Allen Iverson’s Wife Demands List of All Sexual Partners…

Mar 21st 2012 | Written by ATLien

Former NBA baller Allen Iverson may be making a list and checking it twice since his estranged wife is demanding a list of all the women he’s had sex with since their 2001 wedding day.

If you recall, when Tawanna Iverson originally filed for divorce back in June 2011, she explained that her split from A.I. had absolutely “nothing to do with another woman.”

Well apparently that’s all changed and she wants NAMES!

According to TMZ, Tawanna has totally did a 180 and filed court documents earlier this month requesting the list.

The filings specifically ask that A.I. “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.”

No word on why Tawanna is seeking the list now, but surely she knows he’s been with another woman or two or three or fifty… but it’s most likely a power play to push the divorce forward since it’s been dragging so long.

Tawanna is also asking for Iverson to disclose all of his financial info as well as any purchases he’s made over $1,000 since they married.

Rumors have been swirling that Iverson is flat broke and Tawanna has claimed Allen spent all the money on himself … leaving her and their five kids hard up for cash.

No response yet from Iverson’s camp but I’m sure there’s a ton of stressed out woman who don’t want their names in his divorce documents.

Do you keep a “list” readily available of all your sex partners?



  1. ChiTownDiva says:

    That's the same thing D-Wade's ex-wife did but it didn't work. Most chicks not gone come out the woodwork unless they're represented by Gloria Allred. Maybe she should strike a deal with the jumpoffs like Shaunie Oneal. But nevertheless my guess is a STD is involved and she wants to confirm that A.I. was cheating on her. smh

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow. She knew he was a 'winner' yrs back when he threw her out the house naked. Why she chose to stay all this time and now get hard nosed is beyond me. She wasted far too much time with this man.

  3. sexxy says:

    She what is she goin to do with the list,she need to move on.smh.

  4. curiousone says:

    He probably doesn't remember the majority of them, let alone their telephone numbers and addresses. I hope there are no STDs involved short of that can't see why she would want their info.? Anyway, THEY didn't cheat on you, he did. Can't expect complete strangers to care more for your feelings and family than your own husband did. :(.

  5. A.JOY says:

    Who does this SMGH IN LESS YOU HAVE STD….Why you did'nt save I fault you as a women you should know better…And kids you as father put away money…SMDH

  6. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    smdh… dang this cat used to ball so hard but bad money mismanagement and i hate to say this but his circle of influences sucks now his wife want a list? Sounds like a scorned woman to me!

  7. Tamara PShontel Tims via Facebook says:

    Smh bet he can’t count on one hand how much ass he getting now…smh just f’ked off his money. Cole….u stupid!!!

  8. Tenisha Torrence via Facebook says:

    Sounds like someone has the package & wants to know where it came from. That list is extremely long I bet. He’s never been faithful and I don’t think Tawanna is that smart of a woman anyway.

  9. Nikki Brown via Facebook says:

    OMG Tenisha you read my mind .. I was thinking the same thing ..

  10. Auntie Brooke McCoy via Facebook says:

    LOL! Not enough paper!!!!She has no clue as to how many women a man can actually sleep with. A list? Does she really thinks he remembers them all!

  11. Taj says:

    There is definitley an STD involved…SMDH.

  12. l says:

    Mrs.Iverson,you really don't want to know all those names,do you?You better watch what you ask for,sometimes you don't know what you may come up with.

  13. Sandra Merriweather via Facebook says:

    that is GOOD adivece SMART lady..

  14. Yup sounds,like the,monster is in the room. I can’t fathom any other reason for requesting a lost during divorce proceedings.

  15. Eboneé Hood via Facebook says:

    What exactly is she trying to get, or do? I mean, guh bye, go get a job

  16. Tobias Strerath via Facebook says:


  17. Truth says:

    I dont get the motive behind this. Is she planning on contacting these ladies? Even if there is a STD involved I am sure these ladies know they burning after a couple of weeks let alone 10 years. Hopefully people get tested regularly because its too much things going around. Then again I used to know some chics in Miami who were trying to "land a baller" so they were raw dogging it.

  18. keepit100 says:

    all this is old B.S.!!!A.I.and TAWANA are very much still together..i'm a long time friend of both of them.this is all OLD CRAP THAT THE MEDIA IS JUST GETTING A HOLD TO 1 YEAR LATER

  19. JustJD says:

    Actually, these are pretty standard interrogatory questions for a divorce case. Standard discovery is usually sent without the client's knowledge of the particular questions so she may not even know about these questions or have any particular motives. I practiced family law in GA and sent similar questions all the time.

  20. Tracey Burton-Anderson via Facebook says:

    He need to DEMAND a list from HER too. He wasnt her only partner during the course of their marriage….

  21. tokens says:

    I hope the list is for nothing more to identify the women for STD

  22. LongHeelsRedBottoms says:

    Is she stays with his whoring cheating ass then she deserves to get the itus and the HIV. Hate stupid women who sacrifice their health, their sanity and the safety of their kids all for a new birkin and mercedes. Bish please! Shaunie need to schools ALL these birds.

  23. LongHeelsRedBottoms says:

    If she stays with his cheating whoring ass then she deserves whatever itus and STD she gets. Basic chick tolerating disrespect all for some damn shoes and handbags.

  24. cinnamon says:

    She was his wife, If she didnt stash some of that doe then sorry for her simple @zz!!

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