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Shawty Lo Headed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit? [VIDEO]

Mar 10th 2011 | Written by ATLien

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t heard much from Shawty Lo these days, it’s because the D4L front man has been getting his business in order.

With no label to fall back on, Shawty has been holding meetings with various label heads to figure out his next move and word on the curb is that he has his heart set on becoming the latest rapper on 50 Cent’s G-Unit roster.

Apparently 50 Cent may be looking to add another artist to his label after moving the G-Unit imprint to EMI last fall and founding G Note Records for his R&B endeavors. In a recent interview with, Lo reveals that he may be yellin’ ‘G-G-G-G-Unit’ IF an agreement can be reached between both parties.

I sat down and talked with probably about four or five labels. The best situation I think I like is I had a meeting with 50 Cent and G-Unit. I left New York last Wednesday, and we had a good six or seven-hour meeting. I think it went well.

I’m just waiting on his attorneys to get with my attorneys and I think we gonna concreek it…”

I don’t know what concreek is… but I’m assuming it means that Shawty and Fiddy are gonna finalize their negotiations soon.

Check out video of Shawty Lo’s full interview below:

VIDEO: Shawty Lo Hints at Joining G-Unit

If you recall, Lo made a name for himself co-founder and acting CEO, of the group D4L. The quartet of rappers saw their stock rise from 2005 through 2006, when their single “Laffy Taffy” reached number one on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart.

Lo signed to a solo deal through Asylum/Warner but now he’s fielding offers after parting ways with the label. Like Fiddy, Shawty Lo says he oversees a sizeable group of artists, so he gives Mr. Jackson major props and think they’d work well together.

I feel like 50 is a hard worker. He’s come through so much in the game. I feel like I’m a down South version. I’ve just been working hard…all I need is that machine behind me.

Once I get that machine behind me, I don’t think anybody can work as hard as we can.

Shawty Lo mentions in the vid that he has a ton of mixtapes out right now (one with DJ Drama) and he also has his own men’s cologne called “Lo Seduction”… so if you wanna smell like Lo I guess you have the option.

Lo also speaks on Yung L.A., who recently made the blogs again by covering up that dumb face tattoo. saying that Yung L.A. “makes the city look real bad”.

Great interview. I just hope he’s not jumping the gun. I guess we’ll just have to wait & see what happens next…


  1. Lo needs 2 come out with something real hot….so that he can get back up on the charts.

  2. If 50 signs him what lil bit of credit G-unit has left (which isn’t a lot )is out the window. 50 will loose all Ny,philly,jerzy,Bmore,Chi-town and Dc fan base. How old is Shorty Lo anyway??

  3. Vida says:

    50 is a user and Shawty Lo aint nothing but a pawn. He signed Mobb Deep because they had beef with Jay. They only want Shawty Lo because he has beef with TIP. 50 dont care about nobody but himself oh yeah and beef. He stupid and wack and will not sell. No one is checking for him. I havent heard anything say "Where is Shawty Lo at"????

  4. kbarbie says:

    50 need to worry bout his self, i wanna c if he can do another album. da old 50, wen he had that fire. i think shawty lo was tryna say "concrete". silly rappers, loll.

  5. i dont no about that 1!!!!

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