Bump Watch: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz…

Jun 10th 2010 | Written by ATLien

Alicia Keys and her fiance/baby daddy Swizz Beatz were spotted in London’s Heathrow airport recently. Alicia was make-up free… fresh faced and glowing in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

I was originally gonna title this post “Baby Bump Watch” watch, but “Bump Watch” seemed more fitting…

We all know that you can’t carry liquids on the plane, but shouldn’t Alicia have a mini-pack of ProActiv available at her disposal?  Dayum those hormones!


  1. Prynsexxx says:

    Damn A. Looks like you used a Poison Ivy leaf for a face cloth. This pregnancy is about to cause some problems to your skin. Yall know how women get that "blk neck" during pregnancy? Wonder what hers is gonna look like?

  2. DCSquared says:

    GIRL I was thinking the same thing…that don't make no sense. you make too much to still have acne problems. Isn't she even on a proactive commercial???

  3. DJ Diva says:

    Whew…Her skin makes ME itch…I can't imagine rubbing faces with that..it's contagious…outbreak even..

  4. Miko says:

    LOL!!!!!!! Ummm,hmmmmm… Is she serious? NO ONE, and I MEAN, NO ONE should see her face like this. Especially Swizzy… And the paps, WOW! How long is he gonna look at that on a regular basis? No one is perfect except JESUS CHRIST. But, she did some DUUURTY stuff to Mashonda and Swizzy’s marriage. Hmmmm, what goes around, comes right back around. YEP! ; ))

  5. Diagnosticluv says:

    Ok clearly you guys should be smart enough to know u go through harmonial changes pregant and that is adding to her skin irration and no secret she has bad achne but it is worse due to her pregnancy so why hate dang. She is still beautiful inside and out.

  6. CHARLES HATER says:


  7. Dana T says:

    Lol! All y'all r a trip on this one. Leave dat girl alone. Anyways, hell, I'm still caught on the fact that she is expecting and that she has a BOYfriend.

    Dana T.

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