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WTF?!? Who The Hell Wants To Kill Al B Sure? Read His Cryptic Facebook Message…

Jul 16th 2012 | Written by ATLien

90’s singer Al B. Sure wrote a very cryptic message on his facebook page recently, indicating who should be contacted if by chance he’s found dead!

For those of you out of the Diddy loop, Kim Porter’s oldest son Quincy is actually Al B. Sure’s biological son.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been helping Quincy with his musical career and has pretty much raised him as HIS son.

I mention that because for some odd reason, many feel that Al B. Sure is directing this letter to Diddy or the Illuminati but no one knows for sure.

Check out what Al B. Sure’s bizarre facebook rant below…

Important Read: I want to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate the consistent love from you over the years musically and all else.

I am originally a hustler from the streets of Mt. Vernon from very humble beginnings, a loving Mom who made sure I went in 100 % on all and made something of the music craft that Ive loved dearly. I thank you for sharing it with me over the years.

I am just a human being, not perfect but loves hard and appreciates all the God has allowed to happen in my life. Even my enemies, specifically the Wealthy ones that can’t help but be jealous of me and even the Broke ones that have entered my life with ulterior motives which are most because of my trusting, giving spirit and willingness to help everyone wether they deserved it or not.

From getting artists record deals and them selling millions of records to helping those from being put out into the street or feeding them when they claim they have no food and I ask for nothing. Ive come to find out that there are someone very jealous and “Bad” people out here that you all know, love & worship at times that are so jealous of me and doing some very Bad things to me like stalking my place of rest and even faking as if they are workers for major cable companies etc. we all are getting the hint by now.

They’ve have also gotten to people closest to me (X’s, co workers, Fakers and plants) by playing games, threatening them to kill them 1st if the turn them in, and or paying them money if they can get me to show up by telling me they are in need and seeing if I’ll drop everything to help, as well as offering them things they can’t refuse in their desperate lives which makes them complete trash when they accept. They’ve even gone as far as getting them implants, devices and cameras watching me at home and to follow me around and they communicate and feed them lines by walkie talkies to try and set me up etc. Even renting a place in my neighborhood.

The best part of why God is so amazing is that I now know exactly who the idiot(s) are and the fake alias’ all are and I wish them all God Speed.

So FYI: If I (Al B. Sure! Aka Al Brown is found DEAD please contact my attorney Author Aaronson and he will have all of the information on everyone including their own closets emptied out and the main culprit “funding it” all. I will share who the key players are with you so as I said if I am found DEAD you will know the who what shortly after Since they seem to think that it’s a joke or that I am f**king joking we will find out who’s really from Mt. Vernon and not faking it.

As I said “Continue to F*** with a hungry, wounded animal in the woods with nothing to lose and you will eventually get eaten… All involved and my favorite Bohdi Bear Rest in Peace…to my Sons, I love you severely! ABS!!! (source)

I don’t get it but if any of you have a clue what Al B. Sure is talmbout… please feel free to give me a clue. Thanks.



  1. Sean Pegross via Facebook says:

    Ooh this love is so, that I won’t letcha go.

  2. I dont think thats kim porters son.i 4got hether

    • VICTORIA says:

      That's Kim's son Quincy with Al B. Sure. Misa Hylton-Brim son is with Diddy and their son name is Justin Combs.

  3. She was diddys stylist bac in da day shes ththeblond chick in biggie smalls video in da hot tub idr which video

  4. LocLoc6 says:

    What do you mean you don't get it!
    it explains out in the letter!
    If someone was FOCKING with you and watching and listening in on you wouldn't you be CREEPED THE FOCK OUT?
    WTF is wrong with you idiot bloggers? Is he crazy or on drugs? GTFOHWTBS!
    Al B. Sure! has a very sound mind, is extremely intelligent and is NOT on drugs. For him top document this, there had t be a reason. That's the damn problem with people now, When people reach out for help, people quickly want to place them in the nutso category because they are reading or hearing something that is not a usual occurrence for them. Shyt like this goes down OFTEN.

    Paying for your safety.

    • Pretty Brown ~.~ says:

      I mean if this is true, shouldn't he involve the local authorities' and not the blog sites? just my opinion.

      • Shawnee says:

        calling the local authorities wouldn't be enough if he wants the world to know what's going on. Plus if this is being done by a person of power it would probably end in a cover up. They'll try to say he OD'd like everyone else.

      • K says:

        I love how you as an African-American place so much trust in the "authorities" given their track record…to follow thru esp. as it concerns the life of a black man…Travon Martin lack of investigation ring a bell..see the irony there??

      • Shay Shay says:

        Actually is was a very smart move by Al B Sure. Puffy has money, lots of money. Don't think that police aren't/can't be bought off to make things disappear. I would love to know the number of dead bodies Puffy and Jay-Z that have all fallen under the radar because they have paid off authorities to say cause of death was "overdose or suicide."

  5. Iam OnlyMe via Facebook says:

    Wow~ he talkin bout some1 that has enuff money to pay people to do things that can harm him…hopefully they dnt go after his attorney now that he did put HIS name out there but not the “rich stalker” He may want to just gone ahead and write another letter and say wtf he tryin to say and drop thier (whoever it is) names~ ijs…he to scared to say wtf it is but will jepordize his attorney~ cause he said thatz who will know everything. Smh.

  6. Slick Tik Tha Ruler via Facebook says:

    Man that ninja smoked some bad shit!!! Smh….

  7. Alitha Smith via Facebook says:

    Damn thats fucked up!!

  8. Fat-Belly Bella Mamacita via Facebook says:

    Thats what the industry does they want us to think these artist are crazy and on drugs

    • anonymous says:

      Absolutely. That music industry is evil and he probably knows he is about to become somebodies blood sacrifice!

  9. Juicy says:

    R u all just straight stupid. That is very much so Kim Porters son, it sayysays it in the passage. And by the way she wasnt his stylist. Thats is his biological oldest son , Justins mama

  10. Tee says:

    Praying for ya, Al B.

  11. I believe him. As crazy as it sounds, something has him on edge and that’s fd up noone is taking him seriously. Praying for him

  12. Valley Girl says:

    Ok, why would he put his attorney out like that? Just give the lawyer the info and tell HIM to send it to whomever should Al B Sure meet his demise.

    I don't know if he is nutting up or if he has a legitimate reason to fear for his life, but either way telling people WHERE to find the info is dumb – there is a difference between telling them you have the info and telling them where it is….sheesh

    • Ohreally says:

      Agreed. I hope the lawyer has backed up/photocopied the info somewhere other than his home and his office.

  13. LadyDi Brnevereit via Facebook says:

    stranger things have happened–he may know what he is talkin about

  14. i luv shemar moore says:

    (please excuse my spelling) im at work rushing ……. i think he is talking about diddy. i would be suprise what type of nigga is pressed to raise somebody else son. people barley know that quincy is not diddy biological child. and he is rarley with al b sure. and then al b sure disappeared as diddy was blowing up in the 90's. we as a people need to get hip its crazy how semi normal celebritries get this rep crazy, on drugs , getting arrested for faliure to pay your taxes. ex.. lauryn hill, his ass, beenie sigel. the list goes on and on. this is not just a coniscdence

  15. Kam says:

    Was all this written in 2 or 3 posts? I didn't know Facebook allowed you to write so much in one post.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Didn't his own son publicly say he wasn't a good dad & wasn't there for him? Or did the powers that be force his son to say that too?

  17. Shay Shay says:

    Clearly he's talking about Diddy stalking him. There's a whole lot more to this, including the fight to get his son away from Diddy. Al ISN'T crazy, smoking drugs, or wigging out. Diddy is the Devil in the flesh.

  18. I don’t thinks he’s high or nuts! Something going on for him to post it to FaceBook!

  19. Koko says:

    Wow, but, any hoo, he is still one fine looking man, and, his son is quite handsome too, they must have Middle Eastern blood in them with those silly looking uni-brows, get those things tweezed!

  20. Reece says:

    The word "Bad" in his message is capitalized and with quotation marks. Maybe this is a clue he's sending without saying names. I believe him. The BEST thing he could have done was made this public.

  21. MissK says:

    Is he talking about Puffy.. he does have a son with Kim Porter , that he had prior to Diddy hooking up with her!His son Quincy looks just like him… Al B Sure was always known as a pretty boy! He was a celebrity way back when Puffy was still an intern! IJS.. His money is long.. who else is he talking about…

  22. MissK says:


  23. Nicole Anderson via Facebook says:


  24. JaiNikki says:

    Quincy is NOT Kim Porter's son he is Misa's son. Misa is Justin's mom not Kim Porter. Kim's son is Christian the little boy that looks exactly like Diddy! Like it was stated earlier she is the blonde chick from the Biggie video she was in the hot tub! This dude is on that iish he just mad because his son call Diddy daddy and because Diddy do more for his son then he do!

    • Kira says:

      WTF are you talking about Quincy IS Kim Porter's son.

    • LocLoc6 says:

      Quincy IS Kim's son with Al B.!

      Kim Porter has 4 kids.
      Quincy Brown (Father is Al B. Sure! )
      Christian Combs (DAD- DIDDY)
      The Twin GIrls (DAD DIDDY)

      Misa's (Blonde Chic) is Justin Combs mother.

  25. Diva Locks says:

    I always thought Kim Porter was Quincy's mom but ya'll are saying Misa is his mom so I don't know, but I also always thought he looked nothing like her at all anyway, he looks like Al spit him out with no help from anyone LOL, he is a splitting image of his daddy.

    • Ohreally says:

      Kim is Quincy's mom. There is an old music video somewhere in which she and Al B. are sitting next to each other.

  26. Bmore says:

    This is a very crypic but coherent letter, I highly doubt if he's on drugs, it's a cold world out there and he's clearly talking about Diddy, who we all know is an evil spirit of some sort, seems like every black man connected to him gets the life sucked right out of him. Diddy is a dark dude that's all I'm saying, use your third eye.

  27. I'm just saying says:

    Wasn't there a record executive that committed sucide after making the same claims that Al is making now? The funny thing is that I think he ated Kim Porteras well. The illuminati is real.

  28. Jai says:

    I don't think that Al B is crazy either. There is so much that goes on that the masses are blinded to. That's why the media keeps us entertained, so that we are ignorant to what's really going on. Do ya research!

  29. lovely says:

    he not crazy at all. the best thing he could have done for himself was put that letter out there.

  30. Someone Who Knows says:

    Al B Sure is no saint, in fact what people DON'T know is that he's quite the creep, using old ladies & divorcee's out in L.A. for their money – lying, scheming & conning ANYONE HE CAN So if anything, he's probably running scared from something HE CAUSED.

  31. Gwendella says:

    Just wow. I pray he's okay and that he stays that way. Al is one we've never heard had issues. Wow

  32. l says:

    I believe you ,Al. I plead the blood over your life.

  33. customcalendars4u2 says:

    Come on people it don't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out who he's talking about he damn sure gave enough clues…. "Bad" in quotation marks,he said he's not the only one from Mt. Vernon,saying that we all know who this is and sometimes people worship him(IDIOTS do),he spoke of his Ex being influenced by this person and threatened and he said he loves his sons severely including his eldest Quincy meaning no matter what others have tried to put in his head over the years and Poison him against his Biological father that he does love him. This letter IS inadvertently to the authorities, because Facebook helps solve Many crimes these days they probably gave him the idea to post the letter in the social media which will make his tormenters "Back Off" from being outed. Unfortunately the Police can't Technically do anything for Al until a crime has actually been committed against him. Listen AL B. I'm soooo "Sure" that you're not crazy and since you are smarter than those who Plot against you then your problems will quietly now go away. Now if they really are some Insanes to the Brain then you & your Lawyer will disappear, Lol,but now see we aint even gone speculate on all that cause you are gonna be alright!!

  34. Thycknyss says:

    Oh my……..

  35. Baybunie says:

    Al's not crazy at all. This sort of thing is happening to hundreds of thousands of people across the country esp. in California.

    If you never heard of "Organized Gang Stalking" and "Electronic Harassment" then may I suggest that you educate yourself.

  36. Helya says:

    Damn now they out to get ABS, for what…why sacrifice him?

  37. brandy says:

    I dont think hes crazy ether or taking drugs becouse look at micheal jackson befor they killed him he said the something similer to what al talking about the only differants is al is facebooking it andmicheal publicly did it and they need hes son tosacific his real dad so diddy could get als son singing off the ground i agree the industry is evil people need to take a lookback at the star that died whitny preidict when she was going to die then when she died they asked her only child areu going tofollow your mother footsteps and she said yes on the oprah show now she all on differant magazines before witney died her daughter never on blast like she is know but one reality show with her parents so yes i belive they are trying to kill him but alkeep that faith in god that he will keep that blood of jesus on u i love al b

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