Are You Offended Yet? ‘Django Unchained’ Slave Dolls Marketed Online… [PHOTOS]

Jan 11th 2013 | Written by ATLien

In ‘Django Unchained,’ director Quentin Tarrantino took a gamble on transforming the atrocities of American slavery into comedic, action-packed entertainment and in similar fashion a company has gotten the bright idea that turning slaves into dolls would be also marketable.

Last fall, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA), in tandem with the Weinstein Company, announced a full line of consumer products based on characters from the movie. First up are pose-able eight-inch action figures with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz.

A press release announcing the deal stated that the line was similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action-figure market in the 1970s and that the collection will include a full apparel and accessories line. At the time of the announcement, NECA president Joel Weinshanker said the company was “very excited to bring the stellar cast of Django to life and honored to be working with another Tarantino masterpiece.” (source)

Spike Lee tried to tell y’all… but you wouldn’t listen!

[FLASHBACK: Spike Lee & Tavis Smiley Speak Out Against ‘Django Unchained’ (VIDEO)]

Now enter Al Sharpton and the National Action Network… *sigh*

Details + more photos of the ‘Django’ slave dolls below…


Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network has officially called for a national boycott of the action figures based on the controversial and blood-soaked slavery revenge flick “Django Unchained.”django-sam-jackson21-e1357564127545

A 10-doll assortment of characters from the film was going for $299 on Amazon Tuesday and still for sale online as of today’s date (January 11, 2013).

“Selling this doll is highly offensive to our ancestors and the African American community,” Rev. K.W. Tulloss, NAC’s president in Los Angeles, told the Daily News.

“The movie is for adults, but these are action figures that appeal to children. We don’t want other individuals to utilize them for their entertainment, to make a mockery of slavery.”

Fellow activist Najee Ali from Project Islamic Hope spoke alongside Tulloss in Los Angeles Tuesday and said he’s seen “Django” two times already.

“I actually enjoyed the movie, but we cannot support this type of commercialization,” Ali said.

“I don’t seen any dolls representing Hitler that came from Tarantino’s (Holocaust movie ‘Inglourious Basterds’)…I don’t see them making dolls of Holocaust survivors who are bald and starving in concentration camps.”

Yes… the controversial film was highly entertaining but the dolls are highly offensive in my opinion.

Who’s bright idea was this anyway? Are you offended yet?


  1. Dana Rann via Facebook says:

    this is bullshit!! only time an all black line of action figures comes out, and its some fuckin slaves? where was the Hancock action figure? or something more positive.

  2. Imma get one and put that thang to work..

  3. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    Not offend because the movie is for grown folks btw these things wouldn’t sell if y’all gave it free marketing. Beside the movie was good.

    • QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

      And you are a troll. If youre not offended…then you are NOT black. Read the tittle again BITCH…she's not talking to you.

      And you sound silly …the movie is for grown folks…shut up

  4. Jiffawni Teena via Facebook says:

    although Django unchained wasnt as “contreversial” or “shocking” to me as people were saying….These dolls are going way overboard

    • Ashamed for my people says:

      Yes, they are going overboard with this stupid mess.But, this is a reason for "us" black people to do a double take and stop supporting "well meaning"(smirk) directors.Black people never realize when others are laughing and making you look like darn fool.

      • versatile says:

        I did like the movie, but the dolls ARE stupid. Who would buy one of these "dolls" for whom? Certainly not a Black child. Matter of fact, any white child known to have or display one will certainly have hell to pay.

  5. Jiffawni Teena via Facebook says:

    or offensive^^^ (the movie)

  6. Kendra Owens via Facebook says:

    Really? Now this

  7. Summer Johnson via Facebook says:

    I did enjoy the movie however, I’ll pass on the dolls. Its a bit much especially since race relations in America is still a sensitive issue.

  8. Nakia Nickey-Ro Abrams via Facebook says:


  9. Marcus McClellan via Facebook says:

    For real tho??

  10. Mz.Cali says:

    Well I liked the movie & its a shame that it took a white man to make it…I have actually viewed old plantation homes & the movie was very authentic…I also LOVED the ending when Jamie Foxx BLEW IT TO PIECES!!

    • Ashamed for my people says:

      I didn't see the movie,you mean to tell me Django wasn't lynched and his bodily mutilated

      (skin turned into trinkets and given back to the avenging white folk).The director should have kept it all the way real and I heard same was a Grade A house Negra.Sad I tell you.

      • Ashamed for my people says:

        I meant Sam Jackson.

      • Mz.Cali says:

        No, but others were…he definitely included the atrocities of slavery including slaves being fed to dogs, being forced to fight each other to death, genital mutilation, etc…he just let jamie kill them all as it SHOULD have been, these monsters deserved to die & jamie gave them exactly what they deserved & I LIKED IT!! John Legend also has a wonderful song on the sound track "Who did that to you" you should listen to it!!

    • hotdogsonthegrill says:

      "It's a shame it took a white man to make it" LOL somebody come get this chick and school her please!!!

      • Mz.Cali says:

        School me on what? Let me guess it's better that black men like Tyler Perry dress up in drag & encourage our boys to be homosexual than to give us a black man killing white monsters? YES it is sad that a white guy would make a movie with a black heroin killing our oppressors whilst black directors are showing them how to become cross dressing fagg0ts!!! And if its not that debauchery then its making black men look like the devil, killing or raping their own kids, yeah we need some more of that huh…I don't need anyone to school YOU cuz I can do that MYSELF!!

    • YEP I SAID IT says:


      • lilkunta(@ yep i said it) says:


        …There WERE enslaved that were heroes who killed their anglos owners; denmark vesey, gabriel prosser.

        • Ashamed for my people says:

          You left out Nat Turner, who heard voices in his head, telling him to kill and seek revenge.Turner's body was skinned and parts saved as keepsakes of his lynching. Django film is a mockery of those who tried and failed in the States. I am waiting on a movie about the Haitians uprising, but I bet it never happens. Tarantino creeps me out with his fascination with "black culture" .Something looks and feel odd about this guy to me.

    • truthistruth says:

      @ Mz. Cali, if you think QT made a slavery movie how it was really depicted than you are way behind and don't know your history. Ijs.

  11. Ashamed for my people says:

    I don't have the energy to explain why I can't with this foolishness here…SMH If Tarintino wanted to make a movie about an uprising,he could have chose more realistic information.It is 2013 and I am tired. A slave doll,really?(rolling my eyes)

  12. mind-blowing says:

    WOW! I havent seen the movies yet….but at least I now know how it ends. Thanks…thank a lot.

  13. MrsGumdrops says:

    LoL they turned the characters into dolls? That's too funny!

  14. QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

    Sad…head shaking. They are handing them out at movie awards. *blank stare*

    But, these types of things have always been here…google Mamie and Sam Bo dolls…So, slavery is a joke and was a wonderful period in US history ? they had to create dolls to celebrate it. They didn't even create a doll for Men In Black..or Independence day.. did they? But, They need slave dolls in their life.
    It's disgusting ..that we don't have respect for a people who literally SUFFERED a life we can NEVER imagine. But, I guess this all speaks volumes to how free you really are.

    Najai Ali along with NAN in Los Angeles are setting up protest if you re in L.A. You should sign that petition to stop the sale of this. I don't care what the movie was about. These dolls are making mockery of slaves. Your ancestors.
    If you don't see what O' Pie Face is doing then I don't know what to tell you.

    So, did he make Holocaust victim dolls too…since you claim he made a movie about the Holocaust?

    • QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

      Oh…you posted about the Najee lol didn't read that part. This crap is ignorant.

    • Ashamed for my people says:

      Yes, where Stephen Speilberg' s Holocaust dolls,nazi soldiers and concentration camp victims in soiled clothing?Where are the dolls that make a mockery of other groups pain and anguish ?.I know those negroes in Hollywood ain't gonna open up their mouths to say a word.SMH

      • QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

        Nope. And once people get you to Okay…this type of treatment…you can expect it..sweetie. When you deny a history, you lie about a history…then it becomes unreal. Yet, I know it was real. Black should not be taking this a joke…cause the truth is they would never disrespect Holocaust victims in this way. So, please explain why it's okay to treat African slaves who were murdered, totured, raped, burned and beaten this way. Considering there is still not equality in this country for African Americans is telling.

        No, Holocaust dolls…that's what I thought.

      • LXL says:

        Oh, you know the Jews aren't having that.

    • straight to the pointf says:

      OMG, this was well said!! *standing ovation* I agree with you 1000%!!!!

  15. San says:

    All of this is some bs. How can you be ok with the movie and not the dolls. Black people if we don't stand for something we will fall for and do anything. A long as we support and agree with things concerning our history that should be offensive to us we will always remain a slave, in our thoughts, actions etc etc. It is even more we should be offended by than a movie and dolls. But I'd rather not concern myself if we won't stand together for everything.

    • QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

      Well…that's the issue many black people feel they don't have a choice but to submit to these people. Fuck them…and the uncle toms that will die for their cause. Why are you okay with this when you know someone you were directly related to was murdered cause they couldn't work fast enough. Or simply because they just felt like Lynchin a gger that day. I'm not with it. I will cuss all the way out. Stay off the topic with me.

      • QuvenzhaneFabulous says:

        Oh…and by the way the still Lynch you gger…when they feel like it. Please don't delete my comments!

      • Mz.Cali says:

        The people that are "submitting" are the ones dressing in drag all over the movie screen…the ones singing "n!ggasz in paris" to the white folk in europe, the ones running around in leotards encouraging black girls to do the same…this movie actually shows you hot to stand up for yourself & NOT to just "pray about it" or wait "to heaven come" their are NO black men dressing up like WOMEN, & the house slave sam jackson is the only one calling a black woman a b!tch…I think you should go & see the movie before you even comment, if you don't want QT to get your $$ then get it on bootleg…

  16. LXL says:

    I bet they thought since the blacks went a'running to see the movie they thought the blacks would come a'running to buy the black dolls. Very poor taste to sell this bs.

  17. YEP I SAID IT says:

    What offended me was QT interview and arguing with an reporter. That shows his mental illness and his ignorance regarding volence and selling souls to promote it. HE SAID HIS MOM DATED BLACK MEN!!!
    No, I am not going to see in theaters or when it comes out in videos. If the bootleg copy is 3 bucks maybe. I am standing up for my ancestors, who were violently raped and beaten by white men and are turning over in their graves now. THEY DIDNT have a voice to say IT WAS WRONG TO MAKE SUCH MOVIE!!!

    • Pretty in Pink says:

      Too deep not that serious!! Yes I am black and I LOVED the movie! I didn't find the movie nor these dolls offensive! What is the problem?? You don't like them don't buy them. I hope the movie gets an Oscar because everyone did a splendid good! All this black revolutionary mess gets on my nerves! Spike Lee and whoever else please stop! Keep focusing on Trayon Martin's killer being thrown under the jail rather than a movie! SMH

      • YEP I SAID IT says:

        uh kinda of late..THE OSCARS WERE NOM YESTERDAY AND NO BLACK FOLKS FROM THE MOVIE WERE NOM. Then have a seat and pass over my comment if ITS TOO DEEP. I SAID NOT GOING TO SEE IT AND BEING MALCOLM X'S NEICE IT WAS A WRONG TYPE OF MOVIE FOR BLACKS. YOU MUST BE A HOUSE NIGGA AND CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT MY ANCESTORS WENT THRU. QT didnt get nom as the director like he thought he would. Putting real blood on Kerry Washington is amusement, then I will pass. She indicated the movie was difficult to make and invited her parents to be there.
        My focus is this movie and to make sure nobody in my family supports it now or in production. Your focus is to leave mine alone. MYB(mind yo business)!!!

    • Mz.Cali says:

      You should go see the movie!! I was feeling this way UNTIL I saw it…I guarantee you will NOT see things the same way after you view it…

    • spankmeister says:

      how was it offended if you have not layed eyes on it yet?? the sensitive A.A clan of people need to grow up and stop finding excuses to deal, I'm 100% hebrew (original black) and I am indeed the direct blood line of slaves non African and I found the movie to be just a movie, I was more offended by the representation of blacks after slavery in the movie like Mississippi burning where they created the look of blacks being mistreated and in fear of the white mans shadow, or even more why weren't so many pissed at tales from the hood where they had the big usage of NIGGER in plenty white vs black scenes??? Tarantino might be a shit head non the less but the movie was indeed a good action film. (had nothing to do with historical points as much)

  18. Loving This Site says:

    I liked the movie, good acting all around but I am not buying no damn doll. Who is the market for? Most merchandising for movies is based on sci-fi or childrens movies?

  19. Massa said says:

    That's what happen when you start to think that white folks actually like you. Jamie and Keri are coons. Shonda whatever her name is making money because the like the storyline of a black woman giving it up to a white man. Regardless of the storyline, she a ho. Jamie is a coon too. Ray was drug addict and Spike Lee was right.

  20. jbm says:

    Hell yeah…about damn time!!! I can't wait for the ROOTS: Kunte Kinta action figure with removable foot. That will complete my Lavar Burton collection with the action figure from Star Trek, it will be like the past and the future will be face to face.

    p.s. sarcasm

  21. lockstress says:

    I mean when Blade came out there were dolls?? They're collectables for the folks that collect dolls and action figures. Nobody is telling ya'll to run out and get it for the kids. Calm down.

    We need to do a better job at jumping up and ranting about shyt that really disrespect the race like BBW/ RHHATL/ and a host of other ratchetty azz shows that promote the degredation of colored folk!

    I just saw the movie last night and it was a STORY during SLAVE TIMES. Nothing offensive to say. Very entertaining and I loved the German!
    People…we need to do a better job of representing ourselves in general. T
    He next time you see a bytch on the bus with a ratchett azz weave, c-thru leggins and a face tattoo…tap her azz on the shoulder and let her know SHE CAN DO BETTER!

    • MrsGumdrops says:

      I was with you until your last sentence. I couldn't care less how someone is dressed. I care more about how they're behaving.

    • Mz.Cali says:

      How do you call your own women "bytch"?

      • lockstress says:

        Very easliy. And I will call any woman posting naked azz pics, walking around w/ they're azzes hanging out, not giving a dam about the presentation they project of themselves to the world of themselves…yeah that Bytch. Bytch azz negroes walking around w/ azz crack hanging included as well. (not trying to cyberfight…just answering the question)

  22. Lakesha Ballard via Facebook says:

    they been had them damn dolls made a long damn time ago. they was just waiten to put the damn movie out that all. and mr. mooney was and is right about everything he say .i love that man he is the truth

  23. A.W. says:

    TBH IDC!!!

  24. Garry Boast says:

    A while back Michelle ran a similar story, many of you dogged Spike, while praising QT. I dont have to say a word…just shaking my head on this one.

  25. Ashamed for my people says:

    I agree with Spike Lee, Garry.

  26. Pamela Carnegia via Facebook says:

    You all supported the movie….so Hollywood wants you to support slave dolls. We should see more movies about slavery in 5,4,3,2,…….

  27. Foxxx says:

    Slaves shouldn't be dolls!! Period. No matter how good the movie was. The Diary of Anne Frank was a good movie too…show me those dolls. In my opinion a doll is something that someone (not just children) want to be or try to memic. Barbie..G.I joe..ect..they're to be taken care of and placed on public display for other people to look at and enjoy. I don't think you'll get that much out of these slave dolls..I understand that QT feels as tho the movie made history but ok!! We get it..just leave it as a movie..DAMN! He tryna win us's not working..I'm jus sayin

    • spankmeister says:

      i agree just dont buy into

      • Cecilia says:

        How would a Black or White child play with them, I wonder. This is just showing America's true colors and sentiments.

        • Trappy says:

          Hello, these action figure/dolls would not be for kids they would be for adult collectors and kids today do not play with dolls and action figures, mine usually ask what am I supposed to do with these or this isn't x box lol. I'm sorry people see these figures as offensive I would have loved to have had a Django he is an awesome hero. He would have been on the shelf with Black Vulcan, Falcon, Ben from Night of the Living Dead, Captain Sisko from Star Trek, and Blade just to name a few of my black super heroes. I hate the fact that slavery existed but when I look at Django I don't see a slave I see a super hero. I looked at one on eBay and its about $200 bucks at least. I think this is a plot to raise the value of these figures and it worked, some are $1000 dollars. Leonardo DiCaprio is himself a retro action figure collector just like me. Thanks and sorry for rambling just letting you know that I would have bought a Django and my friends would have also. I don't find the figures to be racist or offensive just too expensive now.

  28. lori says:

    I have not yet but will watch this movie BEFORE commenting on content … because of this discussion AND to say, hello – shouldn't you, too? Seems folks r chattering along b /c interest vs act viewing movie … but hey, whatever goes on these comment "boards " right?

  29. Friday.Foster says:

    QT does this with some of his films, it's not just this film that have dolls. Google it and you'll see foe yourself.

  30. So, I haven't seen the movie, and probably won't. I'm still mad over Roots, Queen, AND Mama's Flora Family-lol!Honestly, this will just set me off, like Rosewood did. And for the ppl who are criticizing some for not viewing the movie, sit all the way down. My family is originally from SOOUUTHERN(and I do mean Southern) Alabama and my GREAT GRANDMOTHER was a slave until she was 13(thats just how close I was to being in the big house, and we all know w/ all this mouth, that wouldn't have worked out, chile.) In my opinion, that shyt ain't for entertainment purposes, it was real as hell, and so were the stories she told me. I'm appalled that anyone is being judged for not wanting to entertain this. As for these dolls? Disrespectful and distasteful. White America never fails to remind us just how they view us. Spike Lee is about to have a damn field day.

    • anotherNote says:

      People should be mad at Oprah for some of the stuff she put out. I love the Color Purple, but stereotypes across the border, Beloved-she went left field with the whole down south blacks and voodoo and its a couple of more.

      • anotherNote says:

        Then there was Halle Berry with the famous line, "Make me feel good" in Monsters Ball and Spike Lee is no better in school daze with the licking people's part after a fresh haircut.

        • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

          Oh, Im mad at them, too!I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it disturbing that Oprah LOVES a good ol slave narrative. And Halle getting an oscar for playing a poor, single mother who sleeps with the white town sheriff is PRICELESS.

    • Mz.Cali says:

      But you see nothing wrong with tyler perry dressing in drag??? I will say this movie is NOT roots, queen, etc…you will NOT feel bad int he least after seeing it!! To give you a teaser Jamie Foxx blows the entire plantation up like 9/11!!!

  31. true story says:

    In a world were a term of endearment is the word "Nigga: a good for nothing person" This was something that i our four fathers experienced from their slave owners. We were once considered 3/5 of a person. People died for the right to vote. We also have a president who faces death treat daily, at a higher rate than any other president. Yet we take the time to glorify what was said to be us taking back our power. That movie is the joke that we been playing on our selves for years. Why care now when a white man plays the same prank on us, that we have been playing on our self? Well this just my opinion.

    • true story says:

      What i am saying is let us look at our selves first. We can't be mad for someone finish what we started. Let us respect our culture, and not tear it down. You never see jewish people taking a negative connotation from their history, and making it a term of embracement. We must first change somethings!!!

    • Mz.Cali says:

      "Nigga" did not mean a "good for nothing person"…it was the name they created for their stock, just like a horse, pig, dog, cat!!! We were not people to them period…which is why when people/monsters feel that way they need a lesson in why they were sorely mistaken…

      • true story says:

        I want to get a dictionary and look up the word, Yes it does. The law is called the 3/5 compromise. Please tell you aren't one of those self educated people who feels as though you were stand there as God created the heavens and the earth?

        • Mz.Cali says:

          You want me to look up the word…let me guess in the dictionary written by the caucasian? Answer me this how could the word mean a person if they did not consider blacks people? So "good for nothing person" is that what THEIR calling it now? Just like you went from being a n!gga, to negro, to black, to african-american…what will they name YOU next? Yes I'm educated & i'll give you another history lesson "africa" is a latin name given by the roman, yes the whites & n!gga is & was a name given to their property, their LIVESTOCK & if you understood that then maybe you wouldn't look to whites for any type of confirmation nor MISEDUCATION…

        • true story says:

          Please understand this historian stated that the first civilization begun in Africa. The said part is you might not have degree the first, However teach your foolishness. In order for you to teach, One must first learn. To be honest Nigger has no race, a white man can be a nigger. Get it together, i am good.

        • Mz.Cali says:

          A white person can be a n!gger huh…yea ok…if you travel anywhere on earth & ask the people what a n!gger is I would put a lot of $$$ on the fact that NO ONE outside of YOU will say a white person…keep listening to the caucasian & see where it gets you!! …
          RULE #1 NO YOUR ENEMY WELL!!!!…cuz best believe he KNOWS YOU

        • Mz.Cali says:

          PS…neanderthals DID NOT come from africa, they came from the caves in the caucasus mountains…historian…blacks have NO neanderthal genes, THEY DO

        • true story says:

          You are annoying!!!!! Go get a degree learn something.

        • Mz.Cali says:

          I think it's very clear that YOU are the one in need of a degree…you also need to do some research…sad

        • true story says:

          I have three Bachelors of science degrees biology, chemistry, and political science from Morehouse College. I also have two masters from Cornell,to walk the same grounds as my founders. I am also a candidate for an MD/PhD at Harvard. What law school do you attend?

        • Mz.Cali says:

          Morehouse is filled with homosexuals, it looks like a dump & the credits DO NOT transfer…i'm @ John Marshall…

        • Mz.Cali says:

          San Diego State, USC alum…

        • true story says:

          Morehouse also produced great men. I am not gay therefore i don't care. My father, uncles, and brothers. All attended and became members of Alpha phi Alpha. My mother, sisters, and aunt went to Spelman. All Alpha kappa Alpha. What those schools produce, is better your schools. Wait Atlanta is filled with gay guys where you are now?

        • Mz.Cali says:

          Greek fraternities were created by & for GAY men…you are proud to apart of a institution created by gay white pedophilc men, for white gay pedophilic men?? Why do you think you have to do the secret, gay initiation rites?? So, you have an issue with django, but no issue being apart of a historically greek organization made for GAYS??

        • Mz.Cali says:

          You may not know this but outside of the south morehouse is not held in high esteem, more like a joke…

        • true story says:

          I am going to not let you get to me. I am from the state of New York, and many people are proud that i am a man of Morehouse. I was educated with the best of the best. When you say Morehouse many people ask what they can do to get their sons their, i have written countless letters of recommendations. You shouldn't get mad cause you didn't get in the school you wanted to. I recognize your type living a life were you're satisfied, however unfulfilled with you choices. Alpha Phi Alpha is founded on scholarship, man lee deeds, and the love of all man kind. My seven funding jewel weren't gay, however seven smart Black men in a sea of white men. Alpha Phi Alpha was a study, because these seven founders had to tutor the white students. While you are talk do some research. Had it not been for my founders, you so called being in law school would not happen. It was us that help sue for the admission of many african americans to enter into law school. I feel like you tried to pledge didn't cut it and is now bitter. You are on of those people who don't believe in jesus?

      • Ashamed for my people says:

        Mz. Cali, I asked this a couple of months ago, are you an actress in H-wood?

  32. anotherNote says:

    Color me confabulated by these comments. Of all the things you can get offended by you get offended by this. Oh wait! Black people can insult, depict, play in to stereotypes, engage in complete foolery, use the N word, etc and that is O.K as long as its buy a black person but a white person can't. Hipocrisy at its finest. We can exploit ourselves to make money but racism is alive if someone else do it. Bull because half of you have no clue about the things your putting out about your own race. I have not seen the movie but i know I will not be offended. Would you feel better if Obama put the dolls out and called it a rare collectors item or NeNe buys the first one. Besides aint no slave, no black person, no child, no one with common sense will buy a doll for $299.

    • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

      So because we need work as a community, we should not be offended by this blatant disrespect?And if we are, we are not supposed to express it?INSANE. And the assumptions of the actions of fellow commentators-hilarious. Of course we as a ppl have carried on these stereotypes and need to do better, but that still doesn't make it okay for anyone to cash in on that.

      • anotherNote says:

        No I am not saying you shouldn't be mad or outraged and offended but if your gonna be offended, be offended by all people continue to disrespect, degrade, and exploit our culture-including us. This is just one movie and a line of dolls. We, as people have did more to harm our image than any other race and we continue to let other people do it. For example, Machine Gun Kelly came out on national t.v and said that "black women give the best head". No apologies, no nothing yet black people are still his biggest buyer.We get mad at Imus for calling the basketball team nappy headed hoes and jiggaboos but all two-chainz want is a big bootied hoe for his birthday and the term jiggaboo became popular from the black produced movie white chicks. My son's ringtone is "Big bootied hoe". He is 19 and I am trying to get him see my point. Anyway, he has a white friend, who I love. His parents have bred him to marry his kind but hanging with my son, he said he wanted him a big booty hoe. Went and got him something similar and when he recited the lyrics to the song in front of his black girlfriend. All she said was "You like Two Chainz". We help create this mess and instead of getting mad and offended, we need to do we what can to fix it first.

  33. luvin usher says:

    @southern..rosewood bothers me to my core and still does.

  34. grams says:

    Has anyone ever seen Spike Lee's movie Bamboozled? Just asking..

    • Ashamed for my people says:

      ( Raises hand)Umm…Yes, I have?

    • grams says:

      This just in from a exchange during a recent interview: “I’m not your slave, and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune…I’m not a monkey.” ~ Quentin Tarantino

      This is what you support?

      Bamboozled came out about 13 yrs ago. The movie is a bit over the top at times but the primary message is pay attention to what you support. If something rubs you the wrong way why stick around hoping you will eventually like the feeling?

  35. 1GROOVEYCHICK says:

    Classic…trying.slavery into a.comedy. just another way for white America to dehumanize the travesity blacks went through.

    What if spike lee turned the holicost into a joke…and sold Nazi soldier action figures. It is ridiculous…and a slap in the face. What could be possibly funny about hanging people in trees, beating them, sleep in shacks, no proper clothing for the weather, woman being raped. Not having a bloodline to trace.

    Straight ignorance. If people don' then it won't sale

  36. GirlieGirl says:

    So If Spike Lee made Django the dolls and movie would be accepted?

  37. VeeBee says:

    I am proud to see that those who stand with humanity are willing to provide the needed push back from this movie and the sale of these dolls. Slavery was inhumane on all levels…our ancestors suffered, were ripped apart from there families, killed and beaten in some of the most inhumane ways. Whites benefitted financially, and still do from the slave trade. Two scenes from this movie…the dog eats man scene and slave kills slave with hammer were for white punishment and entertainment…today whites care less if we kill each other or if they do the killing. The lines have blurred on comedy,entertainment to a degree were some cannot tell the difference. But my favorite saying is…either your are with humanity or you are not…your decision.

  38. Cannabis says:

    Okay, let me get this straight… I haven't seen the movie yet, but apparently it's about a slave getting revenge. So, if the message is positive about a slave getting revenge and therefore standing up to slavery and the white men who inflicted it, than why is it wrong to have dolls for it? And, the comparison that Ali gave about dolls with Holocaust victims shows to me that the people making these complaints are doing do just to justify their own cause, not with any actual meaning. Stating that having very healthy looking, FULLY dressed slaves who kick the ass of a slave owner is comparable in ANY way to having dolls of naked, starving Jewish people in concentration camps is ridiculous. If you want to compare, maybe you could say, "Would it be okay if we made dolls of the Jews who resisted the Germans and held revolts in the ghettos?" To that, I would say yes. The point of any action figure/doll is to recognize someone you like or respect. This wasn't meant to demean slaves or black people. If it were, they'd be standing with shackles at the hands and legs in ripped cloths. They obviously are not. Al Sharpton is a tool. I don't know why people give a crap about what he thinks.

    • versatile says:

      I agree with you 100%. All this time, watching slave movie and everybody sangin', holdin' babies to the sky, wishin' for glory, and God to take them home. Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman were my slavery heroes. Then came Frederick Douglas. All action, no waiting for that pie in the sky. Frederick didn't kill nobody but he DID kill a whole lot of premise that Blacks couldn't think or want or aspire for a better life than they had planned for us. I used to be a little mad at the "Buffalo Soldiers". I'd think, these Black men roaming free with guns and horses…why in hell didn't they ride up on some of those bastards that probably STILL owned their family members and blow them away? If nothing but fiction..I like the idea that this vision was put on screen. Matter of fact, I'd like to see a D'Jango too. And as far as the dolls are concerned, Tarantino didn't put that bullsh*t out and before you say I don't know, do YOU know the facts? Probably some good ole boys from PA., VA, GA.and Ala. At least they dindn't put D'Jango in those stupid blue duds.

      • versatile says:

        I meant I'd like to see a "D'Jango 2". Maybe Spike can beat him to the punch if he'll get off his non existent azz and work instead of smoking blunts with Corny West and Smiley.

        • versatile says:

          Okay, as usual sometimes I don't read whole article where Atlien states Tarantino DID give co. permission to sell Dolls…that said "Tarantino can kiss the Blackest part of my azz!" Still like D'Jango though.

        • Ashamed for my people says:

          Versatile, you are too crazy.I told you Tarantino wasn't no good and just making mockery and money off of black folks.He don't bit more care about blacks in our history.

  39. Ms.Dawn says:


  40. ktgulty says:

    Check this out…Amazon is the only site selling these Django dolls. Broomdilla is going for $800.Djamgo is selling for $49.99,all others $29.99.

  41. ktgulty says:

    OPPS…Broomhilda,NOT Broomdilla~ My bad.

  42. Keepitbay says:

    I think its interesting that the ones thathave not seen the movie are the most vocal "bandwagon " jumpers on here .i have seen the movie and i thought it was good , goog actinge ,good directing,good storeyline for a ficttional movie ….now the dolls ..OVER THE TOP too much QT. and i would pull that back and burn all that have been made . but i think its ridiculous to speak so ill of a movie you have not seen , and as for Spike lee ..his movies have not always been the greatest to PROMOTE BLACK UNITY ! ijs

  43. Keepitbay says:

    my bad spellcheck

  44. Dana T says:

    LOL!!! Now is not the time to get upset about something like this when most of y'all watch us embarrass ourselves on a daily bases to the world by participating in the foolishness that someone calls entertainment, the Housewives of Atlanta or wait, I have a better one, the girl that was filmed on a marta train screaming at an older woman and someone decided to print T shirts with her picture and that dumb azz slogan and these urban fools were walking around here with the shirts on so proudly.

    LOL!!! again, LOL!!!
    BOY STOP!!!

    y'all kill me… Make a stand on the shit that goes on with us on a daily bases.

    Make a stand against Marta Punk assess for deleting a lot of the routes that were getting people to work down in Clayton County and those black folk lost there jobs behind that decision.

    Make a stand against these F upped school systems that are not teaching our children anything or betta yet make a stand against these black parents or lack there of…

    I'm sure that we all see things on a daily bases that we shake our heads at out of embarrassment or shame.


    What's going to happen to us when the people who really understand the score and care about us are ALL GONE???

    Dana T.

  45. David says:

    I think they should have continued the dolls of
    Django just like they have action figure dolls of G.T. Joe during the 60's. I see nothing wrong with that…and I am black.

  46. Cole says:

    Tarantino makes figurines for all of his movies for ADULTS who are collectors of such stuff. Don't believe me? Google "Inglorious Basterds figures." But I guess all of those collectors should thank you all for now making these dolls extremely collectible seeing as they are going to be discontinued soon.

  47. Y'all some coons says:

    Shut up. Don't buy them.
    I'm black, I'm buying them. These dolls are not related to you, they are not even real people. They are characters from a movie.
    People mad a white man made this movie? You should be mad at the shit black people DO make. It's shit. I'm not going to watch it cause they're black. Crap is crap.
    What kind of people would buy these? Collectors.
    Our people were slaves, get over it. This is the first movie in a long time to give a more realistic view of slavery. Not saying 100% accurate, no movie is.

  48. Trappy says:

    I saw the movie and its an awesome revenge film. I especially like Django shooting off the bad guy's cock 'n Balls off at the end. Also Stephen aka Samuel L was an evil looking Mother Fucker. As far as 8 inch retro action figures go I can see why people would get mad about them if they were for kids but they are not. You see there is an entire legion of geeks like myself that collect these things and most of us are anywhere from 35 to 55 years young. They are collectibles not toys, if I had them I would probably customize them into Star Trek figures somehow. Then they would not be offensive, but see now they are very expensive because they are offensive and hard to find. Look I'm not black I'm Latino but I watched it with my friend whom is black and he liked it and didn't find it offensive we both thought it was a crazy movie with some fucked up shit in it. I asked him about the figures and he is not a collector geek like me but he said he would buy them. Sorry if this makes anyone mad or uncomfortable, thanks for reading .

  49. Cannabis says:

    Okay, so people are still posting here, apparently. Someone made a comment to my above comment and I am confused. You say that Tarintino is bad for making these dolls that are of strong black characters. But, I bet you don't give a crap when you hear rap artists making extremely negative stereotypes about black people and black culture, that they are making money off for themselves and for all sorts of white folks that they work for. So, if something as blatantly insulting as rap music isn't racist, why is a positive image of strong black people racist? Makes no effing sense.

  50. pip says:

    oh the irony!! its slavery's 250th year anniversary, they bring out a film about it, then produce dolls in the name of making more money. slaves are still being capitalised against. I can see how this would be very offensive.

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