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Natina Reed’s Mother: Kurupt Did Not Pay For Funeral…

Dec 13th 2012 | Written by ATLien

It’s been almost 2 months since Natina Reed, the young singer from the R&B group Blaque, was struck & killed on a dark stretch of highway in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Reed, 32, died on October 26, 2012, two days shy of her 33rd birthday and no charges were filed against the driver who accidentally struck her with his automobile.

Natina’s funeral was held November 3, 2012 in Lithonia, Georgia. Now that the smoke has cleared and Reed has been laid to rest, her mother, Dr. Tamara Goodridge, is speaking up to clarify a bit of misinformation surrounding her death.

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Goodridge contacted me on twitter to clarify a few things about her daughter…

R.I.P. Natina Tiawana Reed (October 28, 1979 – October 26, 2012)



  1. Janay says:

    Rest in Peace Natina. May God bless her family, especially her mom and son. The mother/child bond is crucial

  2. tori says:

    Let the girl rest in piece! R.I.P. Natina

  3. Time4Tea says:

    R.I.P. Natina

  4. La-Nisa Brown via Facebook says:

    Who cares who paid for the funeral you’re the one posted the dumb **sh to begin with!

  5. In my opinion Natina Reed was such a beautiful young lady, and I love the entire group in which she was involved in. Natina Reed always caught my eye, anytime i'd see a video with her in it.

    Rest In Peace Natina you're a young lady that will always be remembered by me!

  6. La-Nisa Brown actually it was TMZ that originally posted. I’m just trying to help her get the truth out.

    • Kenya T. says:

      Her mom asked you to get the truth out and that's what you did. You can't please everyone … I swear people come to blogs just to comment without reading… Well some people

  7. lockstress says:

    Who cares months later. Really? I mean aren't there more important things to focus on?

  8. Pon de says:

    sad when any life is lost but was it necessary to address this?? I swear twitter has has become crack for the "speak my mind" addicts.

  9. atl finest says:

    umm straight from the a this is your site so whoever don't like what you post should just find some other blog to read..I love your site and thanks for keeping us informed..keep doing your thang

  10. So Yeah says:

    If information is incorrect, good for you for reporting the truth. If this was hot and juicy gossip (as opposed to the truth) you'd have more people who cared to read and more comments. It amazes me the people who thrive on negativity, but get upset when you correct wrong reporting or report something positive. Jeez!

  11. mary says:

    i think it is important for the TRUTH to be told, i think that the mother didn't want to be seen as "neglectful" and that's why she wanted to speak the truth on this matter, if i was her mother and someone made a statement saying they paid fullly for my daughters funeral and it was not true, i would want to clear it up as well so hey…thanks atlien!

  12. ALM says:

    Rest in peace….such a pretty lady.

  13. 1GROOVEYCHICK says:

    Who cares who paid for what…she left behind a child. At least he pitched in and helped, most people can't do that. And let's not forget he stepped up and took of the son that for what ever reason she was unable to keep him with her full time.

    Her mom just need to let her daughter rest in peace and leave it alone. Focus on her grandson that is a piece of daughter. Don't wage a war with his father, he have in his possession a piece of your daughter…don't lose two love ones because of a price of a funeral.

    • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

      Well said. This tweet seems extremely messy to me, and very irrelevant at this point. Besides, its personal information and shouldn't even be shared with the public. There's a child missing his mother-the focus should be on that.

  14. Da Ra via Facebook says:

    yeah thats what I heard also..theat he paid for the security

  15. I am filling this out because its required says:

    She was 31 when she died, she was turning 32.

  16. Queenof Deciphering BullSh*t says:

    Her Mother Trumphs Him And All On Yall! Ha Ha Ha Boom

    Thanks For The Clear Up

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