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Quick Quotes: Tameka Foster Glover Raymond Blames Plastic Surgery Nightmare On the Nanny…

Apr 5th 2011 | Written by ATLien

Tameka Foster Glover Raymond is airbrushed to the heavens covers the April 2011 issue of Sister2Sister magazine where she goes in depth about the plastic surgery procedure that almost cost her life.

So the story goes that Usher had to leave the 2009 Grammy awards unexpectedly and canceled a planned performance at Clive Davis’ Grammy party after his wife at the time, Tameka Foster Glover Raymond suffered cardiac arrest while attempting to get a cheapie nip/tuck in a 3rd world country.

All is well that ends well and while Tameka recovered, Usher jetted back to the states.  Tameka spent a few days in a Brazilian hospital and eventually returned home… alone (but alive) after almost suffering a deadly fate for a flatter tummy.

In her recent interview, Mrs. Raymond reveals that it was all her nanny’s fault that she went to Brazil and once there…. it was the nanny  (a former Brazilian “nurse”) who convinced her to have the “inexpensive” [read.. “CHEAP”] procedure. [insert side-eye here]

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…

I had a Brazilian nanny. It was her son’s birthday. She was very sad she couldn’t go and see him for his birthday.

The tickets are very expensive to go. I had a little slight attitude, and I was like, ‘You want to go to Brazil? We’re gonna go.’ It was one of those Waiting To Exhale moments. You know how women do that?

And when I got there, I started seeing all those pretty people walking around. And I was like ‘Dang!’ And my nanny was formerly a nurse there and she said, ‘Oh yeah, its popular here and inexpensive.

She was even telling me how people would get it and they would snap back so fast. And I just had a little pooch.

I’ve always been a person who has been into my body and staying fit. And I had a baby, like, three months earlier.

And I’m not going to lie, I was mad at my husband at the time so I thought, ‘Let’s take a trip.’  READ MORE

*no comment* 😯

I said everything I had to say on this matter two years ago anyway…


  1. Lmao! you ain’t lying about that air brushing! They might as well have just air brushed Kelly Rowland face on her.

  2. I promise I thought the same thing old news. I am glad she made it back alive though

  3. Chile Bye!! I’m convinced,SHE’S RETARDED!!

  4. Ms Thang says:

    Ima just go ahead and say she lying cause no one can "up and go" to Brazil. You have to apply for a Visa and that takes like 2-3 weeks. Girl Stop!! Do yo research before u start lying!

  5. @James…lol. too bad they couldn’t change that manly look. i got the mag and couldn’t believe she was actually trying to convince jamie foster that she had this banging body with those crazy pics she posed 4.

  6. td says:

    She has a right to tell her story, if someone is going to give her the opportunity.

  7. @Kortney they could’ve got rid of her manly look ,but then Sister2Sister cover would’ve looked like a comic book cover because its not that much air brushing in the world!

  8. ḾḭṣṧḴḯṕṡṱḕṟḄḁḅẏ Ḵṑṛṍḿḁ via Facebook says:

    Tameka needs to take some damn responsibility for her actions. At the end of day, she decided to have the surgery without doing her research. Why in the world would you go to a third world country to get a medical procedure done? This is what happens when your looking for “cheap and inexpensive”. You get EXCALTY what you pay for. Stupid.

  9. newbie says:

    I demand you stop it right now.
    @Ms. Thang, Passport. I have one at all times.

  10. Sandra says:

    @Ms. Thang, Do YOUR research before posting…better to remain silent and let them think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    Tameka is just stupid. She was obviously having some issues within herself but now she wants to blame the backfire on someone else. Whatever, get over it and yourself. That tummy tuck wasn't gonna keep Usher with you anyway.

  11. CCGroovy says:


    1. PRAISE GOD that she survived, and is healing.

    2. SORRY the marriage couldn't last.

    3. BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA @ "airbrushed to the Heavens"!!!

  12. Hot Caddy Girl says:

    BLAME IT ON THE NANNY! LMAO!! She still looks like a dude!

  13. lexdiamonz says:

    harpo who dis woman??

  14. Kamalla says:

    Dayum if this aint some ghetto soap opera mess. First off, why didn't she hire an american black nanny? Second, what could she get done in Brazil that she couldn't get done in the states? 3rd, when she gonna stop harping on how black women supposedly don't like her. If they didn't like you before Usher then clearly the problem is YOU!

  15. Gwendolyn Gwendella Johnson via Facebook says:

    I thought she didn’t get surgery *scratches head*

  16. Ms Thang says:

    Uhh I have a PASSPORT, But I just tried to go to Brazil a few weeks ago and found out that I needed to apply for a visa (even though I have a passport) before I could go. I couldn't just book a ticket and go! Thank you!

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