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I HEARD: Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon Fake It For The Cameras + Check Out Erica at NY Fashion Week… [PHOTOS]

Feb 19th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Erica Dixon Lil Scrappy All Star 2013
Lil Scrappy and his baby mama/fiance Erica Dixon were all smiles in this photo Dixon posted on her instagram during All-Star Weekend in Houston last weekend, but word on the curb is that the two have parted ways.

Sources close to the couple confirmed that Scrappy had finally moved in with his intended and was living a life of per-matrimonal bliss, however things went sour when Erica found out that Scrappy was still running after Shay.

Erica Dixon StraightfromTheA 3I heard that Scrappy packed up and left after Erica stood her ground about his cheating ways. For the record, Dixon was dayum near broke prior to taking the LHHA gig and apparently now that she’s making her own dough, she’s finally realizing she doesn’t have to deal with Scrappy’s disrespect.

While the two may not be under the same roof any longer, it’s apparent that they both realize the importance of  maintaining appearances for the sake of their paycheck.

We’ll most likely see it all play out on the 2nd season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  In the meantime, Erica is stacking even more chips through appearance fees and even recently hit the cat walk during New York Fashion Week.

Photos of Erica’s ‘model swag’ below…

Erica Dixon NYFW 2013 SFTA 2

According to a press release I received from the publicist for desinger KL Allen:

Erica Dixon of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was a “Special Surprise Model” and only “Walked” for PERFECT POPULATION during this show.

“VAIN AND VIGILANT” the name of KL ALLEN’S 2013/2014 FALL/WINTER collection (inspired by Alice in Wonderland) definitely fit the curvaceous body of Erica (Miss Dixon if you naughty). “This season’s P. P. Women is a female that knows when she walks into an unfamiliar environment.

Erica Dixon NYFW Straghtfromthea 1

‘She is a Show Stopper’ (the women everyone wants to meet), so her garments must reflect that” offers Allen.

Erica Dixon 2013 NYFW KL Allen Collection StraightFromTheA 1

Just coming off a “Sold Out” fashion show in Atlanta produced and directed by Allen, he was excited to return to the “Big Apple” during “Fashion Week.”

Allen says, “It is always a pleasure to present my collections at NYFW. This compilation of the ‘Self Assured Woman’ on the blazing hot SBFW Runway was nothing short of spectacular with the ‘Special treat’ of having Erica Dixon wear my garment (and boy did she).”

Erica Dixon NYFW 2013 SFTA 4


So Erica’s hitting the runway ‘makin’ that bread’ (as Stevie J would say) and Scrappy’s still chasing Shay… I guess we have a lot to look forward to on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (especially since Love & Hip Hop NY is a bust!)


  1. yep says:

    Make them coins girl. I don't blame her for keeping up appearances. Milk it all you can she is beautiful and scraps never deserved her. He is the true definition of a "Baby Boy"

  2. 2bme says:

    Erica is so beautiful to her cheekbones..girl get your money!

  3. Koko says:

    These young women are just so thirsty and pitiful for a man, first off why would anyone with a clue want to be layed up with someone calling himself 'Lil?" And he like most 'rappers' are not men on any level, other than having babies with a bunch of dummies.

    Thirsty is never pretty, even on a somewhat pretty woman like Erica, who I hope gets her COINS while she can!

  4. Kim says:

    good for her…better late than never.

  5. lockstress says:

    OMG…can sista's get it together??? I mean c'mon on. THis gutter bucket porch monkey dummy is your child's father…I get it but uhm…in actuality…his presence being there is hurting her in the long run b/c she's gonna think REAL MEN TRULY ACT LIKE THIS! Ugh…let it frigging go already.

    Shay…ain't shyt!

  6. Loving This Site says:

    It is nice to see him come out and support her. I would not have pretended to keep up appearance because she is keeping good men away from her by appearing attached to him.

  7. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    Erica you need to leave scrappy! He aint shit! Let him chase after baldheaded shay! Go to college and get a voice coach if you want to pursue television. Keep taking care of your daughter like you've been doing and make that money girl the world is yours eff Scrappy and his nasty mom. If she was damn near broke so what so was all the people on that show before they got on. She had a regular 9-5, I'm pretty sure she was living paycheck to paycheck but she had a roof over her and her child's head. Her daughter look healthy to me. How can you be mad at that? smh

  8. Philly Finest! says:

    Most of the reality shows "breath" life into fading careers,& jump start "new" careers. If Erica play her cards correctly a "whole" new door will open up for her, Shay & Scrappy will be but a memory.

    Yes! Gawd! I'm looking forward to LLHPA..The other show is boooring, and life was breathed into the show cause Mendeencee fought and Tahiry mugged ole gurl,Joe just takes up for Tahiry (um no she didn't mug you..I didn't see that. Joe Tahiry laid hands on old gurl… the rest of the cast is boooring.

  9. tori says:

    Scrappy is a DIRRTY DAWG & he can't keep his "PAWS" to himself! I agree Erica is way too pretty for him! Go make ur own money Erica, & buy sum furniture for the house L&HHA stashed u in!!

  10. Bee says:

    Erica looks great! Not surprised about she and Scrappy. He is an illiterate idiot. Glad she has gotten rid of him.

  11. Jennifer says:

    No shade but wouldn't her status go UP if she was single? Name me one chick whose career skyrocketed after dating a rapper? Putting a ring on it from the wrong dude is not the business.

  12. Play your position, chile, and get that money. On another note, its interesting how everyone is dogging Scrappy, but fail to realize that Erica sounds just as slow when she speaks. I have never been so disappointed to hear someone so beautiful speak. And true, he has some scandalous ways, but its so obvious she is not in love with this man. From the looks of it, she may never have been and is just playing the role.

  13. 1grooveychick says:

    Out of all the girls from this series, I think Erica is definitely the strongest. Good that she is standing her ground…good for her not thinking cheating is acceptable.

    My only thing is she needs to stop have him run in and out the house. When he can't have his way, he packs his bags. She need to put an end to that. By just letting him be the father to her child and nothing else. The baby is the one who suffers

  14. more says:

    she gets what deserves! Why on earth would u marry a man who left u for another women?? Now he is chasing after SHAY smh wow ERICA u are one dumb broad

  15. BigboiJAQ says:

    That is genuine couple they are not faking nothing, just seen her today at church with her wedding ring on and no cameras was there and i asked her what was going on she said they are set to marry this summer, I know this for a fact

  16. ALM says:

    Erica really is a pretty girl.


    Know I'm a month late but But Erica your to pretty to smart for wacky and him and shay deserve each other and dirty a$$ n!##&$ love chasing after thirsty goofy@$$ hoes like her so move forward move on
    Cause so much better is waiting on you

  18. MsTrendy says:

    She's looking good at Fashion Week.

  19. Girl Please says:

    Erica Dixon is the most gorgeous woman on that show inside & out( and Rasheeda oh and not to mention Ariane as well). I can't believe Scrappy would "chase" Shay. Shay is not only unattractive on the inside but her outsides are nothing to look at either. Shay is tacky low class ding dong with no talent. Erica & Shay are polar opposites….. BIG TIME.

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