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Kandi Burruss Celebrates 35th Birthday w/Tiny, Toya, Phaedra & More… [PHOTOS]

May 19th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss celebrated her 35th birthday last night surrounded by family and friends.

The “Fly Above” singer partied at Atlanta’s Strait’s restaurant with BFF Rasheeda, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris, Toya Carter and Derek J.

Kandi’s real “housewife” cast mate Attorney Phaedra Parks as well as former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell (aka prisoner #47895734) also came through in support of Kandi’s big 3.5.

More photos below:

Kandi & Bill Campbell

Phaedra Parks better weeeerk!

Tiny and DJ E-Class

(T’s hair color is different, but I kinda like it!)

Kandi and her Kandi Coated Crew…

Happy Birthday Kandi!

Photos: ExclusiveAccess


  1. Renita Hamilton via Facebook says:

    LMAO @ former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell (aka prisoner #47895734)

  2. Mmmm!! I want some of that cake.

  3. jennifer says:

    Kandi looks nice in the photo, however the Thigh Master is calling your name. Tiny looks yucky as usual.

  4. kbarbie says:

    kandi looks good as usual. i miss the short hair but the long is growin on me. phaedra is funny lookin-her smile. what is tiny doinn wit her hair, experimenting. u kno wen tip get out he gon make her change that ish bak. lol, yall kno its tru. ne wayy HAPPY BDAY KANDI!!!

  5. yeah says:

    Tiny>>>> on everybody at the party and she isn't even the cutest 1. lmao! thats swag!

  6. Shay says:

    Khandi looks cute. I bet Phaedra was smelling like hot tuna when she cut those tight pants off. Talk about a yeast infection….. Will somebody convince Tiny to grow up and quit wearing all of those ridiculous colors.

  7. Kamalla says:

    Kandi is so lovely, why can't she find a man?

    Tiny always looks like hot bacon.

    Fakedra will show up to a party of ants.

  8. baybeK8s says:

    Which birthday party was first,the one on the rooftop or this one? I know people have more than one party but I just was wondering if Bravo scripted/paid for Kandi's RiDICKulous party?

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