Kirk Frost

Rasheeda and Hubby Kirk Frost Deny Vicious Incest Rumors…

Sep 11th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s first season is over but the drama is apparently continuing OFF air.

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You may or may not have heard by now… but apparently there’s a bizarre rumor going around about Rasheeda‘s husband Kirk Frost and his biological daughter.

And it ain’t pretty!

According to JackyJasper of HSK, Kirk was once accused of molesting his own biological daughter…

…the victim at the center of the sexual molestation accusations against Kirk Frost is really the DLo Entertainment founder’s BIOLOGICAL daughter – born during his first marriage, before Rasheeda Buckner.

“Anyway— it’s Kirk’s biological daughter that he was actually having unprotected sex with for years. Kirk raped his own daughter from ages 11 to 16 years-old.

Last year, she finally spoke out, but later retracted her statement once Kirk manipulated her mind into believing mommy was the ‘bad guy’ trying to send daddy to jail forever, and “how could she do this to daddy if she loved him?”.

So his daughter covered it up, saying she was lying – all to save her dad from going to prison. That’s why her mom never moved forward with a case. (FULL STORY)

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I have no idea what the “facts” are in this bizarre situation, but I do know that the allegations are pretty serious and not to be taken lightly.

Rasheeda and Kirk have both responded online to say how offsetting the rumors are to them and their family.

The other part of this mess is how it affects the money.  I told y’all a while ago that I heard that Kirk wasn’t really feeling how he was being portrayed on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and that while he fully supports Sheeda and her goals, he was going to bow out gracefully and let her do her thang…

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HSK says that this recent scandal makes LHHATL creator/producer Mona Scott-Young even more hell bent on keep Kirk on the cast…

Mona and VH1 are gonna run with it, I think they’re going to ask Kirk and Rasheeda to return for season two.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Kirk and Rasheeda, and Mona knows how to turn their situation into cash. [READ MORE]

Like the old adage goes… if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense! I guess turning the situation into a money making opportunity wouldn’t be a bad thing for either party.

And just like LHHATL gave ‘whassername’ a platform to spread her “story” to the masses, Rasheeda and Kirk can both have an opportunity to get the truth out… whatever it is.

What do you think of these bizarre rumors? Are they being created to keep you tuned in or is “real life” stranger than fiction”?



  1. TINA MARIE says:

    At this point you can't ask Rasheeda's opinion even when the truth is staring her in the face. Case and point….Mr. and Mrs Wright versus K. Michelle. How do she know the abuse didn't happen. Only becaus Toya's your friend? Your man has been chopping down someone in the family and you know it. Perverts

    • Star1 says:

      there should be a 'like' button on this blog.
      I give you ^5!

      • Star1 says:

        and I'd like to know just what the "DLO" stands for anyways??

        I think no straight man would want those initials anywhere around him or his business.

        • Kira says:

          ^^My thoughts exactly!

        • Diva2 says:

          @star 1 Last night when I was reading this …I thought the same thing aoout the DLO…what does that mean? Sometimes people turn a blind eye to things….But eventually what is done in the dark will come to the light. However, I don't know that I believe the story….how old is the grand child?
          How old is his daughter? she looks like a light skin version of him….That's pretty sick and perverted. I'm starting think something is not right with Rasheeda and her crew. just saying *side eye*

        • versatile says:

          Maybe it means "Daddy love"?? IJS

      • resa says:

        Me too cause I do agree 100%…

    • LaLaNakeya says:

      Amazes me how she continously have K Michelle name in her mouth or thought process. This blog absolutely nothing to do with "K" but Michelle (blog owner) still making her relevant.. Is that hate, jealousy or wait admiration/stalker. I'm not sure JS!!!!

      • Just Wondering says:

        I agree. I was thinking what does K.Michelle have to do with this?

        So anyways can someone from the A explain this Gucci Mane verse, I heard the song is old but it speaks volumes on the current situation. Someone from the A drop the tea.

        Gucci Mane-I Shook Them Haters Off Lyrics

        (Verse 2)
        Your the type a Bitch old as hell still tryna rap,
        And I'm the type a nigga young as hell an I run the trap,
        Now your the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH,
        You married to a lame and dat lame don't wont no BEEF,
        Now he the type a nigga that a old lame ass Bitch a want,
        Aint never drank no beer aint Never rolled no Blunt
        Now she the type a gurl aint got no ass on her back
        No kurt aint got no money I heard she fuckin cat
        Now japes the kinda guy go both ways think I don't know
        I heard he fuckin kurt in ass on the D-Lo
        Now japes the kinda guy tell you, you gon make millions
        But he's a petifile on the low he fuck his children

        • Coco Bea says:

          Woah!!!! Dayum and this song old as hell too, yes it speaks HIGH VOLUMES on this rumor…So kirk being a pedo & on the down low (DLO as they like to call it) has got to have some truth to it!! This sh!t is crazy!!

        • NewMeKnowYou says:

          WOWWWW!!!!!! and one more for good measure!

        • TEE TEE says:


        • Brittany says:

          WHHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!! WOOOWWWWZERS!!!! thats mad deep b

        • IMOnotyours says:

          yeah this was like in 2008…and I believe he says Jeez not Japes. Either way eeeew!!

        • QueenSos says:

          Yoooooooo!!!! This speaks volumes and I like I truly believe there is always some truth to a "rumor.". It's like the sit w/Bishop Eddie Long why wld those men come forward about something so horrific if it wasn't true; so why would his daughter admit to this if it wasn't true. This is what happens when you judge others & put your 2 cents in someone else business – your skeletons start falling out of the closet. As Funky Dineva would say "Never throw shade to the Bitch that's holding the umbrella" – Rasheeda need to take heed.

        • khia says:

          If he waz innocent he woulnt reply to his daughter as ppeople he will address it straight out

      • chaklet says:

        ^^^^^ yeah what'chu said LOL!!!!!

    • Koko says:

      I agree, she seems to be living on Pluto when it comes to other peoples truth.

      But, this is one DISTURBING story, I hope its not true.

    • JENNY JONES!!! says:


    • Sarah Talks says:

      Nothing will make Rasheeda interesting. NOTHING. This scandal is for the courts not TV. They are so boring that even if the show did cover this these old allegedly incestful grandparents will make it a snooze fest.

    • Miss Detroit says:

      I really wish Rasheeda would shut the fuck up period and worry about what man her husband will be screwing next, she is to into k michelle and memphitz problems she act like memphitz is her husband. She talking more than toya, shut the hell up already, worry about who or better yet what kirk will be beating up. Is kirk wearing Rasheeda panties?

      • Ggirl says:

        On the trailer for season 2 of L&HHATL Rasheeda is pregnant and her hubby asked for a DNA test.I always thought she was too vocal regarding Memphitz and K Michelle-maybe she ain't as good a friend as Toya think.

  2. Amber says:

    Im sure Rasheeda is not going to believe it.

    • versatile says:

      We'll know whether or not she beleives it on how fast she and hubby disappears. Mona's money won't be long enough to keep their broke azzes around for THIS one.

  3. NewMeKnowYou says:

    !@#$%^&*() (all dat)
    Shut the front door…..damn Karma worked over time for this one!
    Now Rasheeda my question to you is… "How does it feel to have to defend yourself with what you believe to be true verses the public's opinion? (points mic)
    Thanks Atlien LOOVVVVEE IT!

    • Diva2 says:

      Absolutely….there is nothing like feeling what Kay is feeling. So, should we believe this story or not. "I'm not sure I believe Kirk and Sheeda" remember that.

      Don't these people know when they go on these reality shows all of their business is going to become a topic of conversation. I hope this is not true. It's just too sick to play with though.

    • Nacole says:

      Great Points!!!!!

      Now lets see how she will feel having to defend her hubby against what his daughter said….

      • anotherNote says:

        Well of course she is going to defend them. Remember how I always said that at some point in life, the abused becomes the abuser. If she was 16/17 when she met and bedded Kirk, she might be emotionally scarred, No one its so easy for her to detach herself from K.Michelle's story.

        • Nacole says:

          True because she definitely has detached herself from K'Michelle's story probably based on denial of what her husband is accused of.

          Perhaps that's why she can relate to Toya because both have husbands accused of things that neither one can unproved…

        • Ggirl says:

          If she was 16/17 when she started messing with Kirk then there's her proof the he likes them young.

    • Pretty Brown ~.~ says:

      LMAO @ "points mic"

  4. Terri Woolridge says:

    EVERYONE KNOW "UNCLE BOBBY" IS REALLY DADDY BOBBY!! Sad to say but nothing surprises me anymore, but I hope this is not the case.
    From the Bean

  5. l says:

    STFTA,Michelle,I really thought you wouldn't run the story.

    Man, this is so sick…I hope this vile mess is not true, because I don't want to say what I would like to see happen to this guy.Pervs dont last long.

    Rasheeda should not have balked and clowned K.Michelle, just maybe the P.I.'s would not have dugg this sick mess up.And, this won't be the only mess they find either.Somebody better drop that lawsuit.

    Lord come quickly!This is way to much, right here.

  6. hotdogsonthegrill says:

    Now this is just crazy. I hope it isn't true but who knows in this day and age.

  7. l says:


    • Diva2 says: It takes it to a very low sick place…I'm not with hearing stuff like this.
      No, man or anyone is gonna convince me that abusing children and women some how is okay…It's NOT! and should not be made into some everyday acceptable life of black folks. I'm sorry…that's not my life. I will do my time. (behind bars)about mine So, please
      They should be replaced if that mother ever reported this to the police. Mona needs to do the right thing.

  8. Sasha T. says:

    And this is what Ratsheeda said K Michelle wanted? Bitch bye!!!
    Waiting to see if Toya will be tweeting her support for you in regards to this terrible story.

  9. mon88 says:

    nice try atlien but we could care less

  10. Christy C says:

    Karma, he looks like a perve… That's good for them..

  11. hotlantaboss says:

    Don't believe it! I know damn well Rasheeda isn't stupid enough to marry someone who smashed his own kid. No way in hell..

    • NewMeKnowYou says:

      Some chicks look past their man's faults for their own personal gain, however how sick and twisted they are.

      • hotlantaboss says:

        What gain? From what I've gathered, she is the breadwinner, right?

      • NewMeKnowYou says:

        @hotatlantaboss If you read the story attached to this article you'd know that Rasheeda was sixteen when they developed an relationship, so I highly doubt that she initially brought anything to the table.

        • hotlantaboss says:

          Hahaha! Okay, hadn't noticed that little tidbit.

        • Diva2 says:

          But, see *lip turned up* the fact that he would mess with any 16 year old ….would lead you to wonder if he did in fact bother this child… are kids. How old was he when he met Rasheeda. I'm sorry…morals are everything to some of us. I can't trust no man looking at young girls that way. The end

          and he's from NY so maybe Rasheeda had no way of knowing until after she was with him …I still would have ran! But, we see she's quick to turn her head and fight for Toya's husband.

        • versatile says:

          Sure she did. Little girl azz.

      • Shay Shay says:

        Yaaass honey! Vanessa Long is one of them.

    • Nacole says:

      Pleeeeeze!She was stupid enough to want to try and fight another woman over another woman's husband so she stupid!

    • hotlantaboss says:

      Maybe I'm just naive, but I still just don't believe the shit!

  12. TooReal says:

    Yes Gawd Rasheeda how does it feel to defend your name and reputation? Doesn't feel good does it!

  13. Konjit says:

    Wow. True or not, there is an issue here. The Black community ( Im African) have a serious problem with child sexual abuse. It need to be dealt with a.s.a.p. Im tired of hearing this all the time. Time for action. This is a cancer to the community.

    • hotdogsonthegrill says:

      I agree, it's a serious issue. It isn't about K.Michelle and Rasheeda although that's what people want to turn it into. What about that child that it happened to, she's going to have problems for life. Damn shame.

      • versatile says:

        She may not have problems for long. Now that HER platform has finally come along,she too can stand up,speak up and speak out to the world about that deyestable shyt,just like K michele got to do. Let these creeps know that though they had the upperhand when your spirit was small and defensless…you are stronger and relevant now. You have a voise and that will hurt him more than the pain he inflicted on you. Use your voice to heal your spirit and forgive the bastard on your own time.

  14. Donna says:

    Now grandma can defend her own man instead of Toya man. Of course Rasheeda won't believe the story, afterall no one knows if it's true anyway.
    If Rasheeda doesn't learn to sweep around her own porch before calling other people out, then this should have showed her. Mind your own damn business and watch your man around the kids boo. Rasheeda has got to be tired of being dragged. Keep that arrogant "mean girls" attitude private grandma, we don't like you.

  15. Lady A says:

    This soundz like Str* BULLSHYT….not buying or believing it….I ain't Team Kirk&Rasheeda but I don't believe this…the mom probably was trying 2 poison his daughter against him…I've known some spiteful, evil women who have done malicious things 2 their child's fathers/ex-boyfriends…as a caring, loving mother if she believed it were true it seems she would have pursued prosecution 2 the fullest extent of the law 2 get justice 4 her child….

    • anotherNote says:

      I beg to differ. Many women in that situation, especially in the black community, don't want to believe that they man will choose a child over them. Didn't you watch Woman Thou Art Loosed? It happens like that. Admitting that your man is a abuser means that you admit that you have a lapse in judgment and taste. Not many people own up to that.

      • versatile says:

        Well if it's NOT true, maybe he won't sit on his hands like Memphucks did. This is way more serious. If it's NOT true he will speak up ASP wouldn't you think?

    • NewMeKnowYou says:

      But it isn't only the mom saying this it's other family members also.

      • Lady A says:

        … it HER family members saying this??….I'll wait 2 hear more about this story from a balanced, unbiased news source (even though I love Str8 from the A, it's just a GOSSIP blog, not a news source)….a biased blog is not the place 2 get true, reliable information….especially about something so serious…I'm not gonna just take the word of someone's enemy against them…if Kirk did this why would she wait until NOW 2 do something & come out with all this….I'll wait 2 C what happens next….4 now NOT buying it…..there are some nasty, spiteful women who will do and say just about anything 2 ruin someone's reputation….

        • versatile says:

          Maybe she didn't have anyone to LISTEN to her before.But she does now. This isn't a STRANGER or a family member. this is her FATHER! Haven't you been watching Dr. Phil? Don't YOU have a family member or a friend who's been molested by their family member or FATHER? You sound like this is alien. This is happening all around us as we type. And YOU don't even KNOW this man. But his DAUGHTER does..and more than she EVER wanted to. Until HE denies it and SHE denies it I believe it, and I see that I'm not alone. And NO, I don't know the pervert either but his biological daughter has told us EVERYTHING we need to know.

        • Ggirl says:

          Check out the lyrics to Gucci Mane's 2008 song Shook Them Haters Off-he mentions these allegations & Kirk by name.

  16. free kroy says:

    Michelle, you can try to spin the story all you want. But, the bottom line is that Kirk Frost has been accused of molesting his daughter. Kirk and Rashedda may have an opportunity to tell their side but, will his daughter (the victim). K Michelle was the victim and got a chance to tell her side. Let the alleged victim come in from of millions and tell her story. This is a very very serious accusation. From what I understand Kirk met Rashedda when she was 16 and he was an adult. Let's start there. Is that true ATL??????? ATL, you all know what going on in the streets out there. Put out the truth, we don't want to support someone that has done something like this and I really like Rashedda and Kirk's dynamic on the show. But, if they are going to put out the fluffy we are a husband/wife manager team with a strong marraige trying to navigate throught the game, and win over millions of viewers and supporters that ultimatly are making them RICH, then, we need to know the REAL(ity) TRUTH. ATL, you all know what's really going on out there. What is the Real???????

    • Howard215 says:

      yes. it is true. Im not sure how far they go back. But Rasheeda's first official music video was in 1997/98. She was 17. Even then she was working with "D.Lo" and shouted him out on the video.

  17. TrinaIsTheQueenOfRap says:

    I hope this ain't true but I believe this story.Grandma sheeda and her nasty weird ass man need to pack they shit and get the hell out and dodge. Why would they make up a story on these d- listers. I hope Mona don't bring them back!

  18. Just Saying says:

    This is some sick s@#t! That exactly what Rasheeda gets for acting a damn fool with K Michelle. God don't like ugly. And how would she know what happened to K Michelle that long ago? I can't stand dumb bitches! That dude obviously has issues, but she will keep them baggy eyes in the sand because she can't stand the thought of being by herself. Only one way to find out who the baby's father is……bring on the DNA test!

  19. ALM says:

    This is awful. I hope that this is not true.

  20. ALM says:

    I also wanted to add that too many people suffer in silence. There are some things that you just don't lie or play about, and this is one of them. Whoever leaked this story better be dog gone sure. This is not something to take lightly.

  21. A.N.D. says:

    Kirk seems like a chilled down to earth man who wants the best for his wife who is dying to have a major career. I cant see him having sex with a child his Own child at that. I maintain that Rasheeda should have told K Michelle out of respect for both of you Im going to remain neutral because I wasnt there. She went head first for memphHitz. I personally think because Toya got in her azz and questioned her loyalty. Hitz is taking a Media Monster to war. Those people have the funds to dig up every bone in anyones closet who feels froggish. I am waiting for Toya and her husband to defend their friends and pledge their innocence. If the blogs who started this nasty story are lying Kirk should file suit. If he tampered with his or any child he should go to jail and Rasheeda should get the stupid hoooooe of the year award.

    • NewMeKnowYou says:

      Since Kirk doen't "look" like a sick incest pedophile, tell me the criteria just to be sure I don't run across one and have to bash his balls in.

  22. aTypical says:

    Even though I don't like Rasheeda's fake azz, I don't think this is true. Mainly because of the source. 75% of the things Jacky Jasper says are complete bullshit….

  23. Philly Finest! says:

    These accusations are series, and I don't believe responsding on twitter is the proper way to handle this. Kirk should lawyer up and sue the person. An accusation of this nature can ruin a person reputation rather it is true or not.

    If what the source is saying is true He should present his evidence.

  24. hey ma says:

    what u mean you can't see him having sex with his daughter? I ”cant see” how other child molesters do it either but dammit they do! that statement is just too many things. karma is alive and well baby! that's exactly what rasheeda get. now defend that since u so busy lookin a fool defending somebody else husband. dumbass!

  25. A.N.D. says:

    ^^^ What I ment is he seems devoted and interested in his Grown wife that he's been married to for 12 years. He and Rasheeda are also very active in the daughter who all this is about life. Even if her mom didnt go forward with the charges the girl is 19 now and old enough to tell him to keep his perverted freaky nasty creepy ass away from her and her baby because of what he did. Many victims of abuse dont come forward but they do stay clear of their abusers when their old enough. If she hasnt said this to her and I was her mom I SURE in would tell his ass if i believe it to be true. He would mess around and get poisoned. If its a lie he should sue. If its true he needs 3 hots and a cot next to Bubba.

  26. JustME says:

    I don't think this is true at all! I would need to hear it come straight from the daughters mouth…

    I like Rasheeda. I understood how she felt about K Michelle and who ever that dude is that she had a brawl with I just think Rasheeda went about telling her the wrong way and probably should have said something sooner…

  27. Monica says:

    OMG…… I don't like Rasheeda,but I do hope that this isn't true. How awful. Now she has a reason to defend a man…her own damn husband. KARMA!!!

  28. Justsayin says:

    this is a plot to give rasheeda boring behind a story line..tedsere.not int

    • Diva2 says:

      That is not a story line. I don't find anything amusing about hearing this type of stuff. They are gonna lose an audience if they try to use this sick mess. It's not okay…It better be a lie. Is what it is gonna need to be.

      Her story line is staying out of K. Michelle's business…and finding a hit song. how bout that

  29. Justsayin says:

    not interested

  30. A.N.D. says:

    I wouldnt want this type of story line to tag team with terrible songs like to the moon and marry me #LOSING. People are saying that there's been whispers about this for years. SMH if that's true. I'd would rather them give him a jumpoff over a perv jacket. If they go for a rumor like this just for a storyline that makes them vile and void of morals.

  31. Nacole says:

    Now see…..This is what Rasheeda need to be paying attention to instead of being ready to fight K'Michelle over another woman's husband.

  32. Kisses says:

    Sheeda and Kirk r boring and I dont believe the incest rumors now if they were rumors of him being a lil fruity undercover booty then I will believe it cuz he looks down low to me. Thats why his company is D Low lol

  33. j says:

    Where is Toya and Memphitz's tweets of support for Rasheeda and her husband? I hear crickets! By the way, Kirk did not send a tweet saying, NO I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH MY DAUGHTER!!! So he did not deny the rumor.

    • Nacole says:


      I would really love to see Toya/Kandi and Tamar come out for their girl Rasheeda on this issue.They would all look like complete fools speaking on something they know nothing about which is what they ALL look like speaking on K'Michelle issue of being abused by Toya's husband.

      Moral of the story for dumb bishes like the ones I mention is "mind your own business"….

  34. anotherNote says:

    These are very serious allegations and, although, it will make for good TV. Mona might not want to touch this. Letting people butcher K.Michelle over her story is one thing, she is a adult but child abuse is another ballgame. And Rasheeda might want to take the backseat on this one because its starting to look like she has a history of defending abusers (abuse is not just physical, its emotional and mental as well) and that she is siding with a pedofile. I would say its career suicide for her, but then again..she really doesn't have one.

  35. SuthernHummingbyrd says:

    Now why is it that I don't see Toya and Memphitz tweeting their loyalty to them?And pledging allegiance to the friendship flag, like Rasheeda did?Hot mess. I pray its not true…but either way, this is EXACTLY what Rasheeda gets. Now I wonder how it feels for ppl to question her story and her truth?Somewhere, K Michelle is shaking her head and toasting to karma with a glass of Jack Daniels….

  36. Anthony says:

    PLEASE thread lightly with this story because everybody likes to sue Dow defamation. These are what lawsuits, champagne wishes and cavier dreams are made of *Robin Leach voice* . What y'all know about that?…lol

    Anyway, this is some heavy stuff even for such a boring segment of love and hip hop Atlanta; not to mention disgusting.

  37. smooches says:

    So Rasheeda writes a dissertation for K Michelle but only retweets her husband's tweet with 3 words attached…very telling

  38. Goldie says:

    Right…she's ready to kill for Toya and Misfit but won't speak on this…

    OAN…where is she getting her inspiration from to write these songs…Legs to the Moon…are you serious…if she wants to be taken seriously, it's time to come up with some age appropriate material…

    For the victim, pray this story is not true…

  39. Moni says:

    Ain't Karma a bitch? I don't feel sorry for Rasheeda one bit. She deserves it! Now she will know how it feels for her story to be questioned by the PUBLIC! She accused K Michelle of lying about Memphitz whether she is or not, its none of her business). No one is going to feel sorry for her. So where are all her friends comments saying Kirk is innocent in all this?.

    Something isn't right about Kirk, on Love and Hip hop he came across like a * but it's always those ones!! Anyways He's innocent until proven guilty. My main point is that and the moral of the story is. IF IT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, BECAUSE KARMA IS A BITCH.

  40. Porsha says:

    This is sick, and I really hope it isn't true, but I would never think that it isn't possible with the sick things men do these days.

    I actually feel sorry for him because he's married to Rasheeda, but that could change quickly…

  41. Birdman says:

    Gucci mane made a diss song about them in 2009 look it up on you tube and go to the 2:04 mark and he's putting it out there. Also i heard of some shady stuff about them from a person who worked at the radio station.

    • versatile says:

      Thank YOU Birdman. See that? Even MEN are coming after that pervert just like they came after Kelly.(though I still love me some Kelly muzic). But that pervert aint' got no music and neither does his wife. Now I gotta go see what Gucci said.

  42. Tamika says:

    I don't know that whole truth is but I KNOW IF YOU LISTEN TO GUCCI MA NE SHOOK THEM HATERS OFF which was out back in 2008 or 2009 he talks about Rasheeda and Kirk being a pedophile. I think it is verse 2

    LHHA was not out then either this sh*t was well know back in the the day or got some strong pyschic abilities. This is why hoes should not go in on others without making sure their sh*t is straight.

  43. free kroy says:

    I think that might be the real reason that they were keeping their marriage a secret. Also, I don't understand why she can not explore other management options. He actually started crying. This man is dealing with some hurtful issues. When you say hey, this is not going so great and the person starts crying and laying the guilt on you and telling you how they have been there for you all this time….hummmmmmmmmmm?????????

    • versatile says:


  44. chaklet says:

    I've looked through every comment and still havent seen Toya 2 the rescue where u at girl..LOL!!!!!

  45. Kamalla says:

    Ewww Kirk got with Rasheeda when she was 16? He's been with her for 17 years and this is as far as she got in her career?

    Either old azz Kirk needs to go or Rasheeda needs to box up the heels because being underground for the rest of your life is not the business.

    Unfortunately, I think the rumors about him being an RKelly type panty freak are true. So many men are like that it makes you want to think twice about bringing kids into the world. They daddy's friends might want to hit!

  46. Kenya T. says:

    Those quotation marks were so unnecessary when u mentioned K Michelle on a post that has NOTHING to do with her.. Don't let ur hate for her turn into an unhealthy obsession that's assuming it hasn't yet…

  47. aries says:

    i remember when Gucci Mane had that song out about Rasheeda and her husband, it is all coming back to me, why would she put her husband on tv, u can be on a show w/o your husband. no wonder Deb was doggin out Kirk, like that, and he couldn't say nothing, cause he knows the dirt that is out on him.

  48. says:


  49. Brittany says:

    This stuff happens everyday too.. so sad i feel so sorry for his daughter if this is true… families just try to sweep things like this under the rug

  50. Baybek8s says:

    I still want to know why Kirk sat there like punk when Deb the manager was talking to him like that? Were they afraid Deb was going to spill the beans? Deb was tallking to Kirk like he was REALLY working for her,like HE was her prositute and she handling him was like she an old school madam. Scrappy's mother is known to have been a REAL PIMP and even she didn't come off as that mean. I do know one thing for sure,I will NOT be watching next season. Mimi,Stevie J. and Joseline were bad enough. I can't stand to see people with issues being exploited. So I'm out next season.

  51. A.N.D. says:

    I listened to that Gucci Mane song and to me he was calling someone name Jase a molester and calling Kirk Down Low. Either name is Ef'd up on a married man. I wonder if this is why Deb disrespected and talked to him so bad on the show? She did manage Gucci during the time he made the song. If Kirk financed Rasheedas career he's Far from broke independent record sale money is really good once you start selling past 10k units. How old is Kirk? Is Resheeda 30,35,or older? I feel sorry for his daughter. She has a baby and a boyfriend and this has to be embarrassing. I feel even worst for her if this is true and its bringing back those memories of being raped by her own father. If this is a lie Kirk should lawyer up.

    • FREE KROY says:

      Oh snap. You are right about Deb managing Gucci. Why would Rashedda even go to her after Gucci dissed them like that???? I have to question her judge of character. I believe this is all she knows. The under ground ATL music industry. All she know is how to rub shoulders and make friends with people who are well known and she deems as a celebrity or important. Kandi, Toya, ect. I look at there house and they are not making money like the people they hang out with. Rashedda is a wanna be and is trying her best to come up and associate with those she think are important. He judge of character is distorted…she feels Kirk is the person that provides her lively hood, when in reality, she provides his. kinda like a pimp/whore relationship.

  52. ladyrt23 says:

    wouldn't surprise me! i've always found kirk to be a strange fruit!

  53. Monique says:

    Tamar & toya and kandi won't speak on this lol because just like try brought out the bag on Rasheeda they will bring out the bag on them slurs Smh where is your team save a husband Rasheeda you should feel like a freaking fool taking up for tag alone toya she wasn't even relevant enough when she was lil Wayne's wife lol!! Seriously I'm not a big fan of kmichelle but I wasn't there and wouldn't open my mouth to discredit her story!! I bet you won't get support on this because them slurs got too many skeletons in their own closets!! Especially Tamar & Kandi and toya ass is far from innocent…. How does it feel 2 have a blogger who supports you use your own dirt to her advantage??? How does it feel 2 have nobody come to yo damn rescue boo karma is a bitch I met her a few times that's why I stay away from the hoe!! And michelle if I ea Rasheeda I'd question your loyalty you doing the Rasheeda now huh throwing rocks but hiding your hands lol you 2 funny haha!!!

  54. A.N.D. says:

    Not taking up for Michelle but she's a blogger and this news is circulating aroung the blog communities. On top of the fact being that Michelle doesnt know what the truth is she cant blog out Kirk did or didnt touch his daughter. She's letting us draw our conclusion. Rasheeda made her fans look at her in a different light. We saw her and K Michelle getting along on the show. We saw them discuss the issue and Rasheeda sat quiet. Only to get froggish at the reunion. It made her look like a coward cause security was in full effect and it made her look like Toya checked her. Now we dont see anyone telling her and Kirk to shake the haters and dismiss the lies. Which leads me to conclude that she should have told K Michelle when they were sitting down. Look I know both of yall I know him a little better but you seem nice and out of respect for bith of yall I want to remain neutral. Please dont pull me in this mix. We looking at her crazy because she spoke up more on Toyas husbands behalf than she's doing for her own husband.

  55. Melicious says:

    Get her @Monique that's too funny, 'cause I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  56. Des says:

    That Gucci verse just proves that Kirk had skeletons in his closet and I think thats why Deb went hard. Cmon now…we all know Rasheeda will never be a platinum attist or even one hit sonder. She wasnt fightin for Rasheedas so called career. She knows how disgusting Kirk is.

  57. Shay Shay says:

    Nothing like this would be "made up" just to get ratings. This is too nasty and vile and Rasheeda and Kirk aren't doing anything drastic to try to shut down these rumors, sooo…..

    • versatile says:

      They can't. Unless they can convince his daughter to be silent.Like most molestation victims..they don't forget..they grow up and they get tired of holding this hurt. They lay it at the feet of the abuser when they eventually find the strength. The daughter is 16 now. It's time.

  58. betts says:

    After she saw Scrappy with Shay and wasn't going to tell Erica.

    I think the only reason she spilled the beans was because Shay showed up at the club and said hi to her.

    Resheeda then in stead of telling Erica announces it to everyone at the table except Erica.

    Resheeda is no better than Karli 2 faced social climbing way too old to be in the business ass.

    I'm not surprised she attacked K Michelle like that.

    Resheeda is basically a teen when you think about it.

    What grown ass women makes a song about bubble gum and screwing a grown ass Nigghah at his momma house.

    All her songs sound like something out of the 90's and not in a good way.

  59. betts says:

    Remember how I always said that at some point in life, the abused becomes the abuser. If she was 16/17 when she met and bedded Kirk, she might be emotionally scarred

    Wait a min shes been with Kirk that long and no babies.

    Lol Remember when Kirk said we can't have a baby because your rapper.We was so worried about the Industry we put our life on hold.And all the crying he did.

    I think its clear why shes not popping out any babies and it has nothing to do with the rap industry.

  60. betts says:

    When you say hey, this is not going so great and the person starts crying and laying the guilt on you and telling you how they have been there for you all this.

    Yeah pimps do this right before they beat your ass and put you back on the stroll.

  61. Fat says:

    First of all I can not believe that so many people are buying that Rasheeda is 30??? We as a people look very good for our age.. She is no less than 38 knocking on 40. None of us know if the story is true but I read comments on another blog and some one said that this situation is a well known fact. I find it curious that he hasn't threatened to sue the first day that this came out . If this isn't true.. Wouldn't you guys go get Phedra????? It's been pretty much crickets except for his teen aged response on twitter.

  62. Jai says:

    If this is true, I really hope that M. Scott-Young would NOT bring Creepy kirk back for the second season. No one should profit/support this mess.

  63. k says:

    @ atlien your comment numbers are steady rising, but you not posting the comments. lol you aint slick

  64. InMyOpinion... says:

    Accusations like this don't just fall outta the sky….that's all I'm gonna say about this nasty sh*t……

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