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Cynthia Bailey & Leon Attend Daughter Noelle’s Christmas Performance (No Peter!) ~ [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Dec 21st 2011 | Written by ATLien

Model/Socialite/Entrepreneur Cynthia Bailey of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was spotted at an Atlanta area WalMart recently with her daughter Noelle Robinson and her baby daddy actor Leon.

The proud parents were there in support of Noelle, who performed “Dream Big” as a part of DreamKids Hair Care and Wal-Mart’s holiday celebration at the Farrington Rd. location.

How cute! :-)

Others who participated in the holiday celebration included Purple Ribbon Kidz’ artist Gabbie Ray and Young Money artist Torion. NOT spotted at the event was Cynthia’s hubby Peter Thomas, whose abrupt departure from Cynthia’s ‘The Bailey Agency’ opening was the most recent cliffhanger on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

More photos…

Future Beyonce onstage!!! Get it Noelle!! :-)

Leon & Cynthia can probably show a thing or two to some of these other estranged parents… *cough* Ushmeka!

But where the hell was Peter Thomas?? 😯

It’s not uncommon to see Peter partying around town with no Cynthia but rarely do we see Cynthia with no Peter? In light of last week’s cliffhanger, we can only hope they’re still hanging in there.

And if they took the NeNe & Gregg route and are faking it, we can only hope they keep the lie under wraps better than the Leakes did.

Speaking of marital problems… on the next episode of RHOA, Peter & Cynthia visit a marriage counselor….

VIDEO: Fixing Marriage Problems

Photo Credit: FreddyO

More photos from the Walmart holiday party HERE…



  1. Rheap Joy via Facebook says:

    Leon thinks he is ish! ugh!

  2. Deborah Smith via Facebook says:

    Cynthia & Leon make a nice pair. He is so suave, sexy & mello. Unlike crazy ass Uncle Ben. . He’s trying to come up off Cynthia & the show. what a jerk……..DUMP HIM CYNTHIA!

  3. Jamie says:

    Noelle is so pretty she looks just like her dad! I love to see supportive parents!

  4. Sophia Howze via Facebook says:

    lol @ uncle ben… Its just a reality show with a bunch of terrible actors… All for ratings… We making these fools rich… Im done watching that mess… Im only watching the marathons! Lmao!!

  5. she need to leave good for nothing uncle ben for leon i think leon better for her anyway, cant stand peter

  6. Kemi Salako via Facebook says:

    Leon didn’t want a commitment… according to Cynthia in previous season. Typical. But I must say, Leon is sexy as hell. I met him during a concert a couple of years ago. (He has his own reggae band). He opened for Beres Hammond. I was in heaven, after a couple of Heinekens, I jumped on him like a groupie when he passed by me. He didn’t act stuck up or act like I was a crazy nut, he smiled just like usual and was very nice.

  7. BlessedMother Manuel via Facebook says:

    Peter is wack and a Jamaican moocher

  8. Meka FirstLady Ramage via Facebook says:

    Atlanta Housewives is one of the phoniest reality shows out…Even their lies are lies lol…I mean come on, these ppl selling out their dignity for a little bit of chump change. All the media is going to do is keep digging deeper until they pull out the real sorrid truth. Just like they did with Sheree…

  9. Lol…Uncle Ben!!!..or Geoffrey the butler from Fresh Prince of Bel Air..Lol…I am loving everyone’s comments…Dump Peter.I don’t like his attitude towards Cynthia…he’s too controlling!!!

  10. Octoberbeauty says:

    Why is his face scrunched up like that
    I hope Peter is sweeter than he appears for the show

  11. Octoberbeauty says:

    Why is his face scrunched up like that
    I hope that Peter is sweeter than he appears

  12. Octoberbeauty says:


  13. Joyy says:

    LMAO@Uncle Ben aka Geoffrey the Butler comments, I think Cynthia could of done "Hella Better" than this "Olde Scrub" even her sister did better than her and besides who want to marry their "Grand Daddy"……

  14. BougieHoodRat says:

    Why is Cynthia with Peter again? Oh ok… She even looks happier with Leon #welldamn

  15. Trina Henderson via Facebook says:

    Why does the media, including SFTA, make all kinds of wild assumptions just from seeing these 2 together….WITH THEIR DAUGHTER OR FOR THEIR DAUGHTER!? There have been many instances that I’ve attended something with my daughter and her father without his wife and/or my significant other. SMDH This is why I don’t watch reality shows and steer clear of gossip columns as this most of the time.

  16. KoatedKandie says:

    It's great to see both parents supporting their child together for the sake of the child.

  17. Twyla Walton-Wilkins via Facebook says:

    Peter is an ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jennifer says:

    yall are trippin lol! Uncle Ben aint so bad and she's obviously passed Leon. Betta go for what she know lol!!! HOLD WHAT U GOT!

  19. smart balla says:

    well dangum – if peter aint supporting his wife – she is going to cut his uncle rice 's ass loose.

    He done slip and bumped his head and let the reality fame get to him! And i think he a shim lover on the lo lo… i j s

    As for Leon and Cynthia – nothing wrong with ex supporting their kid even if they are not together – they are cordial and being their for the kids. I don't think it is necessary count as a "boo'd up" classification but just a "proud parent and their #1 kid" moment.

  20. NewMeKnowYou says:

    I bet for the counseling episode Cynthia's going to shed a lot of tears and Peter's gonna look unfazed by it. I don't know how they are off the show but Cynthia always seems to be in an anxious or somber mood while in Peter's company. I guess like all Jamaican men the only time their women express joy with them is in the bedroom.

  21. Gina says:

    This little girl is loved. I like that Cynthia & Leon are so there for their daughter. And yeah, there's definitely chemistry between these two. Peter is all headaches & control. Leon seems so cool. I'm sure he's like, whatever babe, to Cynthia.

  22. DUMP PETER…… He broke and self centered…

  23. lol @ Uncle Ben’…Good Leon Did And Does Not Want A Commitment, Right Now Its Better Then Jumping Into Something Your Not Ready For, And He Did Not Succomb To The Pressure’ Me Neither’

  24. Jennifer says:

    "I guess like all Jamaican men the only time their women express joy with them is in the bedroom." LOL all day!

    some of em are good in the kitchen too ;-)…and if they make u laugh they be ok with me. not all of em are creeps

  25. Eloise Hang OninthereMcfadden via Facebook says:

    She tired of being po. Lol

  26. Y’all too funny out here.. I do agree Cynthia needs to do sum soul searching & praying about her marriage bc Peter is not being supportative of Cynthia @ all. It’s all about him & his shine.. Smh!!

  27. The Duchess of Duke Street says:

    Papa Smurf Peter is Jealous of Cynthia professionally and personally,walking out of her opening without saying a word speaks for itself and earlier when she asked him to call Mal and he said he was wasted DURING THE DAY?? with a club to run the way he spoke to his staff member about a mark on the couch just shows him for what he is.
    I wish Cynthia who I like but is as dumb as a box of rocks would wake up Atlanta will never be New York, Peter is an ignorant, Jealous asshole! My hope is she wakes up soon leaves Atlanta and goes back to what she knows.

  28. reita collins says:

    (LOL) @Eloise Hang; Yes she IS chile! But baby,she betta' get used to it because her deposit's gon' be gone before the bank registers them. Peter the Pimp ain't gon' let no ho handle his dough! She betta run like a runnaway bride!

  29. reita collins says:

    Cynthia does read the blogs. I KNOW she MUST read this one. And because she does I hope she knows that we really do love her. We're on the outside looking in and though we logged only hours of her life,we see and know what she does and doesn't.She seems innocent in life and doesn't make good choices in love or men.I love myself some Leon but his smile could charm a cat out of a tree.He was young and still is a player.Peter was a OG player and wanted to show the world that he still is.He's tired now of camera's and blogs up his old azz 24/7 cause he can't run his OG game in discretion.What the hell yall think he was doin' at that pool party? And at the bachelor party? And he brags that he got FIVE kids. Yall think he aint' seein' they mama's? He didn't need $40K for that Bar none joint. He needed some Bobby Brown child support money. Just sayin'.

  30. Jennifer says:

    do some of yall believe Everything on reality tv is actually real? you can't judge people's personal lives from the few minutes you see on TV. The reality show curse proves it. Whitney and Bobby looked SO in love but she later told Oprah it was hell on earth. Society is going to hell b/c people don't THINK for themselves anymore, they simply believe what they see. The Bible talks about these days.

  31. battergrl says:

    Cynthia don't know what happd w/Leon but girl, he's a sexy dude..did like Peter "once" but he's becoming an a**. Don't b no damn fool and let dude use all YOUR money. Be supportive BUT he's got to bring something to the table. His attitude STINKS for a negro w/nothing for all HIS ventures.

  32. manchild says:

    Tru,Uncle got issues but I think he still a good partner for her. At least he got his own grind,unlike alot of the other husbands….Troy dont count since he leaving the show with KIM.Yeah,Daddy is cold,and very mean to Cyn sometimes. But I think he doing that because he dont like the whole Housewife /Camera thing. He putting up his strong man front …in the end though,I hope it dont cost him Cynthia. Because Mal and others is in her ear to leave him be.

  33. shad says:

    noelle is a cutie…the 3 of them look nice together…

  34. Mochababy says:

    I think Cynthia and Leon set an EXCELLENT example of successful co-parenting among exs. They probably have their moments but guess what, when and if they do, it's not public knowledge. GET A CLUE Sheree and Bob!

  35. lynnie says:

    Congrats!!!! To Noelle & the other young girls. May God continue to bless you all.

  36. Angeleyez07 says:

    Peter must be laying that pipe because I don't see what other purpose he serves. He's not there for her emotional or financially. She backs him in his ventures but for hers he says "You're on your own". Dump this loser!! Leon seems so much more compatible. I don't think Cynthia will walk down the aisle again anyhow after she divorces Peter. She was too apprehensive in the first place. So getting back with Leon may work this time. He doesn't want a commitment and neither does she. However, Leon looks like a ladies man. Once he gets all the playing out his system he may make a good lifetime partner. WAKE UP CYNTHIA!!! Everyone sees Peter for who he is but you. Including your own family.

  37. shad says:

    peter has 5 other kids???…maybe he's spending time with them and their mothers…he seems so detached from cynthia

  38. Kamalla says:

    Peter's kids are probably all grown or at least teenagers. He is in his 50s you know.

    Leon is cute but I wouldn't trust him at all. He looks like a player and I've heard he on the DL.

    Cynthia is a beautiful and smart and kind hearted woman. She deserves better than both Peter and Leon and whoever that athlete was that she was engaged to.

    LMAO @ uncle ben, geoffrey from bel air, papa smurf and Jamaican moocher

    You guys are going HAM on this dude!

    He kinda look like TD Jakes!

  39. Marie says:

    I'm so happy to see Leon being apart of his child's life. I wish people would leave Peter and Cynthia alone. We see so many "happy" couples on TV, that end up divorced because they were miserable. We must remember that this is reality TV and they edit scenes to portray people any way they want. I like Peter, he's real. I date a Jamaican, they are about taking care of their families and have a low tolerance for the bs. Yes, Peter has 5 children, but he's in his 50s and that's not hard to do. They could easily have been from previous marriages. It's funny because they never talk about how many children Greg had before NeNe. Peter broke, not sure. They are the only couple to still have the same house and same car since joining the show, and didn't Cynthia move into Peter's house. Everyone wants to say that Cynthia gave Peter money, they had a joint business venture. She worried herself about the wedding finances and Bar One. One think I know, Jamaican men make it happen, like Peter has. Everyone says that Cynthia should leave Peter, but I seem to think that those women are manless. You stand by your man. Peter must have something doing for himself since she passed over Leon, bball player Jason Williams, and many other men with "money."

  40. reita collins says:

    Peter moved into Cynthia's house.Then he moved into Cynthia's pocket.Then she had to sell her car so he could pay off debts for the uptown.Now she had to shell out $40k for Bar None. She's saying this on camera so when she does go to court she'll have proof cause he didn't deny it.I lost respect for his broke azz from jump. He couldn't afford to buy his mother teeth for the wedding.She looked like she's needed them forever,so Uptown must not have been that successful.He wouldn't even go to the prize machine at Publix and try to win his wife-to-be a toy ring so that he could at LEAST have had SOMETHING to put on her finger during ceremony.Can't stand him. He needs a pineapple shoved up his azz backwards!

  41. CoCo says:

    Ha! I go to this WalMart all the time…anyway, Peter is an ASSHOLE!!! They'll be divorced in a year. #nuffsaid

  42. Ro Blackmon says:

    OK Cynthia reminds me a lot of my own sister and by noooo means is Cynthia a dummy. However, Cynthia has more patience than me and many others. I feel Cynthia really wanted some stability for herself and Noelle and she tried to believe in Peter. Cynthia if you read this and I hope you do. Dont listen to NOBODY! Listen to your heart and when you feel! If you are not being treated like the worthy Queen you are, get to stepping! YOU HAVE TRIED and most importantly NOELLE IS WATCHING! You MUST show her that nothing less than a GOOD man is worth the trouble.. just sayin

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