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In Case You Missed It: Kandi Koated Nights: ‘Sex Limits: How Far Will You Go?’ [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Mar 11th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Kandi Koated Nights 030613-7

I was a guest on Kandi Burruss‘ late night online talk show, ‘Kandi Koated Nights,‘ last week, along with my boo Funky Dineva. (March 6, 2013).

Kandi Koated Nights 030613-9My appearance was totally unplanned and it was my original goal to cheer my friend on from the audience, however Kandi’s normal c0-host, Nikki Nicole was off for the evening and her right hand man, DJ A-One was late because he had some “famous sh*t” to do… so I got mic’d up to play sidekick.

In addition to having a great time goofing off on camera, I got a chance to get a lil inside scoop on the upcoming ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ reunion, which tapes in just a few days. Kandi also confirmed the news today via Twitter:

Kandi tweet 3

We chatted about a ton of gossip and even touched on ex-RHOA Sheree Whitfield‘s failed TPO publicity stunts & her Iyanlya Vanzant  ‘Fix My Life’ episode with Bob Whitfield.

The evening’s topic? ‘Sex Limits: How Far Will You Go?’

Watch the FULL hour-long KKN episode PLUS more photos from the taping below… (WARNING! Strong language & commentary):

That hour was long as heck but I had a blast doing ‘hoodrat stuff‘ with my friends…. that’s all that matters. 😆

CLICK HERE for more photos from KKN’s March 6th taping…



  1. tori says:

    That damn Funky Dineva is a M-E-S-S!! He looks like Jimmy J.J. Walker meets Madea smh I can't…

  2. Clearly Funky Dineva is a Tall and ya’ll are smalls :)

  3. YEP I SAID IT says:

    I saw 1 minute and Kandi turns up her nasty big lips. She doesnt have drama and is Boring. In a good way!!!!

    • Koko says:

      I doubt if there is anything that Kandi has not done, she seems to be a big old freak, and, to each his own, but, odd how with all her skills, she can't get a man to put a ring on it, just saying, no tea no shade….

      And, as for Dineva, guess this is as close to the RHOA that she will get since keyna dun scarit him off doing posts about the show LOL!

  4. lou says:

    she dun gained all that weight back #lostcause

  5. Jade says:

    You should do this show more often Michelle. I think you and Dineva make a good team.

  6. 2bme says:

    :( I have to watch this when I get home..I can ONLY imagine..and Funkyu Dineva looks much better as a man without the wig

  7. mary says:

    i knew you were friends……so guess what, no one cares about this washed up show that will never reach syndication or television for that matter. kandi needs to quit….it's old just like she is and how much can you talk about sex, i mean really? im surprised she couldn't get no celebrity friends to help….that's cuz she has none not even t-boz!

  8. Loving This Site says:

    I just hope the RHOA is not a 3 part segment, that was way too much of clips we have already seen.

  9. Lady A says:

    This is an "Ah-Ha" moment 4 me…so now I believe I know why u throw so much shade @ #Team Kenya#…..

    1. Kandi is buddy-buddy with Phaedra,

    2. Phaedra has beef w/ Kenya,

    3. Therefore Kandi doesn't like Kenya….

    4. In conclusion, ATLIen doesn't like Kenya either cause Kenya won't kiss up in their asses….

    Well everybody is entitled 2 their opinions…I happen 2 like ALL the ladies, (including the now defunct Sheree & Kim)……

    • Rawhunee says:

      That would be immature and pathiculous (pathetic & ridiculous) if Michelle and Kandi disliked Kenya because of Phaedra. I would hope not. Sometimes you just don't like a person because you see something you do not like in them, and that is life, Kenya need to accept that fact and stop playing the victim, and continue along. Nobody ain't thinking about her, cause she is too busy thinking about everybody else. Major turnoff.

  10. IJS says:

    Kandi should have someone come in and design a new set. It would give the show a push in the right direction.

  11. OPP says:

    So one week Kandi on tv singing gospel the next she talking about getting phucked in the arse… Way to go Kandi!

    P.S. sandrarose already spilled the tea… Just say Bob Whitfield's name & be done with it.

  12. new2daA says:

    Michelle done R Kellied a bitch!!! BOLF!!!! I never watched KKN but it was actually pretty funny…and I can't with Funky Dineva….he had me cracking the hell up the whole time!!!

  13. Winthrop says:

    thanks for that update girl. slim and trim.

  14. Rawhunee says:

    Michelle and Kandi you two are wrong for not telling yall friend Funky he looks crazy as hell!!! He got on a senior citizens church adult daycare wig that cost $18.99, that polyester disco suit that look like an old man pee'd in it, I can't. Why does he insist on wearing his grandma old Avon lipstick? Who does that?! He looks horroliculous (horrible & ridiculous).

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