The-Dream Butchers Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”

May 19th 2010 | Written by ATLien

In an attempt to honor Aaliyah’s memory, The-Dream remade her classic “One in a Million” song.   Apparently fans didn’t take to kindly to his version, for Dream quickly hit up twitter to clarify why he did it:


Video ~ The Dream covers “One in a Million”

I couldn’t even get through the entire song! Horrible!!  Even Aaliyah is side-eying that mess…

Here’s the Download Link for those of you who like torture:

“One in a Million” ~ The-Dream


  1. DIAMONDKING says:


  2. GAGIRL87 says:

    Negro you meant to do this song but instead you thought is was gonna be a hit but instead it was a miss. Dream sit ya azz down.

  3. sunshyne84 says:

    I'm still tryin to figure out the tweets. *blank stare* @ the song
    He wrong for that!

  4. TASHA says:

    Who is that singing? The Dream? Or did he just produce it? I'm not trying to be mean, but the singer sounds like it could be a deep voiced woman or a high voiced man.

  5. Enid Rogers says:

    Kudos GAGIRL87. I can't even believe he would mess with one of her songs. She's a legend that the world has forgotten.

  6. GAGIRL87 says:

    Hey Enid now he know he fu**cked up that song. He thought everybody was gonna love that sh*it butchered is the right word for this ish

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