Ciara visits a friend

Quick Flix: Ciara Visits a ‘Friend’ in L.A…. [PHOTOS]

Aug 31st 2011 | Written by ATLien

Just a few hours prior to beating Shaunie O’neal up in a battle of the booty shorts, Ciara was spotted visiting a “friend” in L.A.

I have no idea what “friend” CiCi came to visit, but after looking at the photos, I have a visual in my head about what went down when she arrived unannounced after calling the paparazzi…

Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Ciara who?

These photos can tell the story way better than my words ever could…

Photos via: TheYBF


  1. SHEENA says:


  2. Wade says:

    Ciara goes to her friends house looking like that? Yeah right….this is a blatant photo op.

  3. kevin says:

    I don't understand why celebrities in LA love taking pictures for the paparazzi. It makes no damn sense to me. It will make you no more of a celebrity than you already are.

  4. Who cares she ain’t the first one who knock ever went unanswered but I like her dress

  5. TexasT says:

    Word on the curb is she was there for a couple of hours before leaving back out. *hmmmmm*

    As Cici says…'He like the way I ride it'

  6. Kamalla says:

    Yes. This was planned.

    Nobody, not even Angelenos, dress like that just to hang out in the afternoon. She's dressed like she's going to the BET Awards.

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