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Boo’d Up: Brandy & Ryan Press Get Cozy in Atlanta Night Spot… [PHOTOS]

Mar 23rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

Brandy Norwood was spotted getting her goove on in Atlanta’s Vanquish night club yesterday evening (March 23, 2012).

After completing her “reunion” concert with Monica, Brandy hit the club with her booski, Ryan Press, who works in music publishing & production and the two were lovey dovey all night long!

Photos below…

Word on the curb is that Brandy and Ryan are pretty serious and may even be talking marriage. The two have been dating for several months now and Press recently relocated to LA from the east coast to be closer to Bran-Nu.

From what I hear they are madly in love! You betta werrrrk Bran!

Question: Do YOU ever take sand to the beach??

Photos: Prince Williams/ATLpics



  1. sexxy says:

    Love Brandy happy she has a man now,may God bless their union.she is beautiful.

  2. ahhh grow up already. I love to party with my boo wouldnt be a party without him..

  3. Tia Lindsay via Facebook says:

    Brandy got a cutie for a boo. Look nice together. Go B-Rocka

  4. i was sort of thinkin the same thing michelle. although im happy 4 her, im a bit skeptical of her new boo. dude is fine and u know ladies love men more when they’re taken. #ijs.

  5. FuFu says:

    Firstly, can we please have a re-submission of this post. From the spelling mistakes to the missing words, and lack of punctuation – the article is a mess!

    As for the question asked, could someone please elaborate? From what I am inferring from the question, does "taking sand to the beach" imply that L.A. is temptation for a handsome man?

  6. MzMeek says:

    Wow when women gone lose the "girl ^he fine, so u know he gone cheat"! Sad world we living in today!

  7. bellashayy says:

    Omg people read too much into stuff. Go Brandy I'm glad she's happy. She looks great too.

  8. theone says:

    Brandy looks great on these pics. Cute blouse. Cute man. And best of all, she looks so happy.

  9. BeanieBaby_3.0 says:

    I love to see Bran happy…I love love 😉

  10. HeDontWantYou says:

    When you find a real man you don't have to worry about all that cheating madness. My man is PHOINE, but guess what he ain't checking for nobody but me. I'm sitting in the airport after disembarking from a fabulous cruise with my very faithful hubby of 16 years and wonderful. The key is to find a man that is ready to settle down and not one that you think you can pull their players card. A real family man knows the consequences of stepping out and it simply ain't worth it. Some may call it "cheaper to keep her" but those that truly understand know that when you find true love it's worth holding on to!

  11. What the ???? says:

    That lace front is showing and wear is the rest of her blouse. A tramp stamp, enough said.

  12. MissLady says:

    Wow chicks really writin full essays bc Brandy got her a man. Is it really that serious? Givin out tutorials on how to get men and grammer lessons too. LMAO

    Anyway, good for you Brandy :)

  13. Shawn says:

    Brandy seems REALLY happy with this guy and she looks happy. She's freaking glowing!! Looking good Brandy, keep up the good work girl!

  14. ill says:

    She lost points for the tramp stamp…

  15. Truth says:

    Glad she found someone but I never heard of him. Many blessing to the couple.

  16. mary says:

    God bless Brandy, i love her, she been through enough . if this works out or not she is still PAID! Go girl!!!

  17. I soooo love these two together!!! I love brandy and I really truly hope that there is marriage and kids in the future for these two.

  18. Ms. B says:

    Happy for Brandy! After losing her idol it's good to see she's in good spirits. Ignore the haters they just mad. If they not talking about u then you're not relevant. Brandy knows that I'm sure; they talked Whitney right into the ground and still are. Whitney schooled all her babies tho, stay private b/c the media will chew you up and spit you out if u allow them. In her words the media is the devil and they feed on your flesh.

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