Sherlinda & Q Parker (112)

ATL LIVE Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary ~ Sheree & Bob Whitfield, Tameka Raymond, Fonzworth Bentley & More…

May 16th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Sheree Whitfield, Tameka Raymond, Q Parker, NEXT, Fonzworth Bentley, former Falcons Bob Whitfield & Jamal Anderson were just a few of the hometown faves spotted at ATL Live On The Park last week.

Tameka Foster Glover Raymond, ATLien (Michelle Brown) & Sheree’ Whitfield

Overheard: “You just posed between two of the most notorious “exes” in Atlanta…”

And yes… Tameka is still yappin about me not liking her but I coulda sworn I forgave her about that death threat when we had that long “A”zz conversation at Essence last year. But I digress…

Event producers Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols did a wonderful job bring together over 300 Atlanta tastemakers and music industry insiders to celebrated the One-Year Anniversary of the event, held at Park Tavern in midtown.

Heralded as the most exclusive live music showcase in the city author/musician Fonzworth Bentley wowed the crowd with his expertly choreographed routine and R&B group NEXT reunited as headliners of the hot show.

When RL spotted 112’s Q Parker sitting in the audience alongside his wife Sherlinda, he handed him the mic urging him to sing a few bars.

Q first sung a lick while sitting but soon hit the stage, giving the hyped crowed a brief 112 flashback…

VIDEO: Q Parker Briefly Hits the Stage…

But wait!!! There’s more….

Fonzworth took all us ATLiens back to when the “A” was really poppin! Bringing along two dancers who joined him onstage bankhead bouncing and “yeeking”… the only thing missing was Andre’ 3000 when Bentley performed “Don’t Stop”…

VIDEO: Fonzworth Performs ATL Live (5/10/11)

Fonzworth and his lovely wife Faune Watkins

In the new artist category, JIVE Records introduced their new hip-hop duo Big Heed & Alien who rocked the crowd to their hit “Tipsy” and I was late and missed them but I heard Alien (who ALWAYS rocks the house with his acrobatic drum routines) did not disappoint…

Alien, Chaka Zulu (DTP), Big Heed

ATLien & Peter Thomas (he’s such a sweetie pie!)

DJ Trauma supplied the music while “lifestyle specialist” Kenny Burns played MC

I’ve known Marlon like forever… (I’m so proud of him!)

The next ATL LIVE on the Park is scheduled for June 14th, I’m sure there will be even more surprises in store….

Photos: Joi Pearson & James Pary

View more photos from ATL LIVE (5/10) HERE….


  1. NOMAAM! says:

    You and Meek Meek were in da same room and I missed it? DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. missj says:

    Fonzworth still has it! What is he? 45? LOL

    Those next boys just look happy to be there.

    ATL you know you got that "Star Jones" girl! Who you think you fooling? For real doh you look AMAZING! I know Tameka can't say shaaat now!

    Sheree should leave the weightlifting to Bob.

    Devine & Jamal make a cute couple

    (and Q could still get it)

  3. jennifer says:

    Why does this lady always have to put her two fingers up in the air on the pictures, we know who you r by now?? Enough already take a decent picture without putting your fingers in every picture, gosh!

  4. MissJ says:

    Jennifer there are several people with "their fingers" in the air. It's representative of ATLANTA stupid. Pay attention.

    Gosh! Why take time to leave a comment you should already know the answer to?

    Sorry Michelle, I had to check her.

  5. walt says:

    @ jennifer cosign. she looks studpid doing that all the time. we know where u from or reside. grow up!!

  6. walt says:

    meant stupid

  7. Hot Caddy Girl says:

    Why is Tameka Raymond's man-looking self always trying to get some attention? She is celebrity; only Usher's ex and baby mama. That heffa needs to get a life!

  8. Kamalla says:

    Tameka need to join the RHOA.

    Bob look crossed eyed like a mug! Damn he aint cute no kind of way! Ick!

    Sheree been using that Shake Weight a little too much.

    ATLien is really pretty. Look like Gabriel Union.

    Fonzworth. Do he have a job or what?

  9. SipDatBoyz says:

    do u gotta be invited or u just come? I want to go to the June 14th event

  10. Real_Ish says:

    Sheree is looking.. better than usual. Tameka looks like a man, like always. She is such a damn poser. She needs to sit her a** down. Always tryna be relevant. Go home and watch all them damn kids.

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