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Kenya Moore Throws Shade at Porsha Stewart & Phaedra Parks in ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’… [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Mar 11th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Kenya Moore Video SFTA 4
Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta channeled her inner “Beyonce” in the new music video for her drag queen anthem “Gone With The Wind Fabulous.”

[FLASHBACK: Kenya Moore “TWIRLS” With Premiere of New ‘Gone With The Wind’ Song… (VIDEO)]

Moore premiered the 5+ minute spoof-like video last night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens LIVE! with Andy Cohen.  Kenya manages to also channel her inner ‘messy queen’ in the visual, as she spends the first 2 minutes of the video shading Porsha Stewart, by having a drag queen imitate the clueless young housewife’s part in the fight that sparked Moore’s classic GWTWF phrase.porsha drag queen kenya sfta

Kenya also throws a few jabs toward’s her arch nemesis, Phaedra Parks, who happens to be winning in the battle of the “booty” dvds.

[READ: Rumor Control: Kenya Moore is NOT Outselling Phaedra Parks’ Workout DVD…]

But I digress…

Clearly feeling ‘some kinda way’ about Parks, Moore hits the church rocking a choir robe while humongous character makes an appearance in Phaedra’s classic fishnet coverup and thong ensemble.

Not to be left out, Kenya also shades HERSELF by imitating Beyonce’s classic ‘Single Ladies‘ dance in a pair of kitten heels.

[Sidebar: It was around that time that I turned it off, so I’m not sure if Kandi, Nene or Cynthia got in on the action.]

Watch Kenya’s brand new OFFICIAL music video for “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” and share your thoughts below…

VIDEO: Kenya Moore: Gone With The Wind Fabulous (OFFICIAL)

What did you think of Kenya Moore’s first ever music video?

Hot or Not?

[Sidebar: Kenya is really milking her RHOA exposure down to the very last drop huh?? 😯 ]


  1. CityGirl81 says:

    Say what you want, but Kenya is damn hilarious!

  2. Crystal Changingforbetter Anderson via Facebook says:


  3. Like that of her acting and her attitude “SHIT-TE AT ITS BEST “.

  4. greygoose125 says:

    It is a spoof, nothing to be taken seriously – Kenya is having fun and she is in on the joke. It's a cute video and even has a B. Scott cameo – let the woman live.

  5. Chris Washington via Facebook says:

    Lol rotflmao … wtf, girl die and in that order!

  6. LMAO!!!! She needs to sit the hell down! This video is so fucking WACK!!!!! Lol….

  7. Tracy Brooks via Facebook says:

    well, i like, its funny

  8. Just from looking at the picture it looks as if she’s trying to copy Bey. (Not watching) lol

  9. Rosa Conley via Facebook says:

    She continues to keep copying others….hot mess is all I can say!

  10. Arr Pii via Facebook says:

    She really needs to take her meds. She’s almost repulsive. Big fat NOT for this video. (via Her Perfect Black Dress)

  11. Laasoul says:

    This woman will do anything to stay relevant!

    • tori says:

      STAY relevant? She was NEVERRR relevant! That video looked like a well put together power point presentation!

      • TDL says:

        She was relevant enough for you to see her name in the headline of this article and click on it…then take additional time out of your day to post a comment about this "irrelevant" person. Chile cheese

        • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

          Exactly, she's more relevant than the people commenting…people love to hate this chick and this is why she will ALWAYS stay employed now with everyone constantly smelling her clit.

        • tori says:

          Yet I was relevant enough for you to read AND reply to MY COMMENT! (pulls out chair) HAVE A SEAT MA'AM!

  12. Ebonyelle Franklin via Facebook says:

    I think I am completely UNinterested in watching it.

  13. stanhope says:

    I LOVED IT! Go ahead Kenya Moore… are truly gone with the wind fabulous and so is this video. That Phaedra part was hysterical. Where Phaedra got the idea she has a great body with those sagging ones is incredible. TEAM KENYA.

  14. Puddinpye Robinson via Facebook says:

    This bitch is absolutely crazy!!!!!

  15. Anna-Marie Mallón via Facebook says:

    Lmaooooooo. Y’all mad cause she copied Beyonce when Beyonce copied it first. Lmaoooooooo

  16. Tameka Allen via Facebook says:

    I think it’s actually funny as heck!

  17. Casandra Curry via Facebook says:



  19. Loved the video..It was funny as hell…

  20. Shanisha Thomas via Facebook says:


  21. jbm says:

    What in the daylight savings time was THAT bullshit!!! I just lost 1 hour AND 5 minutes 31 seconds of my life?!!!

    Just a few random thoughts

    1. How dare she disrespect Wonder Woman with all that damn twirlin'

    2. My daughter is a better director, producer, actor and dancer with her Ipad than this

    3. Her production company "Moore Vision" wouldn't even be able to get work on Telemundo/Univision

    4. She couldn't find extras to fill up the first few rows of a church?

    5. The parents of the children at the end should be arrested for child endangerment

    • Capria30 says:

      WoW! It was not that serious…..

    • Victor Ebony says:


      • jbm says:

        I'm not a hater. Fuck you very much.

      • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

        They hate Kenya because they can't put those chicken wings and biscuits down and get their black a**es in shape! LMBO! Black women STAY losing and then as soon as one comes along that is halfway confident and PRETTY, here goes the hate…I don't even think Kenya gets as much hate from the white folks…I know both races hate on her, but black women are just SEVERE with theirs and I'm a black woman myself. LOL.

        • Lisa says:

          If you are a black woman posting "black woman stay hating" you are the worse kind- a black woman that has self hate for herself and her own kind.

          This is why whites think they are better than us because we are the only race and ethnic group that talks about ourselves with regard to race,and we have ignorant people like you that co-sign their racism.
          You NEVER hear a white person say "white women stay losing, or white men this, or asisans or mexicans. SMH

          If you knew how many whites feel about you as a black women yet you are downing your own people.

    • pebblesvi30 says:

      While I don't agree your response was hilarious!

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      Yet you took the time to watch it…says a lot…LMBO

      • jbm says:

        It says that I watched some bullshit…had it been funny to me, I would've given my approval..once again MY approval which does not discredit your opinion. Yet you had taken the time to reply to my response…says alot..Laughing At You

        • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

          Says that you like watching B.S. at that…all while you sitting here she's at that bank…LBMO!!!

  22. Tammy Miller via Facebook says:

    Soooooooo Weak…….

  23. MariaMareeah says:

    I found it quite entertaining. She's having fun with it. Some of you critics just need to lighten up, it's just not that serious. I liked it for what it is. Funny.

  24. Patrice Cryer via Facebook says:

    That was a hot mess…I hope she didnt spend any money on it…NO TALENT!!

  25. hereforrihanna says:

    that part when the fake phaedra was walking up to the church…

  26. Makeba Smallwood-Tabor via Facebook says:

    That B%&#H is crazy!!!!!!

  27. Hilda Gillard via Facebook says:

    Kenya.. let go and move forward. not pleased, not a good example for our young

  28. Natonya Dixon via Facebook says:

    Fun-te!! I’m weak!! She threw shade at Walter too (Lil Dick’s). #done

    • Bird10 says:

      Yes she did but it's strange she wanted that lil dick really badly. Sister was pretty much begging him to marry her.

  29. Ishisa Nothavinit Walls via Facebook says:

    I say “get yo paper boo boo” she us to much!!!

  30. Loving This Site says:

    Expecting originality from Kenya is like expecting good dental work from Trinidad James, not going to happen.

  31. LOL!!! WTHeck Kenya Moore….

  32. LaSondra Lovenself Pickett via Facebook says:

    the only funny thing about this video is Kenya because she’s a hot ass mess. she do things for attention she’s a seeking attention the wrong way she looks like a damn fool stop. too much too much over the top you making yourself look stupid stop seeking attention you don’t need the approval of the b****** you hang with, They’re damn sure not seeking yours just let it go. no seriously since the Real Housewives of Atlanta when was the last time you heard about “can you more” honestly be real with yourself Mrs. K. Moore

  33. Relly Rell via Facebook says:

    Yep she copied Beyonce just like Beyonce copies everyone else. Ask Bob Fosse and Tina Turner for starters.

  34. GOM says:

    The video was funny. I like Kenya she is funny. I don't have an all consuming unnatural obsessive hatred for the woman like so many others do…like she killed a member of your family or your dog or something. It's really not that serious. LOL. That being said I think the video could have been better made…it looked cheap and the editing was off. Kenya should have found better outfits to wear (they also looked cheap) and she should have left the whole Beyonce/Single Ladies part out. The Single Ladies parody/homage has been done to DEATH. The Walter and Phaedra spoofs were funny. LOL.

    See people, this is called being objective. Some of you should try it.

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      Thank you, best comment! There are people who I don't care for, but yet I don't feel the need to keep commenting about them all over the damn Internet.

    • courtney says:

      I don’t have an all consuming unnatural obsessive hatred for the woman like so many others do…like she killed a member of your family or your dog or something.


  35. I actually sense Kenya is envious of Phaedra and Porsha’s having a husband.bcuz at first she was all over Apollo flirting and that rubbed Phaedra wrong. Then she dissed Porsha out of frustration with walter. When both Phaedra, Porsha. Cytnhia an even Kandi as well as their men were positioned to hook her up w who is who in Atlanta’s good single men! But she messed that up herself!

  36. GOM says:

    Ignore the above post….I thought the other post error out.

  37. Sabrina says:

    That was a HOT ASS MESS!!!!!!!

  38. Fl to Va chick says:

    The video is cute and funny.I don't think she's taking it serious..The whole workout video "Us vs. Them" type stuff is so petty. I dont know where this booty craze came from. I own a big(natural)1 and it's highly overrated w/plenty of washing and wiping!lol I'm looking forward to the reunion show.

  39. 2bme says:

    LOL..get it Shangela!

  40. I LOVE THIS!You could tell Kenya had fun. The cameos were everything-Shangela, B Scott, and Miss Lawrence did their thang. The lil gurls at the end were TOO CUTE. Teach 'em early that they are gone with the wind fabulous no matter what ANYONE says!

  41. mon88 says:

    lmao kenya +100 she did that

  42. Mz J. says:

    The children are adorable…..that's all I got.

  43. Lady A says:

    Hilarious…I LOVE Kenya…not sure why u throw so much shade at her ATlien, but whatever… #Team Kenya#…..

  44. 2forTheShow says:

    HALLELOO! Miss Shangela is err-thang. She is one of the best queens when it comes to cameos. Looks like Kenya had fun with her self imposed theory of being a Beyonce look-a-like. (I say "self imposed" because I'm quite sure NO ONE else is willing to publicly admit to agreeing with that. Let the church say amen.)

  45. I think it’s funny and all in fun!

  46. dontgiveawhat? says:

    I think Kenya's video was hilarious! She copied Beyonce single ladies because they are always saying "she ain't got no man"!! I think she is funny as hell…and the Phaedra church skit is a classic!!! Kudos to you Kenya…She is the one making me watch Atlanta Housewives now anyway since the rest of them Hussey's are boring as hell including NeNe…

  47. tammy says:

    What is up with Kenya's butt in the above photo? Is that an implant, padding or just a weird angle?

  48. Deen says:

    NOT! The Phaedra diss is tired and played out! Let it go! This makes it look like she is obsessed with her.

    It would probably serve Kenya better to spend her money on creating an image that would put her in a more positive light.

  49. Nickeya says:


    Michelle, I love your site, but you are HATING right now, because this was FUNNY…I like the fact that she made fun of herself. Now, I know you think you "keep it real", but you not all the time…You were over Usher some time ago (with good reason), but you continue to throw shade a Kenya and give Kandi/Phedrea love…Stop it!

    These are all grown woman and Mrs. High Class Parks is FAKE…….Nothing about her is real…

    Be fare

    • mary says:

      amen, you can say that again, the video was hilarious i watched it live last night with andy and kenya…too funny and i loved the beginning of it and how she portrayed the buck tooth dummy! lol lol lol

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      Thank you…RHOA fans are so brainwashed by Faketra and her antics! I mean she has two chicks trying to expose her right now. Who tried to expose Kenya outside of that queen Walter? LOL

  50. Michelle says:

    Michelle you should have kept watching because the Walter part was hilarious! I know Phaedra is your girl but she's not perfect. Also since Kendra's DVD just came out time will tell who will out sell whom. I will tell you this if I had a choice I would buy Kenya video because Phaedra doesnt have a workout body and the pic is heavily photoshopped. Apollo should have done a video without her because she doesn't look fit on the video. Say what you want about Kenya but I believe she works out. Don't get me wrong Kenya is quite off but the video is funny.

  51. ali says:

    Kenya is so funny. Phaedra is becoming so disgusting how she continue to insult Kenya.On Sundays show she call her a whore. What does she knows about Kenya, that no one else know?

  52. says:

    I thought it was hilarious for the most part. It's just for fun y'all… It's not that serious lol.

  53. Tkinmotion says:

    Wanna be Beyonce' much?

  54. Kara Gershon via Facebook says:

    Kenya is insane. She can get sued for using someones likeness in a video like that. Of course she is jealous…they have husbands and she has a dog.

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      When did having a husband validate a woman? The funny thing is BLACK WOMEN say this the most. I'm sure she would like to get married, but do you think she wants to take care of an ex-con or be married to a gay man like Kordell who wants to know where his wife is 24/7? She is one of the most fortunate ones on that show.

    • cns says:

      What she did was parody and with some limits in protected by the 1st Amendment.

      Riddle me this, is it better to have a husband if you have to financial support him like a minor child? It is better to have a husband that asks you for money on TV? Is it better to have a husband that makes your drink wine when you rather have water? It is better to have husband that makes you ask for permission for anything you do? Remember Kenya just came back from 7 star hotel stay in Dubai. Unless Bravo picks up the check, Phaedra, Cynthia, Nene nor Porsha could afford to go on their own. The only personal that could but is too cheap to do it Kandi. So just get use to pretending that you like everything your husband likes. Just remember in the end you will never to” DO YOU” and so learn to be happy with that.

  55. JAN says:


  56. BoutdatLife says:

    I like it. I thought it was funny!

  57. boom says:

    its was a parody not the funniest but it was entertaining. now twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl. cute kids at the end

  58. Why is she still on there? She hot mess..

  59. MzRaquelita says:

    Like roadkill, so messy but you can't help but to watch. At least she has a sense of humor. And the part with the little girls in the tutus was cute.


    I must say this video was the funniest but seriously have several seats and grow up geesh!!!!!!!!!

  61. cns says:

    I have a question regarding the workout video. Would you buy a solo Apollo fitness DVD without his wife on it? If either yes or no, please state your reason(s)?

  62. Keish says:

    Lol! This is hilarious!

  63. Marqueita Sam says:

    All I have to say is that if you are going to throw shade then dont act like the victim and cry everytime someone says something about you or that you dont like and especially if someone says anything about Walter. You knew he did not want you so now move on and quit trying to be the center of attention.

  64. Really!!! says:

    I find nothing funny about Kenya. IMO she's a silly, insecure, woman in her 40's who is desperately trying to be relevant by copying other people's actions, emotions, etc. both on and off the show.

    IMO she looks like a fool when she does this and she really need to drop bringing up her title in every show. That was 20 some years ago. Granted, she is a pretty woman but she need to find her own hook and stop copying off of others…it's not a good look……just saying.

    • Really!!! says:

      Didn't see the video and don't intend to.

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      She is not copying anybody…people have tried to mimick Beyonce for YEARS…Kenya Moore is just another fan…she just happens to be in the SPOTLIGHT. As far as Faketra is concerned, she has a shady past of crimes so who cares? At least Kenya doesn't have a criminal record! At least she doesn't have women trying to write TELL ALL books about her lie of a life. Yes, she won her title a long time ago, but it is significant and she did make history for someone of her COMPLEXION to win a pageant. Good for her..

  65. In Charge says:

    i thought it was funny as all hell! if ya'll didn't watch it you need to. it was silly and well thought out. you go kenya!

  66. RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

    I LOVED it and unlike so many boring, ugly fat b****es with no lives outside of trolling the Internet, I like that she threw so much shade at Borsha and Faketra! During the last few episodes of this season, Kenya has been trying to be decent and yet these two irrelevant hoes keep taking jabs at her. You people will blame Kenya Moore for everything on RHOA. I mean EVERYTHING and just proves that Faketra is your GOD and you admire the so called PERFECT life she and Gordell have just because she's skinny with a nice weave…GTFOWTBS. Kenya look better than both of those hoes and the ONLY reason anyone is even talking about Faketra and Borsha is BECAUSE OF KENYA MOORE! Haha…since she's a former Miss USA she can always stretch her 15 minutes, but after RHOA is over, what will Borsha and that fake attorney Faketra Parks be doing? Better yet, will their husbands still be with them? Just becaus someone is married today doesn't mean they'll be married tomorrowm, and just because someone is single now doesn't mean they'll always be single. Get a grip people…the folks over at Lipstick Alley LOVED the video…Live, Love, and Laugh!

    • Rawhunee says:

      Seriously, why are you so angry??? Please don't tell me you're over 30. Who are they over at that site?

      • JustAJokeFolks says:

        I am NOT angry. This is a blog…I'm simply expressing my thoughts and trying to understand why this woman gets so much hate when the other shady ones like Faketra get a pass???!!! I know Nene is the queen of shade, but she has tried to call Phaedra out several times about her shady past…then people jump all over Nene saying she is a hater! These ugly RHOA jealous black women will defend Phaedra over ANYTHING…even the girl Angela Stanton who made the book "Lies Of A Real Housewife" said that people bashed her at FIRST because they just didn't want to accept that Phaedra was SHADY. I just don't get it…it's just not making sense to me. I do know Kenya has fans, but I'm just saying…there's something going on with RHOA.

        • Rawhunee says:

          Phaedra is the queen of fakes. And they do pick at Kenya, but come on now we're grown ass women, and grown women are supposed to be mature and IGNORE those who behave like children, not stoop to their level. The whole RHOA franchise is the parody of the housewives circuit. Lately I've checked myself for my behavior, but to be on television with this shit is Saddiculous (sad & ridiculous).

  67. Rawhunee says:

    I did laugh at the Porsche part getting blown into the pool for some unknown reason. Seriously the parody wasn't funny it was sad to see a 40 something, childless, thirsty woman stooping to this level on so many levels–making fun of Black women and emasculating Walter, apparently his dick was good cause you was all up on him trying to marry him embarrassing yourself in the process. About GWTWF that shit is so last year–Ms. Moore stop. Channeling a witch (Beyonce) is not the move or cute, most men have done it, i.e. those who chose to be feminine, and their minds are long gone. You playing crazy but you aint crazy, just a sellout so that makes you a fake with the rest of sellouts worldwide for that paper, and fuck a fabulous! Kenya I was cheering hard for you, but you've lost me trying so hard to be accepted in this world. You need Jesus Christ, I'm praying for you.

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      I'll admit, I like the "saddiculous" comment…LOL…they do all act childish but it just seems like a SEVERE hate for Kenya for no reason all because of that stupid workout DVD. I guess because Kenya is pretty and in shape and I remember visiting this site awhile back and you were always stanning for Kenya. What happened?

      • Rawhunee says:

        I've grown tired of people in general. I was riding for Kenya because she was funny, and was talked about badly. If she would've stood her ground and not care to be accepted by anyone, she would be tough. But twirling like its still 2012 saying I'm gwtwf, desperate for acceptance that you'd stoop to hanging with men in drag, making the man you so desperately wanted to have his children look like the punks you hang with wear bitch clothes and say he has a little dick, still talking about bitches who cant stand your ass, and last involving little girls in your fuckery as a full fledged grown ass woman is saddiculous. I thought Kenya was better than that! I can't ride for a weak bitch.

  68. JustAJokeFolks says:

    I sure hope that some dirt gets dug up on Porsha and ESPECIALLY Phaedra Parks…"Miss Southern Belle My A**!" LMBO! The woman needs to be locked UNDER THE JAIL. Too bad Real Housewives Of Atlanta fans are so blinded by the OBVIOUS. I actually like Kenya. She's using her resources to make money and I admire her. She's not the only 40 something out here acting a "fool." Way before Kenya Moore got on RHOA, there were so many 40 something year old chicks who were throwing glasses at each other and cursing each other out…even some of these 40 something year old folks today that are actors and rappers diss each other on Twitter for crying out loud! I think people take Kenya Moore way too seriously…Nene acted a damn fool and it seemed to work for her. LOL. She's older than Kenya by the way. How exactly is a 40 something year old supposed to act when women in their 30s (hint hint Porsha)can't even pronounce NORMAL words? Please miss me with that.

    • Rawhunee says:

      You're supposed to laugh at childrens antics, not stoop to their level in particular on television. Just because others did it does not make it okay. NeNe is ignorant, nothing cute there inside or out.

  69. Beloved says:

    I can't stand Kenya but…this video was so bad, it was hilarious. I like parody..sue me.

    Was it just me or did Kenya throw some shade at Kandi's newest venture into gospel? That woman's style of singing could be a parody of Kandi? Kandi does that "thing" with her hand and does tends to "over sing" every song she does. That man could have been a parody of Mr. Sapp?

    But, as another commenter stated here, if Kenya really cared about public opinion and didn't want the other ladies coming at her all the time, then, she needs to stop doing the things she *keeps* doing. Like: trying to get another woman's husband to take her side against his wife and openly flirting with this man around his wife, being overly suggestive when dancing with yet another woman's husband while his wife is present, asking strange men for their sperm, making a no class spectacle out of yourself by showing up bare-butted at a charity event, stealing other people's ideas and running with them, fighting with a child-woman when you yourself are a fully grown woman of a certain age and losing, the Walter debacle and now, this video parody. Kenya can't keep playing the victim and telling herself that other females are just "jealous" of her when it is mostly she who is constantly stirring the hornet's nest by always going *too* far and doing stuff like this.

    Having said this, I had to get up and close my office door because I was snorting I was laughing so hard. Kenya is a hot a$# mess!

  70. Bee says:

    The part about Phaedra was hilarious. I tried not to laugh, but yeah…

  71. lexdiamonz says:

    I see Phadrea's "paralegal staff" is hard at work in the comments section lol…that video was the be all end all go crazy Kenya twirl all the way to the bank

    • RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

      Thank you! Faketra is clearly paying people to hate Kenya…she thinks everyone wants her ex-con husband that was probably sucking d**k himself in jail. Faketra is a ugly a** stupid a** nasty bipolar b***h!

    • courtney says:

      lmao. Better not make her mad, she does have a production company, and will make a video about your behind in a ny minute, I cant take it. lol

  72. Chile,boo says:

    Chicks kill me calling guys that are no longer interested in their asses, lil dicks! Well, that lil dick was fine while you were f*cking it! I mean….

    • new2daA says:

      …Walter said himself that she and him slept in different rooms when he went to visit her in LA….perhaps his shortcomings were to blame.

  73. lnedykstra says:

    Well I hope she can take it as well as she can dish it because they will be coming for her .. her skin, her mental instability and lack of ability to retain a man … all fair game.

    But that Phaedra bit was funny as hell!

  74. Michelle Crawford Purifory via Facebook says:

    Too Funny! Love it!

  75. RHOAFansAreDelusional says:

    LMBO…if Walter's d**k was all that he would have been married BY NOW. Dude is seen with different chicks half his age every day of the week…while some of you sit here acting like Kenya is average Walter must not be a catch either with gay sounding a**!

  76. new2daA says:

    I'm still laughing. As I thought when I first heard the song, this is going to be a hit at the gay clubs….say what you want but this woman is capitalizing off of her "Gone with the wind fabulous" persona.

  77. Kayleigh823 says:

    WOW Where to begin… 1. Can Ms. Moore be any more vindictive or thirsty for attention??? The video quality sucked.. And this heffer claims to that she would have hooked up Phaedra and Apollo with their video deal? No Ms. Parks made the right decision not going with Kray Kray Kenya. 2. Ms. Moore's video is going to ensure that she will not be getting dates this year or years to come. Mocking her "faux" boyfriend was way below the belt. We don't see him acting foolish over the breakup. 3. The whole getting back at Phaedra crap needs to stop. Kray Kray has pretty much solidified her rep for being a nasty, vindictive crazy woman. 4. This bitch needs to pack it up and move back to Detriot where she belongs…

  78. A.N.D. says:

    I lmao at lil dikc towing! It was a funny video she made fun of them and herself as well. She also had some very pretty moments in the video.

  79. fansofRhoa says:

    if you guys have not caught it yet RHOAfansaredelusional that is Kenya Moore all day, now i like all of the ladies including kenya and the video, it was indeed funny but all of you gals are a little too old to be holding grudges and trying to throw shade at one another, all of YALL have some skeletons in your closet! Get it together

  80. Le'mon says:

    I like the fact that she took up for herself. Thevideo was VERY entertaining. I liked it.

    • Rawhunee says:

      What I learned is that you have to choose your battles. One thing to stand up for yourself, but it's weak to want to be accepted by ANYONE. Soldiers run in packs like cowards. Warriors choose to and can easily thug it out alone. I'm not impressed by people standing up, cowards stand up everyday, what impresses me is a mothafucka who sit back then come with that one hitter quitter. Kenya like the rest of those women fight with their mouth and not built like that. If a woman or man truly possess some gangster sophistication they behave as such and pay someone to take out the trash, or do it on the low themselves. Not behave as a child, a Sapphire, or a nasty ass tramp for the world to see. Black women was the epitome of class, now it's about money at any cost and the fattest ass. Sell outs.

  81. Sasha T. says:

    What in Wonder Woman Hell is this??!!!!!!!!!

    OMG at the Fakedra going to church in her Southern Belle outfit.

    ROTF @Walter in pum-pum shorts…lololol

    Kenya is a mess.

  82. nappy says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like kenya is continuoulsy posting on here?

  83. So SavebyGrace via Facebook says:


  84. Lisa James via Facebook says:

    Funny as hell!!! #TeamKenya!!

  85. Jenny says:

    This ish was fckn hilarious!!!! That dayum Kenya is a hoot.

  86. Jeni says:

    Hilarious and soooo wrong. Please don't tell me they filmed those scenes in an actual church…if so, whoever let them do that has some 'splaining to do to Jesus.

  87. Margaret Mitchell is turning over in her grave right now smh lol

  88. I.c. Watkins via Facebook says:

    Kenya is entertaining and over the top with her emotional trials. She’s smart and calculating, sucking up all the air time. She’s been a breath of fresh air, the others have gotten boring and very predictable!

  89. The video is creative and Kenya is making fun of all of her situations on the show! Ching Ching, bitches is maddddddddddd!!!! #BOOM

  90. courtney says:


    church scene and boxhead walter on the cover of Douche mag, in the van!!!!!
    Now twirl. lmaoo

    Kenya is hilarious.
    TeamKenya :)

  91. Goldie says:

    Kenya need to sit down somewhere with that padded azz on…She wants to be Beyonce so bad…You have a long way to go sweetheart!!! Just because you have long hair and butt just aint gonna get it..Your attitude is jacked up!!!!

  92. ms. curious says:

    Classless. No "couth". Kenya, if ever your fried eggs can be fertilized, your future child is going to see how pathetic you were at one point in time.

  93. true story says:

    She also threw shade at Walter. If i were him i would sue.

  94. Wilson says:

    She can't act nor sing so maybe comedy is her calling.

  95. Somer says:

    What is up with her big fake booty

  96. itsme says:

    Kenya, did your production company produce this video??? This is NOT the work of a company that's done "million dollar productions" honey.

    Give yourself a refund.

  97. lovely says:

    I thought she produced movies or something like that. Is this the best she can do? What's with the kids? This is horrible…not a fan.

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