WTF?!? Doctors Intentionally Concealed Decapitation Of Baby During Birth…

Oct 16th 2012 | Written by ATLien

A Missouri couple is are suing a pair of obstetricians for allegedly decapitating their newborn baby boy during his March 22, 2011, delivery.

Gruesome? Yes… and while there is no excuse for their mistake, they happen at times.

But get this… the doctors THEN allegedly attempted to intentionally hide their fatal error by shoving the child’s body and severed head back up into the Mom’s birth canal!!!

Full story…

According to the New York Daily News,  Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette anticipated the birth of their baby boy, and after conceiving their child via in-vitro fertilization were anxiously awaiting his arrival.

The happy couple had named already chosen a name for their unborn son, Kaden Travis Ammonette.

According to the complaint, which the couple filed in the courts last September, the defendants, Drs. Susan Moore and Gilbert W. Webb, both practice at the Midwest Maternity & Fetal Medicine Services, a clinic that specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

As Arteisha progressed in her pregnancy, doctors began to notice some abnormalities with regards to the baby’s abdomen, which was growing unusually large.

The couple contend that Dr. Moore had advised them during a routine appointment that the childbirth had to be done via C-section due to the child’s accelerated abdomen growth.

When Betts began having contractions at 28 weeks, Dr. Webb, who was the attending physician at the time, not only allegedly refused to conduct the recommended C-section but did not allow the couple to seek medical services at another hospital facility.

The complaint goes on to note:

“Believing she had no other choice than to agree to a trial of vaginal delivery, plaintiff Arteisha Betts consented to a trial of vaginal delivery under duress and protest.”

During the birth, the baby’s head reportedly first emerged vaginally, followed by his shoulders, then an arm…. but due to the child’s large abdomen, the infant’s torso was stuck.

According to the complaint, Dr. Webb allegedly separated the baby’s head from his torso in the process of attempting to dislodge the child.

Betts and Ammonette were reportedly forced to witness the horror  of their newborn son being decapitated, with blood shooting out everywhere.

“When defendant Webb separated decedent Kaden Travis Ammonette’s head from his cervical spine, blood from the arteries and veins in decedent’s neck shot out, splattered and/or spilled out in to the labor and delivery room in plain view of and in close proximity to plaintiffs Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette.”

It was then that the doctor made the decision to perform an emergency C-Section but only AFTER he allegedly shoved the decapitated fetus and head back up into the birth canal!

The physician is accused of then making an incision in Betts’ abdomen before she was even anesthetized to perform the C-section.

The couple allege in the suit that their son “suffered an untimely and agonizing death.”

Betts and Ammonette are requesting punitive damages in the suit, which alleges wrongful death, medical negligence, and negligent infliction or emotional distress from both doctors and from the medical facility where they practice as well.

The suit does not name the hospital where the incident took place.

As I said earlier in the post, mistakes often happen… but for the doctor to PUSH THE BABY BACK UP INTO that mother after all of that is a dayum crime!!

I have no words…



  1. versatile says:

    This is just too horrific to comment on. Yall' got this.

  2. MRH says:

    I was truly stunned by this, I live in St. Louis and had heard about this story and was just saddened by it. My heart goes out to the couple and I hope they get them doctors, because a baby's life was lost and a parents hopes and dreams were destroyed due to someone not knowing their job correctly.

    • stlchick says:

      I was just abt to say, I heard nothing abt this. Did this happen in STL? These doctors are rediculius. And I bet they're still oracticing, too. They should be ejected from ALL things medical

  3. No Ma'am says:

    This shit! No matter if they get billions back, that would scar someone for life. No excuse for this!

    • ang says:

      Exactly. The fact that the couple had to conceive through in-vitro already tell you they were having a hard time. I just recently had a baby so to imagine the horror of witnessing it all has to be tramatizing. No amount of money could help you recover. But hope the parents get everything they possibly can from suing them.

  4. lockstress says:

    Thanks for hte article MIchele. This is INSANITY!

  5. versatile says:

    Then again..I DO have something to say. If we wake up to find we have a new president (or shall I say Dictator)…we won't be able to HAVE an opinion about this kind of crap. 2 new Supreme Court justices will be appointed to pass legislation to make women's rights a vague memory. Planned Parenthood? What's that? "Right to Work" bill, which will allow employers to roll back your pay without penalty because you STILL have the right to work…at probably $5 or less. Chinese do it! After their 'specific' undesirables are herded into 2014 concentration camps, this kinda' isht will be happening all the time and aint' nothing we can do about it. And if this DID happen (it was working for Hitler til WE intervened) who in HELL is coming to save us? WE are the world police!!??! Just announced today that they will NOT allow early voting to continue in Ohio.Disenfranchised vote going on nation wide. Enforced by 2010 Tea Party governors etc.

  6. KB says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I was born and raised in STL it's sad. No amount of money can replace a lost child lost under these gruesome circumstances. The fact that the doctor tired to half cover his a$$ by pushing the baby back up the birth canal lets you know he has no regard for life and should not be practicing Medicine. My prayers go out to the family.

  7. Renee says:

    Like the video pic above, you can't do nothing but throw your hands up and walk. That is unbelieveably too much.

  8. Kimi-Choco says:

    Oh my god what a nightmare…

    All the money in the world (which they better sue for and better damn well GET) can't make up for being put through a horror like that.

    And the doc shoving the baby back UP in the birth canal?? Trying to cut the poor woman open without anesthetic and after she'd SEEN him kill her child in a botched delivery attempt??? I got an instant headache when I read that.

    Worst story I've read in a long time. My prayers are with that couple, and that doctor better check his azz into protective custody. He deserves jail time for that and nothing less.

  9. silverhgma says:

    I actually shed a tear over this post. I don't understand, and it is too ridiculous to have anything to say about. It was described so graphically, to watch my child have his head pulled off and then bleed out. There isn't enough money, I think I would sue only so I could get the doctor removed of his license and so I could have MAJOR therapy. And then, if I could consider it, pay for the rest of my in vitro that this doctor SCREWED. uggh, this is a horrible story.

    PS. WHY would you bring up your political views in a post that has NOTHING to do with politics. omg, i can't wait until next year so we can just know who wins and who loses and everybody can just shutup.

  10. Barbie says:

    And thats all i can say …WTF

  11. Gwendella says:

    Heartbreakingly sad. Smdh.

  12. Darealshereen says:

    This is awful and my heart goes out to the couple to have witnessed the death of their baby. No amount of $ will fix the tragic memory of what they have endured. Just terrible!

  13. Janay says:

    I'm a hospital worker and have been for the past ten years.
    And unfortunately I know of at least two cases (could be more) where babies have been decapitated during birth. Heartbreaking but true. And I can't imagine havin your baby decapitated then having it all placed back inside you. God bless this entir situation

  14. NewMeKnowYou says:

    WTF ever happen to forceps they can get a mac truck out you with those…. I don't get it? Why was decapitation necessary?????

    • jjacksprat says:

      Decapitation was not "necessary". It is never necessary, but apparently it happens. Babies are squishy and soft, and in the process (unfortunately) I can see it happening. The tragedy is that the parents were warned, the on-call doc decided to be Mr. Know-It-All, and a child lost there life horribly. THEN his "A"zz added insult to injury, salt to the wound, and kicked her while she was down. What an idiot!

  15. Nohedidnt says:

    The proper punishment would be to yank his intestines out of his azz, shove it back in, then cut him open to remove them again. Money and jail only go so far. I want him the pheel it.

  16. DiamondG says:

    This is just to horrible to believe. Having lost a child at 9months of pregancy to stillbirth I can feel the pain of these parents. I wish them the best in getting through this. Surely they will take legal actions, but NO amount of money can replace their child, their pain, nor the memory of what happened to them. May God be with them and my heart and prays to them as well.

  17. stlchick says:

    Wow. We live in the same neighborhood. How did this not get aired on local news? See, STL is still a prejudiced city with no concern for the black community. You remember the girl in ATL who was found under a tree stump, and they thought a promoter here from STL killed her? There was another girl about the same age, FB friends with her, and I think they went to the same school at one point. She disappeared with her car running just like the 1st lady. I've only seen her story on our news once! She's yet to be found. Two black girls were killed and nothing on the news, but when a white college graduate was killed, the mayor spoke out w/ a promise to find the guilty party and it was on the news repeatedly like an awards show on BET. Found her killers w/in 5 days.

    My prayers to this couple.

  18. Cosign says:

    My condolences. I am a little lost. How was the baby decapitated. Dislocated?cut? Just tryin to get an understanding. I mean no dishonor or disrespect

    • Kimi-Choco says:

      As another poster said somewhere in this thread, newborns are extremely fragile and their bones aren't fully formed even when the pregnancy is carried to term. If she went into labor at 28 weeks, the baby was pre term and definitely less developed than a full term baby (34-36 weeks). That being said, I don't know how this man could have been pulling so hard so as to take the infant's head off – his experience should have told him right away that a complication was about to develop and he should have stopped. I have no idea what tools he was using either – perhaps he was attempting an episiotomy to widen the birth canal since the baby was stuck (usually we just rip and have to get sewn up. gross I know, but sometimes they have to cut us open), and maybe he accidentally severed the child's head with the surgical knife…either way, it was horrible, and what confuses ME is how HE didn't get killed in that delivery room. My husband would have taken HIS head off, I know that for SURE.

  19. TheBOMBdotcom says:

    I Cant …..

  20. ATL all DAY says:

    this made my stomach hurt i had to put down my very delicious coffee and special k protein bar..i recently delivered a boy and i CANNOT imagine having him pushed back up in me…dead or alive..that had to be immensfully painful both physically and emotionally…my most sincerest prayers go out to them and that they and their family are able to recover and be whole…and perhaps one day with the RIGHT doctors on their side they will be able to concieve again and bear a healthy and whole child to love and raise.

  21. Loving This Site says:

    This is horrible. I will pray for the family.

  22. marieingodshand says:

    This is really extremely sad in 2012 there is no excuse. When in the 1800's and 1900's we had midwives that delivered and babies were bouncing healthy and happy. I am so dishearted by this. It shows the heart there is non they need to lose their liscences and go to jail for enternity. Godbless the parents may god comfort them.

  23. This is horrible. My prayers are withthe parents and their family!!

  24. Crystal C. Thomas-Galespie via Facebook says:

    Didn’t like this story in a good way, my heart goes out to this couple,this is horrible I be so glad when Jesus takes over again this world is full of evil

  25. Shanda Darden Williams via Facebook says:

    Lose his license, jail time and sue the brakes of the hospital!

  26. teejay says:

    everyone…please pray for this family..

  27. AnotherNote says:

    My heart is saddened by this story and I send my condolences to the parents of the baby Kaden. The hospital is at fault, the grave decision was not performing a csection when it should of been noted in her file. All he had to do was read and it would of save them that awful experience. I am not going to comment to much on the story but it is not uncommen for doctors to push the baby back into the canal. I say this because it was done to me. After 18 hours of labor, the doctors realized that his head wasn't coming. They say the top and forehead but nothing was progressing. I was tired and he wanted out. I remember a doctor pushing what they saw back up into my birth canal. He gave me a medical reason. Something along the line of the position he is in, suffocation, etc. They wheeled my into the room for a emergency csection with one doctors hand in my poom poom to keep my son from breaking out. I had no time for anethisia. They put me too sleep but didn't give me the normal dose because I had already had a spinal tap to prep for labor. The only thing they could do was put the mask back on me and knock me back out when I woke up during the procedure. I say all that too say, I know its a horrible story but maybe the doctor had a reason for pushing him back in.

  28. Ayana says:

    Sometimes it's hard to see the good in this world….

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