Usher Raymond on Oprah’s Next Chapter [FULL VIDEO] + Funky Dineva’s Recap…

Sep 17th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Usher Raymond appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter last night, where he spoke about his divorce from ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond and their long drawn out custody battle.

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The pair met at Raymond’s Atlanta estate where he’s built a huge playground complete with tree house for his two sons. He joked to Oprah that he invited her because he wanted her to see his “crib,” but the interview was clearly a bit of PR crisis management and who else to call to clean up your image except “Mother O”?

As expected, Usher touched on a few of the things I’d already told you about… like his cheating on his ex-wife Tameka with one of her bridesmaids (click HERE to meet Maya Fox-Davis) and that bizarre Berlin incident where he stomped off the stage (click HERE if you missed that).

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Yeah… it was pretty much a play by play of everything I’d already spilled.

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Watch the full video + a few notable quotables below:

How he felt about the negative reaction of fans and the public to his marriage.

“Of course it hurt me. This is supposed to be the light of my life, and nobody is responding the way I’d like them to respond. There were times when [Tameka and I] both spoke out and we shouldn’t. My relationship was always supposed to be about me and her.”

He also regretted his decision to go on MTV to defend his then-wife. “If this is someone you choose, then that’s who you chose.”

On being faithful to Foster.

“Towards the end of our marriage I found myself lost, and I just wanted out,” he said, then paused, licked his lips and stared out the window for a moment. “No. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way. Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful.”

Oprah pressed, “But were you with another woman sexually?”

“When we were separated, yes, I was. We were not divorced,” Usher responded.
Oprah brought up the oft-discussed claim that Usher cheated on Foster with her friend who was a bridesmaid at their wedding.

“The conversation about the bridesmaid has always been one that’s been complicated,” he said. “Outside of my marriage and our separation and our divorce, I did have exchanges with [the bridesmaid]. We were friends. She was someone who was part of the children’s lives before.”

Relieving his mother of her duties as his longtime manager in 2007, shortly after his marriage, of which she openly disapproved.

“I never fired her…there was an opportunity to be a grandmother, to have what truly matters, which was family, which was why I wanted there to be that separation [so they wouldn’t have to fight over business issues]”.

Oprah also spoke with Usher mother & former manager Jonetta Patton and asked her if she’d ever given Usher the “I told you so,” treatment about his ex-wife.

“I never said, ‘I told you so’…if you learn something from this, [then] it’s OK. He said to me, ‘I’m sorry, I should have listened.’ He owned it. That was really special.”

When asked if she was the type of mom who feels that no woman will be good enough for her son, Patton answered emphatically.

“I do have high standards, but there are women who are good enough for him.” [Usher seemed to disagree]

“You just didn’t believe that his ex-wife was the right person for him?” Oprah continued.

“Right,” Patton said. “I didn’t.”

What Usher DIDN’T address?  1) his new boo/manager Grace Miguel (and the fact that he was cheating with Tameka with her too),

2) why he wouldn’t take that drug test during the custody battle, and

3) his REAL reasons for initiating the custody proceedings to obtain SOLE CUSTODY of the kids from his ex-wife.

Usher only wanted those kids because he and Tameka can’t communicate effectively. It seems like it’s easier for him to just snatch ’em up and dismiss Tameka entirely.

My boo Funky Dineva goes in on both Usher AND Oprah in his latest video… 😯

VIDEO: My Layed Lies, Fairytales & Fantasies… (Usher’s Oprah Interview Recap)

Did you watch?

What did you think of Usher’s stunts & shows with Mother Oprah?


  1. 2bme says:

    I thought it was ok..but all that hmm hawing on the stop..that was a situation before during and after your marriage HOWEVER, it was a situation Tameka was aware of and only had an issue AFTER he filed for divorce..that's obvious..The part I loved was Jonetta..damn PR she has NO regrets!

    • Tracy says:

      I LOVED MS.JONETTA Even though she knew it hurt Usher that she refused to go the wedding. She was like HELL NO I still wouldn't go to that DAMN WEDDING LOL LOL LOL . I LOVE LOVE HER SHE STOOD HER GROUND

      • 2bme says:

        Right! I loved that! While he was whining about what he would have done if that was his child and he felt she should have supported regardless..booo. Usher a damn lie, he would have done the same thing..he just likes to have his way that's why they were always bumping heads..Ms Jonetta is my shero!lol

    • ATLien says:

      You're right… she definitely was no holds barred with her son. Now I can almost understand why he's so "attracted" to mother figures. 😆

    • stlchick says:

      Girl, his mama's an Aries. We always tell the truth because we always think we're right! lol. Now, I've read that before, that Usher and Maya was poppin' off before the wedding. Can you shed some light?

      BTW, Funky Dineva is HILARIOUS!!! I agree, 100%

  2. ciss says:

    Congrats Michelle for being fair in this didn't choose nether side.that's all we usher fans want from you.we don't have anything against you or Tameka.usher is like family to us, whatever he don't like we don't like it.we love him abd we want the best for him'"

    • holla says:

      'What ever he doesnt like you dont like'! No offense of anything but he would not do that for you… so does that mean as usher has no respect for tameka you dont either? Usher is here on this interview acting like a victim, you agree and think its all her fault? At the end of the day they are just as bad as each other they both did wrong either way. In this interview he took no accountablity in any shape or form! it was all tameka. I'm not saying im all for for tameka but they was this interview went is going to make her look even worse and thats not cool and he deffos knows that. This man out right cheated on her and no one is barely talking about that. everyone is say o usher i love you and usher your so brave! Instead of telling there is a responsiblity he needs to take and it clear he has not! I really think it true when people say there is 3 sides to every story and from this interview it still has not been told. But everyone is going to believe Usher because he is usher and that is really sad…

      • honey says:

        guuurl im riding with u on everything u just put out here..preach!!

        • holla says:

          Thank you Hun,I think in many way Usher's fans are not seeing the bigger picture here and its not because they cant it's because they do not want to. Im not say dont support him hes talented but put the performing down for a bit and see what he did when he talked about not being faithful. he took tameka for a fool, and did not own up and thats not a man at all. yes people ahve moment where you can swallow your pride but soon it needs to happen. and just be real about it. It will set him free, he couldnt even say hey you now what i cheated, instead he gave an excuse for his behaviour.

        • ri damn diculous says:

          I have never agreed word for word with someones comments on a blog until now. You spoke the straight truth! Chuurch!

      • Peaches says:

        You better PREACH!!!

      • Jackie says:

        It's always stated he cheated on her..well she was was cheating with him..don't you get what you give??? I thought it was a good interview,loved his mother…I'm not looking for the truth cause we'll never know that.

        • holla says:

          And thats the problem no wants the truth and thats what is need to be said everyone can have an opinion but what really matters is the truth. if they cant do it for themselves at least do it for the sake of the kids.And just because usher got with her while she was seperated (sidenote her first husband was also in a realationship at the same time as tameka and is now married to the woman)doesnt make it right to want bad to happen with that person just because she did the same thing which is what you are saying in many sense. I personally dont agree with anyone getting with someone when they are still binded by paper but the statement you made is not even scratching the surface of the matter and karma is not the solution.

      • atlienfasho says:

        OMG I so agree with you. He is acting as if he is the victim. He said he cheated on the woman and I'm sure he did it before then as well. Sucks we hear his side but we don't hear her side except for what she puts on twitter or via that letter she wrote. This has to be really though for her. Sucks

    • Ya Know says:

      ".usher is like family to us, "

      Yeah, that's kind of the problem.

      • ri damn diculous says:

        that bell pepper nose n***a aint no kin to me, i could give two f***ks about what he likes. Chile please find a seat.

    • stlchick says:

      we don’t have anything against you or Tameka.

      Aren't you the one that's been posting the names Precious and Teamonkey lately?

    • Nacole says:

      Who is the "we" you speak of? I believe that Usher fanatics like you are the problem and has been all along as well as his arrogance for Tameka.

      Fact is: Usher is NOT your family.Usher is an entertainer and you are just ANOTHER fan and that is the REALITY you need to deal with….

  3. TOOBLESSED says:


  4. honey says:

    this whole interview to me,was a hot mess(another mess grace miguel put him thru) and funky dineva was soo on point with his reviews,everything is said from "oprah being full of shit and usher's lies where all true"..this is not an in-depth questions oprah brought up,as far we know,every question oprah brought up has already being to the public's notice..yes questions like what u pasted michelle and WHY HE FOUGHT FOR SOLE CUSTODY!! that is what we wana know. besides is it me or usher's mom either lost weight or she looks sick?? Anyway,oprah should be fair and invite these women to speak for themselves(and f*ck ppl talking about "their not that of a star to be on the show"…if that's the case then their names shldnt come up on the interviews then) Usher should wake the f*ck up and be real and true to himself and his fans. Everything was scripted from beggining to the end.

    • ciss says:

      Usher is such a good man.he didnt say anything to make tameka look bad.he didnt even say anything bad about her.if this were tameka she will try so hard to make usher look bad.

      • honey says:

        oh sweetie thats where ur wrong,so far i havnt heard tameka say anything bad about usher,matter of fact,she has even stated before that usher is a great dad…only,he's mostly absent from the kids and thats cos of his busy sbhedule…which shld have played a big factor as to why he shdnt get primary custody.

        • holla says:

          'Usher is a good man' DO YA EVEN KNOW DA DUDE??!?! People in the industry are trained to look good and talk with senseibility and be charming!! LA REID is known for doing that with many of his artists'. Now dont get me wrong he maybe a good guy but right now he a man who is playing with alot of fire from his choices and when that happens I guess you have no choice but to let it BURN!And that is the sad consequences you pay in life when you make bad choices and that he did! big time!

        • honey says:

          @ hola….exactly!!!!

        • ciss says:

          Honney you sad im wrong.tell me one bad thing that usher said about for hola,me and usher meet before in ny he is very very nice.he too his times and talk to me and then take picture with me.

      • ri damn diculous says:

        What interview were YOU watching? Usher basically painted her out to be everything everyone said about her selfish, controlling and unreasonable. Her called he everything but a child of god in that hour. I guess you missed the part when he said he dont even respect her as the mother of his children. not to mention the fact that yes in his own roundabout way HE ADMITTED TO BEING AN ADULTERER!! If thats what a good man says and does then Id rather take the bad ones out here with no celebrity any day.

        • honey says:

          thank u ma'am/sir…now i rest my case.

        • stlchick says:

          What interview were YOU watching?
          LMAO!! Exactly. This interview was a success for his fans because it's regenerated their love for him. It was a fail for Usher's PR team because those of us who aren't riding with him weren't swayed back his way. You know that I heart concert he's performing in YET again? Now there's a chance to get into VIP with him. Then there's his songs going into heavy rotation again. Then there's this The Voice thing. Usher is trying to up those album sales (which he should, because that's what artists/labels do), and this court case had a negative affect.

      • carol says:

        You sound like a fool. He is a monster . It is not his words but his actions

    • stlchick says:

      Honey, this was pure PR. Notice how they were in rooms that had ties to the kids? The kitchen, where their artwork was proudly displayed, and the play room overlooking the cool tree house in the back? That was no accident. Usher loves his fans as much as any artist does, because they afford him the life he has. However, this interview wasn't for their benefit; it was for ours…the people who are/were fans but are less likely to support him in the future. Please believe his people have their ear to the street, trying to find out why his album isn't selling as predicted. I noticed here in STL they're playing his music more frequently (and I'm proud of myself. I didn't turn the station last week!! Though I did today lol). Today, most people prefer the ugly truth over a pretty lie anyday.

      • honey says:

        looooool ofcourse i paid attention to every detail…and even from the beggining u could see that somebody was handling a paper to oprah(as if on the pAper,were the questions they wanted oprah to ask him)

  5. Mo80 says:

    I thought he was seperated (not divorced) from Tameka when he hooked up with Grace. Like when Tameka hooked up with Usher she was seperated from Ryan. Interview was interesting, I felt he shouldn't have to explain who he is with and why. Just like he didn't have to explain why he choose Tameka (like he did on TRL). He has "learned" his lesson with being public with his relationships, if you want them to last, keep them private. Oprah asked his momma if she feel no women is good enough and while Patton was talk Usher was in the background like "yes she does feel this way" with that grin and his mom turned around and was like "no…no i don't think that" lol

    • 2bme says:

      That's because she still talks to Chilli, that's the only one she's liked but even that was rocky from the beginning

    • D.A. says:

      That's one thing that bugged me too, First of all Tameka hadn't even divorced Ryan when she was messing with Usher. I'm not saying that Usher is a goody-two-shoes but let's call a thing a thing. Tameka is just as guilty. So pointing out Usher's infidelity is just biased in my opinion and should never be a factor since that's EXACTLY what led to Tameka and Usher hooking up in the first place.

      • stlchick says:

        As has been stated over and over and over and over and over again. Last I checked though, Usher wasn't one of Tameka and Ryan's groomsmen. An affair in general is like a knife in the back. An affair with a particular person is adding a twist to that knife.
        No one's excusing Tameka's infidelity, nor is anyone excusing Grace's. But in all fairness, let's not dismiss his.

  6. hotlantaboss says:

    The interview was okay, but to me the fact that he hooked up with one of her bridesmaids is just trifling- just nasty- just ho'ish, and elevates him to a new plateau of stanktivity in my book. He still sexy though, bastard!

    • honey says:


    • 2bme says:

      Here's the thing with that at NO time do I recall that bridesmaid EVER being labled as Tameka's friend..JUST her bridesmaid which tells me Usher knew her from the beginning of his marriage and had "exchanges" then..which also leads me to believe Tameka was well aware and turned a blind eye to his numerous infidelities because she had the ring..she knows that lifestyle and was knee deep in was an issue because of the divorce that HE initiated..i'm on neither side but Tameka can't claim victim in THIS situation IMO..not if she was aware

      • 2bme says:

        If i'm worng please correct me in an ADULT way 😉

        • holla says:

          Do you think she didnt want to break up with him, there are many people who dont break up for year even when their partner is gettin' hot a loose with with someone else, either way it was wrong and he knew better but made a choice to do wrong anyway. Even if she knew about it. In this situation i think you may or may not agree here but, they both need to take resposiblity, make it right, learn and move on. But that is not happening. In all truth betold they both dont know what is best for these children right now (with the egos at play). They both lost sight of that in the court batle, they were not bring eveidence of any overall parenting evaluation. They were both attacking each other in ways that was uncall for. They are making choices to do wrong right now but its not them that has to pay the price, it is the kids who have to suffer and be brought up on strife and confusion which is not a healthy situation to be.

        • 2bme says:

          Holla, I agree they both need to take responsibility and the mudslinging was childish and petty..The untilmate issue were and will be those children

      • hotlantaboss says:

        To me, this has less to do with Tamika, and far more to do with Usher and his character as an individual. Men are nasty, I should know since I'm one myself, but at what point do you draw a line of some sort? To be honest, I didn't care for them as a couple either, but this to me (bridesmaid hoppin') crosses the line. Hell even Chad Johnson had the decency to find someone who wasn't a mutual acquaintance of the two- not that he's any better either. That touches a soft spot with me; I've experienced a similar scenario—tomfoolery taking place under my nose (and in my face) while everyone else is aware but leaves me in the dark. That's how people end up on 'Snapped' lol

      • Janet says:

        Well most bridesmaids are a friend of the bride and/ or supporters of the marriage. Normally you dont just let anybody stand up for you at your wedding. Even if she was aware of other infidelities does not mean that he didn't cross the line by cheating with the bridesmaid. And i doubt she would allow a woman he had relations with in her bridal party. The cheating was bad enough but to do with someone in the wedding party was horrible. And to allow her to stand as your wife's bridesmaid after you were sexually involved with her shows his level of respect for her from the beginning, if intact it happened before the wedding.

        • UshaHimOut says:

          @ Janet…it sounds like Ushers PR hounds are tryin to post all over SFTA spinning up his actions. He didn't make a lot of great decisions…so let's own that.

          I'm waiting to understand what it is that classifies her as a unfit mother….that she only needs to see her kids one weekend a month.
          People want to say she went into thi marriage with bad intentions….Well, Sounds like he did also…if you have your jumpoff in your wedding. So call them even. What else you got! I'm still good on him.

        • stlchick says:

          And i doubt she would allow a woman he had relations with in her bridal party.
          I agree. I'd tie that bish to the next rocket headed to the moon. No way would she share in my special day.

      • D.A. says:

        FACT: Tameka met Usher when she was in fact SEPARATED (NOT DIVORCED) from her husband at the time. I think that it's biased to point out Usher doing it when that is in fact how they met given those circumstances. That's why I could care less about Usher's infidelity.

        • Janet says:

          @ ushahimout… I LOVE the name lol…. You made a good point that I never thought about. If infact she was not "right" from the beginning, neither was he.

          And I'm with you,regardless of goldigging and cheating accusations,there is still no proof that she was an unfit parent.

      • Melicious says:

        Girl you are speaking the truth, my thoughts exactly!

    • stlchick says:

      OKAY, hotlantaboss! Damn libras.

  7. honey says:

    OMG did y'all heard usher's excuse for the berlin meltdown??? i feel sorry for those kids because they're all it seems usher use to get himself out of his bad situations….did he say he melted doown because of his kids?? chile puh-leeaase!!! that meltdown aint no "i missed my kids" shit…shame on him for using those boys all the daaamn time to make himself look good/relevant,like using them booys to get back at tameka(and not because tameka is a bad parent). im done with usher,nomore usher fan…and wendy williams got me in tears when she melt down discussing this on her hot topics.

    • stlchick says:

      I've been curious about what Wendy has to say on this topic for some odd reason, considering she can't stand Tameka and thinks Usher is gay. I will be watching tonight for sure.

      • stlchick says:

        Took her long enough to get to it. I commend her for giving her point of view, even though it clearly wasn't popular with her audience. I know Wendy is a devoted mother herself, so I knew she would relate to Tameka on that level.

        • honey says:

          did u watch it?? well u could feel the pain….usher is just dead ass wrong.

        • honey says:

          lmaaaaoooo wendy thinks usher is gay??? well u could see she cant stand him also, cos she wasnt buying the whole idea of usher being a replacement for the nxt judge for the voice..

  8. lockstress says:

    So guys…can ya'll clear this up for me. I missed it before.
    He had sex with a bridesmaid on the day of the wedding??? Is that what the hell he did????

  9. 2bme says:

    Oh yeah am I the only one that saw how many times usher "wiped his nose"????..IJS

  10. Lady A says:

    Poor Usher….the point is he should have listened 2 his Mother & never married that women…he sowed his seeds in rotten soil & had 2 reap the fruits of that….he obviously loves his kids but understandably wishes he wouldn't have had them with a "monster"….she was separated when she cheated with Usher…he was separated when he cheated on her…they're even on that….he could be the kind of man 2 just give her $$ & separate himself from her & the kids just so he doesn't have 2 deal w/ her but he's willing 2 fight 4 his children…I don't see anything wrong with that…I'm not an Usher stan but wish him all the best with this….hopefully he chooses his next wife & possible mother of his children more wisely…..his mother saw something in that woman & knew she wasn't the one 4 him….now he needs 2 stop talking about her completely….no more interviews or back & forth….he shouldn't even think about her unless it's about the kids………..

    • Vay says:

      lol I stopped reading at poor Usher just in case you start talking about child support! It's too late for you to be talking about poor Usher we have already pulled you on over to the other side! hahahahaha

      Sorry just needed to mess with you on this fine MOnday.

    • carol says:

      Did you say poor usher. Usher is a entertainer and your someone he will never know or care about. The facts are Tameka lost 3 children because of his status and everyone with a heart should stop thinking about this fool.

  11. Britt says:

    Last time I checked Usher is the star,Tameka was his wife. Why would Oprah interview her? OWN is Oprah network she can interview who she wants and last time I checked who outside of these urban blogs is checking for an interview from Tameka. Also, Tameka has done plenty of interviews, twitter rants, open letters about this situation. What will she tell us that we don't know already too?

  12. ladydiinpa says:

    It was a good interview, I was like his Mom I knew throwd-meka & him — would never last, seems like he was the only one who didn't know–, Tamika had him set up from day 1–she got preggers fast 2x, -she had it all planned out,she would be payed whether they stayed married or not..
    I am not a huge Usher fan, but I like him, he doesn't act all "ghetto",,I respect him for what he has done and what he plans on doing..

    • holla says:

      She planned it?!?! hunny i do not recall usher having a gun to his head when he made the choice to have unprotected sex with tameka. This is USHER!!! He Knew what he was doing with her. He has even said that the first child was planned and concived to his own song. Usher made the decision to get with her. he was not forced or manipulated he knew her 7 years prior to this. Usher knew, he knew, he knew! But did not care cause to him we was in some 'Love'.

  13. Peaches says:

    Ok can I say that Funky Dineva went off….lmaooooo!!! This is too much!

  14. honey says:

    hehehehehe ok michelle,i need to start getting credits from u…i hint u about the funky dineva review and so much mooore,yet u dont give me credits looool anyways im glad u added that to ur segments

  15. SONshyne says:

    She never asked the right questions to get the answers that she knew everybody wanted to know.

  16. Janet says:

    I actually thought this was a bad interview. Really terrible. No new insight into what happened and not much truth. Usher lied and stammered his way through it. For example, this term exchanges does that mean sex in Atlanta. I was confused. Also, has he used drugs, why did the marriage breakdown, why couldn't they co-parent, why does he hate her, why is he attracted to older married women and why would he sleep with her friends. No answers and Oprah didn't ask so the interview was just a publicity chat to me. Not worth tuning in to listen.

  17. says:


    • ri damn diculous says:

      based on this comment you seem like you would be like tameka and turn a blind eye to bad behavior just to say you have a "fine" man and some material ish along with it. no offense though

  18. Lisa B says:

    FDinerva got it all Kinda right, she needs her own show dang….

  19. Donna says:

    I haven't been an Usher fan since confessions, but i can't fux with Usher after this whole child custody case. He tried to expose Tameka but he ended up exposing himself in the process as a low down dirty person. Tameka may be wrong for things she did but this fool here ain't innocent. Jonetta reminds me of Momma Dee, the way she try's to control her son life, such as "approving" his women for marriage type ish. I just don't like them any more and it has nothing to do with Tameka. Can he really screw her friends an whomever he chooses while married and degrade the same chick he married and scream victim? No. Why do women egg these men on in their horrible behavior? They both had problems.

    • stlchick says:

      Refreshingly objective Donna, thank you. They were both wrong. While I'm here, may as well say that I feel Usher was telling the truth when he said he was trying to keep things amicable, but Tameka made it hostile. What bothers me is that he took no accountability for that…f*cking every female within spitting distance and having the bridesmaid-turned-mistress going on vacations with the kids? I'd show my ass too.

  20. Vay says:

    ATLien gotta give it to you girl you have been right on the money with this Usher stuff. I can honestly say that most of my ATL folks have been shocked when I can finish their sentences about ol Ush and I refuse to tell them who MY "source" is hahahaha. Please keep staying true to you and what you believe. I take my hat off to ya mama!

    Really dont have much to add that I didnt already say but one thing that I personally never paid attention to is Usher's mother dislike for Tameka and how strong it is even to this day. It appears that Tameka and Ushers mama is just alike (controlling, bull headed, self centered etc) which is probably what attracted him to her in the first place. Seems like seeing Ush with a woman so much like her may have been too much for his mama. Also who knows what she put his father and the husband she left to follow Usher's dream through…may have very well been a mirror image to Usher and Tamekas relationship. Nevertheless strong mama or NOT she is now a grandmother and need to get over it. These boys are a reflection of their mother and father and always will be. Let it go…actually all of them need to let it go and live! They ALL have issues and are very dysfunctional and if they dont get it together REAL quick they will have two dysfunctional little boys on their hands. Parents and Grandparents can make all the difference in the world of who their kids become…prayerfully they will all rise above the hurt, pain, lies and be the people that they were created to be.

    Pssssssst Usher your nose was two seconds from running and it didnt appear like you had a cold…better get that "issue" checked out.

    • honey says:

      OMG who birthed u(is that gud english lol)?? where did u go to school at?? or its just the natural wisdom that God blessed u with??…anyway,i just wish usher could see this..i wish i cloud carry this along with me everywhere i go…soo much wisdom and i couldnt agree mooore. somebody pls post this to usher and tameka twitter timeline,perhaps they could use some sense from this. PS i dont have a twitter account,i would have done it myself lool

      • Vay says:

        lol @ honey you crack me up. Life teaches us so much…sometime we need to stop and take it all in and get the lesson from the things we experience instead of immediately reacting first. I was so glad that Tameka didnt "react" and get on twitter, hopefully she gets it.It seems like most of the decisions they have made came from an angry place…so not good.

        @SuthernHummingbyrd thanks ma! Cute name

        Oh Ciss…honey boo boo from on your comment above you already know him talking about "we" so I will let you tell him. You been mighty calm today to! Proud of you

    • SuthernHummingbyrd says:

      Thank you for giving me life with this comment-ha!

    • ciss says:

      Vay since u know someone that know tameka.pls make sure she get msg and tell her to pass it on to usher

    • stlchick says:

      Also who knows what she put his father and the husband she left to follow Usher’s dream through…may have very well been a mirror image to Usher and Tamekas relationship. Nevertheless strong mama or NOT she is now a grandmother and need to get over it.
      This right here. Usher has said in one interview (I've noticed he contradicts himself quite often…those scales dipping back and forth) that his mother kept his father at bay because he refused to get himself together…which is understandable. Then to learn that she chose him over her husband (also understandable and commendable). It seems to have sent a message that I know what's best, so I'm going to take full control. Not a good thing when the other parent in the equation is loving and attentive.

      Ushahimout, I love your name ; )

  21. D.A. says:

    One thing I think we need to stop doing is internally blaming Usher for Kyle's death. He didn't kill Kyle, an unfortunate incident did. We need to remember that Kyle's death was unavoidable. I think this is why alot of people are Team Tameka. not just becuase she lost the court battle but because her son died during it. KEY WORDS: DURING IT. This court case was going before this incident. I understand that a mother is not supposed to bury her own kids, but we need to let the facts be the facts and truly be biased in this.

    • Vay says:

      hmmmmmmm how have people blamed him for Kile's death? I really havent seen that so I am just wondering what I have missed…

    • stlchick says:

      One thing I think we need to stop doing is internally blaming Usher for Kyle’s death. He didn’t kill Kyle, an unfortunate incident did.

      You meant to say Tameka, right? She's the only one being blamed.

  22. customcalendars4u2 says:

    Even though I feel Tameka got the short end of the stick when she lost primary, custodial parenting of her two youngest sons I would like to however; go on record stating that I believe Usher has a strong support system in his mother and since he now acknowledges how important a grandmothers and extended family's role is in their lives, for that reason alone I think his son's will be OK… Ushers past mistakes are no worse than any man's his age it's just "MAGNIFIED", because of his career status and celebrity. Hopefully he won't see the children's mother(Tameka)as the enemy in the future and will make her feel included in on they're life with them while growing up by communicating better, because her pain is as deep as any Ocean. In conclusion the only thing I didn't like about this interview is Oprah's Constant interruptions,these television and radio personalities need to let the interviewee finish their thought and comments then we could all learn more first hand!

  23. Ms_B says:

    I saw the interview and thought it was disgusting how he let fans and his controlling mother who refuses to let him be a man! control his LIFE and sway his decision to leave his wife in the immature manner that he did.

    It is disgusting how his mother as a WOMAN who feels so strong about her son can contribute to the taking of another woman’s sons!!!!! disgusting!!!!!

    Now it is clear why Usher can’t grow up! He admitted that he will have a lot of help with the boys from his mother, aunt and grandmother. They are ALL contributing to REPLACING Tameka! and it is disgusting! If he needs this much help when he is on the road that is even more proof that he does not NEED primary custody of those boys!

    Tameka never impeded on his rights to see his boys and was fine with joint custody and was NEVER proven to be an unfit mom. So Usher’s MONEY won. Just DISGUSTING!

    • honey says:

      as much as u used the word "disgusting",i should pro'lly add mine,thats right "its just disgusting" lol…usher's women business and as far as him growing up has a whoole lot to do with the emotional relationship he has with his mother PERIOD!!! i think he has some type of emotional fear.

    • SuthernHummingbyrd says:

      Thank you!His mama is disturbing to me-this dude is damn near middle aged and she tryna still run his life. Now she is going to get back at Tameka for making him man up by helping with this foolish plan of "primary custody". She needs to get a man asap, and let her son be one.

    • UshaHimOut says:

      Right…he couldn't really seem to tell the truth that there was people in his ear…that made him measure how important she was compared to his career….Truth be told if you are not in love with your wife more than your career you probably shouldn't have married the girl. I jut watched the part with his mother….lol you can tell this was OWN's PR clean up…if we can type interview.

      I just wish Tameka well….The only thing I think is that I don't know how I would feel if this was happening to me.

  24. SuthernHummingbyrd says:

    And I just watched Funky Dineva….go in, AND LET HAVE, boo!"Saucy, Seasoned, and juicy, experienced…"YESSSS!

  25. Goldie says:

    I'm not an Usher fan…he has a few that I can stand but don't consider myself a "fan"…so what he cheated on her…didn't she on her husband…it's known you lose them in the same way you got them…

    Interview was alright…nothing spectacular…now my wish is for that to be the end of it…he has primary…best thing for Tameka to do is to get herself together mentally…work with Usher for the sake of their children as well as for her children that she has custody of…later down the line…try again…this is not sane for anyone…Tameka knew she was dealing with a "boy" not a man..looks like she couldn't deal with his stardom…

  26. Janet says:

    People keep talking about how she lost the way she got him and how karma comes around. Which I get and agree with (although I have heard that her first ex husband was also in a relationship during their seperaton/divorce) but how long exactly does karma last??

    And what does any of that have to do with him trying to get SOLE custody. Which by the way Oprah did not mention. How does any of this mean she's a bad mother?

    You would have thought usher was running for office the way he was dodging all the questions

  27. SAM says:

    Fuck this interview. Fuck Usher. Fuck his mother. Fuck the bridesmaid who slept with him. Fuck the Judge. Fuck Oprah. My only question is,if Usher was hurt when his mother and him weren't speaking and he was also hurt because his father walked out on him,then why would he make his boys go through the same thing? He knows how it feels to grow up without a parent,why would he put his boys through that? Also,normally Oprah tweets throughout the interviews while they are on tv. The only tweet OWN snt out was,"People forget Tameka was a successful business woman before she met Usher." She knows Usher is full of shit. She just wont say it.

    • Vay says:

      I'm mad at your potty mouth but you have great points and you are soooooo right Oprah is normally all over Twitter when her shows are on. hmmmmmmm maybe in his mind he feels his life would have been different had his dad been there so he want to avoid that…what he doesnt realize is a void is a void regardless to what parent is missing.

      I like the way you think.

      • SAM says:

        Vay,I tell my students all the time to "use their words",but this Usher thing is really getting under my skin. It wasn't enough that he won primary custody,but now he has to gloat. I am shocked Oprah agreed to do an intrview like this. I looked on her website and she only has 89 comments on the Usher interview. That says a lot. Oprah has millions of fans and only 89 commented on this interview. Usher is losing fans by the day.His mother shouldn't of been in the interview at all. We all know how she feels about Tameka. There was no need for them to repeat it. Tameka has her flaws,don't get me wrong,but she doesn't deserve this. Her children are going to grow up one day and are going to have to watch this stuff. This is wrong in every way! Usher's mother also seems lonely as hell. She needs a man and a life. She has way too much time on her hands to still be worried about a woman her son divorced years ago. The marriage is over,so his mom could shut her mouth. I can't stand over bearing mothers! Usher needs to grow up! Im still pissed at the fact,when Oprah asked him,"so how are you going to do this? You have a packed schedule." Usher said his mom,aunt and nanny are helping! If he needs that much help,they should have just stayed with their mother!They took them from Tameka just to be raised by other people?!

        • stlchick says:

          SAM! Welcome back. You've been missed, chica. And I agree, but we predicted this waltz of an interview, did we not?

        • Vay says:

          Sam you just said a mouthful. They ALL saw an opporutunity and ran with it…Oprah included.

        • ciss says:

          Sam if usher got under your skin so much.what wouldn't you do somethinabout.or I forgot you are not on his level to even see him.why are so ducking mad and you can't even do nothin about it.and you also need to tell tameka to get herself a man do cause usher is never going back even at gun point.she look like she need another usher to make her feel good cause she look sick and depressed.once again usher album sold millions copy.we usher fans still love him and don't worry about him fans basic cause we got his back.usher fans for live

        • stlchick says:

          You are such a liar, ciss, to say you have nothing against Tameka when everything you say is overtly cruel. Until you get a bilingual dictionary to help you out…
          Why won't you
          You so fucking (or ducking, if you insist)
          "too" cause
          "looks" like, "looks" sick
          Usher'S album
          of copies
          still love him (comma)
          …worry about him (period)
          fan base (took me a minute lol)

          You're welcome.

          Wow, I'm real catty for someone who's two weeks away from her period. MEOW!

        • holla says:

          @ciss I'm wacthing how you are replying to people and its childish and so rude. Have some so called 'integrity' that Usher claims he has! He is not better than us you defending a guy who could not even give a rats rip about who you are! (no offence) but its the truth. He doesnt think about you. And for you to tell someone to get a man when they may not be ready, Has Usher ever said sorry to tameka for the damage he has cuased in her life. No and you can tell! im not saying she doesnt do things she has no business doing, but i think tameka knows she is not getting back with him, from the was she tweets it like she is looking for some closure and for him to just say sorry,You have no idea how much that could set her heart free and give her the edge to move on. and the same goes for tameka she also needs to say sorry for the hurt she has caused also. And that whole usher fans for life thing! hun be real you wanna be for life but i know he will not love or think of you for life! GET RE

        • holla says:

          @ciss GET REAL!

    • Lyra says:

      Not trying to be mean or anything, but why are you so upset. I mean I understand having an opinion, but you seem a little consumed in it all, like your apart of their family. Honestly I'm not trying to be rude when i say that either.

      • ciss says:

        stlchick what phone do u use. I use smart phone and and most of the time if u write fuck,if u don't look at the phone it can change it later.and like I said I don't have anything against Tameka.I just have problem with her fan talking bad about usher and if they say anything rude about usher,I will say rude stuff about Tameka too.Usher has help me out before in life and I will always be there for him.

        • honey says:

          whaaaaat??? usher helped u out?? how?? with what?? cos i need some help with certain issues,which i could pro'lly use some help from him….yhhhhh right!!! usher helped u before my a*s…and PS,some of us here are not typical tameka fans(we're just calling spade a spade) thank u!!

        • stlchick says:

          Thank you honey.

          OMG, Darshelle part deux.

          Aaawwwwww shit! Sweetie, you've got to develop a thick skin. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Playing tit for tat will only reflect poorly on you. Constructive criticism, albeit unsolicited. Take it for what it's worth.

        • ciss says:

          Honey u don't know me and you don't know everyone that usher knows.u think I got times to be lying to anyone.I'm am not a celebrity fans,you can talk about any celebrity you want to and I wouldn't say anything.I don't look at usher as a celebrity.I look at him as a friend and family.I use to go out with one of his friend and we got into some problems two years ago and usher was standing by our side ever second.I'm not convincing anyone to like usher but when you get to know him personally he's very nice.I used to be you before when he left tameka ca use I thought it wrong for him to do that,after she left her husband for him and everyone was against her because of him.he leaving her I thought that was embracing for her.but when I meet him all my opinion change about him.and stlchick I don't have to be like darshelle cause I can

        • stlchick says:

          Okay, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

    • ciss says:

      Sorry I didn't finish writing and I posted it by mistake.I will rewrite everything tomorrow. Good nite everyone.

  28. Lyra says:

    I don't know either one personally so, I can't say he lied about anything. I will say he did admit to cheating on her, and that is horrible, can't defend that, but at the same time he is human, and entitled to make mistakes. I'm not going to stop liking his music, because of a mistake that unfortunately most people make. Just my opinion

    • holla says:

      I agree with what your saying but i think many people are upset because its not a mistake anymore this man is known not only for his music but for not being faithful. one time fair enough is a msitake but on many occasions it just becomes a really selfish choice and thats what he has done thru out his career. I think thats why many people are mad at him that he did this but didnt really take accountablity for it and just made up and excuse really.but i agree with you on the part he is human but its not a mistake anymore and you make a choice to do it over and over again which he has.

      • speakinmymind says:

        you sound like a woman scorned. unless you are tameka or one of the other women usher has been in a relationship with, then you don't know for certain if and/or how many times he's been unfaithful…and why are you so upset about his life choices anyway?

        life is a journey full of lessons learned along the way, and this has been a painful lesson for usher. i couldn't imagine learning life's tough lessons with the glaring media spotlight and anonymous, ignorant opinions and fake "facts" being broadcast all over the media about me.

        tameka has been on the marriage and children bandwagon a time or two and obviously has not learned anything from past mistakes. it takes two people to f*ck up a marriage and having been through a marital breakdown before, you would think tameka woulda been a bit more cautious the second time around.

        • holla says:

          OK THEN LOL… you have no clue what your talking about,and you completely missed my point. I wasnt speaking about tameka at this point. when you read other blogs about this situation this is something that they bring up. if you can wipe the cold from your eyes my dear.I was not attacking usher the way you just attacked me! (and by the way if you are going to talk to me you come at me correct) i have not done you a thing wrong! Im not scorned I'm good and doing my thing hunny! But the one thing i can agree with you on is the fact he does have to live his life in the limelight which can be very tough. But Usher himself talks about cheating and being experimental in realtionships and loving the fact woman want him! If you read or wacth his interviews he says this loud and clear. He lets the whole world know of these things.The young lady i was replying to was asking why is everyone so mad. and from readig other blogs and this one as well it sweems that many people are a little on egde of the fact he does things and doesnt hold himself accountable for them and makes excuses. thats what i was saying.

      • Lyra says:

        @holla I understand what your saying, I just don't agree that it should matter with his career. I say that's reason not to date him, but not reason to stop enjoying his talent.Plus I think that you can always, change you just have to be ready to do it. And I don't know if he was then or if he is now. But we'll just agree to disagree

        • holla says:

          @lyra I see what your saying, thanks for speaking to me like an adult. I really appriciate that :)

        • stlchick says:

          Speaking for myself Lyra…
          Some people may continue to support R Kelly's music because he's an undeniable talent. I don't, because I think he's a perv.

          Some people continue to support CB's music because he is a good dancer and singer. I don't, because I think he's an immature prick.

          Some people support rihanna because she's "so real." I don't, because I think she's a whorish no-talent who sets a disturbing example for young women who look up to her.

          Some people support lil Wayne because he's got skills. I don't, because I think he's a self-loathing orc who doesn't think his own kind is good enough for him.

          NOW, for those who say, "Usher is not a molester or an abuser," that's why I threw in the other two. First of all, I think Usher is emotional abuser and a dirty dick dog who's dick probably glow in the dark by now, but as you've pointed out, I have no romantic interest in him. Some women justify his cheating because he married a cheater. WTF ever. No excuse to me. But because I work damn hard for my money, I won't spend it on someone's product when in general they represent things I can't get with. He is very talented, yes, but AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME, I can't do it. Maybe that'll change, maybe not. But fortunately, people's comprehension is not a prerequisite for my decisions. I support people's choice to go to his concerts, I'm just not one of them now. Do y'all, I'll do me.

  29. Sarah says:

    I have to agree Oprah is excellent at PR crisis management. She certainly has the interview skills necessary to get information out of people. I appreciated hearing about all of these stories from Usher himself, from his custody battle, to the stories of infidelity. This interview gave me and my Dish coworkers plenty to talk about today at work. Luckily I recorded it on my Hopper, because when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continue watching on any TV in my house right where I left off, I love the convenience.

  30. ri damn diculous says:

    Wrong is wrong and right is right. Usher started out that damn that interview saying he wanted to show his sons hes a man of integrity but spent the next 58 minutes of air time lying, tap dancing and placing blame on others. What an example to set. I will give him credit though, he stuck to that bs story about why he fired ms jonetta. he was upset she wasnt being the yes man he wanted her to be so he decided to dismiss her like she was trash (bet he regrets that now huh) and run that story for the last few years about him wanting her to be a grandmother and separate the roles. if thats the case and it was all about family then you probably shouldve fired her years ago and MAYBE that (alleged) wife beating child abusing brother of yours may have turned out different. also, did anyone else catch that clip when they were giving the backstory right before they brought of his momman and he told her to get out his face?? If i was his momma hed still be in a damn coma today! I wont speak on the other flawed parts of that interview cuz he just showed what a emotionally crippled mommas boy he still is

  31. Elle Michelle says:

    I think Usher was prudent in his approach and was purposefully careful in some areas, not to be dishonest, but to consider that one day his children will see this… I think he was candid and balanced and was careful not to through Tamika under the bus.

    Tamika is the queen of playing the victim role, so he really didn't have to throw her under the bus. He demonstrated that he is a grown ass man with how he handled the news of Kyle, flying Tamika back to Atlanta and being a gentleman in the midst of the drama. Tamika, the attention whore of the century, insisted on moving forward in order to keep the spot light on her and/or to distract herself from her grief, either way it was a poor decision. Usher tried to give her reprieve and she didn't take it. This kind of careless decision making is surely why Usher now has custody of Navyd and Cinco.

    As for Oprah… I lover and respect her in everyway, but can she PLEASE stop interrupting people!!!!!!! Let them finish and then ask your next question… That baby be excited about getting her piece in… breathe Oprah, breathe! LOL! :)

  32. SAM says:

    @ciss,you just made me grade your comment as if you were one of my students. Girl,where are your parents? Firstly,I need to speak to them. Where did you get you grammer? Are you serious? I'm sure Usher wouldn't claim you as one of his fans if he knew your writing was that poor. I bet you could sing every one of his songs,but can't type a letter or write a book report. I'm not on Usher's level? That's fine hun. Because I were on his level, I would then be on the same level as my eleven year old son… BTW,hey stlchick! I missed y'll too! Work and school has been really taking up my time,but today is my birthday and I plan to enjoy every minute of it! LOL!

    • holla says:

      Happy birthday hun may the Lord bless you in all your ways and to see many more! God Bless :)

    • Vay says:

      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day full of love and laughter. Enjoy your day!

      CYST need to go sit her me-no-speaka-da-english-azz down forreal.It's getting really old

      • stlchick says:

        Girl.! lol. I was going to say piss, but dammit you nailed that one.
        I truly thinks she's from some European country and english is her 2nd language. Maybe if she keeps coming, reading and posting her english will improve.

    • stlchick says:

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGO! My brother's one too. Cool, calm and collected. And never broke lol. Will squeeze a dollar until a booger pops out of George Washington's nose lol.

      • SAM says:

        THANK YOU EVERYONE! Stlchick,yep that's me unless you push me! I'm broke at times,but honey nobody know's! LOL! I laughed out loud at your booger comment! That was funny! @Vay,hey!!!

  33. jbm says:

    I don't care how much that nigga glides and whines, he's always had a scent of a sucka nigga. Then once he got married he took another step to bitchness. But what finally made me purchase a box of Roc-A-wear tampons for him was at Michael Jackson's funeral. Everything after that moment we should expect him to be lame.

    Also, Funky Dineva never lets me down. Cue "Precious Lord" and wheel my casket down the aisle of the church. *dead*

  34. Hellifiknow says:

    All these comments were interesting. Here's my take and disclaimer : I've worked in the business and have met both Usher and Tameka. I didn't find Tameka to be an evil goldigger. She's a hustler who knows how to find a man with money. She has always worked. Yes, she's a tougher chick from a rough past who apparently overcame it to succeed. I think based on early pics of them that they were truly in love. But Usher is young, he's been a star since he was 15, and he's been coddled and indulged by his mother, his label, his management and anyone else riding on the money train. That is why even he realizes he can't trust anyone, not even his mother.
    His mother isn't strong, she's stubborn. She is the kind of mother I despise – all up in her grown son's business to retain control of him, the money and a sense of purpose. WHY did the step-dad ask her to "choose?" Was it more of a get out of you son's ass so we can have a life?
    Tameka may well be angry – she has a right to be. She has been demonized by Usher's silly, rabid fans from day one. Still crying over Chili and she's a bitch. Tameka was caught up in the fame and money I'm sure but as a veteran in the game from a hood background she probably starting telling Usher to look out for certain people in his life including Mama and she wrested control back. She was unhappy for 8 years? In all that time you had no life beyond Usher? What about her other son? Usher is rachet like most musicians are. He is being controlled by stonger personalities who know he's an ATM. He fired his mother because he wanted a MOTHER not a grandmother and she still doesn't see that. A lot of these industry moms, as reality TV has shown you are horrible. They and Tameka should have been on "Iyanla, Fix My Life" instead. I love Oprah, but I liked her better when she was on top on her show, not exploiting Black pain for ratings.

    • Vay says:

      Wow…I believe everything that you said here. I think that it is really sad how the media, Usher mama, Usher and his fans have demonized that woman.Hell they all have been wrong at one point. I noticed that people who have had some type of contact with them all feel the way you do…there is something to be said about that. Last night there was some female going in on twitter who stated that she was at the wedding and basically Usher lied about his "friendship" with the bridesmaid. She stated this chick was Tameka's assistant in LA and Usher didnt even know the girl until Tameka introduced them two. It's all messy. I personally think that when Tameka stopped kissing Usher's ass that is when it all went left for him.

    • holla says:

      WOW! that is crazy! and it really amazing that someone who has been in the industry for so long can give us an interesting take on this! you said alot of things that make great sense.

    • stlchick says:

      HellifIknow, very observant, and more objective than I could've been. And you've been around most parties. Thank you for sharing your experience. Nice to read stimulating comments (on both sides…let me interject that lyra, 2bme, y'all always express yourselves with respect and class. They're not the only ones…I see y'all).

      HellifIknow, will you marry me? I make a mean pot of lasagna.

  35. deb says:

    What was odd about the interview was when Usher mom said, that she had been going, threw this with Usher and Tameka, for seven years. The splash news have a picture of Tameka and Usher as far back as 2001 and looks like he has his hand up her dress.They had been in an on and off relationship longer than what many of us knew. This also confirm why Ryan, lash out when he found out Tameka was pregnant, with Usher baby, becuase he thought it was his. He said in and interview, that their marriage broke up, because Tameka was never home with the children. He had request that all entertainment magazine provide him with any pictures, they had of tameka and Usher, for their divorce. This is why you can never take sides, because their are many, many sides to a story.

  36. Kenya T. says:

    Tameka may have her personality flaws but Usher was/is grimy with that custody case…

  37. BigDiva9 says:

    Will someone from ATL pour the tea!
    What evidence was presented in court that allowed Usher to have sole custody?

    They must have pulled the sheets off Tameka to get that ruling against a mother!!! Oprah let Usher slide she did not hold him to the fire for answers to our questions. We still d0n't know any more after the interview than before the interview.
    Don't you just LOVE Jonetta Patton, that's a "real class act"!

  38. D .SUE says:


  39. atl_cutie says:

    OMG Funky Dineva aint lying !! I felt the same exact way !! That Usher's people had the interview questions prior to the interview … I can tell …

    • stlchick says:

      Barbara Walters should've interviewed his ass. Or Wendy Williams, at this point lol. Both would've done a better job. "yes or no, MF, yes or no?!?" lol

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