Atlanta Cop Punches Woman

Caught On Tape! Atlanta Cop Punches Woman at IHop, Lawsuit Likely… [VIDEO]

Apr 27th 2011 | Written by ATLien

What started out as a simple night on the town for 4 young Atlanta woman, turned into a gruesome case of police brutality after one of the four ladies was brutally punched in the face by an Atlanta police officer.

What started the melee is unclear, but one of the women, Cynthia Freeman, says she and her friends were seated at the first table near the front door of the IHOP when all hell broke loose.

Freeman was among four arrested in the 4 a.m. Saturday incident, according to her attorney Bobby Aniekwu, he is representing three of the women in what he considers a case of “excessive force.”

“He just attacked me,” Freeman said, “And I said, ‘What did I do? What did I do? I didn’t do anything.”

“I’m sitting with my friends, and I’m talking to the Darth Vadar guys, just on a casual conversation … and then he just out of nowhere came to me, out of all of the people, came to me,” she said later.

“I didn’t touch this man, never, not once,” she said. “I didn’t pay him any attention what he had on. I was just looking at his face because he was yelling.”

Additional details PLUS the disturbing video below:

VIDEO: Atlanta Police Brutality at IHop

The officer, who has yet to be identified was caught on tape as he shouted at a woman sitting in the corner of a booth near the door and then lunged at her. Another woman (in the a black dress) appears to be trying to separate the officer and her friend when the officer hauls off and slaps her.

The woman in the black dress hits him back, and that’s when the officer punches her in the face!

A second officer assists just after the it became physical between the first cop and the woman in the black dress, apparently trying to separate them.

The first officer pulls the woman away from the table as startled bystanders watch and throws her onto the floor. He sits on top of her while trying to get handcuffs on one wrist.

Within moments, a female officer appeared to hold back the crowd while the woman in the black dress, shoeless, was led out of the restaurant.

The officer involved in the incident has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an investigation, an Atlanta police spokesman said.

Atlanta police released the following statement regarding the explosive video:

The officer involved in the arrest and confrontation with a patron at the IHOP in Buckhead has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an investigation by the department’s Office of Professional Standards.

Use of force by police officers is a matter the department takes seriously, and the OPS investigation will determine if the officer acted within established guidelines.

Chief Turner has pledged to have the OPS investigation concluded in 10 business days.

Cynthia Freeman who, appeared with her attorney in front of the media, was arrested that night and charged with obstruction of justice, criminal trespass and simple battery.

Leavell was charged with obstruction, public drunkenness and simple battery.



  1. that was disgusting. So cops are punching women over pancakes now? She was trying to get him to ease up on the one chick and he slapped her then she hit him back (instinct) and then he full on punched her. sorry but cops are str8 bitches and pussies. they always want to use force on someone perceivably weaker than they.

  2. Roland Black Jr. via Facebook says:

    nothing to fuss over….she touched an officer PERIOD! The situation had nothing to do with her…friend or no friend!

  3. Veronika Lewis via Facebook says:

    This was off the chain…..WTH, just digusting

  4. Sakina Sims via Facebook says:

    @Roland .. just so I am clear…are you saying the officer was justified in slapping and punching that woman in the face?

  5. That is so sad!!!! He didn’t have to punch the women like that!!!!

  6. My Opinion says:

    He did NOT have to punch her. That cop is an ASS!

    But also what is she doing hitting him? Looks like her and the girls were still tipsy from last night. Lesson here…Dont hit cops, they might arrest you…and maybe punch you.

  7. Keeya Milner via Facebook says:

    If that was a black man he wouldn’t have hit him…..he would have used his taser or night stick because he knew if hit a brotha like that he would have beat his butt…that was a sexiest move and unjust….he man handled her…I dislike dirty cops… said she should have never touched the cop…his partner should have backed him up and told her to sit down and let the initial cop do his job….you can’t go around choking, slapping, and punching women just because you a cop…obviously he was threaten by her mouth if she even said anything…sadly it happens all the time and the dirty cops get away with it

  8. Nika405 says:

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but did she say she didn't touch him? That's a bold face lie. If they were just sitting there minding there own business, why would the guy be videotapping them? I don't pull my camera phone out to take video unless something is happening. Where I'm from, if you touch the police……you are about to get the azz whipping of your life! Should he have punched her like that? No, but come on…..she was swinging on him like she thought she could take that man. If I was the cop, I would have tased her azz and been done with it. She should ask for an apology and keep it moving.

  9. Yo Murphy via Facebook says:

    Crying shame.

  10. NikkiB says:

    Apparently people are failing to realize the obvious… at the end of the day whether this was an altercation with a police officer, a detective, a fireman or a ambulance driver… this MAN punched this WOMAN in the face with a CLOSED FIST. Anyone justifying that behavior in any instance is beyond me.

  11. Bankhead says:

    some of you ppl say the dumbest shit so if that was ur mom aunt or sister you would be content with the cops punching her?? i bet you wouldnt be talking that what she should of done shit… Its a shame we as a human race have no sympathy for others or a sinc of understanding…smfh

  12. There is no reason,No way,hitting a cop or not is it justified for a man to punch a women! @ Rowland if you have a daughter,sister or wife I think you might change your comment.Police go thru training to defuse situations and Im pretty damn sure punching folks wasn’t in the training. Now if the cop was the size of Gary Coleman and a chick the size of Precious slapped him then I say homie protect ya neck!

  13. Kamalla says:

    So what the heck did he come after the first woman for? I just see him trying to, I dunno, strangle or hit the woman who is sitting down and is pretty much trapped behind a dining table. Doesn't make any sense why he is putting his hands on anybody.

    Also, bump this mentality of not defending yourself against a cop. The law does not justify a cop harassing, beating or slapping anyone especially if they have not broken any law. We as black people are just supposed to let these mofos beat us and kill us and imprison us? For what?

    I tell you what….pretty soon…very soon…people are going to start fighting back and it won't be with words or fists.

  14. Kamalla says:

    He could have broken her nose, her teeth, her cheekbones…all this and he gets administrative "paid" leave.

    He needs his a$$ whupped.

    go ahead and sue girlfriend…get ya money on!

  15. real Deal says:

    Well Roland can only imagine how you would treat a woman. Cops are not gods. And should not be put on a pedestal. She had her hand on his shoulder pushing him bad defending her friend. It did not warrant a slap in the face followed by a punch to same. This is excessive Force. This Rouge cop should be charge and dealt with in Civil and Criminal Courts.

  16. bsan says:

    I would have told my friends to follow that cop home an put a bullet in his ass she never touched him in a violent manner, until he punched her an fuck you roland

  17. shad says:

    what did she do that made the officer clock her in the face?..there is a thing called orderly conduct…stop going in public acting stupid and loud…smh

  18. shad says:

    ok i just watched the video…she was wrong for even talking /screaming at the officer while he was trying to get at someone else…she could have been arrested for that…smh…learn how to act accordingly before going out to buy pancakes

  19. Mommy of three says:

    From what I saw she was in the wrong. Who does she think she is interfering with an arrest? This cop did what he had to do in order to get the situation under control. Period!!!! She could be facing felony charges and up to a year in prison. Oh and by the way I would rather be punched in the face rather than be tasered anyday!!!!

  20. Alex says:


  21. Alex says:

    i meant two wrongs dont make a right LOL!

  22. Ashley B says:

    I think that the proper protocol would have been to detain her, then call for a Female officer. There isn't ANY justifiable reason why a Man should Abuse a Woman!if police are committing the crimes who can we turn to for our protection? His partner needs to be trained just as well,I just can't believe that a cop would draw back a fist and punch a woman in a crowded restaurant. Even if she was intoxicated the situation could have been dealt with another way and Anyone justifying his actions really needs to seek some anger issues right along with that coward!

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