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Jennifer Hudson Shares Family Easter Photo + Accused Family Killer William Balfour Heads To Trail [Mugshot]

Apr 10th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Jennifer Hudson shared the photo above of her fiance David Otunga, son David Jr. and sister Julia Hudson, taken after the family attended Easter services last weekend.

Sadly missing from the photo are Jenn’s mother and brother and 7-year old nephew who were viciously murdered back in October 2008 by William Balfour, Julia’s estranged husband.

It’s been almost 3 4 years since the murders occurred and Balfour still hasn’t faced a judge in the case due to a backlog in Chicago courts.

But that’s all about to change…

On October 24, 2008, Jennifer’s mother Darnell Donerson was found dead in the family home with Jason Hudson’s body. A few days later, seven year old nephew Julian King was found dead in a vehicle away from home.

Balfour (pictured above in his most recent mugshot), allegedly murdered Hudson’s family in a jealous rage after he found out that Julia was dating another man.  He has been charged in the murders and will finally face trail.

A judge began questioning potential jury members on Monday and reportedly Jennifer plans to attend the trial every day and may even testify against the alleged murderer of her family members. At least 150 jurors have been required to submit questionnaires consisting of 66 questions regarding the Hudson case.

Nine of the questions sought to reveal if potential jurors would likely be affected by the celebrity’s involvement in the trial, since having such a high caliber celebrity like Hudson involved in the trial could make jurors ‘starstruck’ with the inability to remain unbiased.

Gerald Uelmen, O.J. Simpson murder trial defense attorney shared thoughts on the matter, stating:

“The risk is that jurors may be watching her rather than testifying witnesses, and they could be influence by how she reacts”.

Uelmen also advised Jennifer Hudson “not to engage in any facial expressions or outbursts. That could be grounds for a mistrial”.

But keeping a poker face when on trial is the murdered of your close family isn’t exactly that easy to do. Particularly when Balfour’s defense attorneys claim the evidence against him is just circumstantial.

Testimony in the murder trial begins April 23. Balfour faces the maximum sentence, prison for life, if the jurors find him guilty.

Do you think the jury will be swayed by Jennifer’s daily appearance in court?



  1. lia says:

    Correction it should say almost 4yrs not 3.

  2. TheOne says:

    I hope justice is served…but being that the defendent is black, I know it will be. I don't know if I could be so forgiving of that sister to bring such a person into their lives, but she is one of the last people left in her immediate family. That would really take an act of GOD for me to forgive her.

  3. SMH says:

    I cant believe its been almost 4yrs….still sad thought.

    Sidenote: I see jhud sister Julia is not benefitting from her sister being the spoke person for weight watchers or is it Jenny Craig? whatever…she aint on the same diet plan as Jhud. it looks like Julia got bigger.

  4. STFU says:

    can she doe something better with that little boy's hair. every time i see him, he looks like he got bed head, while she and punk are perfectly coiffed.

  5. shell says:

    so obviously her sister didn't call Jenny

  6. Ange says:

    I wish Jhud the best at this difficult time. She truly is a colossal talent and a real inspiration.

  7. Nakia Nickey-Ro Abrams via Facebook says:

    didnt he have that SAME outfit on last night on wrestling?

  8. i dont know if j hud is gonna pull a LILO appearance 4 court. she may come lookin like she does in this photo (tired and drained), considering she will have to relive such horrid details.

  9. lockstress says:

    Absolutely! They will be star struck. I think she shouldn't be allowed in only b/c I would hate for him to get off on some bullshyt about not getting a fair trial b/c of her fame.

    Her sister needs to be front & center in all this garbage. You set that man off cheating cuz you knew he wasn't shyt from jump and now the family is dead. I can only imaging the guilt she must feel. STONE HIM! ugh!

  10. lockstress says:

    Uhm…the child is not bi-racial. COMB HIS DAMN HAIR! That let it fly in the damn wind are for creamy kids w/ white momma's that don't know better. Even Hedi Klum cut her boys hair! Come on now.

  11. Miss Kitty says:

    @ SMH, right. Jenn's cousins did a commercial for Weight Watchers and I always wondered why she never took advantage of the benefits of Weight Watchers.

  12. DirtySouthDime says:

    If Jennifer did not have weight loss surgery why in the hell is her sister still at an unhealthy weight? I'm just saying if Jenny works then why doesn't her sister push the plate away and get some inspiration from J-Hud because she is a very pretty woman. Anyway I don't think that boy killed her family I think this is a big conspiracy how in the hell did he do all that and leave no dna, hair etc.? The will convict this boy just based off of who's family was killed. Come on black folks!

  13. Kellee says:

    I didn't want to say this but since y'all already did…Jennifer couldn't hook Julia hook with a family discount at Weight Watchers? Dang!

  14. versatile says:

    I think Jen's son looks a lot like her nephew that was murdered by that trash. Jen has a heart of gold to have the forgiveness for that trashy azz smiling in that picture. Wouldn't doubt if she was visiting his azz in jail.

  15. NewMeKnowYou says:

    Wait a minute, all the evidence against him is circumstantial? No finger prints, hair, gun powder residue, nothing? sounds a little illuminatious to me.IJS

  16. nat says:

    @ dirtydime…how stupid do you sound. you just keep sittin behind your computer eatin cakes and chicken and getting fatter, but stop hating on those who have gotten themselves together. Jennifer's weightloss has NOTHING to do with her sister. Clearly, Jenny has more to live for and be concerned with – her son and her husband. Think about it – not only did Julia lose her son, she lost her mother and her brother…at the hands of her husband…she probably feels guilty as hell. She looks like she has gained more weight and it's probably due to depression. She looks disgusting, as usual…but don't use her weight to justify your NEED to believe that Jenny didn't lose weight using weight watchers alone. that just makes YOU look really pathetic and bitter.

  17. nat says:

    @ The one….you and me both. I could only see myself forgiving if I never had to see her again.

  18. Michelle Atkins via Facebook says:

    @Laurie: real baddddd!

  19. Michelle Atkins via Facebook says:

    & sloppy

  20. michelle says:

    Why would her appearance in court would be a distraction? As long as the family can sit and not disturb their cool. People talk as if Jennifer only lost family in this horrific crime. THEY BOTH LOST A MOTHER, BROTHER, SON/NEPHEW. Why should Jennifer feelings be thought of more?

  21. versatile says:

    Dude looks like a young Freddie Jackson. He also look like somebody's boinking his ass while he's taking his mugshot.

  22. greygoose125 says:

    I hope the family has the strength needed to make it through this trial – have to deal with the photos and descriptions of how your loved ones died would be horrible.

  23. mary says:

    jennifer sister need to get on a weight loss plan asap, i question her sister judgment and i see low self esteem to even be bothered with that young punk anyway. she should have known better…i see she didn't want nothing out of life but that south side chicago life sorry to say..ghetto bama!!! im glad jenn, got out while she could and did something with her life. im sure that this young punk did so much more to the sister and family , he clearly had emotional problems….i wonder why the mother never put him out from the first few incidents of anger he showed. this whole fiasco could have been avoided. sad sad sad…i hope he get the chair! lol lol lol and i hope her sister can fit in a chair! im praying for you jhud! oh and yes please comb your childs hair, that is not cute!

  24. shad says:

    @versatile…lol…he does look like freddie jackson…wow.
    and that sister should work on her weight issue as well…
    sorry all of that happened to your family members jennifer…god bless

  25. hello readers, just a bad case of love soory for her loss. God has it in his hands. Peace.

  26. Missk says:

    Hopefully justice will be served!

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