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Kenya Moore “Twirls” On Watch What Happens LIVE! + Walter Jackson Wants To Share His Side With Andy… [VIDEO]

Jan 14th 2013 | Written by ATLien

kenya moore wwhl
Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta hit up Watch What Happens LIVE! w/Andy Cohen last night (January 14, 2013) where she spoke about her “fake” relationship with Walter Jackson.

[FLASHBACK: The Crazy Truth About Kenya & Walter…]

As you know, I was the first to bring that bit of information to your attention and it seems that Bravo Andy is none too happy about Moore infiltrating his franchise with the falsity.

To make up for her fairytale romance, Kenya has recorded a brand new “gay boy friendly” single called “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” to get back into Cohen’s good graces.

She donned her best pair of gold disco pants and recruited a “Michelle” & “Kelly” to dance behind her while she “Beyonce’d” her way back by performing the song LIVE for Cohen last night.

Kenya Twirl WWHL

In case you missed it, watch Kenya on WWHL below…

VIDEO: Kenya Moore Discusses Walter…


For the record… Walter is sticking by the story he told on the radio.

[FLASHBACK: Walter Jackson Speaks! Radio Interview… (AUDIO)]

And…. he wants to tell Andy his side of the story too!

[READ: Walter Jackson’s Bachelor Swag (PHOTOS) + His 2nd Radio Interview (AUDIO)]

VIDEO: Kenya Moore Discusses Her RHOA Influence

VIDEO: Kenya Performs “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”

VIDEO: Kenya Moore Discusses Phaedra

[WATCH: RHOA S5, Ep 11 “Back Ends & Donkey Booties (FULL VIDEO)]

What did you think of Moore’s WWHL appearance last night?

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  1. Licia Nicole Smith via Facebook says:

    Worst thing ever!

    • Shirlinda says:



    • jrzsfnst609 says:


  2. Raquel Xu via Facebook says:

    stiff and boring.

  3. Raquel Xu via Facebook says:

    andshe didnt “twirl” not once

  4. Worst than don’t be tardy for the party!!

    • Lady A says:

      Tardy 4 the Party was catchy…..

    • StallionApproved says:

      Actually, with a little (club beat)remix on it…it could be a good song. Did she lose weight?

      And I'm not interested in hearing from Walter. The End

      • Jamaal says:

        Thank you, Walter personality is dryer than the back of NeNe's hair. Would he just go awa, no one wants to her what he has to say. And I agree, Kennya ever said he was Whitney Houston, this a novelty, fun song people get sense of humor damn.

      • ladydiinpa says:

        I thought it was entertaining!! she was alittle nervous cuz when they were on that island she was dropping like it hot easier than she was on the show, overall for entertainment I liked it…twirling…I'm fabulous!!

  5. Kelly Kel via Facebook says:

    I loved it!

  6. Christina Simon via Facebook says:


  7. Terri Patton via Facebook says:

    Didn’t hear it, but is she allowing herself to become a buffoon?

  8. It was so not gone with the wind fabulous!!!!

  9. James Brantley via Facebook says:

    She needs to sit down some place and hit a grip. It was horrible and she embarrassed herself yet again last night on live TV

    • annafaye says:

      So true….What the heck did she do during Miss Universe for the talent competition? She looks like an old straw broom sitting in the corner. I am growing so tired of her.

  10. Jocque Walker McCollum via Facebook says:

    EMBARRISSSSSSSSSING for women of every color every where SMH!!

  11. Leslie Turner via Facebook says:

    Where is the “thumbs down” button??? Like Wendy Williams said today, Kenya should do hair commercials instead of RHOA.

  12. Wow really she could have kept that shit to herself. Continue to sing in the shower cause nobody wants to hear that shit

  13. Toni Blessedandhighlyfavored Alexander via Facebook says:

    Say it ain’t so… lmao

  14. Kara Kardashian via Facebook says:

    2 thumbs down

  15. Lena Townes via Facebook says:

    The drag queens will love it.

  16. Canthelpbutlove Shakeya McDuffie via Facebook says:

    I liked it.

  17. I had so much admiration for her being a person of color winning the crown but she really reaching for the stars with that nonsense!!!

  18. Makeba Smallwood-Tabor via Facebook says:

    This heffa is seriously bipolar

  19. I was hoping the sand man (from the Apollo Theater) would come out and remove her. smh!!!

  20. Loving This Site says:

    Is it bad that i wasnt really looking forward to seeing her but the dancing queens I just knew would be in the background? Twirl baby Twirl

  21. cns says:

    Can you really believe an almost 50 yr. old man that is Gucci out from head to toe to go fishing? Something’s not right here. He’s was trying to catch some attention. More than impressionable young girls like that look.

  22. Ms. JuJu Dupree says:

    Well, I must say that I did enjoy watching the dancers. They really carried the song.

  23. jbm says:

    This chick stay losing…first she jumps in the pool with another woman's spouse, now she done jumped in a grave and stole Donna Summer's outfit.

    Please call Auntie Em so she can twist her ass up outta here.

    • Lady A says:

      …and she looks fabulous….ur axx couldn't wear those pants & get away with it…..

      • jbm says:

        I never said she didn't look good. I'm not Walter, if she was nekkid (that's right, not naked…butt nekkid) in front of me she could twirl on me like the old school Sit N Spin…but I digress…don't hate because YOUR ASS (we grown on here and I don't censor my jokes) cant fit in the Solid Gold dancer uniform she stole from the long haired asian lady on Soul Train.

        • Did u say……. Solid Gold?I have to leave, I need a moment to regroup on that shyt right there. The asian lady sumwhere mad as HELL that Kenya stole her swag!TOO DAMN FUNNY!

        • Vay says:

          I'm mad at both of yall that I know exactly who you are talking about from Soul Train. lol Clearly we are telling our age on that one!!

          JBM I am REALLY mad at the sit & spin visual that you just gave me. lol Nooooooo all cooch aint good cooch!!! Kenya asks bipolar and her stuff probably do to…wet one min…dry the next…run JBM!!! lol

        • LXL says:

          I was thinking of Darcel Wynn (the black solid gold dancer), lol.

        • stlchick says:

          I was just talking to my friend about Solid Gold (REALLY showing my age lol). Now, she said that Marilyn Macoo was the host, which I remember, but didn't Dionne Warwick host it at some point, too? Isn't that her singing the theme song?

        • LXL says:

          Yes, Dionne Warwick did host it then came Marilyn McCoo and Andy Gibb. Those dancers used to kill me with those hot pants and bodysuits, lol.

        • Lady A says:

          @JBM…I don't get the joke & UR not funny….have a MF seat…the only thing worse than a h8tn axx, gossipy broad is a h8tn axx, gossipy man…it's absolutely pathetic….& I'm still waiting on the punchline that will make UR joke funny….now twirl..twirl….

        • annafaye says:

          JBM….You are so right, that LadyA has to be a LD Drag Queen in the makings…theres nothing positive about Kenya other than her disappearing from television.
          Let it happen soon….an may she take her small fan base wth her.

      • jbm says:

        Clearly a few posters would disagree with my opinion not being funny (I'm sure you saw those, if not they're right above your recent post)

        Next, I'm just crackin' jokes and it's apparent you must have some self-esteem issues (still trying to fit in Kenya's gold pants huh?)

        Finally, a hater I am not. A sarcastic asshole that finds humor in people catching feelings about blog posts where they're expressing personal opinions…to quote Redman "I'll be dat!" We can do this all day. I don't know you and I'm sure you're a wonderful person. I'll be waiting for you to comment after you get off the pole or process the paperwork for a mortgage scam you're involved in.

      • S.H.E. says:

        Ok so the way "Lady A" is going so hard defending Kenya and this bullshit she has recorded and attempted to perform….makes me think that it is the NUTCASE ….go take your meds honey….A Xanax should help….lol

    • hotdogsonthegrill says:

      LMAO @jbm I'm in tears………..

    • Vay says:

      @Jbm…yes!!! lol

  24. Loving This Site says:

    OMG Please tell Ms. Dineva to do a spoof video of this perfomance. Please, pretty please with sweet tea. I know that's your bestie Michelle

  25. It was probably the worst 3 minutes of my life!

  26. Crystal Olivier via Facebook says:

    I would rather listen to tardy for the party on repeat!

  27. Audrey D. Bryant via Facebook says:

    One more crazy chick thrust into the spotlight. Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon

  28. Kim Edwards via Facebook says:

    Notice how her butt wasn’t as big as it was in that black dress. I know she wears booty pop’s! Lol

  29. Tia says:

    Strangely, I enjoyed Kenyas performance.

  30. cam says:

    i wish walter would let it go!!!just drift off into the background.

  31. Sean Pegross via Facebook says:

    Shout out to booty pops!!

  32. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    this is sad but the dancers killed it

  33. juici41 says:

    Kenya still fake. Her azz n all. Then she running around givin autographd shit out tht was really meant for her. I cn read u llik a book. Times up get rid of her andy. Pleazzzzzzz. Two faced bitch. Dnt fuc wi phaedra. I love me som phaedra she has such good manners

  34. Neisha Free via Facebook says:

    That song just goes to show how far gone she is. Or how much of a egomaniac she is. Either way it is horrible I don’t even know if the Queens would like it.

  35. Ebonyelle Franklin via Facebook says:

    Booooooooooooooooooooooo! for the song

  36. Lady A says:

    I LOVED her performance and the song 2…..I like all of the women on RHOA…Kenya is hilarious!!!….I am lovin this woman 4 some reason even though she does act a lil crazy at times….now tirwl…twirl…twirl…LMFAO….

    • ladydiinpa says:

      agree, just a show for entertainment, most is fake…I liked the her song, for entertainment…I'm fabulous..fabulous…

  37. hereforrihanna says:

    for the record. The michelle and Kelly have names.. Omari Mizrahi.. and Pony ZION he was from that Mtv dance crew show…Omari the darkskin one used to be in a relationship with my little brother.

  38. StallionApproved says:

    Y'all Get Me Crying Over These Comments

    But, It's all in fun. I love them background dancers : ) They took it and made it happen..Now, Twirl, Twirl, Twirl : )

    Kenya, Gone With The Wind Dramatic lol

  39. Netwrkqueen says:

    I bet this song will be lip-sync on RuPaul's Drag Race…LMAO!

  40. IJS says:

    Keep moving forward Kenya, leave the rest of the crabs in the barrel to over cook and get soggy.

  41. StallionApproved says:

    Ms. Thang is working those skin tight disco pants…though

  42. Trina O'Connor via Facebook says:

    what a clown!

  43. Jenna A Bingham via Facebook says:

    I was Speechless

  44. Princess Phyllis via Facebook says:

    Horrible song, but I’d like to see her get some popularity from it because If Kim can anybody can.

  45. CityGirl81 says:

    It's clear Kenya does NOT take herself too seriously. Hell with a little auto tuning, I can see that being a club banger in Boystown here in Chicago. I can see the queens now showing out to that. The dancers were dope though!

    As for Moesha daddy, imma need him to sit his old ass down and go kick it with a 22,24,26 chick. He is too pressed now about the Kenya "relationship" let it go dude.

  46. msnick77 says:

    I could only take 1 minute and 9 seconds of that -ish! She is rocking those pants and I love, love, love her hair.

  47. Regina Mcafee via Facebook says:

    Kenya should learn how to cook..and stop serving people take out..Put down the MIC..pick up a Spoon!! Lawd a mess.

  48. KeeinDC says:

    She continues to make herself look like a damn fool!!!!!!!

  49. Kenya is a disgrace here Usa crown she be stripped from her due to her unprofessional behavior. She is embarrassing to herself and the African American people especially women and she is money hungry and pimp people.Please take her off the show and bring Marlow Hampton please Bravo.

  50. Kim says:

    Looks like she took the booty out or off for this.

  51. Her Usa crown should be stripped from her.Due to her unprofessional behavior.

  52. Jalon Ross Arnold via Facebook says:

    CRICKETS………….!!!!!!!! Trois was better than this.

  53. Shay Shay says:

    Ohhhhh Kenya, that was bad! Really, REALLY, BAD!

  54. 6Minutz says:

    Where's her hips?

  55. Philly Finest!!! says:


    This song gave me life! The dancers in the back ground weerrrrk! Snap! Snap! snaP! (Z formation)

    Get it! Kenya! I hope she does well on the ring tone which I believe she will.

    I am not gonna slam her hustle.

    It was Kenya "cousing" who made the comment about walter being gay and that he tried talking to her too!

    Either way I wish that story just….go away. No! Walter we do not want to see you on the Andy show so you can extend you last few minute. Geeez go away already.

    Kenya! Werrrrrk it!

  56. Wack!!! No moves on the floor and obviously none in the……….

  57. Nai S. Green via Facebook says:

    I hope they paying here good for this Coonery! Smdh hot ass mess, and Andy she aint got no ass boo!

  58. Alicia says:

    Where is the rest of Kenya's booty…lol

  59. Porsha says:

    Of course the song is bad, but she owned it and was working that outfit, that as someone else stated, most women (esp of her age) could neva pull off…
    I can't bash her for it because it's obvious she doesn't take herself too seriously.

  60. F.O says:

    But why did she fall on the floor at the end of the song just like she did on the beach ??? It's quite odd! She's too grown to just fall out all the time! Was that a scene in gone with the wind?

  61. SS Mpala says:

    Pure fuckery.

  62. Rochelle R Poe via Facebook says:

    I swear she set us back with that coonery!!! In them damn 80’s solid gold leggings…I wasn’t for sure if she was just playing crazy or not until I saw the show last night. Kenya needs help ASAP!

  63. Gom says:

    Ya'll sound like a bunch of jealous dry bitches on here. LOL. I liked it. Ya'll know it was better than Tardy for the Party with Kim's stiff ass. It was also better than Sheree's song and LuAnn's.

    Also, just because Walter said it was a fake relationship doesn't mean it was unless he is the Truth Oracle of ATL….???

    And Wendy Williams is an asshole…who listens to her…she can't even get any A or B list stars to be on her show. LOL.

    • stlchick says:

      Ya’ll sound like a bunch of jealous dry bitches on here. LOL.
      Y'all need to get hit by a truck and die a slow and painful death. LOL.

      Y'all hoes must not be happy with yourselves to hate on somebody so beautiful. LOL

      Y'all stupid ass heffa's need to drive y'all dumb asses off a cliff. LOL

      Are you getting my point?

    • lockstress says:

      Oh god…Luann's song…ahem….*in my best drag voice* Money can't buy you class! bwahahaha! That was an EPIC failure!

  64. Dee dee says:


    • Gom says:

      Exactly! It was supposed to be entertaining. Not the next Grammy Award winning song from a best new Artist. LOL. Kenya Moore will be booked from now to the end of the year at gay clubs and at Gay Prides just like Kim was making $$$.

  65. Straightfromtheassdotcom K.Michelle is hilarious says:

    It's obvious Kandi had nothing to do with this! This is so bad, I just don't have words.

  66. Denesha says:

    Not even the gay clubs will be playing that hot mess…

  67. I love the song, and I wish Kenya Moore the best in all she's doing! Keep up the good work Kenya, I look to hear more good catchy music from you in the future!

  68. Kara Gershon via Facebook says:

    You could hear someone else singing in the background. The background dancers were werkin it!

  69. Sheon Stevens Hollman via Facebook says:

    Bravo, Please listen to Ayanna Smiley! Marlo was way more interesting and confident!

    • Gom says:

      Marlo is not coming back to RHOA because Andy Cohen does not like her and when the President of Programming for BRAVO TV does not like you it's a wrap. Andy was done with Marlo when she said faggot.

  70. NaNa says:

    Wow! This spandex-wearing two dollar ho ho ho will never again be respected because she continues to reduce herself. And like her cousin said…she is confident many people wouldn't mind riding her…that's cause she has promoted herself as if she is a

  71. NaNa says:

    cont'd…lol…like she is a SIX FLAGS RIDE!!! Blooop! Welcome to atlanta kenya/beyonce. enjoy the ride you are going to get. You are i the A…not LA!

  72. Tina904 says:

    She has to be the most desperate has been EVER!!! Give it up Kenya, your 15 minutes has been up.

  73. Y'all can say what you want, she OWNED that damn twirl. Now I'm going to wait with popcorn for a queen to tear that thang down, I vote Shangela. And Walter needs to exit left, I'm so very tired of Moesha's daddy trying to stay relevant.

    • Philly Finest!!! says:

      Naw! Shangela was booted off Rupaul twice she is more comedian ( The youtube videos are funny), and Rupaul always promote his own music on his show,,unless they are sangin for their life. It would be hot! If Kenya song was played on there.
      Before she performed the song she clearly stated that she is not a singer.

      Kenyah is carving her "niche" out nicely.

      Are right Funky Diva waiting on the video. (Taps foot!)

  74. stlchick says:

    Now, while I didn't think the song in and of itself was bad, when I hear the word 'song' I expect to hear…I don't know, SINGING!?

    She needs money and she's trying to make it. Do you, Kenya.

    Now I can't wait to see what proof Walter has that this relationship was a sham. The LOOK like they had just met. If he screwed her, he screwed me and I never met him.

  75. Zinzah says:

    Dear Kenya Moore,
    Cut it out. Just….stop.
    Sincerely, Sane People Everywhere

  76. I.c. Watkins via Facebook says:

    Her backup dancers were gettin it!

  77. SPEAKING MY MIND says:


  78. Mar says:

    wth!!!! why can't i watch it?? Please help me?? it says "not currently unavailable". Than you!

  79. Deedee_404 says:

    I have never understood why people shy away from what is their strong suit for things that clearly will NEVER benefit them. Kenya, you were formerly mis USA. But instead of focusing on being beautiful inside and turning that into a way to do business outside, you continue with this foolishness. Take one thing you know you can do well and productively and market from there. We've already seen this done on RHOA. NeNe knew she could play the role of a good "mean girl" and used it make it to Hollywood.

  80. Laasoul says:

    LMAO @ jbm's comments!!!!1

  81. LyteSkinFriend says:

    I wish Miss Acne AMerica would TWIRL back to the 90's when we actually respected her.

  82. SAM says:

    I just got back from my ski trip and trust me, people out there loved this song! My friends and I were laughing the entire time,because clearly she's just having fun. They were repeating it and dancing with each other! They mad it seem like she was the next star or something!

  83. lockstress says:

    I loved…loved…love the simple stupidity of this song!
    I threw on my afro wig, sateen pants and glitter shoes and just got to twirling…so much so I twirled my azz out the window and onto the grass and stayed twirling! As I write this I'm twirling like the Shah's of sunset dog snowball that can't walk straight. I walked into my office twirling…I'm a twirling mess!
    *the solid gold comment was priceless! We put our age on the line folks lol*

    • ladydiinpa says:

      & u got your exercise!! I liked it for entertainment purposes,,,Kenya is a attractive woman with a nice body…now her show lines are somewhat questionable, but if she was acting differently people mayb would say she had a boring storyline..

      • lockstress says:

        Interesting people are interesting people. Boring people are boring. She could have managed to find a way to show her "real" self.
        But this is as good as it gets. Now…"twirl…twirll…girl twirl…twirl…..! I love the song.

  84. meli-mel says:

    I wasn't that bad. With the right remix the boys at Twist will turn it out. Plus her background dancers were good.

  85. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    She is such a FOOL! Unattractive, deceitful, desperate, and DUMB! Gosh her head is big and her brain is empty. Andy and MJ didn't even know how to react to her falling out on the floor!

  86. anotherNote says:

    All I can say is no matter how bad your shape is or how much you paid for it. EVERYBODY CAN'T WEAR HOT PANTS!

  87. Sassy says:

    It was horrible!

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