Omarion Rick Ross Maybach Music Signing Party 051212-1

Omarion Celebrates Signing to Maybach Music With Rick Ross in Atlanta… [PHOTOS]

May 14th 2012 | Written by ATLien

There was a whole lotta bottle poppin going on in Atlanta last weekend as Omarion celebrated signing to Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group (May 12, 2012).

[Sidebar: Lil Wayne got Bow Wow‘s paw print on Young Money Records so you know it was only a matter of time before Omarion (who was dropped from YMCMB in ’09) found him a new sponsor. Hopefully Omarion will actually “do work” this time as opposed to Bow Wow who has just been dropping mixtapes for months. But I digress… ]

Rawse, Omarion, DJ Drama, Sheneka Adams, Bu Thiam (Konvict Muzik) and more hit Atlanta’s LIFE nightclub and it looks like “O” is ready willing and able to get the job done!

More photos:

Sheneka Adams shares a kiss with the newest member of MMG…

Omarion with DJ Drama and Bu Thiam

O was gettin it IN! Who knew he had so many groupies? 😯

What do you think of Rick Ross’ decision to add Omarion to his MMG line up?

More photos from this event HERE…


[Photos: Prince Williams/ATLPics]


  1. Shawn says:

    I am just confused every time I look at O. LOL. I don't know what his fashion direction is and as far as his music goes, there's only a couple songs that I liked and I would still bump. Touch is still my s–t but that could very well be because it's a Pharell beat. LOL. I still wish him the best of luck though. Even if I don't bump his music.

  2. Industry Advocate says:

    My only question is: Why is he dressed like Jerome from Martin? Other than that, O do ya thang!

  3. Nakia Williams via Facebook says:

    i dont

  4. Bugsy Simmons via Facebook says:

    Oh no!!!

  5. Dana Rann via Facebook says:

    omarion does have talent, but he needs a style overhaul…or de-overhaul lol he looks like a dayum fool all the time. i hope he can make sum decent music tho, he has a great work ethic.

  6. Janice Phillips via Facebook says:

    Haven’t heard anything from him that’s worth listening.

  7. Nicole Anderson via Facebook says:

    “Maybach music” wow

  8. Tiffany StillGotit Hopper via Facebook says:


  9. Can someone tell Omarion to stop comin out the house wearing blouses!
    And I can just here Meek Mill on the Tour bus saying “this n*gga gonna get us all robbed”

  10. Wil Moor via Facebook says:

    Hope they change him & that gay azz look he got!

  11. What kind of shirt is that??? #SoNotSexy#!!

  12. J Reed says:

    here yall ass go judging my nigga, stop hatin on cuzzo, he got mo cake den everybody on here. mmg. not to mention, that girl he dancin wit badder than all yall talkin wreckless about dude. haaaa. lame hoes

  13. Bee says:

    Never knew he was YMCMB. I have no further comment.

  14. sorry but lol says:

    Lol im sorry but he aint gonna make it far with that wardrobe!

  15. Rauisha says:

    I know u are a blogger an telling the latest gossip is ur job. But I cant understand why do u hate Sheree,Lisa & Marlo so bad. It's making u look like a hater.

  16. Truth says:

    Is that a gold swirl in his hair? He always had his own fashion sense. I hope Omarion gets his fair shake. He is talented and has one several grammys, with the right development his career could pick back up.

  17. Truth says:

    Who is Sheneka Adams? Is she also signed to Mayback?

  18. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    great business move on Ross’ part. O getting with a great management.

  19. NotQueenB says:

    He's super lame

  20. jrzsfnst609 says:

    I am weak at Not Queens B & Sorry but lol's comments. that was tooo funny. Kayne can pull this off, but clearly honey you cannot!!!

  21. Toyla says:


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