s?x acts. When Kenya started to act certain ways with Mike,
      he passed her to Keith Washington.

      • articulate says:

        Kenya is all fake – her tits, a?? implants and hazel contacts
        are all paid for by her sponsors. The only thing real about Kenya is her hair.
        Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z. After Jay was finished with her, he
        passed her over to his football player buddy Larry Johnson.”

        Were Hollywood actors calling Rudolph Moise ‘Captain Save-a-H?e
        when he married Kenya Moore? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin

        Men toss Kenya Moore around like they were tossing pizza.

      • MissK says:

        Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Where did you get this tea from ..another gossip /entertainment blog?Sounds familiar…ijs

  27. 2bme says:

    yeah she defintely has a type..and Michelle watch your back you know that heffa is crazy!

  28. smiley says:

    Girl bye, what's ur obsession with kenya. U are the last one to talk about looks, u just as greasy, and fat take a look at ur own pixs boo… talk about bob being married; and wweren't yall dating.. so were u sleeping with a married man urself

  29. Somer says:

    I remember those wedding pics. It was because of these pics that I thought she was married when she popped up on RHOA. She led people to think that she was married.

  30. Chunte27 says:

    Michelle please take a que from SRose and close out comments when you post anything about Kenya Kray Moore. This heifer , aunt Cisco and a few of her female friends are sitting around trolling all up and down this post.

    • versatile says:

      Chelly won't, cause unlike other bloggers and pretty much Chelly's own words 'She aint' skeered'. She dishes it, takes it and has the last word when she wants it. And that's how I like my tea..SKRONG!

      • versatile says:

        The ONLY reason she aint' comin' for peeps like other bloggers do is cause she at church. When she come from church, settles back and checks her sh*t…oh well.

        • Chunte27 says:

          Yeah I know she's not "skeered" you can't be to be a blogger nowadays but these comments were pissing me off and I don't even personally know Michelle and live in DC. Ive always been under the premise if you don't like it stop coming to the site but to be so damn angry and disrespectful in comments?? attacking the whole city and economc state in comments was wayyyyyyy toooooo much for me to swallow.

        • STLChick says:

          Exactly Chunte…D-minus, remedial muthafuckas.

        • ATLien says:

          I appreciate y'all holding it down for me! I've been utilizing the ban feature a lot more lately… but I think it's great that we all have varied opinions. Now when they start to act up like @therealdeal I normally block them but it seems like you guys got him/her to calm down so I'll wait a while (since CLEARLY he/she's a fan of the site!)

          [sidebar: @versatile I had to do a double take at your post saying I was at church. You must know me for real… 😯 ]

        • 2bme says:

          Shell does what she wants her life her blog..folks get on here behind a keyboard and suddenly think they're gangsta..I'm losing braincells dealing with these folks

  31. Pink says:

    Hahaa dude looks like the straight version of ole out of date box head late 1980s high top fade Walter with with his metrosexual post modern clothing, greasy face skin and creepy grampa chasing ways after pyt.

  32. teamovercomer says:

    This post explains why many in the African-American community refuse to seek help for mental illness, even when the help is need. Shame, shame on the blogger. IF Kenya is bi-polar what does it say about her that she has managed the level of success (even if small) she has, which is more than regular people. I have worked with the mentally ill and know bi-polar disorder is no joke. So say what you want, Kenya is an overcomer, not perfect but an overcomer!

  33. versatile says:

    Kenya even took time to learn four languages as well. Her fourth is Portuguese, guess she thought that would cover Creole. Never mind, her star is rising non the less. Nene certainly seems to be a fan.

  34. Loving This Site says:

    I heard many a stories like this in Miami. As long as you take care of a woman financially in Miami she will be your mistress, beard or sister wife. Plenty of men would purchase Kenya as their exclusive jump off if she was willing to sell. Since she's on RHOA we already know she's willing to do whatever for money, so this story could be true

  35. wsugarlove says:

    As for affairs well a old one – rumor had it she had a affair with the bet host Donnie Simpson (pretty green eyes) back in the day – this was many years ago – I think the editor of sister2sister talk about it what was going down back then so Kenya will hop on a married man pole if you know what I Mean – old rumors will come out

    • Hunter27 says:

      Where can I find this info at? This would be so sad If true and validate this heifers skakiness even more. Sleep with one married man you will sleep with the all so I shouldn't be surprised. I would just be dissapointed with Donnie Simpson, thought he had more class than that…

      • 2bme says:

        Nope no class at all, Donnie actually talked about the affair once, not sure if he mentioned any names but Kenya is too dehydrated for attention..the whole I don't do maiired men is a b.s lie..she's too needy..there are NO morals when a woman acts the way Kenya does and is used to getting her way

  36. 2forTheShow says:

    I don't think Kenya is relevant enough to have STANS, but clearly someone has several hours to spend defending her. Girl… your comments span so many hours. So many.

    • Hunter27 says:

      She has created her own beehive and navy of many in her head..I am glad I'm into the only one that peeped this..

  37. Beth says:

    Lawd….that man standing up there looking just like Walter!!lmao!!! and Kenya so fucking crazy,if Walter woulda never came out and busted her on her lies, she woulda circulated this picture around as her and him getting married! This hoe crazier than a box of fruit loops.#iCANT

  38. Yvette Devereaux says:

    Kenya is a certifiably crazy, EVIL, manipulative, cunning, jealous, envious, desperate slut bucket with manish features, bad skin and big crusty ass feet.
    Nothing is beautiful about her because her spirit is warped!

  39. LEGZFORDAYZ says:


  40. jess says:

    If it's hearsay, then you didn't need to write it. It's also super-tacky of you to include photos of the couple's innocent children, who didn't need to be included in low-budget gossip.

  41. Leela says:

    Kenya has some mental health issues in her DNA. You can’t deny that, because she said it on the Housewives. She talked about her mother. That is passed down through DNA believe it or not. I believe that comes out in her character. Her mother had some serious issues and its obvious when you look at Kenya’s bizarre behavior that she has some mental health issues too. She was delusional about Walter. She accused him of being gay. She was horribly afraid when she thought Walter was stalking her. The twirling and fan on the reunion show. Her behavior is awkward for a forty-something woman. She honed in on Apollo right away. "Apollo’s fine." She was out-right flirting with him. She hates Phaedra because she could not become close with the wife so she could get close to Apollo. She tries to come off genuine but it ain’t working. The crazy statement, "don’t come for me unless I send for you," its crazy to talk like that. Who says that? She cried allot about the relationship that was not real. She tried to force a marriage on Walter. She’s [Kenya]trouble and eager to sue–that’s not good. Kenya Moore is not married because she’s a liar and half nuts. There's a reason why she panicked when Walter was at Kandi's House Party. Walter was not looking for Kenya — at all. Plain and simple. Andy/Bravo watch yourself with Kenya.

  42. Keisha says:

    Did she make her court date today? Was she evicted on not?

  43. articulate says:

    Kenya used to date a drug dealer, his name is Mike Evans. By
    16-years-old, she was a seasoned vet – I heard she learned that from her
    grandmother, who raised her. I was told her grandmother trained her and showed
    her how to be a proper sack-chaser.

    When Kenya won the Miss USA title, all of Hollywood was after her –
    she went the easy route and got with Mike Tyson. She was spoiled by him, well
    taken care of by him, he even purchased her a home. But their s?x sessions where
    so bad, she soon stopped seeing Tyson entirely. Mike didn’t care because I heard
    he video taped their s?x acts. When Kenya started to act certain ways with Mike,
    he passed her to Keith Washington.

    Kenya is all fake – her tits, a?? implants and hazel contacts
    are all paid for by her sponsors. The only thing real about Kenya is her hair.
    Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z. After Jay was finished with her, he
    passed her over to his football player buddy Larry Johnson.”

    Were Hollywood actors calling Rudolph Moise ‘Captain Save-a-H?e
    when he married Kenya Moore? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Martin
    Lawrence Men toss Kenya Moore around like they were tossing pizza.

  44. Keisha Kirk says:

    No! She´s coo coo for coco puffs, lmao! Oh, and delusional!

  45. Tammy Thomas says:

    We have all concluded she´s special.

  46. Poketa Moore says:

    he kinda looks like walter lmbo

  47. KenHo Lol a Hot Ass Mess ZTRUE…

  48. That photo was from a role she played. She is talented, beautiful and smart. .

  49. this story is a repeat from March 2013……LOL!!!

  50. Did she get married to stay on the show?

  51. Wow he really favors Walter??

  52. Tanisha H says:

    Why does Kenya keep wearing that damn dress??? She has been pictured in it several times including on the Housewives

    • Keisha says:

      Y do Kenya Moore still have the price tag on het dress, after Porsha Williams drag her across the floor she walk off yhe stage and under her weave and u will c her tag

  53. CoCo says:


  54. Beth says:

    Kenya is crazy, a liar and comes off as needy. She’s loud and behaves like a silly teenager. For a 42 year old she looks older, much older…

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