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WATCH: “Keyshia & Daniel, Family First” Episode #1 [FULL VIDEO]

Oct 10th 2012 | Written by ATLien

It was just a few months ago that we were all wondering when and if Keyshia Cole-Gibson‘s new reality show would EVER come to fruition, but it finally premiered last night after the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards.

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The show, which has been renamed “Keyshia & Daniel, Family First,” features the R&B diva alongside her NBA player husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

The cute couple shot the footage in Atlanta, while Keyshia was working on the production of her fifth album “Woman to Woman” and will also following them as they walked down the aisle a 2nd time in Hawaii.

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Gibson, who is just getting back on the court after recovering from foot surgery, recently revealed his excitement about the show, stating:

“I just think, for some reason, family is not big in America anymore. It seems like people have become real materialistic. When they see us, I’m hoping it gives hope to a family atmosphere.”

In case you missed it, check out the full first episode of Keyshia’s Family First reality show below…

In upcoming episodes, fans will get to see how Keyshia balances family with the recording process, which will include cameos from a few big names in the music industry.

There will also be scenes from the singer’s 2nd wedding to Gibson, which took place in Hawaii after they had a small, private ceremony in Vegas several months prior and Gibson’s difficult rehabilitation process prior to his return to the court.

The show airs  Tuesdays at 10pm EST on BET.

What were your thoughts on the premiere episode?


  1. wrong says:

    Back Up? don't touch me? real fucin drama queen.

    • honey tea says:

      right to her Mom. but she hopes we will watch and she can give us hope to Family atmosphere. she real funny with that one.

    • Alicia says:

      I was thinking the same thing…and I'm like that's your child..and her mama (the one that raised her) still offered to get the child..what a stank attitude..and Daniel was being a good about it,well really he was pacifying her..that attitude of hers is a turn off..smh hopefully she'll get it together..

  2. LXL says:

    People can be materialistic but so is she and the rest of the celebrities. Family is important but some people let materialism consume their lives.

  3. Htown says:

    The show was good Daniel seem like a really good guy coming from a good family….Keyshia was being a little extra about her mom watching the baby while she drink and enjoy herself, but it was 3 grandmas there why focus on 1 they all could have helped…smh I was happy to see Frankie she looked good….it's really sad Neffee was not in wedding but what's even sadder is that fame & money drove them apart….life too short ladies get it together….God Bless

  4. JENNY JONES!!! says:


    • Kamalla says:


      I was thinking the same thing. All the drama this woman has brought to your family, all the dirt she did and you put her in the promo pics instead of the good and God-fearing woman who raised you? Unbelieveable.

      And that little mini-tantrum she had all because her mother wants to have a good time like everybody else and not babysit all day was uncalled for.

      I see Keyshia got a lot of maturing to do.

  5. Suthernhummingbyrd says:

    Was it good, y'all? Keyshia's attitude, undercover shade to Mary, and her sense of fashion kept me from watching..

    • Lee says:

      What shade did she throw at Mary?

      • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

        In the blogs a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that she basically said she wished Mary would have helped her more, and that she would be accessible to newer artists(like K Michelle) then Mary was to her. They have her on video saying this, and she just sounds like shes whining. Everybody is not going to be like her family, and kiss her ass-she should have reached out to Mary, not vice versa.

  6. Vay says:

    I thought it was ok at times kind of awkward. lol Frankie sitting everyone on the couch at his parents’ house was weird…started off like she wanted to get the generations together to talk about being there for the baby but she kept bringing up her past…what are people supposed to say to that?!

    Daniel and Keisha at the cemetery…he crying about missing his great grandma (i believe) and she starts picking lint or something off his shirt! lol

    Then when Keisha got mad at her mother for not keeping the baby like she agreed I assume. Ummmmmmmmm Hawaii or NOT that is YOUR kid…and he was right where he should have been with his parents. I could see if it was wedding night but to go as far as to tell your mother not to touch you…very disrespectful and ungrateful.

    • l says:

      She has a lot of unresolved emotional issues and I don't care how many reality shows she puts Frankie in it still aint gonna change that.

      Why do these shows and toss your family aside when it serves your purpose?I see Neffe doesn't want to be bothered now?

      Frankie needs to go and have herself a couple of seats, isn't she tired of being exploited?

      • Loving This Site says:

        Neffe was trying to get a reality show with her husband Solo (or SoLow). To showcase how they handle her gang of children mixed with his gang of children. Her 15min been over so I doubt they would get the show now.

    • Suthernhummingbyrd says:

      Sounds like I didnt miss a thing!lol!

  7. Beth says:

    I watched it and honestly it was boring to me.What exactly is the purpose of her putting this show out? Is it to just show her family life or is working on an album?In all honesty, I am not here for Keisha's attitude or boring personality.I also am not here for her husband sounding just like "Lil Daryll".He seems like a good man,but I am not sure how long they gonna last because he shows his emotions and she doesnt seem to know how to console him when he needs her to.When he was in the graveyard crying on the ground, he obviously needed her to hold him,yet she sat there picking fake lint off her clothes and look in every other direction.I wish them all the best though.Its good to see an actual married black couple on television.

  8. Philly Finest! says:

    Frankie! We get it! Learn to forgive yourself! Move on!

    That was just plain disrespectful! Keesha! Did you notice even though you were drinking Danielle wasn't? Keesha You still could have enjoyed your self!a

    Poor Danielle He trying to keep her from causing a scene.

    Of cousrs! No one is going to say anything in front of you. Best believe when the cameras are off, and they are in their rooms. YOUR behavior is being discussed! In the meantime those folks are going to enjoy their FREE trip to Hawaii

    Keesha! Loose the attitude! Don't bring "old baggage" into your present situation.

    From the next couple of episodes it's showing that you have a problem with Frankie behavior. If that is the case why do you keep involving her in your reality shows?

    Frankie! If I were you I would ask for more money!

    • Loving This Site says:

      No one would watch her show without Frankie or her sister Neffe. Say what you want about them, but they know how to clown it up for ratings. Keisha is boring on TV, always has been. I didnt watch because I have no interest in her or looking at her foolish mother. Plenty of new clowns on TV to look at.

    • Tell me you're kidding? says:

      uummm…..her husbands name is not "Danielle". LOL Really???

  9. jaja says:

    I agree with all statements listed above!! Her attitude is beyond terrible and I so hate how she exploited her family…. I can see why her sisters would not want to be bothered Smh … Reminds me of a few more local celebs in Atlanta lol

  10. aries says:

    Elite (i think that is her name) Keyshia's sister that look like Neffie was there in Hawaii and in the wedding that will show next week. I will watch w/o Frankie, if Keyshia is gonna be showing herself as a singer, cause I didn't enjoy watching her as a wife and mother, not judging, I know she love her husband and child, but even in the scene where she was drinking w/friends, she made a comment, like she was so glad to get rid of the baby. I mean this is the first episode, I thought it would be happy, then turn sour. Keyshia started the show off on a sour note, expecting her mama to take the baby. r&b singer and nba player = nanny in Hawaii, while all family enjoy wedding.

  11. Queenissac says:

    Im 38 yrs old and will not dream of telling my mom to" back off leave me alone" lol. Keisha should have hired a nanny for the weekend to have some someone watch her child

  12. In my Tamar voice says:

    Fame has certainly changed this hoodrat. Mama Cole took the fool in when no one else did. How dare her speak to her in that manner? Back in the day she would have got the "piss" slapped out of her. Ask Mama Braxton bout it!

  13. Kimi-Choco says:

    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but Keyshia does not come off as being very likeable in this show. Daniel seems like a sweet, funny, laid back guy and I suppose he understands her better than most people, but I watched that episode and kept wondering how he put up with her – she seems so HARD all the time…and that princess attitude has got to go – she showed her adopted mom no respect and acted like a little girl throwing a tantrum. No, please.
    The truth is though, that the more she acts up (Frankie too), the more drama they bring, the more viewers BET will garner for the show. The dirty truth is that viewers are drawn to misery – if their marriage was sweet and happy all the time best believe they'd get canceled after one run, cuz we'd say it was BORING.

  14. Vida says:

    Keyshia Girl… I love you like no other. I am jamming to Long Way Down as I type but girrrrrllll

    First I think fame got to everyone.. especially her adopted parents, sisters, brother and real mom. Like everyone feels entitled. I wish I would roll my eyes at my mom and then she runs over there like baby whats wrong. My mom would have kept it moving. LOL.

    But Daniel balances her out which is good. He is mellow and calm and loving and she is just hard around the edges but I give her this.. she always have had that stank attitude and I respect her for being real. Not so many can show their true selves and as much as she has been through.. why would you not be tough!?! She showed a soft side.

    Shoot I need mama to pray for me a husband and a baby, cause she sure know what to ask God to send. :)

  15. cute_BIG_gul says:

    ooooh Keyshia a mean drunk just like Neffie, shyt run in the family!

  16. ladyrt23 says:

    i agree with most! keyshia showed her ass on this 1st episode. she has exactly what she dreamt of (husband and child), yet it seems a bit overwhelming at times for her. we'll see if that emotional Pisces (Daniel) can handle that not so emotionally balanced Libra (Keyshia).

  17. Me says:

    Dang… I haven't seen it yet but my mama randomly texted me like"wtf is wrong with keyshia? They're marriage won't last" so reading these comments really makes me want to watch it now lol

  18. lisa says:

    Woo Woo I loved the show until the scene with her mother….that shook me and still does; I dont know if I will watch I may sit this one out…Keyshia is one of my fave artitsts but that "dont touch me" is still ringing in my ear…that was some GUTTER MESS…we all make mistatkes (gotz my hand up) and I pray she apologizes to her mother; that was crazy!!!!

  19. tee says:

    I agree that kiesha showed her Ass to the woman who took her in and treated her like her own. Kiesha owes her mother Yvonne a huge apology.

  20. Foxy says:

    If Keisha can speak so badly to the mother who raised her the marriage will certainly not last. Mom Yvonne deserves better and should just leave her with the hot mess of her biological family. They will use her until they use her up. Last show for me. Familily first what a joke.

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