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He IS the Father! Atlanta Falcons Player Roddy White Admits Paternity in Court Case…

Jan 3rd 2012 | Written by ATLien

Last month I revealed that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White had been named in a paternity suit by a Georgia woman seeking to secure support for her then 4 month old son.

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Welp… Roddy has answered the claims of the child’s mother, Stacey Hott, and has admitted that he IS, in fact, the father of her now 5-month-old baby boy!


According to TMZ, White filed legal documents in a Georgia family court acknowledging he DID father a child with a Georgia banker named Stacey Hott and says he’s willing to accept responsibility.

That’s great right? Well… there’s a catch.

The 30 year old Falcon’s player, who reportedly already has 3 other children, may have acknowledged paternity but he still hasn’t agreed to child support payments just yet.

In early December, Hott’s attorneys filed documents stating ‘[White] is a professional athlete capable of providing generous support for the minor child commensurate with his earnings.’

Just FYI… White signed a six-year/$50 Million dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons back in 2009.

Hott also requested Roddy obtain a life insurance policy for the “benefit of the minor child.”

So far, White hasn’t agreed to any specific amount and if he and Hott fail to come to a settlement, it will be left to a judge to decide Roddy’s payments.

To be continued…



  1. Stacie Boyd via Facebook says:

    Ummm, he better move quickly on an agreement before the state of Georgia empty his pockets! SMH.

  2. Christine Simon Harper via Facebook says:

    Now doesn’t a condom seem cheap?

  3. TL Morgan via Facebook says:

    Need to proofread this, you have Stacey Holt then later in the article you have Stacey Hott.

  4. TL Morgan It’s “HOTT” – Good looking out! TY!

  5. That explain why he’s been less then stellar this year!

  6. Keeping your d___ in your pants keeps money in your pocket.

  7. amy says:

    In the words of "Kanye" 18 years……

  8. Twyla Walton-Wilkins via Facebook says:

    Dumb Ass……..

  9. Yeah I Said It says:

    He’s stupid!!! U DO NOT have to cooperate with Child Support!!! She can call any court n America as long they then have NO statement sayin yes n NO DNA she can go to hell! He’s dumb I wouldve batted her gold digging ass down the courts can’t make u do shit. Just tell’em mam ion no her n fuck her baby!!!

  10. Simon Caine says:

    He da pappy! /Bernie Mack voice.

  11. Talonda Livingmylifegolden Hubbard via Facebook says:

    What part of AIDS dont these men understand??? Smh

  12. JEezy says:

    WHere are pictures of the b!tch?

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