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Marlo Hampton: ‘If I Were A Girl…’ [PHOTOS]

Mar 21st 2012 | Written by ATLien

Clearly I’m not the only one who has questioned Martin Marlo Hampton‘s sexual identity, and in an effort to prove that he’s really a “she”, Bravo released several old photos of The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s popular background character.

I know that you know that several Atlanta area rappers know that there are quite a few women in Atlanta who weren’t actually BORN female, and since Marko Marlo’s features were way more feminine before all the botox and nose jobs, perhaps these photos will put some of our questions to rest.

Photos of Marlon Marlo’s transition to diva below…

None of the photos have dates or names but we can only assume that the photo above is either Marlo as a child on her mother’s lap or Marlo and the child she may have given up for adoption.

Since Marlo claims she grew up without parents in a foster home, my initial premise should automatically be voided and she also claimed she has no kids during that historic argument with Sheree in Africa… so I dunno what to think.

I guess that first photo is up for debate for those who actually care.

Moving on…

Marlo posted this photo on her blog a while back and the buzz around town was that while the cute kid (circa 1973) looks a lot like her, it could be a cousin… a sister… who knows?

There are two girls and two boys in the photo… one of ’em is reportedly Martavious Marlo (circa 1979).

The only thing this photo proves is that he she graduated high school (or at least attended a graduation – circa 1989)…

Another family photo of Marlo (post high school)

Martichristo Marlo and friends rockin ‘couture fashions’ in a Florida nightspot…

[Sidebar: I wonder where she hid the knife she says she always carried back then… ]

“However living better now… Coogi sweater now!” *B.I.G.s voice*

By this time Marlo had probably met her “starter sugar daddy” and had begun to rock the finer things in life.

Marlo and her fake fiance’ Charles Grant put on a show for the cameras that couldn’t last the life of the show.

As revealed in an earlier post, in addition to legal issues regarding her violent tendancies, Marlo’s lil fib was one of the factors she didn’t make the housewives cut for season 4.

I’ve heard that Marlo’s popularity warranted Bravo to take a second look at the ex-con, but being as though NO ONE on the current cast (besides NeNe) is willing to risk their lives to tape with her, it’s not looking too good for Mr. Marlo.

How do YOU feel about Marlo after watching her antics this season?



  1. sexxy says:

    I love Marlo,i wish bravo will include her as a regular cast.Marlo if you are reading this don't worry abt the people that keep sending bad venom your way.

  2. Danita says:

    you need to stop with all this mess! im starting to believe that youre not just an innocent blogger but a low down dirty hater!!

  3. Anon says:

    Girl you need to stop. All of this shade you keep throwing at Marlo makes it seem very personal and like there's a hint of jealousy there. Regardless if she's a tranny and/or crazy, she ain't got NOTHING on Crime Boss Mafia Mama Phaedra Parks. I can respect Marlo for coming clean about her past and being upfront about getting money from rich white men. Mafia Mob Boss Phaedra on the other hand has been anything but honest.

  4. East Oakland's Finest says:

    I need Marlo to be a new additon on the show too. She is a dayum fool and I stay rollin off of her!

  5. Jaye says:

    It seems that you are have a personal issue with Marlo, almost like you want to be her. I understand you are not the cutest girl out there, but this is getting really old!!! In fact it's a shame that someone had to call you out for not posting the Phadrea issue, you are lame and I'm done!!!

  6. Angie G says:

    Okay we get it!!! Clearly you DON'T like Marlo but your ALWAYS going hard on her!!! Ease up already! I like your website but its VERY clear to me that you are biased and you have your favorites on the RHOA cast. You sure did take ur time "investigating" the whole Phaedra incident but what about that false accusation that Marlo made about Kim and her wedding ring?! Did you not see that Kim tweeted a pic of the supposedly ring she sold and that in fact she STILL has it?! Come on!! But as always you write what YOU want and choose to leave other important facts out!

  7. TheTruth says:

    This is the best post I've read all day! Girrrrrl Bravo needs to hire YOU for the show because with all the drama you create for trhem you need a check!

    I agree with Javelyn – Where dat baby? If you can prove that she gave BIRTH I might belive her big manly ass is a girl.

    Now to adress your question about what I think about her. She is the epitome of basic classless wannabe rich beeeeotch! She is foul mouthed, cares about nothing of substance and is nothing more than a high priced ho willing to suck dick for the "sugar daddy" at the moment.

    All of that makes her a disgrace to all Black women. Period. BUT unfortunately all of those qualities also make her a top draw for the show.

    We need to start boycotting these "reality" shows that create these stereotypes. Since NeNe was obviously unwilling to shuck and jive this season, Bravo got Marlo to do it for little or no pay.

    How dreadful!

    Marlo – if you are reading this and I'm sure you are – please take some ettiqutte CLASSES and maybe seek therapy before going back on tv. Consider the race. It's bigger than you boo. Maybe study Michelle Obama, Oprah or anyone else who would lose their left pinky before they would go on a reality show.

    Then and only then will you be where you need to be morally.

  8. Dime diva says:

    ms Blogger have u look at urself in the mirrow lately, u look just like a short version of derek j with his bad hair weaves, u are marlos top hater,haten on marlo will never make ur ugly ass pretty, and u stay on nasty ass kandi jock, y dont you tell the truth about kandi sh?t starting ass, and how she f?ck everybody in the industry and her joker mouth that keep alot of stuff in the a going, ok we get it U wish u was marlo,

  9. macy says:


  10. Dime diva says:

    Ms Blogger have you look at urself lately, u look just like a dude, even more with your weight loss, bottomline hater on marlo is not gonna make u look pretty, ur dna is all messed up!!! U and that joker mouth kandi nasty ass, u stay on her jock and wish u can wear some coochie cutters like, GO MARLO sho this ugly ass Blogger what it to look good!!! TEAM MARLO!!!!

  11. iammeeee says:

    That fact that Michelle even wrote about this b-word leads me to believe she may be on MARLO'S payroll.

    You ppl on here insulting her and her site LOVE it because you here every day saying the same thing and referring to everyone with an opinion that doesn't resemble yours "a hater".

    Come up with a new word and think outside of the box for once!


  12. Wow says:

    Biased blogging at its best….marlo looks better than you then and she looks better than you now. I love the website but Im not a big fan of overkill dissing. Now if its something personal as to y you hate this lately, you need to deal with because its affecting your output and making you seem petty and spitefu, (I know this is a blog site, but still)

  13. i like her. minus tha “faggot” comment. shes the perfect ammount of crazy that this show needs. that trip to africa would have been boring to watch if it wasn’t for marlo! plus there seems to be summore to her that we havent gotten to tha bottom of yet… im def interested in her story line. shes a NUT!!

  14. Yanaan Ig via Facebook says:

    You really need to stop hating on Marlo calling her a man and sorts it’s getting old and makes you look like a fool. Stop it. You have made your point. It is now at a point of bullying.

  15. Lashawn Harris says:

    You are such a HATER!!!!!! She looks exactly the same and you need to take some self esteem courses! Find a new topic and go lose some more weight!

  16. Teresa A. Jones via Facebook says:

    Marlo need to be the next housewife..she is over the top crazy.

  17. Kaykay Doll via Facebook says:

    Leave Ms Marlo alone she’s fun to watch

  18. I like her, she is just as fake as the rest of the group. #greatadditiontotheshow

  19. Tracey Burton-Anderson via Facebook says:

    Michelle, im HOLLERING LAUGHING at this article you wrote about Marko . Lmbo.
    Ive seen her at several functions and felt she was very masculine. Big hands and big feet. Kinda suspect.

  20. Where is her child! Now THAT’S the story

  21. Carina Lynn via Facebook says:

    ^^^ she has a child??!
    Wooow!!! Had no idea

  22. Missing Bud says:

    The 'Marko' thing is so overdone and has NEVER been funny. It's clear which person is her in the pics that you tried to act like she may or may not have been in. I don't know what you REALLY have against Marlo, but you can't fault people for calling you a jealous hater. That's exactly how it looks.

  23. nelly says:

    Go Marlo prove em wrong. Michelle aint got any hot topic for but u. Go Marlo esta cumpolumeanos. Go marlo thank mimi for catapulting u to the next level of labeks honey. In my miss lawrence voice “justgive michelleaChznel B” shelkforget about it

  24. Annoyed says:


  25. This is interesting! It does appear that she may ‘possibly’ have a child, huh? Marlo is a whole lot of interesting things, but for the wrong reasons. ANYWAY, I AM SCREAMING!!!! ROFLMAO! No one wants to film with her, except for NENE when NeNe only wants to shoot with her because she wants to ‘taunt’ the other ladies! Marlo is a BACKGROUND character for a reason!!!! I am STILL laughing at the fact that NO one on the cast wants to shoot with her!!!! Can you say RHOA #REJECT LOL SMH

  26. hotlantaboss says:

    I actually enjoyed Marlo. I think she brought a level of spontaneity to an otherwise boring season. She was that special spice to be honest, and I'd like to see more of her.

  27. cha ching says:

    I'm not mad at Marlo's hustling ways or the fact that she has a sugar daddy or three. I however, saw some crazy in the corner of her eye in that South African scene and think she is a risk that Bravo would be stupid to take. The first sign of her using any bodily force or being violent would be law suits everywhere and she does look like she would cut again.

  28. michelle morgan says:

    Marlo doesn't look like a man she just sort of sounds like one. IMO the writer of this blog looks more like a man than Marlo fifty times over. And for the person who said Marlo has big feet and hands, show me a very tall person with small feet. No comment on the hands, lol.

  29. LaShon James via Facebook says:

    #TEAMMARLOANDNENE this way!!!

  30. Kamalla says:

    still looks like a man

  31. shad says:

    ok who said "joker mouth kandi"????…lol..lord have mercy yall crazy

  32. TonyanCali says:

    The woman in the first pic with the little girl looks like she's got that "new jack city" hair cut. Circa early '90 s. I graduated in 92 so… Bk in 91 wil seeing Family in NYC I had a similar cut.

  33. curiousone says:

    Not TeamMarlo by any means because she's truly a sociopath. Not hating just stating my opinion from the behaviors I've observed. But she is a beautiful woman who can dress her behind off, I love her sense of style. She also looks cute on her younger pics, Lord knows I've got some "school days" pics I wish my Mother would burn, lol but hers are cute.

  34. nr says:

    i don't care for her as a person.. but this post is just plum dumb. CLEARLY she's a woman. and as idiotic as she sounds.. she is a good looking woman.

  35. nr says:

    can we stop the marlo jokes and posts now?

  36. DAMN ATLien! You're good! You get the hits without trying (LMAO)! You REALLY didn't have to put pics with her name and the site blew up. You be takin' most of the hits though. I don't know if I could do that. I'd be pingin' at least one of these peeps wid' a b..block right through this screen.But I do wish Marlo would come back next season. Although I heard…she was throwin' shade at her bestie for sayin' she was "inappropriate"for using that WORD on Watch What Happens Live. Marlo doesn't trust or bond with anyone. And I guess this could scare her bestie.Also Wendy shouting out that Nene shouldn't trust Marlo doesn't help anything. Nope to see Marlo next season.

  37. @Gwen Bailey; EXACTLY!! There's a whole lot more we could learn about what's behind each of those mugshots and I know she wouldn't mind telling us(unlike Phaedra).She was most of excitement this season.

  38. Marlo outside of her past would be okay to add to the show. Actually this season was boring compared to the past seasons. Kim is happier got her own show. So goodbye Kim. Somebody needs to create sum drama Plus I’m sure those who watch wants to see the parade of the numerous “suga daddies” she could bring to the show

  39. NewMeKnowYou says:

    Isn't it ironic that in the background of the picture that she's wearing the coogi sweater there's a portrait of a woman holding her child during the depression? N marlo's only goal in life is to dress in the most expensive clothes money can buy

  40. LaRita says:

    I enjoyed looking at her pictures…she looked very sad as an adolescent and she blossomed. Hopefully she will share her life and be able to help someone else through a hard time. She has been up front about who she is and honestly she is all in in the social circle. She wears her past on her sleeves, so its no reason for me to judge..

  41. Dime diva says:

    Ms blogger i swear u really have ur nerves, like i said before , u stay on JOker mouth (KANDI) Jock, and Been mad at marlo since she checked KANDI for being a suga momma. Kandi has laided down with dogs and is covered in flies,bedbugs, craps and ticks, but u and bravo wanna act like she is the sh?it, kandi is famous for throwing bricks and hiding her hand, now tell that about ur girl Kandi, i know u know cuz you r Kandi Tampon! I cat stand you or her. GO MARLO!!!!!

  42. lisa says:

    You're giving Marlo way too much attention. She doesn't deserve it. Ignore reporting about her please. Love the site.

  43. Cincy513 says:

    I love Marlo! She a real woman and a gorgeous one at that! I do hope that Bravo keeps her on the show! I am sorry but I love looking at all of the gorgeous black women on the show every week; it is just entertainment with a little bit of realty. And did I see "Cadillac Kimberly" on the last show?

  44. marlo needs to be added as a regular cast memeber and her pass has nothing to do with who she is today.So stop wiht all the ignorant sly comments about her criminal pass we all are guilty of something and if it was not for the grace of god we all would be in a worse state.Please would you all just quit it with the disrespectful jokes & comments and besides in case you did not know that is cyber bullying grow up and get a life and take time to look at your own self in the mirror for once and tell yourself is the reflection looking back at you exactly because we all have a reflection in the mirror of our own souls that need deliverance from darkness deep within..

  45. amarieadhis says:

    Michelle you're doing the most when it comes to Marlo. You sound so bitter about your own life. Give it a rest will you? I like your site but this is getting a bit much…

  46. MISS JONES says:


  47. Girl, you need to be about your own business. All this talk that you are doing about Marlo makes you look like a straight up hater. You don't sound like a true blogger at all with the TEA boo. You sound like somebody done pissed in your corn flakes. Get your life and stop hating on Marlo and for your information, somebody needs to question whether you are really a woman cause honey you look like you be a line backer for the Atlanta Falcons! LMAO!!!!

  48. T says:

    Cannot breathe LMMFAO at "joker mouth Kandi"……I had been staring at it in utter disgust but joker is spot on, whoa its ugly. Yes get off Marlo, you do seem like a Stan.

  49. The Truth says:

    This post just confirmed what I've been thinking for awhile now….

    You want some of Marlo's hello kitty!

    Why are you so obsessed with this woman?

  50. J says:

    Look at Michelle, then look at Marlo…look at Michelle, then look at Marlo…nothing else needs to be said

  51. J says:

    I've always thought Kandi's mouth was more of the grinch…and that voice of hers is so nasally, yuck

  52. Truth says:

    I am not a fan of her but you just need to stop with this is he/she rant. If you don’t like her don’t talk about her, you’re making her more famous. This is the only blog I see that discusses her aside from her being featured on RHOA episode. Her and that etiquette book and telling everyone how they should conduct themselves turned me off completely. I hope she is not on RHOA permanently. They rating are already down this season so I guess the producers will look past her past if she can boost ratings.

  53. Really?!?! says:

    I will never insult someone in their own home; however, Michelle, I must admit that this "Marko, Marquavious, etc." thing has gone a bit to far. I never laughed at it and I happen to have a great sense of humor. Marlo is a beautiful woman.

  54. troi says:


  55. mzw says:

    If its true that none of the other housewives other than Nene will tape with her is true, then Bravo should reassess what they now have. Marlo will definitely bring in the ratings. Ratings prove two words…"cha-ching". Personally, I like that sound. What on earth do the "girls" think will happen while taping with her? They let her go all of the way to to Africa and the most that happened was that she put Sheree in her place and kept it moving…..WE WANT MARLO-WE WANT MARLO-WE WANT MARLO.

  56. sexxy says:

    Agreed with you @mzw…..we want marlo….

  57. StraightfromtheSC says:

    Ok, STOP IT with all the "Marlo is a man" references! It is REALLY getting old, and quite annoying…smh

  58. Reading is Fundamental says:

    This here is like some sandra rose type ish for real. Trust I'm no fan of Marlo…girlfriend has a very colorful and scandalous past, but she brings some funny moments to the show.

  59. Synsweetie says:

    WOW are you serious? You continue to bash this woman. Did she piss in your world? Give it a break already, jealousy isn’t attractive you green eyed Atlien. As a matter of fact you kind of resemble her now that you are 75 lbs. lighter.

  60. cookie1 says:

    Michelle, u look like the pillsbury dough bread. Leave Marlo alone,u re such a hater. U wish you could have a sugar daddy or two like Marlo, but you cant, cuz u r ugly booboo.

  61. dont believe the hype says:

    atlien and her lawyer phaedra parks are just working together to keep a smokescreen going to divert everyone ones attetion to the real criminal with is phaedra parks. marlo is just the front man. atlien have you read the book yet? angela stanton is telling the truth. try again A

  62. J says:

    @synsweetie that's an insult to Marlo…Marlo is and has always been a pretty young lady…Michelle looks hurt in the face and Marlo probably reminds her of all the pretty girls that used to make fun of unfortunately faced arse

  63. michelle says:

    I like Marlo becuase she tells it like it is. ANd you are a hater she is pretty and looks real good. You need to back up off of her. She doesn't bite her tongue for no body. You must be jealous because she took one of your men #POW POW two times.

  64. ladyl says:

    Danita says:
    March 21, 2012 at 4:04 pm
    you need to stop with all this mess! im starting to believe that youre not just an innocent blogger but a low down dirty hater!!

    michelle i am really starting to think you write about Marlo, because you know it will generate hits for your blog, just the way SR does when she blogs about Bey it generates hits…I think it's sad and pathetic really…

  65. Aj says:

    I Love Marlo…get over your OBESSION with her!!! Dayummmmmm!!!

  66. Luvmyself says:

    If you dont like the site why do you come here everyday and comment on it. I like the site. It gives me my laughs for the day. I never take it as seriously as some of you do. The haters on this site are making Michelle rich. Werk it Michelle!!

  67. Cyrus K says:

    When I tell you whoever wrote this article had me on the floor rolling scratching out men's names before mentioning Marlo's name. I been laughing for non-stop now for 30 mins. A messssssssss! I love it! She does have some masculine tendencies. Hmph!

  68. Sheena says:

    I initially liked this site because Michelle Brown seemed to be alot less messy than the majority of other bloggers out there, but with this post I have lost ALL respect for Straight From the A.
    Ms. Brown, you just blew your own cover and proved that you are no different than Sandra Rose, Media Fakeout, and the rest. I'm not even a fan of Marlo, but what turned me off is that as I scrolled through the post, I could literally feel the hatred and venom that you quite obviously have for Marlo. Yes, she's super tall and has a deep voice, but she is a WOMAN, and your constant references to her being trangender have gotten old and tired. I'm not sure what personal issues you have with Marlo, maybe she peed in your cheerios once upon a time, but whatever the issue, you have now crossed the line into using your site to bully and that is not cool. At all. Check yoself!

  69. ATLien says:

    First of all… Marlo is NOT a native Atlantan and no one knew who she was prior to her appearance on RHOA.

    That being said, many of us questioned WHO and what (male/female) she was. Sorry to disappoint you but it is what it is.

    Even the gay men that she's so happy to hang around with have said things behind her back questioning if she was actually born female.

    Since some of you clearly misread I will break it down for you…

    WE DON"T KNOW THAT CHICK! Period. Just like any other fakers who move to town, there are questions that should be asked of people who just "pop up" in town without a past (just ask T.I. about a few who "popped up" in his circle)

    I agree with all of y'all. Marlo's style game is tight to def. No argument from me there. But she's still relatively a stranger and no one knows much about her.

    Yes… the season was interesting with Marlo on it but so is watching murders on The 1st 48 and some people hate that show.

    Just because some of you absolutely love her dirty designer draws, does that mean that I have to also?

  70. citygirl81 says:

    Michelle you just slayed errbody! LOVE IT!

  71. @Atlantaaaaa on Twitter says:

    Chile please, just because someone "POPS" into town does not mean that they use to be a man. Marlo does not look like a Tranny, act like a tranny or any of those things. Even if she didnt wear designer clothes it does not stop the fact that she is a pretty lady. Her face is prettier than any female on RHOA. You clearly have a personal issue with her. No one can tell you what to post because this is your site but all the malicious lies and accusations are pretty disturbing. So, if I hear that you have been involved in some kind of violent confrontation in the streets of the A I wouldn't be surprised!

  72. lisa says:

    @ATLien you are either slow or dumb becuase anybody can pop into an area and you not know them and obviously you don't know yourself. How Marl ogot her money is none of your business, who Marlo is screwing is none of your business, how her bank account looks is none of your business, if she flew in from Mars that's none of your business. She is in a baller status and the so called haters are obviously jealous becuase they don't have what she has. so #Bloop on that too cutygirl81 and ATLie. That's what's wrong with black people just because they can't get there game up and another black person is that come up with the hating, naysaying, and debating. Be real with yourself and then you get be real with others. I'm sure you don't know everybody in ATL so looks like you need to get a life and maybe just maybe you can get you a Sugar Daddy or somebody to take care of you. Try suupporting other blacks than hating and the ATL will be a much better place. #POW again.

  73. @Atlantaaaaa on Twitter says:

    Also, you obviously new to the gay Atlanta scene because I have not met a Tranny yet that has denied that they are a Tranny.

  74. @Atlantaaaaa on Twitter says:

    @Lisa, I was born and raised in Atlanta and yes ma'am there are some hating mofo's here. There is absolutely no reason on earth to hate, be jealous, or dislike anyone. Especially someone that you don't even know.

  75. Truth says:

    ATL is booming without of towners from NY and NJ, their are plenty of people popping up in town. We get it you question her background but you beating a dead horse at this point and its not cute or funny. You just sound like a bully or your jealous. When you were at Adyens water party did you say "Hey Marlon, Marcus, Martichristo"? I personally dont care for her and I enjoy your site, but I bet she still give a chic a buck fifty across the grill. She has money for lawyers to get off.

  76. DeeDee says:

    I can't believe we are questioning this. If Sheree didn't have babies i would she would be the one to question. She looks to much like a man to me!

  77. guest says:

    That picture of her as a toddler made me smile. How cute!

  78. lisa says:

    I know exactly what's wrong with ATLien and I've been trying to figure it out allday. The big poppa that Marlo had you must of tried to talk to him and he didn't like you so now you spreading rumors about Marlo becuase she has her A game on. You must of tried to get in her business and nobody would give it to you so now you HATING. If I saw Marlo today I would give her a big hug because she is so outgoing and friendly, you on the other hand ar MESSY. #TEAMMARLO and NENE. At guest she was a cute toddler. @DeeDee I know Sherre is more masculine than MArlo.

  79. J says:

    @ATLien who hurt you…you've just confirmed you don't know Marlo yet you spew your venom as if you have personal ties to her…so again, who hurt you, maybe if you get the therapy you obviously need, then you will be able to move past your hatred of Marlo

  80. what? says:

    im based in south africa,i love this side BUT this marlo thing i s just S***<my sister jelous makes you look nasty,we all have our past,Marlo's past doesnt define,get a hobby maybe lose some more fat

  81. Ericka says:

    Ok, enough already. I have a love hate relationship with Marlo. I loved her the first few episodes then post africa I was disappointed in how she acted there. However, find something else to do this seems PERSONAL or obsessive…there is more to talk about then Marlo.

  82. mary says:

    FIRST OFF ATLIEN….MICHELLE, WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF….i don't know who YOU ARE…you are new to me; now does that mean i take a look at your pictures on this site, pick you apart and degrade you in any way i can? OR… do i give you a chance to show ME who YOU really are. Which by the way, you have shown me that you are a a HATER, JEALOUS HEARTED, BIASED and many other negative things. but i still come to this site because you have some good topics in spite of most of your negative ways. now…you have posted a many pictures of marlo and all of her bizness…why go through the trouble if you dont like someone. So what if the others girls dont want to tape with her, guess what, she just did another blog yesterday… contrary to what you think or believe or what your so called spies tell you, marlo is in the door and there is nothing your hatred can do to stop or block her. you talk about atlanta as if it is the capitol of this world and it is not!! atlanta is a place where there are a lot of wannabes including YOU! please stop with the hatred of a BLACK WOMAN…she did NOTHING TO YOU!!! no you dont have to "like" her as you say but you should respect her as she would you and let her be, if you not going to add to her hustle then dont knock it. but you doing enough cuz when we come to this site and post her pics and her this and that you make her even more famous so your hate dont do nothing but give her another boost for those of us that want to get to know her and see more of her and for that i thank you but you need to back off her and let this woman shine, cuz she going to do that anyway. the negativity need to stop against her is all we are saying!!! have a nice day michelle or atlien or whatever your name is cuz i dont know but i am willing to give you a chance to redeem yourself!

  83. mary says:

    i just read all the comments, man i am cracking up at joker mouth lol lol hell to the naw….it's true, i have been trying to figure out who kandi looked like by the mouth and yall are dead on it!!! she look like jack nicholson that sit next to spike lee at the lakers games! lol lol lol oh lol too funny..and her voice is irritating maybe thats why she is always need the studio and machines and cant be like the country star and sing live with a band recording .. only real singers dont needmachines honey…kandi is so fake and thats why she will never be a beyonce or whitney houston…sheree another one with the slow talking, i believe sheree was on the yellow school bus! lol lol lol

  84. Kia says:

    This is overkill! Girl, get yo life! This horse is sho'nuff dead OMG…find someone else to pick on. Marlo has made no qualms about who she is or what she chooses to represent. But calling her boy names, etc. etc. is getting old..VERY old! I'm not necessarily team Marlo but I'm team Current new and relevant. I'm just sayin.

  85. Dime diva says:

    JOKER MOUTH KANDI, and 2high hair line in the back PHADRA and this blogger been mad at MARLO every since she got CHECKED by marlo, so u ms blogger continue to throw venom Marlos way, write the truth on JOKER MOUTH KANDI Oh yeah thats ur girl, Kandi been starting shit since she was 15 and KANDI aka Joker Mouth has Fuck everything and probaly you2 Ms Blogger Thats y u haven exposed her nasty ass, And if U From the ATL you know it! expose her but injections hummmmmmmm!

  86. slewis says:

    Marlo is a beautiful WOMAN! Some "people" are just jealous b/c she is fabulous & fly. When Marlo first came on the show Phaedra, kandi & Sheree were all over her b/c they thought that Marlo was gonna fight NeNe over ugly ass Charles. Their plan backfired & now they don't want to film with her b/c she & NeNe became good friends. They tried that same crap with NeNe. Phaedra, kandi & Sberee are so jealous of NeNe's success they didn't want to film w/ NeNe either. They were hoping that Marlo & NeNe leave or get replaced on the show. They are too stupid to realize that without NeNe or Marlo on the show," THERE IS NO SHOW"!! I won't be
    watching b/c those 3 birds aren't interesting enough to carry the show. And Bravo will not give them a spin-off like they gave Kim.

  87. PAM says:


  88. CIO says:

    it's pathetic that if a woman is tall she is called a man. yet what should we call your basic looking ass? your biggest claim to fame is talking about famous people. nobody would want to see your unattractive self on a show.

  89. Ericka P says:

    I love Marlo, she is so pretty. So does not look like a man. Sheree is the man! People need to leave her alone. The girl have it going on!

  90. Joy Williams via Facebook says:


  91. Carolyn Bolivar via Facebook says:

    That was a funny article ! Bravo should have held higher standards and never let her on the show.

  92. SMH says:

    Oh my some of these comments are HIL-and CRAY- did MARLO have some of her "friends" post comments. I have never seen this many comments.

    Anywho, sooo Marlo was a BARtender? she dont OWN the bar she just works there or did.

    and NeNE never did a follow-up show or conversation on if that was her Daddy or not….

    Hmmm…NeNe and Marlo both seemed bitter, both are looking for accolades for there accomplishments…and both seem to have Momma/Abandonment issues. maybe thats why they look for other women, especially NeNe for accteptance.

  93. Lady says:


  94. atl_cutie says:

    i cant be mad, she is a pretty girl. she was rockin that coogi and versaci back in the day!

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