Who Knew “ALF” Was a Foul-Mouthed, Racist Puppet? [VIDEO]

Dec 28th 2010 | Written by ATLien

Many of you may be too young to remember the 80’s sitcom “ALF” (short for “Alien Life Form”) but the Internet is all abuzz with a viral video featuring America’s favorite alien character.

The video, which is essentially a blooper’s reel, shows ALF, a weird lil puppet creature, in a whole new light.  ALF is shown in the behind the scenes video making crass comments, cussing and he even makes sexual advances toward his co-star. In one scene ALF uses his big snout and pretends to snort cocaine!

But what really startles most who watched the video was when the “lovable” and “playful” Alf catches a case of Tourette’s syndrome and fires off the n-word (around the 4:44 mark).

Warning! Full of cuss words and sexually explicit language. Do NOT click if you want to keep your nostalgic 80’s memories intact…

VIDEO: ALF Bloopers…

Sidebar: It was THIS 1989 episode of LA Law that ALF was spoofing when he pretended to have Tourette’s and said the n-word. It’s funny on L.A. Law… but not so much when coming from a family friendly puppet.

Spotted @ TheRoot


  1. Brooke Njeri McCoy via Facebook says:

    I remeber “Alf”…”Ha!”

  2. MzWeeda Rucker via Facebook says:

    i cant believe dat…i use to love his show!!!

  3. Mike McKoy says:

    You guys needed a story pretty bad today, huh?

    Who cares about some silly outtake during a break.

    *really….* Glad I didn't come hear for 'news'.

  4. Mike McKoy says:

    i'm sorry… this is just hilarious.

    Thats videos 21 years old. Who cares? The producers are even dead!

    lol.. come on.

  5. You guys needed a story pretty bad today, huh?

    Who cares about some silly outtake from 21 years during a break.

    *really….* Glad I didn’t come here for ‘news’.

    lol.. the producers are dead.

  6. Mike McKoy says:

    yikes… your comment system imported my comment from a few places…lol

  7. What?! This is disturbing!!!!!!!!

  8. Sha"A"dy Oakz says:

    LMAO.. I havent seen it but I had the ALF doll.

    Puppet racist? No

    Guy with his hand up the puppets ass? YES

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