OMG! Have You Seen Janet Jackson’s Dramatic Weight Loss? [PHOTOS]

Apr 10th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Janet Jackson is known for her yo-yo dieting (aren’t we all), but the up again/down again songstress is on the low end of the scale after shedding a few pounds as NutriSystem spokeswoman.

Jackson reveals her slimmer figure in a newly released ad spot for the weight loss program, stating:

“This is what success looks like. I lost the pounds I wanted to lose and you can too.”

Check out before & after photos PLUS watch the new commercial below…

When I’m down or really stressed, I eat because that’s my comfort place.

I’ve had a problem with my body image. So that’s why it’s really really important to get to where you really feel comfortable.

You need to look at yourself and say, ‘I like this, I feel good about this. I feel healthy, I feel strong, and this is where I want to be.’

VIDEO: Janet Jackson For Nutrisystem

The new commercial began running yesterday (April 9, 2012) and thanks to her revamped nutrisystem diet and fitness-focused lifestyle, Janet says she’s is on her way to being 100 percent happy with her figure.

“I have a little ways to go to get healthy and to feel the best that I know I can feel. I know I’m on my way to success.”

What do you think of Janet’s slimmed down physique?


  1. Just Me says:

    You GO Janet! If you are happy with you, that's all that matters. You look amazing and I am excited for you.

  2. Janet's my hero! If she can do it at 45 there is still hope for me and these thighs!!! ROFL

  3. NikkiB says:

    I believe Jennifer Hudson with Weight Watchers but Janet…not so much.

    Janet has been known to balloon up and then drop all of that weight in no time. She has a personal trainer and a chef…sooo I dont really see her eating pre-packaged food from Nutra System. I just dont. It would be different if she was fat and had always been fat but Janet has been a size 20 and a 0. So I just dont buy it.

    However she look phenomenal!

  4. versatile says:

    She never has problems losing weight. Between the coffee colonics and workouts she always looks good.

  5. I wish I could afford that kind of food every day 4 weight-loss !!! beautiful !

  6. mzsward says:

    Janet loosing weight is simply not NEWS…Janet has always gained and loss weight in record time. Janet has at her disposal a pletehra of money that affords her private chefs, bariatric doctors, weight loss drugs and more. So this is not news. When you have Janet weighing over 200 lbs and a belly hanging over that will be news but she looks like she always does and that is GREAT so I aint buying the "Janet lost weight on nutrisystems" shit…NOPE not buying that….she was not even overweight before…Show me JHuds sister loosing weight then I will be a believer but not Janet NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! NEXT.

  7. helloisitme says:

    She looks amazing, but I don't like the glorification of these extreme weight losses when it happens many times over. It is simply not good for one's heart to gain and loose weight to the extreme that she does, and especially not if it happens many times in one's life. Pick a realistic healthy weight, diet, and exercise pattern that you can keep up with, and learn how to be a consistent size 4 or 6 rather then yo-yoing bw 0 and 12.

  8. mary says:

    this is bull@hit at it's best, charles barkely even said it was a gimmick! the bottom line is her, maria and jennifer hudson can kick rocks with these fake campaigns…they all lost the weight for different reasons and then these weight loss companies pick them up and want them to sell their product and they do it for the $$$…this is another one of janets up and downs bottom line, she will be back to a size 14 in two months or by Christmas! She not comfy with her weight or face or hair until she fix the inside of her, until then she will never be happy, change begins within not from the outside!!! when will these so called super stars realize this, being rail thin is not healthy and i have a cousin who is 5 2 and weights 115 and still has high blood pressure, it has nothing to do with weight !!! people need to get over themselves..im ashamed of jante and i hate the mariah commercial! they all need to get a hobby!

  9. mary says:

    if she dont stop she will be like her brother michael …

  10. mary says:

    amen to that mszaward!!!! i totally agree cuz she wasn't even over weight!!!! she looked fine just the way she was! if she dont quit she will end up like michael!

  11. Star1 says:

    I notice that it's always big fat arse women who are so quick to tell someone they aren't overweight and didn't need to lose. It's Janet's body not yours-quit hating bitches. The time it took those of you criticizing her, you could have gotten up from the computer and done a couple laps .and wtf has Micheal got to do with Janet weight loss? dumb arses.
    Go Janet, you stay looking better than women half your age.

  12. mary says:

    @Star one-bitch please…where can i send a pic? Have you ever seen me? Do you know me? like i said, it's not OK TO LOOK ANOREXIC and try to fit in with the so called 0-4 crowd. Being healthy is not a size 0 and i dont care what you say or think. I work a nine to five at my desk yes i sure do and guess what else when i go to lunch i go to the forest preserve weather permitting in illinois and walk, when i get off work i have a home gym bitch, i am toned with curves sure am size 10 and want nothing less than a size ten and my husband love every minute of this here body and so do i, he showed me just how much when he woke me up this morning at 3 am with a major hard on as my butt was next to his penis!!! we got it on from 3 am to 5 am….anything else you want to know about me bitch?! and yes …if she dont stop with her self hating ways she will end up like mike on a gurney, BITCH!!!!

  13. TREX says:

    Holy crap she looks ugly.

  14. gboynton says:

    Jan will always look beautiful no matter what she does. Those people who have a problem with the way she looks is only because they are jealous and wish they were part of a royal family that could afford to look like she does at her age. Just Plain old jealousy. That's all that it is. You go Jan!!!! I am proud of you. You look good. Your haters only wish they could be you so let them hate on while you strut on.

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