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Mary J. Blige Honored At 2013 VIBE Impact Awards… [PHOTOS]

Feb 11th 2013 | Written by ATLien

photo by: Karl Ferguson (www.rageonemedia.com)

Mary J. Blige and her hubby Kendu Isaacs were picture perfect as they posed on the red carpet of VIBE’s 1st annual Impact Awards held during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards weekend (February 8, 2013).

Blige was honored at the event, which was held at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Hotel and several of her famous music industry friends and supporters came out to toast the queen of hip-hop soul at the pre-Grammy awards show.

[WATCH: Mary J. Blige & Angela Bassett Play Betty & Corretta + Why Daughters Say They Got It Wrong… (VIDEO)]

Attendees included, Sean “Diddy” Combs, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Babyface Edmonds, Jermaine Dupri, Too $hort, Andrea Kelly, Swizz Beatz, Big Sean, Kurruche Tran and more.

Bu Thiam and his boo Tracey Ellis-Ross breezed through, as well as new couple Ciara and Future…

Nick Cannon was even on hand to supply the evening’s entertainment as he played DJ for the afterparty for the event.

Photos from VIBE’s Impact Awards event & after party below…

Big Sean and Parents

Big Sean is flanked by his dad and mom…

Babyface and wife Nicole

Babyface and his wife Nicole

Michelle ATLien Brown 2013 Vibe Impact Awards

Thankfully I remembered my girdle…

SWV and Michelle ATLien Brown - Vibe Impact StraightFromTheA

SWV and me!

(Leanne “Lelee” Lyons, Me, Coko, Tamara Johnson-George, Cheryl Elizabeth “Coko” Clemons)

Karruche Tran and date

Karrueche Tran and date…

MC Lyte

Legendary rapstress MC Lyte…

Nick Cannon - Vibe Impact StraightFroMTheA

Nick Cannon on the 1’s and 2’s…

Bu Thiam and Tracey Ellis Ross - Vibe Impact StraightFromTheA

Bu Thiam and Tracey Ellis-Ross breeze through…

Michelle ATLien Brown and Too Short

Me and my future ex-husband Too $hort…

[Sidebar: I met his mom at Phaedra Parks’ wedding years ago…  she’ such a sweet lady!]

Mary J Blige

Congrats to Vibe Impact Honoree Mary J. Blige!

Photos via: Vibe, Dorothy Redmond & My iPhone…

View more photos from the VIBE Impact Awards Event…. HERE



  1. CheckMeToo says:

    Michelle how much weight have you lost? You are literally DISAPPEARING right before our eyes girl.

    You're looking good.

    What's up with Too Short? Is he on something?

  2. hereforrihanna says:

    Looking good Chelle…but dang how tall is COKO 6 Feet? Everyone looks great though.

  3. mary says:

    michele you looked nice in your black dress! i loved mc lytes hair! ummm what was wrong with tracey ellis ross hair? seemed like she just got out of bed from doing doggy style all night! lol lol lol why was karrueche there? lol lol wow lol lol lol

  4. Michelle, you betta werk, mama!Your look is the highlight of the post to me.

  5. 2bme says:

    Michelle you're looking good boo! Glad Karreuche is moving on, she looks happy and stress free…MC Lyte looks great!Lawwwd Too Short…just lawwwd

  6. ALM says:

    You look great Michelle!

    Too short must have been high.

  7. Rawhunee says:

    Michelle girl you must be eating your fruits and veggies cause you looking good, good for you! Everybody looking good, and as usual. Karruche friend shirt looking all snug.

  8. N4LF says:

    Michelle u look good ! Why was Karruche even their with her date that looks as if he was trying to swagger jack Chris look a few years ago lol ,She trying I mean she trying . Karruche what do u do ? I guess she's going to be another Amber Rose and ride it on out of just being a piece of azz that was smashed by an entertainer and hopefully she'll get up on a real meal ticket to stay in that life.

  9. N4LF says:

    Oh and Karruche stop letting yer dates wear Chris's Shirt and hat.He looks as if he's going to pop out of that shirt. and plus that shirt looks as if it is faded and not properly cleaned right instead of dry cleaned it was washed in hot water and faded plus shrunk !

  10. 2forTheShow says:

    Michelle, you look great :-)

  11. N4LF says:

    Karruche date is a P R who is very gay he was just keeping her company he is into the Kordell's and Ocean's. Ryan is into the men so she was just putting on the hits.

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