Mo’Nique Talks Hairy Legs & Open Marriage With Barbara Walters ~ Oscar Special [FULL VIDEO]

Mar 8th 2010 | Written by ATLien

During Mo’Nique‘s 2006 appearance on The View, the girls let her have it about not shaving her legs and Barbara Walters was a bit rude to her. So imagine how ecstatic Mo’Nique must have felt to be invited for a one-on-one with Barbara on her annual oscar show. [Sidebar: Payback is a B*TCH? :)) ]

According to online sources, Barbara confided to friends that Mo’Nique was one of her most challenging subjects ever!

“If Barbara needed one more reason to quit the Oscar specials, Mo’Nique gave it to her.”

If you recall, Barbara referred to Mo’Nique’s newborn twins as “creatures” and ultimately took back her statement and called the babies adorable… but not before telling Mo’Nique, “Remember, you come and go. We stay!” in front of a somewhat surprised audience.

[CLICK HERE to watch Mo’Nique’s The View Appearance]

Fast forward to the present and Mo’Nique’s recent inauguration into Hollywood history…Mo never forget about that comment, but said she would do the interview as long as her demands were met.

“She had very specific hair and makeup demands,” claims another source. “She also insisted that Barbara fly down to Atlanta. Barbara usually goes to her subject’s home, whether it’s Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts.

Mo’Nique wouldn’t let Barbara into her house.”

Barbara saved Mo’Nique’s interview for last during her Oscar Special for obvious reasons. Watch the full interview below to see what transpired between the two and check out what Mo’Nique has to say about her hair legs and her “open” marriage:

Mo’s said it before and she’s saying it again. Please put it on repeat so y’all don’t have to ask again! Mo’Nique explains that her marriage to 3rd husband and business partner, Sidney Hicks, may be unconventional but it works for them:

Could I have sex outside of my marriage with Sidney? Yes. Could Sid have sex outside of his marriage with me? Yes. That’s not a dealbreaker… That’s not something that would make us say ‘pack your things and let’s end the marriage’ because we’ve been best friends for over 25 years and we truly know who we are.

Often times, people get into marriages and don’t know who they are laying next to. I’m very comfortable and secure with my husband. What is an open marriage?  No secrets. Open means let me tell you my every secret, my fantasies, my thoughts so that there are no surprises.

Mo’Nique has a really strong personality but was she holding a grudge agains BaBa WaWa? Sources claim that Mo “was so disrespectful and dismissive that Barbara’s producer, Bill Geddie, had to step in and ask Mo’Nique’s husband, Sid [Hicks], why Mo was being so rude. Bill has told people you won’t be seeing Mo on ‘The View’ again soon.”

Barbara denies rumors of tension between the two, stating:

There was nothing about her that was rude. It’s a wonderful, funny interview. She couldn’t have been more open. If you’re not happy, you don’t answer those questions. I can’t remember when we did an interview in someone’s house.

We were joking that day, and Mo’Nique knows it. She laughed and I laughed. I don’t understand why some people want to make trouble.

I can fully understand why Mo would be feeling some kinda way but did you sense any tension in the video above?


  1. who cares?

    barbra here to stay, winning a oscar doesnt open any doors, talent and personailty and luck and ocnnections do and monique better watch what bridges she burns

  2. BTW precious didnt even make that much money

  3. Ladypamela says:

    Mo’Nique handled herself very well in that interview. You can tell she put her differences aside and showed Barbara what she was really made of…CLASS!

  4. Attorneymom says:

    The saddest part about the Oscars is that we have not advance much in the arena of racism since 1939. Basically, if you are Black, you can only win an Oscar for roles that uphold the negative stereotypes of “us” being a thug, whore, ignorant/shallow athlete or a dysfunctional parent. I am sure Hattie McDaniel sure iz proud of our progress in Hollywood.

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