Fantasia Barrino Doesn’t Care What You Think… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Jul 7th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Fantasia Barrino hit the stage on Day 1 of the 3 day Essence Music Festival last weekend and prior to the show, she was asked a few questions.

One of the first questions thrown at Fantasia was aimed at her controversial relationship with Antwuan Cook (aka her formerly “married boyrfriend”) and the pregnancy rumors sparked from photos of them frolicking on the beach.

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Although there wasn’t a denial about a pregnancy or a steady relationship with the man that almost ruined her career, Tasia made a point of saying, it’s really not about all that…

If we believed rumors, I’d have 12 children by now. They’ve had that rumor about me about 10 times and I always show up with just [my daughter] Zion. When I say I’m focused on me, my personal life is now my life and that’s not what sells records. It’s not about who I’m sleeping with.

Folks should sweep around their own front door before they sweep around somebody else’s. When I’m on stage, I tell people ‘I no longer do things for folk, when I struggled, I struggled by myself.

When I needed things, the people talking weren’t there so now my attitude is I’m doing me.’ And when it’s comes down to the stage, I’m like MC Hammer: You can’t touch this.

All the talk about “Married Boyfriends” and “Baby Bumps” prompted Fantasia to add a skit to her performance where she responds to a reporter who asks what she thinks about what people say about her.

More photos + video of Fantasia’s skit and her ode to Prince… 

Question: To be clear; you’re not dating Antwaun Cook?

FANTASIA: I’m not going to answer that question for you, but again, I’m doing me. If I want to date whomever, that’s my business and it ain’t nobody else’s. That’s the bold ‘Tasia now, sorry!

VIDEO: Fantasia To the Critics… “F*ck It”

You tell ’em Tasia!!!

Question: Fantasia’s “married boyfriend” Antwaun Cook is now divorced… if she’s with him (or not) shouldn’t we just move on from all the drama?

Click HERE to read Fantasia’s FULL 2011 EMF Interview.

Photo Credit: Andrew Goetz

More photos of Fantasia at the 2011 Essence Music Festival HERE


  1. 6 Minutz says:

    Its cool that she's "doing her" now, but when did she ever stop? Fanny's been in the game long enough to know that she gave up her privacy when she won that American Idol competition. It seems to me she should be glad people are checking on her like that, which keeps her relevant so just deal with it.

  2. Katrena Perryman via Facebook says:

    Good for her! Stay focused Fantasia! You’re great!!!!

  3. reita collins says:

    That's right Tasia,you tellem' girl! I love you! Keep on doin' YOU and don't waste a second of your positive attitude addressing mess that's always gon' be mess.You do you,much LOVE!!!


  5. she is in the public eye but she doesnt have to talk about her personal business if she doesnt want to..she’s grown she can fuck whomever she wants

  6. Florence Etienne via Facebook says:

    people kill me with that public figure bullshit. Entertainers have a job…to entertain. That job doesn’t make them obligated to discuss their personal lives. Let your boss or coworker ask you bout your sex life…bet me you won’t hightail your ass to HR. The jobs differ but principle is the same…aint nobody’s business.

  7. yes time to move, but aint no one tell her to sleep with a married man, idk if they were not living together or not, they were still wrong…i think it was selfish to put her self in that position, especially because she has a child, we all fall short, just hope she ask forgiveness fr the MOST HIGH!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    I could care less, once u sleep with another womans husband u become less than dirt to me.

  9. Fantasia like all the other celebs are just so extra! It is what it is!

  10. Do people really care about this shit? If they do get a f**king life…that is all

  11. Tasha Williams via Facebook says:

    Who cares if she slept with a married man? That’s her business. If she was Fanny from the block, no one would care. People act like they ain’t did nothing in their past. We seem to forget that no sin is greater than the other.

  12. Kamalla says:

    If she didn't want people all up in her business then maybe she shouldn't have tried to kill herself over some other woman's husband and then do a Behind The Music episode chronicaling the ordeal.

    Education does a body good!

  13. MKita says:

    First and foremost! I love Fanny! I will always love Fanny as long as she keeps giving us good music. Who she screws is her business! My husband cheated on me and while I do blame him first and foremost I blame that chick too because she knew he was my husband and she wanted to live my life not knowing that I make my life what it is not him! But when it happens to someone else, we as society don't give a crap and I must admit that Paula doesn't have my sympathy because when he showed you what kind of man he was, you should have just showed him the door! The public can't blame Tasia, just like I don't want the public or my family to blame my husband. I dealt with him and the mistress in my own way and I'm done. I don't need sympathy or a crew rallying behind me because I handled them MYSELF privately! So Fanny you do YOU and sing girl! Your private life is YOURS, not OURS!

  14. Kamalla says:

    Man, f*ck Tasia with her reality show having ass. She put her business out there for everyone to see and judge. If you don't want people talking about you then don't give them something to talk about. She has a beautiful voice but she is bootleg at the end of the day. Another church girl with ghetto laundry.

  15. mXE says:

    So dont try to kill your self with asprin around the same time your album about to drop…….I mean asprin????? Fantasia get help!!!!! Like yesterday. You nasty, ya crazy and ya slow.

  16. chile plz! she aint the 1st and she won’t be the last. the media goes after everyone. so do u and stop trying to prove a point!

  17. Shronda says:

    I think everyone need to mind their own businees that what wrong with the world now people need to check their her personal is her life not nobody else i dont i would have told them off to.

  18. velvet says:

    Personally whoever Fantasia sleeps with is her buisness.She like other women n men tend 2 lay down with others.And not know wut dat person have n there backyard.We as da public always have an opinion on some1 elses backyard.Y is it important wut she do behind close doors.Thatz her life.See I like Fantasia n really I dont care who she sleep with.We have all came across a married persson seperated or not.It wuz up 2 u 2 decipher if da person wuz still with there past.So my thing iz stop judging a book by itz cover especially if u did not read dat book.Plus if pple dont throw dirt on ur name than that means u r not important.Fantasia fuck wut pple say do u.We all must fall in order 2 get back up and reach da top.

  19. Sage says:

    I think one of the things I like about Fantasia is that she really don't care what people think and she shouldn't….

  20. Sage says:

    The only people that care who Fantasia sleep with are bitter ass women that have been dogged the hell out and you act as if Fantasia did something to you personally.

  21. CincinnatiOhio5 says:

    Regardless of who she sleeps with or what is going on in her personal life, the fact is she is a great talent and from the video, gives a great show!

  22. My opinion only! says:

    Too much screaming and yelling for me! Tone it down and keep-the-train-a-movin' !! If you want you business to stay your business, I am quite sure no more reality TV would be a start !

  23. Jay1 says:

    Fantasia get a clue. I recognize your talent, but your pissing your career down the drain with all this drama. You won a Grammy, that I feel like you didn't deserve. Your work ethic stinks and you need to start listening to your aunt bunny. Do you know how many young men and women wishing to be in the place that you are? Girl you done lost your way. Get back on the straight and narrow, and dump that zero.
    And yes, it is my business, especially if you expect me to buy your CD's. I expect higher standards.

  24. vERON says:

    Yeah Im not down with dumb girls even if they can sing. And she DUMB.

  25. I love Tasia she is reppin the hood for real. A real hoodstar made good, take that Hollywood and oh Atlanta Black Hollywood too!

  26. Bmore says:

    Oh, I can't play a fool anymore, (no)
    No, I don't need a game anymore,
    (You could play the fool, yeah)
    I'ma play my hero, you gon be a zero, oh
    (Ohhh, I'd rather play alone)
    Oh, I can't play a fool anymore
    LISTEN TO Chrisette Michelle

  27. Maddog says:


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