Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-3

Celebrity Kids – Monica & Rocko’s Son Romelo Celebrates 5th Birthday… [PHOTOS]

Jan 8th 2013 | Written by ATLien

Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-3
Monica Brown shared a few photos of her youngest son, Romelo Montez Hill, who turned FIVE years old today, January 8, 2013.

Lil Melo, who is close friends with T.I. and Tiny’s son Major, was treated to a 5th birthday celebration at his school today and it looks like he racked up on the dough… and I don’t mean birthday cake!

More photos of the cute kids below…

Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-2

Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-9

Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-5

Mo’s two boys are getting grown!! [Sidebar: Lil Rocko turns 8 this year. My how time files!!]

Monica Brown Romelo 5th Birthday-4

Happy 5th Birthday Melo!





  1. Gwendella says:

    Adorable kids and I love her spirit about everything.

  2. LyteSkinFriend says:

    Those cutie pies are going to break some hearts when they get older! I love Monica. She's always such an inspirational force.

  3. atl finest says:

    I was just thinking about Monica and BOOM here's a post of her..i've met Monica plenty of times around the A..she has a very nice personality and spirit..she seems to be a great mother to her boys as well..

  4. Every time I see Major, I just want to kiss his lil cheeks-he is Tiny's twin!

  5. Laasoul says:

    Melo and Major look absolutely ADOREABLE, but let's not forget King either. I'm pretty sure he was there too. He is absolutely hilarious!!! When he said he was the King of the house over some bacon, I completely fell out laughing!

  6. Vay says:

    Such cute little boys!!! Monica's face look full…

  7. ALM says:

    Melo and Major look alike even though they are not brothers :)

  8. Yana says:

    I love the modesty of the party. Alot of celebs insist on going over the top with their kids parties to prove something. This is why I like Monica so much, she seems down to earth.

  9. Corrine says:

    Monica is beautiful and so are her children.

  10. momyfav says:

    Adorbs HBD MELO!!! love mo. love her positivity. Shes definitely an inspiration!!! wonderful mother &wife!

  11. Loving This Site says:

    All so cute. Happy Birthday little one

  12. Kim says:

    Thanks Michelle for sharing this…good to see some pics of Atlanta celebs and children.

  13. Renee says:

    Monica has some handsome boys. Her oldest looks sort of like my kid.

  14. Sasha T&A says:

    Monica's boys are so cute!!! I've always loved Monica

  15. luvin usher says:

    Monica and her boys are beautiful!

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