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Progress Report: Château Sheree aka Neverland Is Right On Schedule… [PHOTOS]

Jan 27th 2012 | Written by ATLien

I haven’t written about Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a minute, so I guess it’s her turn today.

Sheree hasn’t mention her dream home in quite a few episodes and if you recall, we all think it’s all ‘make believe’ anyway.

[READ: Sheree Whitfield’s Dream Home: Château Sheree = Neverland… ]

But before you jump to conclusions…. one of my loyal readers, who just so happens to be an Atlanta real estate agent, sent over photographic evidence that shows as of TODAY, (January 27, 2012) Château Sheree is right on schedule.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself…

There you have it! The mound of dirt hasn’t moved an inch…

I wonder why it’s taking so long to build Chateau Sheree?

The “ballroom” should at least be finished by now…


  1. The Duchess of Duke Street says:

    LOLLOLLOL Sheree is a joke!

  2. ChanNTexas says:

    Y'all wrong…lol

  3. Tessa says:

    On schedule for what? To be the next city dump?

  4. ms thang says:

    thats what i figured….lol

  5. Bee says:

    LOLOL! I'm trying to figure out WHY did she even bring this story line up knowing that this house will never be built. Embarrassing.

  6. Melissa says:

    Lmaooo Sheree just need to give it up she is really embarrassing herself she trying to keep up!

  7. Franchasca Foxx via Facebook says:


  8. cologirl says:

    I will be glad when she is let go from the show. They let go half the cast from the New York Housewives for less reasons than this. I'm sure the people in the neighborhood can complain and get something done about that property – who wants to live near that?!

  9. Jackie says:

    She need to get pregnant or something to keep up with the Joneses. Kandi is doing Kandi. Kim and Phaedra had babies. Nene is blowin up off set. Marko is packing for more than just a trip to Africa. Sharon, oops Lisa, has hot tea spilling and she's not on the show.

    The least Sheree could do is confront another party planner. Sheesh!

  10. Adrienne says:

    LOL!!! I love what she is doing to the place!

  11. @coupe_22 says:

    I knew when I read the title of the post what is what going to be!!!! LMAOOO

  12. Keep hope alive She by Sheree

  13. Buck Henry says:

    Thats just someone digging in the dirt. By this time they should have had more than just a dirt hole already.

  14. NewMeKnowYou says:

    Sheree need to do a spiritual cleaning or something. Cause things just ain't going right for her. That would be a good story line her cleanings and see where things go.

  15. Tyra101 says:

    Sheree is a mess. I mean grow up silly ???. My god she is so dumb to me I mean be for real woman you are too old to be acting so irresponsible. You got kids woman. You get all this money and just blow dat s??t round here renting car repo ( unbelievable) you worst that T.O. smh

  16. In the words of Fantasia’s Aunt Bunny, “Guuurrr please!” Sheree’ asked who was going to check her, but the question should be who is checking for her. The answer is NO ONE. This “chateau” is truly Never(EVER)land. #The REAL epic fail

  17. J says:

    On Watch What Happens Live Sheree said they laid down the foundation/concrete…this confirms that she's a liar…could this confirm that the child support fiasco was just a lie as well…yeah I'll go with that

  18. Thanks so much ATLien for reporting the TRUTH! Now I can cancel that ATL tour trip by that non-existent "Chateau".

  19. Jfarsh says:

    o0o0o0o0oo @ATLein you had me fooled hahahahahah, I thought I was bout to see a mansion or something…..hahahahaha 😛

  20. Tammie Parks via Facebook says:

    Who gone finance her boo? Lol

  21. Cole says:

    Ugh I can’t!!

  22. JENNY JONES!! says:


  23. shad says:

    o lord the picture of the dirt pile is too funny…she should just relax and be herself…all of the lies are making her look silly…wow

  24. Jamie says:

    I want to know who paid her way to Africa we know she didn't she can't even buy her son a damn bed!! she's done she won't even be relevant in pop culture years to come

  25. grownnsexy says:

    This is what happens when you try to live beyond what you can afford.On the show,she now lives in an apartment….and her sons bed was an air mattress.Ion count others people paper but I surely hope she can get a nicer place for her and her kids to live.And I also pray that she get her child support from her ex football player husband to support those kids.

  26. Tan says:

    Of course none of us are surprised. I agree, I don't want to count other people's money but, she doesn't seem to have any obvious means of financial fortitude to afford this big fancy house she talked about. At least Kim did have a Big Poppa (as ungodly as it was). I think Sheree is living in a fantasy world, still thirsty for the lifestyle she had with her ex-husband. Instead, she needs to grab hold to reality and live beneath her means, find a legit way to obtain a pay check and let God do the rest. It's sad to see a woman with kids as old as she is constantly living beyond her means. If she has to live in that apartment fine, just put down some of those handbags and designer clothes and buy her son a decent bed. She's nearly tragic to watch on screen these days.

  27. Liz says:

    So why all the attitude she be giving off?! So fake and so sad! I don't wish anyone any harm so I don't rejoice that there must be problems. She just needs to get a clue and grow up for real. I feel for those young kids. She's obvious being irresponsible with her cash. At least NeNe has found a way from the RHOA show to stay rolling in a pay check. I don't like her harsh attitude but at least she is on her grind. Sheree needs to take notes instead of throwing shade!

  28. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    Jack of all trades master of absolutely namn. If Ish starting and phoney were jobs she’d be rich

  29. karennia says:

    Precious aka "Straight from the A" is so said, do you and the readers from this site "REALLY THINK THAT SHEREE" would let everyone know where she's residing??? Duh???? Get A Clue????

  30. karennia says:

    Make that "SAD"

  31. jaye says:

    I used to enjoy this blog, but it seems that it has gone from entertaining to down right mean. It seem that the owner is hating on people that look better that her. I understand that you may have some envy towards Sheree, you are on her leftovers, but damn!!!!

  32. IamMeeeeee says:

    LMAO! Michelle you know the haters are coming for you now!

    Kalenna – you do realize that there are public real estate records don't you? And the fact that ATLien dates Sheree's ex could probably give you a clue to what she knows. You are if you think broke ass Sheree can afford a home when she can't even buy her son a bed!

  33. anne_000 says:

    Iirc, her mother was the one who actually bought the property and it cost about $300k. Sheree said the house was made in the 70s, but that since she couldn't live in a used house, she had to tear it down.

    What I don't understand is if she didn't have the money to build a house, then why tear down the former house? Why couldn't she live in that house with the big yard with her kids instead of that small apt with the disappearing TV and air beds?

  34. @IamMeeeee: You are so right!And I'd like to add that most educated ATLiens that DO watch this show along with the rest of the world can see and hear that Sheree is NOT an educated woman. Everyone does NOT have to go to college to have common sense.But this woman has NONE.She did not inherit money.Her mother is still working AND probably being a better mother to her kidz than SHE is.While Bob does have a hilarious sense of humor,he has a degree and work ethic.She has ignorantly used her looks and her children as poker chips in her wheel of fortune.She takes pride in the fact that she has NEVER worked for ANYTHING.The only work she has done is dodging and defending herself from public barbs that she induced.How many times do we have to hear HER telling US how beautiful she THINKS she is. Her fashion line looks more like it came from a female prison warden's hope chest.And her looks are make up and brainwash.Her cards have all been played and Bob aint' financing no more p***y that HE doesn't even want.We know that work is bebeath her,but dammit,she'd better role some exercize matts around ATL and make some $$ "working" out while she still can.

  35. manchild says:

    Maybe the house is on a truck being drivin slowly to town,I thought….this house was why she didnt have money for Africa,her child's haircuts….but if their is no house. Where is her money going?She dont look like the type to have a habit.I think?

  36. mochababy says:

    Hey yall, stop hatin! Sheree's broke because she's too busy buying books for her new LIBERRY! ROFMLAO!

  37. mochababy says:

    And I'm watching this chick on tv right now working out with kim and "juicing" fresh veggies. is this the same chick that served her son the fake cheese sammich???

  38. T Collins says:

    As I get off the floor laughing. I was doing something else and just clicked on "more" for the pic of house. So I just kept clicking and clicking…were is the D$%#$ house till I went back and read exactly what you said. OMG…to FUNNY!!!!!

  39. Danika says:

    Bless Sheree's heart.

  40. MRSG says:

    LOL..TOO FUNNY!!!!!

  41. Fefe says:

    HaHa… That is classic. I knew Sheree's ass was lying. Marlo seems to be winning right now and she's not even an official cast member.

  42. Not Mary says:

    Lawd!!!! I have never liked the person that Sheree portrays herself to be, but this is ridiculous!

    So let me get this straight…Sheree "Welfare" Whitfield got her mom to get a home loan for an existing house and land for $300K and she tore it down because she says that she can't live in a USED home???? But she's living in a rented USED apartment (not condo…a department*in my Madea voice). And now, she can't find any financing with a flashlight to actually build the house?!?!? I agree 100% with those who say that she needs to repent and receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior cause she needs the type of "do-over" that only the Lord provides when a person has repented.

    Right now, Sheree has nothing but hatred and jealousy for all of the women (Nene…she mad that Nene has become the "breakout star" and "Franchise Player"; Cynthia…she mad bc she's a Fashion Model, Boss with contacts in the business she failed in She by Sheree; Kandi…she mad cause secretly she's been wanting to get a loan from Kandi but Kandi is only a sucker for Kim–why wouldn't she go to Kandi about producing her wack track????; Phaedra…Come on now, yall saw how she came running after that check (thinking that Phaedra should have done it Pro Bono)…and it was probably gonna bounce or it was all that she had left; Kim…her jealously is obvious and apparent…upset that Kim's Hoe Skills are tight; and lastly at Marlo…that's right…absent the criminal past, Marlo is everything that Sheree tries/fails to be…living a life, traveling, fashionably fabulous and keeping her funding source on the low.

  43. redbird says:

    This woman is trying hard to hang on to her job with Bravo. If she stopped worrying about NeNe and Cynthia, maybe she could focus more on her own troubled affairs.

  44. ThatChick24 says:

    thats a damn good for her, i mean stop trynna make your self seem like you above ppl, just like everyone else off the show…but this one rite here is just full of herself.

  45. sexxy says:

    lmao,he by fakesheere…

  46. karennia says:

    Attention: All Idiots Taking This TV Show SERIOUSLY!!! "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta TV Show" is for "Entertainment Purposes Only" This TV Show does not display the Living Situation Of The People On Show, Please Get A Clue???? DUH???? Believe Me I Know……

  47. Maurie says:

    Lord you had me in stitches…actually thot i was about to see a beauty jus to see nothing but dirt..u hilarious..:)Sheree will find herself someday..!hopefully SOON!!

  48. Ebony Daley via Facebook says:


  49. GAGIRL87 says:

    I don't like Sheree either BUT Atlien you've been doing to much lately it's not cute boo boo :(

  50. PEE says:


  51. Sheree better get housing and save that money for her kids education til that dead beat dad start paying.

  52. reita collins says:

    Maybe they're having to scale down the plans for that "BYOB Ballroom".

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  54. ladyl says:

    I do not like her. I wish they would replace her. What is her storyline anyway?

  55. @Atlantaaaaa says:

    lmao. flexing bitch!

  56. Mzni Cann via Facebook says:

    Llamf…..SIKE…there will b no chateau sheree….pahaha

  57. Tamara PShontel Tims via Facebook says:

    Lmaooooo damn smh po thang

  58. Will it be built with padded walls and a denial room?

  59. Lalalove says:

    Lol Sheree just said on watch what happens lives that chateau sheree is still under construction lmao

  60. I heard its her Mom that’s really building the house she is supposed to be some book writer. Not sure if true or not. These Chics are all lame….

  61. she was asked on Andy’s show last night about the chateau! no details as usual!

  62. i kinda like sheree cause she holds her head high in her embarassments from season 1 to 4! but imma need her to stop involving Bravo with her bright ideas being that they don’t fall thru. season 1 (she by sheree flop), season 2 (no six or 7 figures in the divorce settlement), season 3 (fake doctor boyfriend/aston martin seizure), and season 4 (no child support/no chateau)! #thatsastrongwoman

  63. Britney Moman via Facebook says:

    Lmmfao!!! Total baffonery and fakery!!

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