In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep# 6 “No Apologies” [FULL VIDEO]

Jul 23rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

On episode 6 of As the Hood Turns aka Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J checks his toyboy JOSE JOseline for being out of line with Mimi.

Things go awry during the launch party for Rasheeda‘s new video.

[WATCH: Rasheeda “Marry Me” ~ OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sheeda is fed up with her husband Kirk’s management, so she goes behind his back & seeks advice from Miss Deb aka Waka Flocka Flame‘s mama.

Karlie Redd hops on Benzino’s D*ck and Joseline and Mimi sit down and address their latest issue.  That’s about it.

Watch & discuss the full episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta “No Receipts” Episode 6 below…


What do you think of this most recent episode?


  1. if u dont have cable, but DO have internet access.. imma need u to kill yo self! LOL ASAP!!

    • Loving This Site says:

      That’s because people hop on other signal for free. Is Direct TV offering some sort of discount to their customers for the loss of several channels?

      • No Ma'am says:

        I have Directv and the channels, VH1 and BET and all the others, were back Friday. But yeah, they were offering discounts, and giving away premium channels, Cinemax I think.

    • antiRatchetness says:

      I don't have cable but do have internet. Cable tv serves no real purpose for me and with all its drama and playing the same thing over again,losing channels, etc your really throwing away money. I can do so much more with a internet connection and way more productive. I can read the news, send off resumes, check work email,etc. When I want entertainment I can read and comment on blogs as this, play games, etc and when we want to watch tv, I do have a ps3 hooked up with wifi. My children can download, play games with friends, and watch Netflix. Without cable, there is more control of the gahbage that comes in an out your house.

      • Tiffani K says:

        cosign!Been #cablefree two years and ain't going back.

        • Tiffany P says:

          The only problem I would have with not having cable is the fact that u actually have to get up and get on the computer and browse around the internet without the freedom of laying comfortably in your bed controlling everything with just one finger lol.. Or maybe I'm just lazy :-)

  2. Renee Lewis via Facebook says:

    Dumb as usual! Lol

  3. Gwendella says:

    I felt for Kirk but maybe they do need to seperate business and personal. Scrappy repo man, Erica better not take him off, Dee needs to stay out of his business and Ewwwww was heard around the twitter verse when that kiss occurred. The other three as I said Mimi is the side cause Jose said that's her man. What a scripted mess but I love it. Thanks for posting.

    • Min Gorder says:

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  4. Jackie says:

    I hate myself for watching this program, yet I can't stop. I watch it during the day, then again when hubby comes home.

  5. Isys says:

    My take:

    Scrappy is a BUMB! This dead beat had the nerve to ask to be taken off of child support and then when asked about the money requested last week stated "I didn’t get around to it?" naw you didn’t get around to it cause you were too busy in the club getting drunk. I’m glad Jose popped yo sorry ass in the mouth!

    Erica, get that check girl! I hate the fact that she ran to Scrappy Doo about Stebbie but she thought that would validate their relationship, #epicfail… its time to move on hun… and tell Momma Dee to kiss the fattest part of your ass, cause that dude ain’t bout shit.

    Speaking of Momma Dee, that skank ass broad need to lay her heavy nigga bones down somewhere… She always popping them loose ass lips. She talked cash money shit about Diamond back when she and Scrappy broke up then got on the radio and apologized and went on and on about how she was like a daughter to her and everything. Then He-Man gets on the show and start yelping again… just a hot ass mess and her punk ass, momma boy son needs to slip the nipple out his mouth and grow a pair.

    MiMi – bitch I just hate you… nuff said

    Joseline – you are quickly becoming my favorite dude on the show… Jose brang it to them bitches on a scale they know nothing about. When she/he is in the wrong they own up to it. She’s/He’s tried to apologize to Erica and MiMi and neither of those weak ass broads could accept it or their parts in the drama. These hoes need to quit playing the victim and own up to their faults.

  6. Ms. JessTheBest says:

    Lord have mercy!!!! Jose thinks every damn body is jealous of her tranny looking ass! No one's jealous of her and that dry ass cooch! It's a sad day when the side hoe thinks she's the main bitch. Back shots Buckeey really thinks her and her dry ass wig are about to be the main chick in scrappys life, I'm sure she's already had visions of herself laying by that small ass pool living the life of luxury, lmao. Mama Dee is one ugly ass over bearing ass mom, she needs to shut her monkey ass up. Lol @ Benzino, and Karly, he looks like a fucking turtle.

    • ms.dee says:

      PREACH!!!!! that wig with Buckeey is throwing me off, and when her and momma dee did lunch and then you called Ericka (your grandchilds mother a BITCH) just like you did diamond, but I'm glad diamond is taking the high road and not coming back at you, because you are too damn old for that, and WHAT RELATIONSHIPS HAVE YOU BEEN IN??? and how the hell scrappy afford that place, and you not paying child support but you got ALL KINDS OF JEWELRY AND CRAP (I mean really)

      • Ms JessTheBest says:

        Scrappy's ass is probably recycling old jewelry he had when he was ACTUALLY in the rap game, that or going to atl's pawn shops. Mama Dee is a black crow looking ass bitch, that bitch stay screeching in every hoes face about that pussy ass son of hers, bitch just shut the fuck up, and hide that hideous ass face. I like Erica, she's pretty, strong, and don't take no shit!

        • ms. dee says:

          Ms JessTheBest, u better say that, and she talking about Diamond's "coochie" stink, hell she talking about Joseline looking like a man have she looked in the mirror, Scrappy need to sell that damn jewlery and give Erica her damn money, and she is pretty, Momma dee like them submissive ass bitches that caters to not only her son but her bum ass too, and what women get on stripper pole like that, hell I'm 45, i know that trick is in her 50's and still thinking she young YOU FEEL ME ( i MEAN REALLY)

    • lk123atlanta says:

      You went in on them baby! In that order!

    • R.Joe404 says:

      Joseline could have shut EVERYBODY up and became one of the strongest personalities in reality TV by simply having the baby. This first would prove without the shadow of a doubt she is a woman and the tables would be turned on Stevie J because he is half responsible for all their drama.

      Truth be told, Joseline is NEVER gonna make it big in the music biz. She honestly just doesnt have the talent for that stage. She will be nothing more than eye candy(if youre into dude-ly looking chicks). Why not give up on a "career" that was never going anywhere in the first place and collect child support from Stevie? If she does make any money from music, the majority of it if not all would go to Stevie because of the "contract" he has her signed to. There are millions of other occupations out there besides stripping and music that you can make a living from. I can guarantee those checks would amount to FAR more money than she will EVER see from the music industry. This move would hold Stevie accountable for his man-whore actions and at the same time, FULLY ACQUIT her of being a man. She would then be viewed as a woman that stood up for herself and handled HER business. Just my opinion though, LOL What y'all think?

      • MissK says:

        I don't think that having a baby by a bum like Stevie J. is a good idea for any woman. Its amazing that this fool has chicks exchanging words on TV over his pathetic azz…better them than me. These women accept Erica needs an education and a real job…everyone trying to be a video chick..model..stripper…kept mama to a balla..goldigger..get ya own shyt!

  7. mon88 says:

    damn is rasheeda fuckin kirk? he act like he got a vajayjay lol. scrappy on some hoe shit, karlie needs a dentist, jose is funny as hell so is aunt deb, erica still sexy thats all i got

  8. hotlantaboss says:

    I love how Joseline blinks her eyes, and wobbles her head around when she's getting smart with somebody. He cracks me up!

  9. All I have to say ATL has some issues from scrap mother issues to josie visual appearance being..yuck to the sick stomache scene with biz and the old

  10. ms.dee says:

    EWWWWWW!!!! that kiss with Benzino and karlie made me turn away (YUCK!!!) I hate to say it but Mimi is going to take stevie back, PLEASE LADIES OF ALL COLORS LISTEN AND HEAR ME WELL, " A MAN WILL TREAT YOU HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF!!! KNOW what you will tolerate and NOT TOLERATE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS,

    TO RASHEEDA, girl you are beautful, but listen baby as a 45yr old married women of 18yrs, Don't let your career (or lack thereof) come between your marriage, maybe you should try developing artist instead of rapping yourself,

    Momma Dee, please sit down and stop acting so GANGSTER, AND LET SCRAPPY GROW THE HELL UP, WE ARE NOT OUR CHILDRENS FRIENDS, AND IT'S OKAY TO HAVE A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN I'M A MOTHER ALSO but i would never get up in my childs life like that, THAT'S WHY HE'S LIKE HE IS a damn dead beat dad, and women thinking they have to get through you to get to your son, Listen when I got married I didn't marry my husbands family, and Shay is kissing your ass, Ericka keep on taking care of you and your daughter and move on SCRAPPY DID YOU WRONG, BUT BELIEVE ME KARMA IS A BITCH

  11. Loving This Site says:

    Momma Dee is a horrible mother “get into some gansta ish”. Really?! Scrappy got time to be hugged up with his new boo and getting drunk at the club (which isn’t free) but doesn’t have time to put money in his child’s account. He was also an ass for telling Erica he get back with her when she ready, like she is supposed to always be there waiting. Benzino and Karle kissing made me say yuck, plus you moving her in after knowing her for a little while. Jose getting smarter and bolder, I like it. Mimi is still with Stevie J now so obviously they worked there stuff out, but Jose got a ring so who’s to say who won top dog on that loser race.

    • ms.dee says:

      mimi is just weak, and it's got to be the 12inches, I just couldn't with Stebbie, or scrappy, and didn't Wacka Flocka just fire his mom for stealing from him??? why Rasheeda going behind her husbands back taling meetings, and why wasn't more people at her video release party, and I hate that song, I mean really "you want a man to marry u because you got some good P@ss@, come on try modeling and styling for real Sheeda and don't let this come between a good marriage. like K michelle said you are lucky to have a man (in this day at time) he truly loves you (been married 18yrs myself to a wonderful man) who held me down through cancer, and when it comes to him and our son, I WILL NET LET MAN PUT ASSUNDER WHAT GOD HAD PUT TOGETHER. not saying you can't do you but just maybe it's not rapping maybe a management compnay

    • MissK says:

      Maybe Erica should prove that dog Scrappy Doo wrong and not be so readily available..better yet move have to much going for yourself to be eating up the bullsh&t that Scrappy is trying to force feed you.. MOVE ON!

  12. Miko0280 says:

    Buckshot's wig is killing me..Jose looking like Chiquita Banana….I can't take it. How can I watch a show that is so ratchet….and I can't turn away? It's like seeing a train wreck…you know there is carnage but you just HAVE TO LOOK…

  13. Li-Lin says:

    Am I the only one that thought the Karlie & Benzino thing is kinda cute. In an older couple way? I mean Benzino is 47 & I'm not sure how old Karlie is, but I think she's gorgeous!

    Erica- It's obvious Scrappy just wants to do him, & get back to you when he's done f*ckin other chicks, but you made it like that! It was always okay for him to come back. Just co-parent (which will leave you with 95% of the work) since Scrapy don't do nothin, and collect your coins.

    Joseline- I don't care if she's a women, man, used to be a man, tranny, whatever… she be putting Stebbie & them chicks in their place. She shuts them dowwwwnnn! I respect that she says how she feels, don't take no sh*t from anyone & can admit when she's wrong.

    K-Michelle- She so worried about how old Karlie is when she needs to be more concerned about how old her weaves, clothes, outfits, bags and shoes are. There is nothing wrong w/ being crazy, but to be ghetto bamma for no reason is a waste of time. So Karlie may be older then you, she looks 100x's better than you too, she is just jealous.

    MiMi- You keep saying you been on & off w/ a man 14-15 yrs like that sh*t is something to be proud of and you deserve an award. You only had his baby to join the roster of other women who have a child w/ him b*tch u ain't the only 1 you're #4??? You act like you should get a prize for sticking around w/ a guy who disrespects you, blatantly cheats on you raw dogg and all, and you'll be right there when he decides he's done for a while… and goes back to doin the same thing. He doesn't even respect you enough to cheat on the low he's all open w/ it, which makes you look like a desperate, dumb, loser!

    • Dede says:


    • HoneyLemonIcedTea says:

      I too thought Karlie and Benzino were cute together. I don't get what was so yuck. I agree on your comments about Joseline as well. Say what you want about her but she keeps it 100.

      • ms. dee says:


    • exactly says:

      I thought the date was romantic he bought gifts lobster and im sure so much more. he seems to like her. They may have something. And their good looking couple. I've liked Joseline since day one. And I dont think shes a man either. K mitchel is loud and ghetto yuck. When Karlie tryed to talk to her like a women she was acting ghetto then. And MiMi's a damn lie she knew km was mad and it was going to be some drama. Im getting tired of her tired ass anyway she stupid for chasing Stevie.

      • ms. dee says:


        • MissK says:

          COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER! PREACH! Mimi .. 15 + yrs of that bullsh*t..really? I just don't get it!

    • YB001 says:

      LOL…@Li Lin… Joseline..the chick don't back down…right or wrong…lol She is crazy. (the Tat) Man Eater…lol what! I wonder how men feel about that when they see it…She needs to get Hot Mess on her right shoulder.

      I like MiMi but I don't feel sorry for her…she's not even trying to move on…so that's on her. What's really gonna hurt…Is when Stevie meets some chick he wants to marry.

      Momma Dee just need to take her medicine. Cause we all know the minute Scap and Shay start having problems she's gonna go gangsta on Shay…and in that order…lol

      Shay.. please..please take that thing off your head…please. lol
      I don't think Scrap will stay with her(Shay)…But, Erica need not open her door again. Get yourself one of these Hawks, Falcons or Braves and keep it moving.

      I think the Chef Benzino thing was nice…that kiss…not so nice…lol But I think they already were dating or something. Karlie need to get her a job at Hip Hop Weekly…start the South edition or something lol just saying…comes a time when we all must move on.

    • MissK says:

      True… but all of them are ratchett..nice clothes..hand bags..etc.. etc Erica IMO ( who goes to a regular job..takes care fo her daughter, etc) that's why people stay tuned to watch the ratchedness as sad as that might be..lmao

  14. Reesie says:

    Watching Karlie and Benzino was very uncomfortable. It was borderline disgusting. I'm not sure what her talent is or why anybody would want to work with her. She should get another hustle cuz her music is wack.
    As far as Rasheeda, her ship has sailed. She should close that chapter in her life and get a 9-5.

    • ms. dee says:

      that's the truth about all of that, i mean i acutally turned away because it digusted me, and yeah, karlie, and Rasheeda need to have some seats, karlie need to get benzino to get her ass cheek fixed, and her make-up looks wrong to me, IJS

    • MissK says:

      I AGREE..

  15. Koko says:

    Lame and boring last night, kind of like they were all waiting for the welfare chjeck to come in to get exicited, and, sooooooooooo over Mimi letting JOSEline put her in her place, and, that phony dinner/kising was like a bad Mexican soap opera, no sparks between Bezino and whatever her name is at all.

    And, Momma Dee, what a awful excuse for a mother and woman you are sounding like a prison matron on the prowl, Trashy is a grown man, he made a baby and should be paying for his child.

  16. Philly Finest! says:

    Rasheedah! Kirk is correct! You should have been straight forward with him. He may not have liked it but he would have respected you forward. Even though you said you didn't have prior plans do actually you did cause you told k Michelle what you were going to do and she even knew it was a mistake. The "real" reason you didn't tell kirk is because you knew it was not right

    Scrappy! I do not know if this show is a good look for you.

    I've learned that you are a momma boy, irresponsible,immature,your're involving a woman (who is not your wife) in business that do not concern her (child support) stop using Erica when you see fit.

    Erica you are becoming my favorite…just remember the best way to move on…is to look good doing it and do better than what you had.. ( eventually shay and Erica will bump heads)
    Oh! I like your mom Erica she even know scrappy has someone else but she not going to tell you (call it life experience and knowing how to read between the lines of what a man says) She know you are going to find out soon enough

    Karli…I'm surprise she handled the talk with her and k michelle very mature

    K Michell….You are looking very immature on how you handle the talk between you and Karli. You need a manager who will "groom" you.

    Mimi stop trying to play victim and guilt Karli into taking sides. Your personal relatioship with Stebie should never interfere with business.

    • Philly Finest! says:

      I forgot to add that I can't wait for the second season. ( You all should make sure you get a raise too!)

      Jose_line is becoming one of my favorites too!

      Did you see the guy who is going to counsel Mimi and Stebie. HE used to be on Maury Povich.

      • ms. dee says:


        • Philly Finest! says:

          What you say Now! Scribble quit the show! (If this is true) mmmm (sips tea!) that would not be very smart of him because if he played his cards right he could make moves. Stop! being emotional scribbles.

          Scribbles took the furniture out the house (shakes head!) he would have gained major points from fans if left especially after the "take me off child support fiasco).

          I read on the net he says at the reunion he is going to expose Erica. Scripples feels that she made him look bad. Naw! That was all him,and if he really believes that exposing her will win him he needs to think again especially when she hasn't said anything bad about him in public. Nope! People will look at scripples as the man who turned on his childs mother who held him down when Diamond left him, and he were dow and out.

          Scripples you can mess around with childsuport but you betta make sure you pay your taxes cause uncle same will get his one way or another.

  17. lockstress says:

    So glad I didn't watch it and I can't see it right now. Whew!
    Thanks for tbe breakdown folks. Just totally made me feel better about not seeing this hot jackazzary.

  18. Ms JessTheBest says:

    Lmao, Mama dee looks like one of those big ass black crows from that movie The Wiz.

  19. Yaz says:

    Is it just me or did Scrappy not only move out of his child mother's home to somewhere better, but did he just take the sofa too????!!!?? AND THEN fix his mouf to ask her to TAKE him OFF CHILD SUPPORT!?!?! HAM! I SWEAR!! You just keep taking from your child? I HOPE every woman in the world is watching this and will STAY THE H3LL AWAY FROM HIS NOTHING @SS on that NINJA SH!T!

    • sexxy says:

      He sure did, he ain't no better than any other dead beat in the street.

    • exactly says:

      What I didnt understand was how you going to move the couch your baby sit on. He should be ashamed. Erica's good cuss he wouldnt have got shit out my damn house. And what the hell was he doing there already moving shit. She wasnt even home.

    • YB001 says:

      I know…lol I had to do a double take on him taking the sofa…what? and asking her to take him off child support…like Erica said that wasn't smart timing. If he quit the show…it's because of the child support coming out of his check. The other issue I have with Scrap is him not using this platform to get back his career. We forget he's a rapper. We never see him in meetings or in the studio…nada. I also hope Momma Dee is not his manager… and in that order…lol Where is his team? I mean we are seeing of all people Joseline in the studio…lmao Get right Scrap. call Yandy.

    • Lil scrappy bought erica a couch…that was the least he could do. He's feeling himself bcuz he fuckin wit o'girl who looks like marge simpson lol ahahaha. Karlie is ok Benzino gud peoples, he's been around the industry for a long time and has been thru alot. I know him personally. He sucks as a rapper but he was getting $ long b4 this entertainment ish. Benzino is spending that Boston $ from the 80's…stevie J is a hell of a producer but sucks as a man…Jose is a dumb uneducated whore. Mimi needs to stop allowing stevie bs. K.michelle is drama. Rasheeda is a very beautiful woman wit a loyal husband, she just wants that big break b4 her time runs out and the only way to do that is by going commercial. Its hard being independent in this industry. Erica is on the right path, she's a registered nurse doing wht she needs to do to make sure her child has an she aint stupid. She's a good woman…i can go on n on n on….pure entertainment! The show is a way for the cast to get $ and exposure__good or bad!

  20. TexasLoverofLife says:


    Somebody please please please tell Scrappy Doo to grow up.
    You took the couch? Really…. Take you off Child Support Really?

    What Petty dude takes a couch??? DEAD*****

    • ms. dee says:

      I KNOW RIGHT, YOU IN THIS NICE ASS NEW PLACE AND YOU COME WITH A MOVING TRUCK AND TAKE THE COUCH, AND THEN YOU STILL GOING TO LOOK OUT FOR ME ON CHILD SUPPORT, (REALLY!!!) ERICA YOU ARE HANDLING IT VERY CLASSY, AND I'M GLAD HER AND HER MOM HAVE A RELATIONSHIP, I LOVED WHEN HER MOMMA SAID "he can pay it by choice or force" (now that's gangsta) and then erica putting up money for her child's future thats a great mom, believe you me there are men watching that show that's going to show scrappy how to be a dad to HIS CHILD, and appreciate a good woman, men love to have the safety chick, that slut in the street (buckeye buckee, whatever) and why do we never see K michelle place, do she not have a spot

  21. ATL all DAY says:

    I love Jose-a-lin…I'm starting to really think he is a woman. She keeps it 100 admits when she's wrong and don't make no apologies for that wack azz hair, makeup or gear.

    I would love to see her and NeNe go a round or two…hell i might pay good money to see it.

  22. deb says:

    How old is Rasheeda. The rap game is over, for her. She looks like the throw back of TLC, All that fake jewelry makes her look like a cheap rapper.

    • Texasloveroflife says:

      I want her to stop going by the mall stand in Buckhead!! Marry me song should have been given to the OMG girlzs! You too old Reebe…..

  23. Me says:

    Where is the episode? Why was it deleted?

  24. FREE KROY says:

    Ok ATL, what's up with Rashedd's husban. Why is he waving his hands and whining like that all the time? I'm from TX so, I am looking to the streets of ATL for clarification.

  25. Yo this week episode was cray, I mean Stevie J is playing these chicks like a game of chess, its entertaining yet sad at the same time. and Erica is way betta lookin than that chicken head scrappy messing with now. Mama Dee need to sit down somewhere, scrappy is a grown man, he need to start using his real name for starters.

  26. bowse says:

    Have Y'all seen Rasheeda music video
    it heard Tyler Perry directed it and
    Mr boomtown produced the video.

  27. Misogyny at its worst. Lack of self esteem tutorial for women. Scrappy and his mom need to go play in traffic. Support your children. If you hang out all night don’t expect your woman who is by the way the only one on the show with a 9-5 real job, to stop her $$$ for your dumb irresponsible arse.

  28. 2bme says:

    Scrappy has officially beaten Diddy for the mouth breather award….that's not a a proud thing

  29. Texasloveroflife says:

    Why are y'all not addressing KMchild in that Willy Wonka jumpsuit she on??? Please stop acting like y'all did not see it €€€€ dead on arrival DOA!

    She's childish…. Poor baby looking for attention. Grow up!

    You from Memphis @@@@@

  30. Chi City Chick says:

    I love your site and the hilarious comments on here. Love n Hip Hop is truly about easy ass skanks being respected more than the classy women. Karlie is not only a lying hoe desperate to get on, but she is a terrible rapper/singer. First wit Kirk, he seemed tearful because he is out of a job soon. He know good and hell well he ain't been providing the best management for Rasheeda. Now she has a much harder time getting on wit so much time wasted due to his inexperience. She's not lyrically inclined like Lil Kim or Lauryn Hill, so promo should have been top notch with image development. Scrap so immature. He trying to run the child support situation after dumpin his girl and kid and laughing about it with staple wig Shay who is so tacky and clearly can't afford a good piece of hair.

    • MissK says:

      I agree she likely could not go toe to toe with real female lyricist like Kim… Lauryn Hill, or even Foxy(teehee)..That bubble gum rap is not a good look when you reach a certain age… leave that to the teens… When the artist leave much to be desired talent wise they always focus on IMAGE!..which sucks for us..but hey it worked for Rihanna.If Rasheeda can really rap.. she needs to show and prove..and not that bubble gum rap either!

  31. CP says:

    Luv me some K.Michelle

  32. Rauisha says:

    Scrappy & his ugly….ass mama need to kill themselves they are so low u cant even see them. K Michelle like but i'm going to need u to quit act'n crazy ur proving everybdy point abt u. Erica keep doing u an taking care of ur child he dont know any better look who raised him dont take child support off his ass let his smart ass mama take care of his weak ass. Rasheeda I think u need to just be a wife the rap game not working. Karlie just trash try'n to get in where she fit in. Mimi u just sad an think u got it going on u letting this whack ass nigga play u crazy u want Josline to respect u but he aint an please quit say'n how long u been w/him it really makes u look stupid! He out here having unprotected sex w/woman an it goes right over ur head bcuz u want to say ur man in the industry! Josline u my girl u keep it 100 an u know when ur wrong unlike everybdy else….

  33. B!tchISplitTRACKS says:

    Lmao at the cheap ass people on here talkin bout "I'm glad I aint got cable"……YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT…U PROLLT DYING TO SEE THIS SHIT, THAT'S WHY U ALL UP IN THE BLOGS TRYNA GET THE SCOOP…

    • MissK says:

      I'd personally rather see people without cable tv and their electric .. bill ..paid because it would mean that they have their priorities in order! If you cant afford it you shouldn't have it…

  34. Nellie601 says:

    I've yet to hear anyone mention how Scrappy had the nerves to come get his couch (and hopefully more than that since he had that big ace moving truck) BUT failed to get his darn clothes!!! SMH. Now I'm wondering if Shay is smart enough to realize that Scrappy was playing her too. He was telling her that there was nothing else going on with him and Erica when clearly it was. Think she was catching on when Momma De was talking to her (and did u see how Momma Dee was noticing that she was telling to much and tried to take it down a notch?) LOL SMH

  35. CoCo says:

    Mama Dee is the prime example of a mother who confuses her son with her man. And what's REALLY her beef with Erica? Scrappy's money? Is she upset that Erica has him paying child support and the child support money cuts into what he gives her? Some nerve! EMANI is the #1 priority, NOT MAMA DEE! Get your own! And what was she doing filling Buckeey's head with negativity about Erica? Mama Dee has too much time on her big manly hands. MAMA DEE: GET A MAN AND GET A JOB!

    Buckeey needs to stay out of it. This is between Scrappy and Erica. And what was she doing slapping high fives with Mama Dee and co-signing going gangsta on Erica? Fall back you buck tooth muskrat!

    Erica is too beautiful and too great of a catch to be Scrappy's cushion. He wants to have Erica to fall back on when things don’t work out between him and his new chic. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. That's basically what he was telling her while at her house moving out. Wake up, move on completely and don't look back Erica. He is too much of a mamas boy to ever change.

    MiMi and Stevie are just too old to be doing this. He acts like a dog in heat and she is just as pathetic. I really hate their storyline.

    K. Michelle needs a love interest and they need to show her singing and grinding in the studio more because this chic can SAAAAAANG! She is very funny and entertaining to watch, but I would like to see her dating, interacting with her son and moving forward in every aspect of her life. Maybe next season.

    So Karlie Redd has moved on from LA Reid's son to Benzino. Hey, whatever it takes to get on I guess. Good luck! (Snickering)

    Joseline, Joseline, Joseline. So now Stevie's jealous of her? HA! Naw Boo. For once, Stevie told her the TRUTH! That tropical costume that she had on was AWFUL and if she releases promo pics wearing that get up, she will become the laughing stock! But I see that she is beginning to "feel herself" so she'll probably learn the hard way. SIGH…

    I really like Sheeda but I think it’s a wrap on her rap career. Maybe it’s time to consider a new hustle. I hope everything works out for her though.

  36. angeleyez07 says:

    ERICA-I LOVE HER!! because she is taking care of business and on her grind with a real profession. Not star struck at all.

    RASHEEDA-Give it up girl. Manage artist. You look silly now! Too old!

    K.MICHELLE-Back woods country. Grow up! And stick with one good weave. I'm getting confused!

    JOSELINE-You are delusional! lol. You ain't the main chick. You got played like all the rest Boo! But I admire your assertiveness. Your talent sucks though. Sorry! all I see in your future is the porn industry. And I'd be curious to see whether you have male or female parts. I'll be watching just for that. Ha!

    MIMI-I liked you at first. But you are looking stupid now. When are you going to understand Stevie doesn't value you? Such disrespect. And you keep swallowing hard.

    KARLIE-You sucked on stage. But you are beautiful and I did like you and Benzino together. Just keep the deep mouth kisses off camera. It was uncomfortable to watch. LOL

    SCRAPPY-Lost all respect for you. I'll never purchase a project you are a part of. Dead beat!

    STEBBIE-It looks like its all for the show. You are not "The Man". You actually look like a minute man. But none the less. All I see is "DOG". Your day is coming. Running up in folks raw will get you killed.

    MAMA DEE- I had to list you with the men because you look like one. Mind your damn business and knock that trifling boy of yours off the tittie!

    BUCKEYEE-I had to put you at the bottom because you have the least relevance on the show. You are only in the mix to get some come up! Reality TV professional is a ridiculous occupation. Since porn didn't work for you just go get a real job!

    Who did I miss?

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