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Champagne Life! Young Jeezy, T.I. and Ne-Yo Hit The Club… [PHOTOS]

Jun 6th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Shaffer “Ne-Yo” Smith were spotted enjoying that ‘Champagne Life” at Atlanta’s club Vanquish last Thursday (May 31, 2012).

The hot trio, who all donned white on top, partied the night away poppin’ bottles and enjoying the scenery.

Jay Jenkins looks so intelligent when he rocks his glasses….

While my initial thought was that this was a “boys night out” it appears that the significant others of both Tip and Ne-Yo partied alongside their boos as well.

More photos…

Cute couple! Tip and Tiny…

Ne-Yo and his boo Monyetta Shaw looked like they were gonna ‘make love in da club”…

Something’s different about Monyetta… but she looks AMAZING tho!

Jeezy flew solo in ‘all white errr-thang’…

This picture is saying something… I just don’t know what?? 😕

Pick one: Tip, Jeezy or Ne-Yo?

(Photos: Prince Williams/ATLPics)



  1. ericalenise says:


  2. Pretty Brown ~ ~ says:

    I knew that was Tiny lil hip bone in the first pic with tip… lol

  3. smart balla says:

    would be nice if they work on a song together… we need a new "welcome to Atlanta" anthem …

  4. tb says:

    What the hell is that blond monstrosity behind Jeezy?

  5. YaGurl says:

    TI lookn better w/ the new weight… monyetta gotta new face and also gained new weight… jeezy looking okkk *salute. answer: jeezy.

  6. dreama says:

    is tiny still getting high i saw pic of her at vlvet room and she looked like she was on something?

  7. SummerBreeze says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Did this chic not pass several mirrors before she left the house?

  8. SummerBreeze says:

    I will say I luvs me some Tip and Tiny. They are so cute together.

  9. Bee says:

    What is that blonde thing behind Jeezy. She looks turrible.

    ANYWHO! That damn TIP & Jeezy! Lawd *fans self*
    Monyetta looks fab! Whatever she has done to herself is working! Looking great girl!

  10. lockstress says:

    @Bee…you read my damn mind. I just looked and that shyt took my breath away. What the hell is that?

    Sisters..please stop it! Ya'll look really DUMB with the bleach blonde wigs! I mean c'mon. You look like an albino roach! Ugh. That shyt is not for everyone.

  11. hotlantaboss says:

    She looks kinda like that ghetto-bunny chick named Ricki who was initially approached for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I can't lie, my eyes immediately went to her thinking "at least one always manages to slip through the cracks."

  12. Donna says:

    The chick in that blonde wig and nude lipstick made me laugh too.. Theres nothing wrong with looking like a black woman, we're beautiful! That "white girl, barbie" like Nicki Minaj is not becoming on any black woman, it's hoodrat attire.

  13. Carrington says:

    I thought I was the only one lookin' at that buffoon in the white wig with the white lips… I wish sisters would stop making a mockery of the natural beauty in black women. Why MAKE yourself look like a coon? That's good for Nicki Minaj because she's WORKING. If you're not on a photo shoot for your album, sit your a$$ down!

    I love the fact that T.I. never traded in the woman who cut for him when he was TRYING to get on for an "upgrade"… he gets props from me for being a good husband and father… the arrest thing gets no respect, but otherwise, I like what he represents as a family man.

  14. Carrington says:

    Damn, Donna. I could have just co-signed your comment. LOL

  15. Tijah says:

    The girl in the green dress is Chanita Foster..from that wack show on VH1 Football Wives…

  16. Ax3 says:

    That blonde creature though…who tf invited her to the party?

  17. yeah_honey says:

    I doubt Tiny is pregnant because she still been drinking and smoking it has T.I…they still havent learned shit. They are blessed with a beautiful family….but they are too caught up in that evil industry lifestyle. smh..and Tiny needs a makeover and get her look together with all the money they have.

    She needs to make herself over like LaLa Vazquez did. Take care of your appearence are such a beautiful spirit..your outsides should reflect that. Tiring if seeing you look a mess in public and on TV. Help your woman Tip..cause she sure not helping herself.

  18. Mackeila says:

    These ladies are ridiculously fattt!!comon gurlzzz!!especially neyo"s girlfriend,she is worst….

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