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Who Ran It? Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – 3rd Presidential Debate [FULL VIDEO]

Oct 23rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

The third and final presidential debate between President Barack Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney was held last night (October 22, 2012).

The debate took place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and is the last for the current election cycle, which ends when voters hit the polls on November 6th.

Previous debates this election year:

First Presidential Debate -10/03/12  (WATCH)

VP Presidential Debate – Biden vs. Ryan – 10/11/12  (WATCH)

2nd Presidential Debate – Obama vs. Romney – 10/16/12 (WATCH)

Who ran the 3rd and final debate of the 2012 election year? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Watch the full video below and judge for yourself…

VIDEO: 3rd Presidential Debate – Obama vs. Romney 2012

Who ran it?


  1. Maya Simone says:

    Mitt Romney suffers from multiple personality disorder with a side of dementia. At any given day he can be a number of people. Yesterday Romney was a Democrat. What a joke. I'm not even convinced that Mitt Romney is a human … seriously. Or, maybe he is human but just a Godless human. That’s why he has no depth and no soul. Anyway, Obama was the clear winner of last night’s debate.

    I was just thinking that since Obama kicked Romney’s ass last night, I guess his son Tagg wants to punch my president in the face again. Man o man I would love to teach that boy some manners the old-fashioned way.

  2. NewMeKnowYou says:

    When Obama reminded Romney that he said our biggest threat was Russia… and we haven't had a cold war in over 20 years, I died laughing!

  3. versatile says:

    THANKS ATLien for letting us get this off our chests first thing this morning. Romney looked waxen, sweaty and in serious need of some Ryan water. Obama appeared in substance and poise, EXACTLY who he is. This chief commanded the hell out of that debate. Romney did what I knew he would, re-frame Obama's answers and come to same conclusions. Romney by the way is a speech writer by profession. He just seemed to vacate his own speech papers so he wouldn't have to read as much…and we know that Romnesia visits him often. Great job President.

  4. koatedkandi says:

    Tagg got that violence from his dad. Most adult men knows their father can hold their own against another adult of similiar statue.
    I think it is because the President is African American he didn't think he should talk to his daddy like that.
    Tagg is not crazy-but he should be questioned for his actions. If one of our children said that about a President we would have been carried downtown for A good ole lecture in respecting out COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

    • versatile says:

      Tagg wants to be like his dad. I'm sure he's his father's favorite son.Looks like him. Romney is a would be dictator. Much like N.Korea's late dictator Kim Jong Ill, he chose the son most visibly and hopefully apathetic as himself. Tagg looks most like his dumb azz father. He's the one that purchased voting machines. His looks betray him. P S Y C H O T I C !!!! Mitt also has a brother. George W. Romney. Not sure what his views are. Mitt's father wasn't a bad guy. Maybe he favored Mitt's brother and Mitt is not only trying to pass pop's accomplishments but may have vendetta against pop and unseen brother. Then again…Bush had an unseen brother, Marvin Bush, who was in charge of Twin Towers security at time of attack. He was also in charge of most financial Bush dealings at home and abroad.

  5. YungMike89 says:

    Can U Say OBAMA!!#NeedISayMore#

  6. JREED says:

    The President won the DEBATE. Why would anyone vote for a candidate who constantly changes his positions and lies about previously holding unpopular ones? And why would anyone vote for a candidate who has surrounded himself with George Bush's reckless neo-con advisers, the ones who got us into two unnecessary and costly wars? Romney tried to place nice because he has no foreign policy to run on. Plus he sat there and agreed with all the Presidents policies which means he dosen't have his own views

  7. JREED says:

    This dude suffers from "Romnesia" clearly, but it's cool cause as Obama stated earlier, "OBAMACARE covers pre-existing conditions", lol. Mitt wants to add to our already high deficit by adding 2 trillion dollars to the military(but the military isn't askin for it), that money can be used here in America where it's needed. See, I dnt vote for Barack because he's black, he actually has an agenda that I agree with. But, it's up to us to really go out and vote, we'll stand in the line at da club all night, and walk to our patnas house, we even stand in line for jordans and playstation 3's, stand in line to VOTE. And there bettin on us to stay home

  8. CCGroovy says:

    THANK YOU so Very MUCH for having posted all 4 of the Debate Videos and keeping us abreast of this crucial campaign!!!

  9. td says:

    Intelligent Black Man…

    Understand something people: making promises are a part of politics as toilet paper is to wiping your bottom; and both are associated with something that stinks.

    Mitt Romney is a filthy rich business man. You DO NOT put business men in public office, because all they care about is their own: other filthy rich business men; the same men who are funding their campaign. As a result, they tend to depend on the tired theory of lowering taxes for the rich, and hope the rich will take the savings and create jobs for the jobless.

    Most republicans rely on this already-tried-too-many-times-and-failed philosophy. I live in NYC. New Yorkers put Bloomberg in office, a business man. And all he did was raise the price of everything imaginable, with hopes that doing so will balance NYC's budget, which is what Bloomberg wants to be known for.

    Bloomberg cared nothing about the average NY citizen. And neither will Mitt Romney. They look after their own. The lesser of two evils, if you will, is Obama. Plus, I love Michelle anyway.

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