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Spotted: Ciara Rocking Future’s Jacket? + Her 25 Random Facts… [PHOTOS]

Jan 22nd 2013 | Written by ATLien

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Ciara was all smiles as she was spotted leaving a London area restaurant last night (January 21, 2013).  These days, Ciara makes sure she travels with comfortable footwear after having gone through a painful foot procedure a while back.

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The sexy songstress, whose latest single, “Got Me Good,” is bumping on the airwaves now, has recently been romantically linked to rising Atlanta rapper Future.ciara future

Future has a longtime girlfriend/baby mama who I’ve heard isn’t responding to kindly to news of her man canoodling up to the 27 year old singer.

Rumors about the two have been gaining steam and many are speculating if they are collaborating or dating?

Ciara is further fueling the flames by posting photos of herself online rocking a jacket some say symbolizes Future’s “Pluto” project.

More photos below…

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Cute! (NASA… Pluto… Future… get the connection?)

Ciara in London 012113-7

Ciara and fans in London…

On a related note, CiCi recently shared 25 rare facts about herself with Us Weekly.

Ciara in London 012113-9In case you’re interested…

1. My name came from a perfume. 

2. I wake up and fall asleep to ESPN every day. 

3. My dogs are named Georgia and Tyson after George Foreman and Mike Tyson.

4. I think about going back to college because I missed it. 

5. I study the history of every country I visit.

6. I have road rage.

7. I don’t like being called the queen of Crunk & B. My music is R&B/pop.

8. I want twins (when I’m ready).

9. I’m fascinated by royalty.

Ciara’s fifth album, One Woman Army, debuts in 2013.

What do you thing of CiCi’s casual swag?


  1. She need to be working on that cd instead of trying to look for somebody with some money lol

    • Tae Shanae says:

      Did she say she's looking for someone with money? or are you saying that. Well, she's a celebrity she's more than likely gonna date other celebrities…But, at least she's not out pitching reality shows every
      time she starts dating someone.

      I like Ciara…I think she's a beautiful girl…she should try modeling more…I know that industry is cray…but, she should try doin other things when she's not working on music.

  2. NaNa says:

    I like her swag. She is a beautiful young lady & wish her much success. I do hope she goes to college soon.

  3. Kasster says:

    I haven't really followed her music as much as I used to, but I wish her the best. I can appreciate a young woman from Atlanta that doesn't constantly stay caught up in mess. Pop culture has unfortunately painted this city as one full of desperate women that will do and accept anything to get or keep a man.She could just be promoting her upcoming album by showing that she is working with one of Atlanta's most popular artists.

  4. Jennifer says:

    They make a gorgeous couple. Hope it lasts.

  5. I like CiCi. She seems to be down to Earth. I really hope she finds it in her time to achieve her college degree and have her babies. But most of all, I wish true love comes her way. R & B or crunk, it sure get crunk when I am working out to some of her music. GOOD LUCK Princess CICI

  6. Porsha says:

    Is this her, getting caught up again with a guy that will eventually go back to his baby's mother? (if he has even left, that is)

  7. 2bme says:

    I smell PR stunt

  8. jbm says:

    This girl is becoming the black Taylor Swift. Wanting love soo much and then writing a song about the nigga that did her wrong due to her poor choices.

  9. Lady_Dont_Play says:

    Wait wait wait…! Didn't Media Flake Out just report that Future just proposed to his baby mama? Now CiCi is out rocking his jacket with rings on her fingers?! This reminds me of the Amare situation! I hope this not true CiCi! You need to find a man that wants you and only you cuz as much as you want him to just say sorry, he won't! And if I were you, I wouldn't even want no apology.!

  10. Um….why is she always with a man that has obligations elsewhere?SMH..she was better off with 50. I actually like CiCi, and she is one of the best dancers I've ever seen, but she needs to concentrate on her craft and leave these lil boys alone. I've always pictured her with an older mature man anyway.

  11. A.N.D. says:

    Ciara is pretty and can dance her azz off. I've noticed that most of the men in sports and entertainment like to date while having a baby mother or wife at home. Rocko did it to Monica Monica's husband allegedly did it to his baby's mother and Monica. Brad did it to Jen Kobe did it a few times… and it seems to be the norm for rappers. I didnt know Ciara and Future were supposed to be an item. I thought they were working. I knew he had a girlfriend and Im nobody in their world so how did she not know? My aunt always says if they dont respect the puxxxy at home and you still let them sample yours. It will treat it as a sample and samples run out quick. Also how you get him is how you lose him. Be mindful and careful ladies.

  12. Kimi-Choco says:

    She looks nice in those pics – the red lips work with the hair and I like the length. Don't know if I buy the "Future" connection though – a lot of the "relationships" we see are engineered for publicity…and to the poster who mentioned she might be looking for somebody with money…who says Future got any? LOLOL He just came in the game as far as I know – he might be wearing his advance money on his back.

    Anyway – I maintain that this romance may or may not be real because ever since I read that interview with D'angelo I believe nothing… D was traveling to an award show with his babymoms Angie Stone and then suddenly his people pulled over the car he and Angie were in and told him to get into another car that had pulled up with Vivica Fox inside. They wanted him to attend the show with Vivica cuz she was hot and they would look better together than him and his real lady. I felt bad for Angie when I read that, and it makes you wonder, how many regular women have to bite down on the pain of seeing their men who are in the public eye be linked to other celebs for publicity, promotion and marketing purposes. I wouldn't be surprised if Future's gf is one, and I also wouldn't be surprised if Chris Brown's "ex" Karreuche is one also – that Rihanna connection with Chris pushed Rhi's album over top that's for damn sure.

  13. kenieca says:

    i love her swag, im not a fan of hers but i always admired the way she dressed… but the question that should be asked is wheres your album and when you going to drop it?… nothing wrong with taking a break from music but to be gone for a long time is going too far, tbh her fans probably got tired of waiting… CiCi, less partying more music

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