Single Again! Evander Holyfield Divorced & Dissed In London… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Aug 11th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Evander Holyfield is officially single and back on the prowl!!

Evander and his wife Candi called it quits back in June 2010, the same year Candi claimed the former heavyweight champion laid hands on her during a domestic dispute.

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She later dropped the charges but the damage to the relationship was irreconcilable.

The couple’s divorce was finalized in Georgia Superior Court last month and Evander has been (kinda) living it up every since.

In addition to recently moving out of his foreclosed mansion & auctioning off his olympic medal & other personal items, he’s been spotted chillin’ in London during the 2012 games where he was dissed by a Today Show reporter.

Details + photos below…

Evander is in London during the 2012 Olympic Games and while he’s been treated like a star just about everywhere he goes in London, one Today Show reporter dissed him on air.

An NBC reporter was seeking to interview fans in the crowd when she stopped one man outside of Buckingham Palace. She asked his opinion on Danny Boyle and then he went on his way.

In the broadcast, the man was referred to only as “a tourist” but it just so happened to have been Holyfield!

Holyfield took it all in stride although it’s especially embarrasing since being that he’s been employed by NBC as a sports pundit AND once won a Bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics!

And if by “in disguise,” Holyfield means he was rocking’ an “A” hat… then I guess coulda been a bit inCogNegro.

Yuup… I see what you did there Evander. 😕

Anywhoo… Holyfield is in London getting a check from NBC, and according to TMZ, Evander and his now ex-wife Candi were able to come to a settlement agreement on issues of child support, custody, alimony and property division, while it’s unclear who got what.

But being that Candi filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in May of this year and Evander has clearly been struggling since ONE of his baby mama’s says he’s over $300,000 behind in child support payments, the couple may not have had much to negotiate over.

So there you have it ladies… another bonafide bachelor! Get you some…

Would you date Evander Holyfield?

(Photos: Twitter)



  1. Leslie Turner via Facebook says:

    He better go back to Creflo and get some of his dollars back!!!!



    • ImIm says:

      I was thinking the same thing, where's Creflo when you need him, after all he did give "Dollar Bill" his Tithe Money, on the other hand "Dollar Bill" is on the Lo Lo with a case pending against him regarding his dispute with him "Putting His Paws On His Daughter". Right Scrappy. LOL

    • Loving This Site says:

      Creflo spent that money on rims for his car. He aint getting that money back. People give their last bit of money to the church and preachers be ridding around with nice cars and houses living tax free. The bible is free folks.

  2. Lethia Batey via Facebook says:

    No way.

  3. Kim Edwards via Facebook says:

    Nope, I can’t stand a man that can’t handle their finances!

  4. Alaina Thomas via Facebook says:

    2 Many Kids For My Liking…

  5. Terri J. Hall via Facebook says:

    HELL to the naw!

  6. Tammi Edmondson via Facebook says:

    These stars need help…so the money gone and wifey cut out…smh!

  7. Tammi Edmondson via Facebook says:


  8. Ohreally says:

    He's a little mature for my taste….LOL!!

  9. Dick Blaq says:

    Black women are the BIGGEST haters of Black men!! Evander Holyfield is not tryin' to be with your fat, man-acting ass anyways. LOL And you always wanna think that BM are getting with ANY other women because we have low self-esteem, want a trophy woman, don't love ourselves, have jungle fever, etc. Please!!! LOL It NEVER occurs to you that we just want a WOMAN, period!!

    • atl_cutie says:

      yeah, your screen name says it all … either you are a maturing kid, or an adult that has a mental disorder … either way … get yo life

    • Loving This Site says:

      You shouldnt make generalized statements. I bet it irks you when women say "all men are dogs" and it doesnt apply to you. I know plenty of blackwomen in healthy relationships with blackmen. Just because all you know are those types of women doesnt mean that applies to all. Travel outside of your comfort zone and see the world.

    • ALM says:

      @ D. Blaq:

      1. How do you know whether all of the commenters on this site are Black women?

      2. Evander, is that you?

    • Kamalla says:

      Um you do see where he married white and she filed for divorce because he put his hands on her right?

      Yeah I guess you do JUST WANT A WOMAN so you will find the lowest scrub in the club!

      Sit down ya man ho! Pay yo child support!!!!

  10. Mrz Inmyownworld Hughes via Facebook says:

    hell naw call me a gold digger but hes got “no money and mo problems” that fool will just be lookin for a place to lay up!!!!

  11. Twin Shady via Facebook says:

    Yes!Wouldn’t care if he is broke.With self motivation he can always find income in some kind of way….

  12. Loving This Site says:

    I bet that ex wife will be right there on Hollywood Ex's talking about how she used to shop and her old lavish life.

  13. Michelle Crawford Purifory-Lesesene via Facebook says:

    He has no time to mingle with 100 kids and counting…

  14. James says:

    OMG!!! I am in one of these pics!!! Do you have more!! ???

  15. Kamalla says:

    Too many kids, too many exes, no money and the damn newscaster doesn't even know who he is.


  16. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    Did Santa buy Ju some toys last year. Hell to the naw lol

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