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SHOCKER! Atlanta Ranks Among Top 10 on “Gayest Cities” List…

Jan 10th 2012 | Written by ATLien

What City is the gayest of the gay?  It was Atlanta a few years back. But not anymore!

I suspect that The Real Housewives of Atlanta had a lot to do with ATL being granted the title, but being as though Dwight Eubanks, Lawrence Washington & Derek J are featured less and less on the show, it looks like we’ve manage to slowly tumble down on the list.

The Advocate recently named this year’s “Gayest City,” and while Atlanta no longer resides at the number one spot, we still happen to fall in the top 10.

So what city ranked GAYEST for 2011?  Was it Miami? San Francisco? New York?

Check out the rankings below…

15. Denver, CO–for its laid-back, gay-friendly attitude
14. Long Beach, CA–for its impressive Pride celebrations
13. Austin, TX–for its numerous festivals and cultural diversity
12. Portland, OR–for its “hipster, hyper-literate” vibe
11. Little Rock, AR–for its many gay-friendly churches
10. Grand Rapids, MI–for best country line-dancing in the Midwest
9. Atlanta, GA–for its notable black gay clubs
8. Knoxville, TN–for its LGBT teen support groups
7. St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN–for its dynamic gay biz community
6. Ann Arbor, MI–for its lesbian night clubs
5. Seattle, WA–for Dan Savage and casual hookups
4. Ft. Lauderdale, FL–for its proximity to Miami
3. Cambridge, MA–for nation’s first African-American lesbian mayor
2. Orlando, FL–for Gay Days at Disney World
1. Salt Lake City, UT–for its “most-improved” gay status

Is YOUR City on the list?



  1. Michelle Holland Taylor via Facebook says:

    That’s no shocker!!

  2. Yo Murphy via Facebook says:

    Shocker??? Everybody knows all the gays go to ATL (in Phadra’s voice) LOL

  3. Luka says:

    Surprised not to see Columbus, Ohio on this list, it's a major gay city.

  4. Tiffany Hopper via Facebook says:

    duh!!!!! and erybody always talking bout my city!

  5. Why is it shocking? I thought everyone knew this. Even my.people out of.state know this.

  6. Keyshawn Samuel via Facebook says:

    heck yea it is!!!!!

  7. Jaime says:

    Wow..Austin Texas is on the list. But that is what I have always loved about my city. Texas is such a conservative state, but Travis County has always been diverse and forward thinking. We have a lot of gay spots and festivals yearly. I thought Houston would have this distinction before Austin would.

  8. Keyshawn Samuel via Facebook says:

    sike well mayde it is hahaha

  9. Kesha Luvinisaiah Jackson via Facebook says:

    I’m wit all of u on this everyone knows that! Gve us something we dont

  10. Lorraine Evans via Facebook says:

    It is not a shock to me when you watch how you see how many of guys they party with…

  11. Shit… No shocker here… Thought it was #1…lol

  12. not a shocker…i’d be shocked if i wasn’t.

  13. Opportune says:

    I have lived in six of the cities in the top 10; Atk is BY FAR the gayest. This list is bullshit.

  14. Lyric Applebaum via Facebook says:

    Shocked? Y? Back in the day when I was coming up Lenox was where you would cruise for guys show off your outfit or your fat butt lol that hasnt changed so much ‘cept the men arent lookn at your (fatty) they lookn at homeboi’s soo.. its a shallow example but nonetheless a very stark difference from when I was a lil shawty….

  15. Jennifer Arnold via Facebook says:

    ….and this is Shocking becaaaaaaauuuusssseee??!!

  16. Clearly y’all didn’t catch the sarcasm… *sigh*

  17. iKeishanna says:

    Whats up with the dude with the huge forehead? That hairline tho?

  18. “clearly” nobody caught it……. lmao!

  19. julei says:


  20. Keisha Davis via Facebook says:

    since many didn’t catch it i guess we don’t rank in the top 10 of education huh?

  21. Monika says:

    Wow, go Little Rock! Always something negative.

  22. I get what @SFTA was saying. She meant its a shocker Atlanta is still not recognized as the Gay Capitol of Dickarica!…LOL…BOW.

  23. ChiTownDiva says:

    I'm ChiTown by way of Tennessee , so I feel at liberty to speak about the Gay SOUTH. It amazes me that the most conservative states have the highest number of gay cities. I'm not suprised, I was in Lenox about 2 years ago and my mouth dropped to the ground!! Men holding hands AND wearing stiletto's. My mother almost had a heart attack!! BUT way do they all flock to ATL?? I actually have a few college friends who came out during their transition to ATL. Is it the black version of San Francisco? Anyway, they say the chances of finding a straight man in ATL is like Herman Cain running for president……..Never gonna happen!!

  24. DEE says:


  25. Bee says:

    Will someone please tell Derek J to stop! DEREK YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN. YOU ARE NOT CUTE, AT ALL…ANYWHERE! Stop it!

  26. Pretty Brown ~ ~ says:

    you shocked for real????

  27. shad says:

    the pictures are sad…what has this world come to?…wow

  28. RaRa says:

    What Happen to gay guys being pretty?? these are the ugliest gay guys I have EVER laid eyes on !!

  29. Classiccityboy says:

    Its called sarcasm u Idiots!!!

  30. Kamalla says:

    ROTFL @ "ft lauderdale for its proximity to miami"

    And people wonder why black women are the fastest growing HIV population. You must cease in supporting and laying down with that foolishness. Gonna have your uterus rot up.

    Just shameful (in my Phaedra voice).

  31. Nashville TN shud be on here!!!! How they missed the top 5 unno!!!!!

  32. ATL not a surprise but hv u seen sm of them?

  33. You didn’t know??? Bet Fla. top 5

  34. Tracie Turner Jackson via Facebook says:

    Orlando fl is #2!!!!!

  35. Deb George via Facebook says:

    Idk, I think Atlanta should STILL be #1…they are EVE-RY-WHERE!!!

  36. Cassandra Norman via Facebook says:

    This shouldn’t be a shocker, especially if you were born & raised in the metro A area and have witnessed it’s growth (especially after the Olympics) and changes. As far as the African American community under 30yrs of age, I see it as #1. I could be wrong, but the # of youth that come thru my job whose gender is different from their “sex” is an eye-opener to say the least.

  37. Valencia Jeffries via Facebook says:

    How did Knoxville TN beat ATL

  38. keish says:

    i think these dudes are a different group…gay doesn't equate to eyeshadow, heels, wanting to be women all the time..we have a theory…single mom household, bunch of sisters==wtf? tv means it's cool to exploit their young asses and now you have "" acting like they r women when most women don't act that out there..i don't give a shyt they are gay but i still can't figure out where all the effeminism(flambouyance) comes from.

  39. Kamalla says:

    It's pitiful. Black men have become a laughing stock and headliners for disease and promiscuity while black women have become the poster children for no man and broken families. When the f*ck y'all gonna wake up. No wonder the latinos and asians are taking over. They're building families and businesses and holding public office, taking over the new industry and black folk laying it low, spreading it wide and filling up the prisons. The Devil is not your friend so quit playing with him!

    • Dottie says:

      Exactly, what is happening to the black community? They just letting satan take over their lives and their sexuality. I hope they wake up one day before it's too late. That's why I don't date much because a lot of my black men are swinging both ways, and no offense I am not trying to catch AIDS, that's no laughing matter. To see that many cities with gays, it makes me so sad. But then again, it's no suprise. There's nothing cute about this article, it's sad and very disturbing.

    • Dottie says:

      What is happening to the black community? They are just letting Satan take over their lives and sexuality. I hope they wake up one day before it's too late. This article is sad and very disturbing. This is why I don't date much because a lot of our black men are swinging both ways, and I am not trying to catch AIDs. I am not trying to insult anyone, but AIDS is no laughing matter. This article is really sad.

  40. mustafina says:

    this list is whack…it shows cities that have in one way or another "IMPROVED" gay social issues, awareness. but you are telling me that mormon mecca is the GAYEST city…hone'y puhlease….it should be
    1 ) west hollywood
    2 )san francisco
    3 ) manhattan
    4 )miami
    5 ) atlanta
    6 ) san diego

  41. WHY THE HELL HASN'T Atlanta lawyer RAYMOND E. BALTZ JR. & former Atlanta parks commissioner DIANE HARNEL COWHEN BEEN CHARGED WITH GAY HATE CRIMES & OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE??? YouTube 'Buckhead Baseball Atlanta' to read comments about how they violated my rights, JUST FOR WALKING ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK CROSS DRESSED! And COCA-COLA is a "proud major sponsor" of that ALL WHITE, TAX EXEMPT, NON PROFIT HATE GROUP! BOYCOTT COKE & THE ATLANTA TOURISM!

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