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RHOA Scoop: NeNe Leakes Leaving After Season 3? + Kim Zolciak Still Smoking & Pregnant…

Jan 17th 2011 | Written by ATLien

NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta hit up Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens LIVE aftershow last night with the legendary supermodel Iman.

Prior to her appearance on the show, while promoting her upcoming appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice, Nene dropped a bombshell when she revealed she is not interested in returning to the Atlanta Housewives for a 4th season.

“I’m not really interested in joining the next season,” NeNe told Zap2it. “I’m just not really interested right now,” she repeated without revealing her sudden loss of interest in continuing the show.

Could this be a ploy for contract negotiations? Does this have to do with the recent reunion show taping? Only time will tell.

ZapIt also reveals:

NeNe told us she wants to focus on being an independent woman: She’s currently working on a shoe line, a handbag line, her local Atlanta talk segment and a desire to go behind-the-scenes producing radio and TV shows.

Well that “local Atlanta talk segment” thing is a wrap.  NeNe only taped that one segment and wasn’t invited back. CLICK HERE if you missed that juicy tidbit.

Now… speaking of the RHOA reunion show, NeNe stated last night she apologized to fans during the reunion show for the “Bus Fight” argument between she and Kim Zolciak.

During the fight, which aired last night, NeNe totally lost it and accused Kim of treating her “assistant,” Sweetie, like a slave.  This is one for the record books fa’sho!

VIDEO: NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak “BUS FIGHT”

Apparently the fight continues all the way to Miami, were the ladies meet up with the rest of the “housewives” for a girl’s get-away. Check out a sneak peek from next week:

VIDEO: Preview: “Snappin Necks & Poppin Eyeballs” BUS FIGHT 2

One last tidbit about the RHOA reunion show…. well actually I doubt if this particular bit of information will be televised, but apparently Kim Zolciak, who happens to be 6 or 7 months preggers (you heard it here first back in October), has still been smoking cigarettes!!

Kim and her Atlanta Falcons boy toy Kroy Beirman are expecting a child and Kim can’t seem to give up the cancer sticks.

Sadly, Kim’s already been caught slipping when she was photographed at a Falcon’s game puffin’ outside the Georgia Dome while in her first trimester, but she still hasn’t managed to kick the habit.

A well place source confirmed that Kimmy took a few smoke breaks last week while at the Georgia Aquarium taping of the reunion show.

[READ: Inside the RHOA Season 3 Reunion Show: Kim & Kandi’s Hot New Looks]

I’ve heard that nicotine addiction is almost like crack, but that’s still no excuse. If Kim really is still smoking while she’s pregnant, let’s all take a moment of silence for her unborn child.

And to think… Kim’s a dayum nurse!! How could she be so careless?

The saga continues…


  1. Audrey Bryant via Facebook says:

    Best thing I’ve read in an article title all morning! #SickofRealityTV

  2. Audrey Bryant via Facebook says:

    It would be nice if they change the title of show to Dysfunctional Women of Atlanta being that a few are not in fact married or housewives and for those that are married, they’d still qualify for the show.
    To sit and watch catty women behave like middle school students is amazing. For that I can people watch at a Marta Station; or go to a middle school and assist the teacher for that day.
    It’s embarrassing television and it’s sad people set DVRs to watch when they are not home. I mean what are you really missing? Family Reunions/High School Reunions are like this … People skip those all the time. I know do.

    Move on!

  3. Say it aint so! Nene IS the show!!!

  4. Like so over it already! Who cares!!!!! She got the exposure n publicity she needed as a catalyst for her desires. I wish her all the best! As for Kim, ummmmmmmmm!

  5. Duane Harris via Facebook says:

    NeNe is prolly tired of RHOA – and she is about to make that transition from a reality store into either a host- saw her on the show with Andy and she really did look good sitting next to my first crush Iman.

  6. I don’t know who keeps telling Kim she can sing, let alone has a career as a singer!!!!!!!!! Her smoking doesn’t suprise me one bit, selfish people can only think about themselves…..poor baby along with the other 2 she is poisoning on a daily basis with all that second hand smoke!! Ummm Sweetie, no amount of money in the world is worth being treated like that but I wish you would take some of that money and but some clothes that fit!!! You look ridiculous!!! Loved the show last nite!!

  7. the show is thru anyway. i find it hard to tune in these days to watch them.

  8. Hairlinepushback says:

    She might not be coming back due to the baby ..she must. Be knock up

  9. Kianna Mechelle Tittle via Facebook says:

    i really dont think she is leaving cuz she love drama, just a another stunt to keep everybody talking bout her. She wants to hear how everybody thinks she is the show!

  10. Uguess says:

    Nene's reaction to Kim made me sad to see two grown azz women act like teenagers. I don't think that Nene would have attempted to put her hands on any of the other cast members. I like most people happen to be a big fan of the show, I think it is important that each of them continue to try and reach different avenues of success . They motivate me in a lot of ways. No one is going to pay crazy acting people but bravo and some low rent tv show. My advise calm down and enjoy the ride if it's not to late.

  11. kbarbie says:

    i think its time for her to move on, its not a healthy situation anymore. i think the way she acted last night was very rude n wrong. first of all she started it wit kim, nene thinks that she can say what she wants n when kim responds then she wanna goo off. she said that kim couldnt sing, so what she suppose to b her friend. she called them trash n i think shes trash. it was really rude how she acted in front of kandi, derek j n others. she also called sweetie a slave, thats low to me. i dont like nene cuz shes ghettoo. i think the show has ran its course: i dont like phaedra. sherees storyline is boring now. i lovee kandi, she is the shows savior. i like cynthia, im rooting for her n peter. n kim still smoking iss just stupid, she realli needs to stop seriouslly n she suppose to b a nurse, she can go too. nene needs anger management, for reaal. im done with them. goodbye!!

  12. GAGIRL87 says:

    NeNe that damn nose whew child :( but her and Kandi were right she treats sweetie dumbass like a slave… She would have the right one with me b/c I would curse that azz out…

  13. ceelele says:

    Look, you know if Kim does not respect herself then she hasnt the depth to respect anyone else. After her "whoreriffic" behavior time and time again, on the series and all over Atl surrounding area, HER WOMB SHOULD BE LABELED TOXIC DUMPING GROUND and ORDERED TO BE SEALED OFF FOR GOOD; TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF LAW–AND THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO BIG PAPA. Those innocent children being subjected to her "WHORE-IFYING" antics and a little boy on the way. As for Sweetie, If kim really cared about sweetie, then she would dress her girl a little better. Sweetie has that JOB in exchange for air time/quite obvious. Ne Ne is just Ne Ne, She needs to be rearing her chilren/yes, bryson also needs guidance, not just kim's children. The both of them, kim and ne ne, are so much alike; pot calling the kettle black. Oh, and this white folk, black folk barefoot thing? What the haaaay, This is the SOUTH BABYBAY—-i dont care if you are GREEN—in the SOUTH, ya been barefoot, think before yall go foaming off at the mouth, as I have been BAREFOOT all down beach, as 10 inch heels are not functional on the shoreline. THINk THINk THINK, that footage is forever out there my dears!!!! Maybe that is why NeNE looked so downtroddin on aftershow with Andy Cohen. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  14. Attorneymom says:

    I am giving up Reality TV for lent. I am tired of the staged foolishness.

  15. hater of fake blonds says:

    cynthia she should not of have gave that ugly old billygoat any money, and she of should not married that old ugly jamaican billygoat. kim the ulgy blond wig wearing monkey what does she need an assistant for? why? would any man with any sense get kim knocked up?she can't sing. and I couldn't stop laughing when her little fat daughter said you ain't even that famous, bye boo.

  16. Sherry says:

    I'm from the south and we never went barefoot!! That was "white" people did in our home not what "black" people did.

    First I thought this was KANDI'S tour!! Kim had more of an entourage than Kandi! Plus Kim got on my nerve complaining from before they left about everything. Kim couldn't pay me enough money to talk to me like she does Sweetie!! Kandi & NeNe was right about how Kim talk to Sweetie. Kim is so selfish, that she don't care about another life that she can't give up the cigarettes for nine months! Kroy won't be around long, because this chick lie constantly. As soon as another Big Poppa come into the picture with more money, she will be gone, that is her hustle.

  17. Ellen says:

    Nene is a masculine bully. Her behavior is ridiculous. She will meet her match and get the taste slapped out of her mouth. She needs to grow up and work on herself and her marriage. She is not a reflection of any women I know.

  18. Superstar says:

    I agree with whoever said she loves drama. I think it's more likely the show doesn't want her back. They prob told her they weren't going to renew her contract or perhaps Greg gave her an ultimatum. Whatever the case, good riddance!

  19. Dee Dee says:

    Kim, is somking, drinking, cursing and still dressing hoochie… (what a mother) Nene should have just taken Kim aside at some point and told her how she sounds and come accross when talking to that stupid girl "Sweetie". Let's not make excuses Kim's speaks with racial undertones. Kim is not a good mother to the kids she already has, she only cares about herself. Will do anything to get her bills paid.

  20. Kamalla says:

    Meh…contract negotiations. Nene wants more money for her c.o.o.n behavior.

    They ought to bring back Lisa and Ed back.

  21. lisabeth says:

    nene is right, kim does disrespect sweetie, so i can see why nene went off. kim only invited nene to try and belittle her. kim thinks having a real job is beneath her but i guess it would be considering she made her money laying on her back, so what nene does wouldn't be great to her because nene actually gets a real paycheck.
    someone please TELL ME HOW OLD KIM IS????
    she doesn't look 31

  22. Jade says:

    Why is ok for a black person to call another black person a SLAVE. Had it been Kim who called Sweetie a SLAVE you would have the NAACP, Al Sharpton and the entire black community calling for her head. Supposedly Nene went psycho because Kim who is white was treating Sweetie who is black badly but Nene was the one who insulted Sweetie by calling her a SLAVE and no one said anything about that. The black community is more outraged that Kim who is white, treated Sweetie who is black badly, setting them back 100 years by Nene calling Sweetie a SLAVE. I bet if Sweetie was white there be no issue. Since when has Nene cared about Sweetie. Nene is trash, I guess you could get the girl out of the ghetto but you can't get the ghetto out of the girl. And yes, she is jealous of Kim.

  23. Rhonda says:

    I am glad to see that fat ole Kim hired a sister. The others only hire gay boys in order to not have to share the spotlight with another sister. Yes, Kim, you need to give Sweetie more respect because I am sure she knows all of your poor white secrets and can make a mint selling the story.

  24. Dee Dee says:

    Seriously, if you are about to give birth to another child please stop and take a look at your life style. You are focused on one thing and that is $$$. You are teaching your girls no real work eithics. No respectful "32"??? yea old woman walks around drinking alcohol, smoking and cursing all the time. You are raising girls they already think it's only one thing expected of them and that's finding some man to pay their bills

  25. DC DIVA says:

    Kimis a USER anyone that she can use and gain something from she will shes using Kroy for child support payments for 18 years and he's young and aparently stupid. Sweetie is there for whatever reason she wants and needs her there she used the lesbian woman Tracey to promote her record because she's a DJ and she used Kandi to get her so called career popping and she started off using Big Poppa to get whatever she wanted she looks like a cheap whore PERIOD she is ugly and those wigs are horrible her stylist Derek J needs his damn license snatched he recently did Kandi's hair for the Reunion and that was a mess to LAWD these poor woman and Cynthia is to nice looking of a woman for Peter and his broke arrogant nasty attitude having ass…

  26. Kamalla says:

    @ DC DIVA – Preach that shit! LOL

    @ Jade – what the hell r you going on about? You want to give white folk permission to call black folk slaves? GTFOH!

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