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Nicki Minaj Channels “The Exorcist” in Grammy Performance… [VIDEO]

Feb 13th 2012 | Written by ATLien

Nicki Minaj hit the stage of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards with a “devilish” performance.

The self appointed “female Lil Wayne” brought along a priest as her red carpet date and had the world wondering what the heck was going on.

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It kinda almost made sense once Minaj began her performance, which occurred near the end of the show.  The Black Barbie levitated on stage and her priest/pope appeared to perform a full-blown exorcism filled with dancers and background singers while Minaj rapped “Roman Holiday.”

Watch video of Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance…

What did you think of Nicki’s “Devilish” Grammy performance?


  1. Bee says:

    TERRIBLE performance. Not that I expected much from her, but I am def. disappointed.

  2. Carla Hill Williams via Facebook says:

    Somebody need to tell Nicki Minaj, Madonna been there-done that with the whole Pope / Exorcist bit. NEXT!!!!!!!

  3. Cindy Mashigo via Facebook says:

    black lady gaga

  4. Chérie Louise via Facebook says:

    there is no Devil, and there is no Hell. Christianity is the white man’s religion… she just did that cause she knew it would get people talking and there’s no such thing as bad publicity… I think it’s genius

  5. Dawnn Corleone via Facebook says:

    I loved it that was Roman y’all don’t know roman a carry on she paid oops

  6. Dawnn Corleone via Facebook says:

    And he went to acting school go nicki they mad!

  7. Eboneé Hood via Facebook says:

    Naah don’t blame that on the devil. That’s Nicki. Grammys and YM signed off on that shit

  8. Marsha Simon-Bolton via Facebook says:

    @Cherie Louise,I feel sorry for you to think that, We will pray for you in Yehshua name AMEN.

  9. Illuminati! And the devil is real dummies!

  10. Marsha Simon-Bolton via Facebook says:

    We (blacks) are all over the bible, Please educate yourselves people read the word.

  11. Chérie Louise via Facebook says:

    Ok, let me break it down to you :: Black people didn’t know anything about the Bible till the white man handed it to us. And there is no mention of Africa or black people anywhere in the Bible. Feel sorry for me and pray, you’re wasting your breath. People just use the devil as an excuse for acting up. I’m responsible for all my bad desicions, not the Devil. LOL!!! Nicki Rocked It.

  12. That shit was stupid as hell…literally!!!!

  13. Her ass needs to find Jesus after that performance lol

  14. Cherie for your info king solomon was black he is in the bible

  15. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:

    Jesus take the wheel!

  16. Chérie Louise via Facebook says:

    Do y’all think it’s a coincidence that after the white man handed you his bible, black folks are out there killing and raping each other and doing drugs and dropping out of school? While you’re constantly praying to that white man’s god… just giving him more power to keep us down? And you feel sorry for me? Keep praying, I’d love to be on your mind and on your lips before you lay down at night. Go for it.

  17. SM4U says:

    This was a talentless display of nonsensical madness!!!!! To have her perform in a show that had a somber undertone due to the loss of a real talented artist (Whitney Houston)was the evening's major letdown!!!

  18. Chérie Louise via Facebook says:

    King Solomon was a Jew from the Middle East. Kingdom of Israel? Come on.

  19. Ebony Darkandlovely Hudley via Facebook says:

    Cherie keep your beliefs to yourself, plz and thank you

  20. Cindy Mashigo via Facebook says:

    #death by king solomon was black

  21. Luke Chapter 12…. and even Farrakhan wouldn’t agree wit such a performance. realtalk.

  22. Chérie Louise via Facebook says:

    @Ebony Darkandwhatever… Sorry. I get Free Speech and Freedom of Religion. Only your Lord knows what the hell makes you think you can tell me what to do, but whatever. I’m out anyway. Peace and Love… Pray for me yall!!! plz and thank you LOL!!!

  23. The reality is she should rely on her lyrical prowess delivery and flow instead of media attention she is truing into a media whore I’m sure she offended a lot of people and nine times out of 10 she will have to make a public apology for her performance tonight she is paid because her fans love her music without her fans she wouldn’t be paid and you can’t keep your fans if you are offending them in my opinion she needs a little couch time because something isn’t right about that chick

  24. miguel says:

    @marsha ctfu….say dat!!! lets pray for her and lets pray for nicki too and with that being said…im out

  25. Nianna Rice via Facebook says:

    Helllo Cherie clearly you NEVER read the bible and it’s entirety…Moses wife was BLACK! Ethiopians are all and through the bible as well as EGYPTIANS!! Know the History before you start flying off the deep end…Much love and peace to us all. Peaceful Rest Whitney!! Love you!!!

  26. Char Maine via Facebook says:

    Ignorance has truly been proven to be bliss….

  27. Charketa Buie via Facebook says:

    It was too much, but hey she got wat she wanted…people.talking

  28. Cherie u may not believe in hell now but lets hope n pray that u never experience it…. I’m pretty sure you will regret believing that foolish….. And yes prayers is definitely what you need..#alostSOULiswhatUare

  29. QueenAries TaMonique via Facebook says:

    Okay for the record right before her performance the announcer said stay tuned for Nicki Minaj for a performance that will sure have ppl talking. The Grammys knew what she was gonna do. If they were against it they woulda banned it and her. Chances are my girl will be the opening act next year.

  30. Tonya Love Chanel via Facebook says:

    Clearly Cherie is just very disrespectful & uneducated , About the bible. She needs to read it and read it again. Because there is a hell and your going if u don’t believe in god.

  31. Her performance has nothing to do with the devil or religion. She just wanted to be different and stand out! All she did was make more people talk about her which is exactly what she wanted. Now watch her stock rise!!

  32. MzMeek says:

    If this was Madonna or Lady Gaga would we be questioning the performance! Come on people Nicki is a entertainer! If you don't create hype who gone know who you are??! She's black n she's different so I guess that makes her a bad person for being different. Just cause she's not trying to appeal to the black community in general n focusing on being international don't knock her hustle. Every entertainer follows in somebody's footprints! I don't knock Nicki hustle! Black folks don't support anyway! But we are the biggest critics!

  33. Amy Burlingame via Facebook says:

    It was pure garbage… That wasn’t music.. That was lack of talent. Very disrespectful to the music world..

  34. Glissette Gonzalez via Facebook says:

    I sure do… y can’t there be a decent female rapper or a hip hop artist out there with out offending GOD?? MONEY DON’T PAY FOR UR TICKET@ THE GATE… If they only knew…

  35. Glissette Gonzalez via Facebook says:

    Illuminati is a devils clang… Sadly almost every artist plays a roll look at lady gaga.

  36. Auntie Brooke McCoy via Facebook says:

    black people are in the bible. king solomon had children with the queen of sheba… a woman from ethiopia. white people are not. only people of color. sorry cherie you are mistaken. you should do a quick google search on african refrences in the bible next time. there are more than a few.

  37. Amy Burlingame via Facebook says:

    @Cherie the Christianity isn’t the “white man’s” religion cuz if u knew a Lil about history and geography real Jews are middle eastern and they aren’t white. They had the bible first and got screw by the Romans which is where the bible ended up even tho the romans tried to kill it. All the names of the places mentioned in the bible are in the African middle eastern area. European places are never mentioned. So yeah not a white religion. And FYI evolution was made up by a white man that had a real hatred of the fact that by heritage we are all from one person (Charles Darwin) and he helped coin the term “race”. Before that era ppl were titled by the region or family they were from not the color of their skin. The bible was taken from us spread throughout the world and got back to us. Researching truth makes one smart, understanding truth makes one intelligent, embracing truth makes one wise.

    @Dyron Donaldson

  38. She was reaching. Her talent has met its limits. So now she has to do Gaga-esque circus like antics to make up. Recall real talent like the late Whitney did not need dancers or props or funny outfits.

  39. EGeeziss says:

    GOD WHY does everything have to turn into religion??? That goes for Icky Garbaj's wack ass performance & all these comments. Go watch the movie Zeitgeist & get back to me. I read the bible. Study the dialect – obviously chapters supposedly written by 1 person were written by groups of authors. The bible is a plagiarism of the Egyptian Book of the Dead & so are mostly all religions worldwide. Religion is the best option when building empires and controlling/pacifying the masses of have-nots. Just have faith in a Higher Power. Fuck organized religion. & fuck Dumb Money.

  40. A.N.D. says:

    The song SUCKS so no matter what type of performance she did the song SUCKS. I think she offended christians with the ole come all ye faithful line and pissed catholics off with the church/exorcism/circus routine. Nicki is trying to hard to be different while copying bits and pieces from many artist and it's beginning to look stupid. She's looking more like a Clown than a unique artist.Maybe she knows there's money in the devil worship rock star pot and she wants to tap into that like marilyn manson and ozzy osborne did, but Nick the industry has a way of Showing black entertainers that we're not that fancy. So don't be so quick to trade in your black card for a pop/rock card.

  41. Color has nothing to do with Jesus and if you don’t believe in God than you do need prayer . I pray you find Jesus ! he us not to blame bie his word for the evil people do. It is the devil . don’t let the devil foil you!!!!

  42. Vanessa Tate via Facebook says:

    That was HORRIBLE!!!!

  43. After reading the young lady’s post she truly a atheist . The last person I was around talking crazy like that was burned Alive bit a month later and he found out hell and the devil was real in sure I pray God has mercy in your soul !

  44. EGeeziss says:

    "Bobby, foozball & Icky Garbaj are the DEVIL!" -Mama Boucher, Waterboy

  45. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    This Ish was bat arse crazy. #thatisall

  46. Kena Elle via Facebook says:

    I didn’t understand the song or the performance. I miss when rappers were clear and talked about something. Nowadays they are just fake, nasty, disrespectful and getting weirder.

  47. Ree-Reeicanonlybebless Robinson via Facebook says:

    She needs help badly

  48. Wow to all because I enjoyed the performance. She keeps us guessing.

  49. yall forgetting…nicki is now pop…and in pop damn near anytbing goes..brittnay spears is one who had crazy performances

  50. Cheryl says:


  51. This definately wasn’t the performance I was expecting. Goth and dark. With Whitney Houston’s untimely death we already had a cloud of mourning and sadness and she came up with a performance that seem a lot like a evil cult. Poor choice and timing.

  52. De Lisa Holmes via Facebook says:

    I did not care for the theatrics; however, her lyrical talents were well displayed.

  53. That was something she didn’t have to do it was totally inappropriate she clearly sold her soul.

  54. Kariim LivinLyfe Scott via Facebook says:

    Wow & my 7 yr old thinks she wants to b like her,,,Not!!!!

  55. Eloise Hang OninthereMcfadden via Facebook says:

    In my Richard Pryor voice; Da girl done gone bazerk!

  56. WHACK! says:



  57. Felicia Jackson-Stevens via Facebook says:

    I did not like it and turned to something else.

  58. Caroline Alexandre via Facebook says:

    This is why real artist like Adele will win several Grammys…for their true talent! That was a comical diaplay of hip hop from Manaj!!! Scorned! Whack! The circus came to town and an entire disrespect to the Catholic Church! But she got what she wanted…”people are talking”! Smh.

  59. Ashley says:

    1. Christianity was in African ten generations before it came to Europe.

    2.King Solomon was not Black. He was a Jew.

    3. Belife in just "God" is not enough. It is a personal relationship and believing in the birth,death, and resurrection of Jesus saving the you and the world from sin that saves from Hell

    4. Nicki Minaj was horrible last night. I could not understand a word she was saying. She was creative but her words were so muddled it didnt matter

  60. The Bible is filled with black people.Africa is all over the Bible.Ethiopia,Egypt,Sedan last I checked they were in Africa.Actually Egypt was known as Kemet “land of Blacks”. Now on to Nicki NO!

  61. Jennifer says:

    The original Jews are Black. It's not a secret folks.

  62. KH says:

    Oh god she sucked! I thought she would do something amazing and was excited to see her only to be disappointed with the crap she pulled.

  63. ChiTownDiva says:

    Don't yall know Religion and Blogs don't mix?LMBAO!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Why can't we just leave it at that?? If the girl doesn't believe in what most people believe that's between her and her conscious. Folks condeming the girl to hell while the home base for this blog, ATL, is already going to hell in a handbasket. What's worst?? Someone who questions religion or someone who knows relogion but still chooses to live a lifestyle opposing Christian views. Not trying to debate, just making a point.

    Romans 1:27
    "In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error."

  64. Shawn says:

    Co-sign with Cheryl…WACK!

  65. Pamela Carnegia via Facebook says:

    Hot mess….not original…..

  66. First time viewing, didnt watch the Grammies, but I LOVED IT/HER!

  67. lynnie says:

    What a "red" hot mess. Nursery rhyme nightmare. She burped Little Red Riding Hood, Goldie Locks and the Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe. SMDH.

  68. Flatshoalsslim says:

    Just goes to show how IGNORANT some you KNEE GROWS are. Referencing Solomon being a Jew as if he wasn't black. Do you know the original Jews were black? They hold the Ark of the Covenant today in Ethopia. Christianity is not a "white man's" religiion. It is indeed black. It has been manipulated by whites for ignorant black people like yourselves to not do your research and realize it comes from your lineage.

  69. Luvn Obession via Facebook says:


  70. smart balla says:

    spray holy water on my computer – i rebuke u in the name of Jesus.

    They r taking that Illuminati shyt too far now! lol

  71. EGeeziss says:

    1. Christ never even existed. 2. The bible is a manmade plagiarism. 3. Nicki Minaj was/is/will always be hot garbage. 4. "DEBIL DEBIL DEBIL!!!" -Mama Boucher, Waterboy – Seriously, no one cares about religion. You think it's right because that's what you were raised on 99.9% of the time. It has been pounded into your head since you were a toddler. 90% of "Christians" never even read the entire bible. & I was RAISED Christian, until I studied all religions & acquired common sense. Stop fearing to question the mythology you were raised on. "Ego masquerading as humility." -Bill Maher, "But I'm Not Wrong" <WATCH – ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE> WAKE UP!!!

  72. sheena says:

    crazy and demonic if you ask me. Enough people should cause an outrage over this cause it was a mockery of the catholic church. They wouldnt do this to Jewish people or Islam and I think its a disgrace.

  73. sheena says:

    wait a minute somebody talking ish and need to be checked…. @ EGeeziss – number 1 How do you know Jesus never existed were you born 2,000 years ago? I think not Jesus is real and Jesus saves point blank period. there is a heaven and there is a hell. You would be terribly sorry if you died tomorrow and ended up there for all eternity. I would rather beleive in Jesus ( and i do because I know what he has done for me and i met him for myself) than to not beleive and have my soul just drifting and ending up in hell. So choose this day who you shall serve cause tomorrow may be too late.

  74. Truth says:

    Horrible !!! I was disgusted. I was so tired of her for a minute now and would turn my radio off when she came on. Now I am truly never going to listen to her. Straight mockery of the church and so disrespectful. Plus what type of rap delivery was she given. I supported Nicki from her old mixtape days and if I knew she would turn into this I would have saved my cash.

  75. Tee says:

    Firstly, Michelle I love your blog and read it every day because your stories and news are always on point, and because of your scoops.

    Now back to that tragedy of a "performance"……I usually dont comment on here, but after watching Ms Minaj last night I just have to say something. From the moment Nicki got out of her car and I said to myself "Is that the Pope standing next to her???", I knew her performance would be a hot mess. And I wasnt disappointed. I dont know what happened to Nicki, other than the usual fame monster, ego, and too many "yes" men surrounding her telling her every stupid idea she has is genius. But no ma'am, that mess last night was not genius. You are a RAPPER. Rap something! Spit some verses, we all didnt tune in to watch you flex your acting muscles and rotate through poorly designed wigs….seriously, you make more money in 20 minutes than I do all day. Why do your wigs look so bad????
    Moving on….That performance was sad and pathetic, the audience clearly felt uncomfortable (as the camera didnt show anyone who was enjoying the performance), and I will be very glad when toying with, playing with, and taunting God stop becoming a way to entertain. Just….no.

  76. Truth says:

    Chérie Louise you are sadly mistaken. You should read up on the history of the Bible before making those statements. I am not pushing the content of the Bible on anyone but you should know that the people in the Bible were not white. Yes the Bible was pushed upon those by the conquerors to the indigenous populations they were trying to take over as a form of control but the people in the Bible were of color and it wasnt white.

  77. Dionne says:

    Sweet Jesus, pls help her!!!

  78. Truth says:

    To all other commenters, everyone has the right to believe whatever they like, this is why people come to America. I have friends of many religions and some friends who are atheist; all of them I consider very good people and would not like them being told they would burn in hell if they do not accept Jesus. This is half the appeal of America, religious freedoms. Please keep that in mind folks. You wouldn’t want downplaying your religious beliefs or pushing their beliefs on you. Remember to live by the golden rule.

  79. Claszic Soundz says:

    2 words- HOT MESS! She should focus on just being an artist rather than shock value and being the topic of the day. I just did not get it at all. At least with Foxy, Kim & the other female MC's from back in the day on top of being beautiful and eye candy, you actually listened for what they had to say. Somebody please tell me what was the point of her performance last night? I would have been more entertained if she rapped with her back to me.

  80. darknlovely says:

    Someone need to tell NICKI TO: take the money and RUN! Her train is coming to a STOP. She needed to SIT DOWN – Wasting peoples time. First, she is 2 damn OLD for that type of performance, that performance was a disgrace. She was acting like she was setting it off!What happened to elegant performances?

  81. NewMeKnowYou says:


  82. i really didn’t like the performance,they could have done more on Whitney Houston. The show was kind of boring

  83. RaRa says:

    Speech-less!! had to turn the station,dont want my kids listening nor watchin Nikki McFoolish

  84. karen says:


  85. Lodak says:

    I thought it was overly theatric, but her flow was on point, the dancing was hot, and the crowd gave her a standing O. #winning

  86. EGeeziss says:

    @sheena I've read your bible cover to cover (King James version included) & studied with Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Born-Again Christians & Jehovah's Witnesses when I was younger and looking for answers. I've studied other religions/philosophies as well (Tanakh, Qu'Ran, Buddhism, Kant's Categorical Imperative etc etc). Go watch this movie (Zeitgeist: The Movie 2007) for free online & give me your argument afterward. It summarizes the ancestry/origin of all religions followed by sections dealing with political structure and techniques of systematic manipulation. I'd be interested to see what you come up with regarding a response…..

  87. Kamalla says:

    SMH @ cherie.

    Christianity is the white man's religion? Have you lost your pea sized mind? Judaisim and Christianity and Islam hail from Africa! The ten commandments were received in Africa by Moses who was hebrew and the original hebrews were black. Why you think Moses could pass? Jesus was a hebrew and also black. Blacks/Africans are the original semites! We introduced christianity to the white man (romans). He (King James and the Catholic Church) has edited the bible to minimize the impact of women and colored peoples and he has done so to control little pea brains like yourself and trick you out of your true inheritance which is the kingdom of heaven.

    As for drugs and murder, child please. Man has been doping up and killing his brother since the beginning of time. Sin begats evil behavior just like sin caused you to get on your keypad and type some foolishness.

    If you choose not to believe in God then that is your business but don't come calling on him when the devil is wreaking havoc in your life.

    We all know Nicki Minaj sold her soul for fame and fortune just like Jay and Bey. Its their choice but to get on the Grammys and dog out the Catholic faith like that was just in poor taste and demonic possession is nothing to joke about.

    I think she could have given a memorable and provactive performance without incorporating any religious themes or mocking any one faith. It seems Christians are the new "niggas" and many feel its acceptable to publicly insult and ridicule them.

  88. diffently tha “devil” he comes to steal,kill,and destroy now she’s in his path..she needs tha love of jesus in her life..lets pray.

  89. curiousone says:

    Can't really critique entire performance b/c I had to switch to another channel once I realized that that was actually her singing/slash talking. Sometimes bad vocals are just too hard on the ears…couldn't take it.

  90. Lmao @ the comments….It’s called keeping people guessing & talking about her & that add up to dollars for her.

  91. Zan says:

    It must be hard on Nicki right now guys. She is trying to graduate from the Lady Gaga School of Stunt Queening while trying to write simplistic lyrics enough for Wee-baby to understand them. Yes, she sounded like a yodeling zombie on crack, but she has a lot on her plate!

  92. EGeeziss says:

    Go to KingAmped on who has the new "Roman Holiday" post showing up in searches. The previous post got BANNED, had only 300+likes/1000+dislikes. Hmmm, I wonder why… furthermore, this post along with some others are BIASED & will only post likes for Garbaj. They throw some dislikes on the main bar to make it appear authentic. MTV's also trying to put a positive spin on this SHIT performance. Baby's throwin out $$$ to stop the bleeding lol… u know ur a FRAUD when u have to pay to be adored. Wackass Dumb Money – Death of the Weirdo!!!

  93. David Clark says:

    Chérie Louise shut the fuck up. If Nicki has to resort to pissing people off to get attention that just proves she's a dumb talentless bitch. She had all the stage props and fancy lighting equipment in the world and that was still grounds for the entire music industry to commit suicide. Trying way too hard to be "offensive" and "edgy" isn't a substitute for talent. Its proof you have none.
    And yeah, yeah, everything black people ever do wrong is the white man's fault. Why don't you go write a shitty unchoreographed train wreck of a song about it. That'll really show us.

  94. NewMeKnowYou says:

    @Kamalla, "It seems Christians are the new "niggas" and many feel its acceptable to publicly insult and ridicule them."
    I agree with you Christianity is one of the main religions in America and we tolerate a lot of backlash, criticism and mocking. Many wars have started on the basis of religion but we as christians allow it to be taking out of school, the work place even talking about it in public have been condemned.

  95. jessica says:

    @Chérie Louise.. let me educate you about my god.. first off Jesus Christ wasn't white not even close to it. he was Arabic, which is located in the eastern part of the world. located near Africa, and Egypt. and counting the many times in the bible of how Jesus always was in the sun his skin was darker. so before you go around and TRY to say that its a white man religion. remember sweet heart. remember to read your bible. maybe just maybe you will learn something before you speak such foolish!

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