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Remember The Jump Off Shaq Was Accused of Stalking? She’s An “Atlanta Mistress” Now… [PHOTOS]

Apr 12th 2012 | Written by ATLien

No your eyes do NOT deceive you… that’s Dwight Eubanks formerly of The Real Housewives of Atlanta chilling at a nail salon with yet another up and coming “reality” show personality.

We haven’t seen Dwight since he hypnotized us with his mugshot a few months ago, but this post isn’t about him…. it’s about the leopard shirted chick, who happens to be the Atlanta jumpoff that filed stalking charges against Shaquille O’neal a few years back.

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Yes… Alexis Miller aka Mary Jane aka M’Jae is back and she’s still bringing drama. *sigh*

Details + photos below…

Alexis has reportedly joined the cast of that Real Mistresses of Atlanta reality show that I told y’all about back in February.

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Now her “PR” team is working in overdrive trying to get her name back out by sending emails like this:


Rumor has been swirling that Shaq’s back with his ex MaryJane whom now their calling M’Jae for the new reality show called “The Mistresses of Atlanta” that she’s starring in produced by MeMpHitz.

MJae been out shopping in ATL with new bestie (Rhoa) Dwight Eubanks, ShAQ has been spending slot of time taping TNT in ATL, so it wouldn’t surprise me as one of your loyal readers!


Thanks Daisy but all all that Shaq stuff has me giving y’all the side-eye for this email… especially since Hoopz has that on lock.

For the record, Dwight has more than enough star power to carry you to reality show glory… at least round these here parts!

[Sidebar: You’d get a few extra points if you can get Dwight’s Purple Door Reality show poppin again… ]

If you really wanna get dramatic, how bout sending me some Shaq peen pics or a few of him sleeping at your house like this jump off did Yung Joc.

Beside’s Shaq, who do you think would be exposed on “Atlanta Mistresses”?



  1. miguel says:

    idk…but i really ready to see this show!!! another hot mess in the making im sure, but interesting.

  2. Bee says:

    Please tell me that show really isn't coming out…smh.

  3. Kaye H Hawkins via Facebook says:

    *yawn* Wake me when they cancel this mess, if it indeed ever even sees the light of day. Let me clarify that shade: #BEHINDTHEPURPLEDOOR

  4. Tee says:

    Is that a vulva showing through the fabric?! Oh, my!

  5. Truth says:

    And people wonder why we say "hoes be winning". Stop making it okay to be proud to be a side chic/mistress. Back in the day those women knew their place, in the back, way in the back until I call you for some loving. Now they all on front street and social networks posting pics and spilling tea. If you gonna prostitute your self out to married men at least show a little decorum, so they pass you to their other friends with money until somebody wifes you up (i.e. NENE)

  6. CEE says:


  7. mary says:

    i hope this will not be made into a reality show, that would be terrible, this is getting to be too much i mean really! now i wanted to tell dwight, dont stick your hands under there without gloves, they just said on the news it's like the tanning booth, it will give you sun burns!!! eeeekkkk! lol

  8. Kamalla says:

    Memphitz producing a show about Mistresses? Um…Toya….ya might want to wake the up girl!

    They say the best way to hide is out in the open.

    Memphitz gettin' some smothered poke chops on the side. How much you want to bet?

    • CandyCane says:

      yeah, I thought they were a solid couple and starting their own show to be called "The Wright Way"….this hot mess is all wrong Toya, smells fishy to me. Did these ladies "audition" with your husband?

  9. SlimShadeee says:

    She's a HO.


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